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    You guys have a solid track record and I'd be happy to support a Kickstarter. Please try to keep the stretch goals reasonable, as I hate to see promises of lots of supplemental books* that delay the main rulebook as you suddenly have to write an extra 75,000 words to fulfill stretch goals. Revolution D100 is an okay name, but I'm going to start calling it "R100" any minute now. *Ignore this concern if you somehow manage a Jorune R100 book as a stretch goal. Or a Star Trek book. Or a Planet of Adventure (by Jack Vance) book. Or anything else that strikes me as worth a 6-12 month delay.
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    @rsanford: 1. yes, and for hitpointless too 2. Bestiary... you have just given me an idea for a stretch goal 3. Multi-genre, with advanced combat more suited for medieval fantasy Mecha is the only past supplement that will certainly be ported to Revolution. It will be packed with the rules in a stand-alone game. One of the reason why I am doing this is that not having the core rules in the book has greatly penalised Mecha in terms of diffusion among those who love mecha but do not know D100. It could compete with Mekton or Chris Perrin's Mecha but since those are self-contained games they outmatch it. The other games will be ported only if there is a really large demand. Whoever has the original should still be able to play it with revolution, so re-issuing a supplement might turn out to be an unnecessary effort.
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