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    I happily use Spell Law in my BRP games. I treat each spell list as a particular magical skill, which can increase with use as normal. To cast a spell you roll your skill - (spell level x5%). Magic point cost is the spell level if it works, or 1 if it doesn't. As your skill increases in each list you automatically gain access to the harder spells in the list. Works quite nicely, and the diversity of the spell lists allows you to make very different spell casters. For Channeling spells (equivalent of Runequest Divine spells) they automatically work. The magic point cost is 1 from the caster and the rest from Allegiance points to your god (go do some deeds your deity approves of to get more). For Mentalism spells there's no magic point cost. You use (POW - spell level) x5 to see if it works. If it doesn't you get more and more Fatigued, as per BGB p.32 (except I added one level). If you want to learn to cast the most powerful Mentalism spells in Spell Law you'd better work on increasing your POW. Fatigue levels: Psychically drained: Mentalism skill rolls Difficult Tired: All skill rolls Difficult (equiv. CONx3 rounds of physical exertion) Spent: Stamina roll required for any activity; skills at one quarter normal (equiv. CONx4 rounds of physical exertion) Exhausted: Difficult Stamina roll for any activity; skills max = POW x 1 (equiv. CONx10 rounds of physical exertion)
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    We will do our best to follow this recommendation. Asking is always legit, but of all the companies that produce D100 rulesets, asking this of the only one based in a country which never used the Imperial system sounds at the very least... hopeless?
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    You kids with your fancy metric systems and feet and iches. Give me cubits or give me death!
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