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    Last night ( in fact about 1.5 hours ago ) I had a dream about BRP I'd gone into a games store and on the shelves were supplements giving official conversion notes for most major RPG's into BRP so..: MERP/Rolemaster, D'n'D, Traveller. Mechanics, creatures, spells the whole works. I was leafing through them thinking " thank god I've got my credit card here " and then I woke up. And what was worse I couldn't remember any of the conversion details :-) What a sad muppet.
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    I've had lots of dreams over the years that take place in a dreamworld version of the city I lived in. They feature lots of odd places that don't exist... including toy stores and game stores. I could kindasorta map out where things were onto the real town and knew that a couple of the places were stand-ins for places I frequented... but there was one dream toy shop in an area I seldom went to and assumed was purely imaginary. Then one day, I passing that area and had a flat tire. So I got towed to a garage (no spare) and while I was waiting for it to be fixed I walked around the neighborhood and ran into a place that was nearly the exact image from my dream. A huge toy/game shop called Imagination Unlimited. The only thing was, it had just recently closed and the stock been sold off. The shelves inside were bare but there was still signage that let me know it would have been a treasure trove... if only I'd found it earlier.
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    We'll always have people that play Monopoly. I have a dream game store in my head as well. The location is in a shopping center in a city where I went to high school. It's odd as there were four game stores in the city in various places that I went to, yet no game store was ever in the shopping center in my dreams. The nature of the store varies. Sometimes its an amazing place full of old games and supplements that I have been hunting for many years (even if I never heard of them before the dream began). Other times it might a depressingly empty, picked-over store with only the most mainstream options available. Dreams about the store often involve the journey there, which frequently can involve getting sidetracked. I only reach the store about half the time. Once I am at the shopping center, it can become a confusing maze of other shopping places both real and imagined. Longer journeys to the store seem to correspond with better stuff when I get there.
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    The new edition of RuneQuest is built around the unique requirements of the setting and the hint is in the name.
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    Eternity Realms is a game based on a realm that connects to every world imaginable. It sits at a magical epicenter where all kinds of people and monsters converge. There are great realms of wonder and realms of dread. Majestic forests, snowy mountains and dreaded undead deserts and demon haunted lands all make up the Eternity Realm. Although based off another popular d100 system, Eternity Realms offers new rules that help make it more cinematic. Increased hit points, which grow with Resilience skill increases, natural armour points, increasing Combat Actions with Combat Style increases along with tons of new spells, ley line rules, new spirits as well as a whole new area of magic called Nature Magic where druids draw magic from nature around them to fuel their spells. There is lots of new stuff to discover in this complete role-playing game, be sure to check it out today here!
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    9 days to go and we've now kicked over the 120K mark and 1400 backers, on the way to the next stretch goal - the SoloQuest Compendium, at 130K! Please note, the "Old School RQ Source Pack" (consisting of the earliest RQ1/RQ2 supplements published: Militia & Mercenaries, Scorpionmen & Broos, Trolls & Trollkin, Balastor's Barracks plus Greg Stafford's unpublished scenario The Sea Cave) now has a PDF-only option.
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    It's always tricky to announce this sort of thing. But what's done is done. I'm sure the new RQ will be a competent product - all of the people that we know are involved in the project have a solid track record and most of them also have a deep love of Glorantha. The idea of basing it around a mythic quest for the runes is interesting and shows that some thought is going into the product. But whether it can meet the expectations of fan community is a different question.
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    Scary. That's definitely a CoC Dreamlands scenario.
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    an idea for a scenario?
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    The Red Overseer of the South embodies strength. He will attack the heroes by kicking their ass. The White Overseer of the North embodies wisdom. He will reason with the heroes to convince them that their current course is unjust. The Blue Overseer of the West embodies sovereignty. He will command the heroes to submit before Yelm, confess their crimes and sacrifice themselves. The Yellow Overseer of the East embodies insight. He will become aware of a hidden flaw of the heroes and use it to shame the heroes. Depending on how much God Learner wisdom the Lunars have absorbed, you could also give the Overseers powers from the directions (South - Sea of Flame, North - Glacial Attacks, West - Violent Emotions, East - Peace and Understanding). Lastly their tools. It is my impression that their tools are golden age re-interpretations of the fragments of the world body (see Jokbazi IV-25 on the Gods Wall). The Ketstick is a Shape Portion, the Compass a rabbit's head/Bird portion, the Plumb Line an arrow head and so on. The overseers originally bore the actual fragments of the first god and by the time of the golden age, these fragments had become understood as something that made sense in Golden Age Dara Happa.
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    heh heh the less said at conventions prior to press releases the better I suspect, look how last week went lol
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    SAN loss per spell seems pretty solid an idea as well. You could really do both a MP and per spell, if you were heartless and wanted to make Sorcery really feel like it cost you something. I might also suggest a sliding scale of sorts for SAN loss (again based on MP spent) MP 1 2 3 4 5 6 SAN 0 1 2 4 6 8 So low levels cost you little or nothing of SAN where as a powerful spell really rips your mind apart. SAN is going to be an optional rule for Skaerune' and I am not even sure how I am going to tie it in. Maybe even just two paragraphs and a chart.
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    I would go with ReignDragonSMH's suggestion, except just slow the SAN loss pace a little - possibly just drop the ratio to 1 SAN pt loss per every 2 or 3MP used in Sorcery, depending on your tastes. Remember that the outcome of a spell may also cause additional Sanity Loss if it's particularly nasty. For example 'Breath Of Death' is purely intended to cause suffocation, so watching that occur to the recipient should incur SAN loss, as it's certainly a hostile act designed to harm or kill. Another example is 'Curse of Sorcery', which horribly disfigures a recipient with some gruesome or monstrous quality, so seeing that would certainly incur some significant SAN loss. Should work pretty well I reckon :-)
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    We've just posted a new episode of our podcast Tales of Mythic Adventure. Have a listen if you'd like to learn more about the rare and unpublished items on offer in the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter - it might help you make up your mind about backing at these levels. http://www.glorantha.com/tales-of-mythic-adventure-episode-16-treasure-from-the-vaults
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    I really must take another look at my musings of what can be achieved with the Legend OGL and d100ii SRD's in relation to cloning Magic World... Nick
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    As someone with 30 years of BRP under my belt, I like the BGB. However, it's a I've spent enough time in D&D forums to know that D&D has one of the most brutal, divided fanbases of any RPG. Because there is always one official, sanctioned edition of the game. people playing other versions develop a lot of hate for it, and players of that version can get defensive and lash out at other versions. The whole OSR vs. Pathfinder vs. D&D thing that went on for years is due to the fact that having an "official" version doesn't make the fans magically agree with it. It just makes them more contentious about what version is the official one. No matter what Chaosium does the their new version of RuneQuest, the community is never going to unite around it. For example, Pete and Loz were on board because it was using their preferred version of the rules. When that changed, they moved on to focus on making their own products using that preferred version. Delta Green just finished its successful Kickstarter, and it's not about to drop its variant. Revolution D100 is taking the system in new directions. I don't think Renaissance would have converted over either. As in evolution, having a diversity of systems is healthy. Most people playing BRP can find a variant that suits them, which keeps them inside the system. Let's compare RQ6 and Magic World fans. Because RQ6 is supported by another company, fans of it the reject Chaosium's approach have TDM to go to. On the other hand, Magic World is just dead. I know a couple of people that are taking a break from BRP entirely over that. If there was another company making a Magic World clone, they would still be playing. It's worth remembering that lots of people support multiple companies as well. I don't play OpenQuest, but I buy OpenQuest games to strip for parts. My basic problem with what you are saying is that you are operating from the viewpoint that BRP is sick. RQ6 has been a successful product, and the system is continuing even without the licensed name. Call of Cthulhu has a strong fanbase as seen from its Kickstarter and the Delta Green one. RuneQuest 2 has a strong kickstarter going. I'm not seeing anything wrong here. Now, Chaosium the company was sickly, and had been for a long, long time. Fortunately, other companies kept the torch lit during those times. The system stayed healthy because it is scattered. Another issue I have with having a "standard" is that it assumes BRP is done and mounted on the wall. The second you can codify every variant of BRP in a book, it means the system is over. BRP isn't over. RQ6 added some cool innovations. Delta Green adds new things as well. Revolution D100 is taking the system in new directions. As long as BRP is thriving, any attempt to fully catalog it will be incomplete within a year, and I like things that way.
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    I don't think you need a complex rule. Each MP of say Sorcery or equivalent you use causes 1 SAN loss. At the end of the session roll 1d6 for each 6 SAN lost to see how much you gain back. There may also be healing of a high level or soul binding spells that mitigate or return SAN or you can pass it off to someone else, but that makes it even more complex. Simple is better.
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    Ridiculous decision making. If you want to expand the fans and users of the RQ system you make a generic set of base rules - a non-specific set based on the superior RQ6 chassis, and then release significant and weighty genre and campaign world expansions to suit everyone's tastes. You don't recouple it to ONE campaign world and abandon all those who love the system but don't play in Glorantha. This is backwards thinking at it's most myopic by fans of Glorantha, not clear sighted fans of the SYSTEM. I have played every iteration of RQ and like to Homebrew. I enjoyed Glorantha at times, but most of the time like to go to other places with my games. BRP never did it for me as it was dated and clunky. RQ6 was a revelation and brilliantly executed. What you should be doing is using the framework of that near flawless set of rules and building from that. Instead you've chopped the legs off Design Mechanism, who have to smile about it publically whilst you saw through the bone. I am amazed - absolutely amazed. It is of course your licence, but having opened it up to other worlds and genres is it sensible or fair to close it all down again? The RQ6 game system, paired down to a well thought our baseline could have been the launchpad for a thousand worlds. Now it's going to serve one master, and whilst it is of course it's original master, it is a retrograde step that won't see my money, or the money of a significant number of people. You are hard-coupling the best simulationist tabletop roleplay system in the gaming world, bar none, to a single facet of the gem it could have been. You could have had your Glorantha in all it's glory without doing that, and I for one and most unhappy you've chosen to freeze the many non-Gloranthans who love the system completely out.
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