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    I forgot to mention Congregate. It's a newish con (year 3 in 2016), but its gaming track is run by the same team that does the various MACE cons, so it's top notch. It might be a good place to test out Skaerune. Heck, if you go to Congregate in July, I'll play in a game of Skaerune. http://www.con-gregate.com/hotel.htm
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    Thunderbird - Orlanth. First Council missionaries arrived in the Wastes after the Dawn. Fulfilling a prophesy, Waha gifted his uncle with the Air spirits that he had met, saved and released in the Great Darkness. Orlanth is different in the Wastes - change/adventurous aspect only (except amongst the Pol-Joni) and has Air spirits, so effectively a spirit society as well as a cult. Raven - Shadow People Sun Hawk - Sky Gazers. Sun Hawk has no fire powers.
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    I use the three runes for characters in my RQII game, using them as augments and stand alone stats, especially for when they are heroquesting. I augment skill rolls with other skills to if the needs arise.
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    GenCon is the biggest game-centric con in the US, followed by Origins. Both are summer cons and they'll let you run whatever game you want. I played in some games last year that were still being developed by their respective companies. Storm-Con (SC), RoundCon (SC), and ConCarolinas (NC) are smaller regional summer cons that have excellent gaming tracks. Looking further out in the year, MACE is probably the biggest gaming-only con in the southeast. It's in November in NC.
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    Here are the current working runes of the cults / spirit societies from the Prax Book, all the Praxian spirits from Nomad Gods Chaosium edition fit within these: Praxian Tradition - Man / Beast The Great Three Waha - Death Mastery (Rune/Spirit magic) Eiritha - Life Beast (Rune/Spirit magic) Storm Bull - Storm Eternal Battle (Rune/Spirit magic) The Old Friends Foundchild - Death Harmony (Spirit magic) Helpwoman - Life Harmony (Spirit magic) Daka Fal - Man Spirit Man (Spirit magic) The Many Friends The Sky Gazers - Sky (Spirit magic) The Burners - Fire (Spirit magic) The Thirstless - Water (Spirit magic) The Shadow People - Darkness (Spirit magic) The Hidden Ancestor - Moon Sky (Local version) (Spirit magic) The Twinstars - Full Half phase Sky (Hungry Plateau version) (Spirit magic) The Hidden Paths The Red School of Masks (dying Phase) (Spirit magic) Serpent Dancers - Water (originally an offshoot of the Thirstless spirit society) (Spirit magic) Star Witches - Sky (originally an offshoot of the Sky Gazers Spirit society) (Spirit magic) Sunset Society - Darkness (originally an offshoot of the Shadow People Spirit society) (Spirit magic) Ghost Darters - Spirit (originally an offshoot of the Foundchild Spirit society) (Spirit magic) The White Bull Brotherhood - Change (maybe Air) (Spirit magic) The Other Leaders Baba Ulodra (Agimori) - Fire (Rune/Spirit magic) Basmol (Basmoli) - Beast Mastery (Hsunchen tradition) (Spirit magic) Cannibal Cult - Spirit (Spirit magic) Grandfather Baboon - Man Spirit Man (Spirit magic) Monkey King - Beast Man (Disorder also for tribe members) (Spirit magic) Great Rhino - Earth Beast (Spirit magic) Ostrich Mother - Sky Beast (Earth also for tribe members) (Spirit magic) Pure Horse Founder (Pol-Joni) - Horse (Spirit magic) Yelorna (Unicorn tribe) - Sky Death (Rune/Spirit magic) Zebra Founder - Beast (zebra) (Spirit magic) Invader Deities Humakt - Death Truth (As HQG) (Rune magic) Yelmalio - Fire Truth (Rune magic) Seven Mothers - Death Moon Life (As HQG) (Rune/Spirit/Sorcery/Moon weirdness magic) Lightbringers (no Eurmal) Orlanth - Change (Air Mastery Storm in Pol-Joni) (Rune/Spirit magic) Chalana Arroy - Harmony Life Harmony (Rune/Spirit magic) Issaries - Movement Trade (Rune magic) Lhankor Mhy - Truth Law Truth (Rune/Sorcery magic) The Evil Ones The Wild Hunter - Storm Disorder (Rune/Spirit magic) Thed - Chaos Spirit (Spirit magic) Mallia - Darkness Death (Chaos as well for Broos) (Spirit magic) This list may be subject to change and should be in no way considered final.
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