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    My wife and I are giving HQG a shot, having introduced her to HQ2 via playing in Harry Potter. I've geeked out on Glorantha and have been itching to play and so am overjoyed that she has shown a willingness to play. We had some success using HQ to playing the world of Harry Potter though I found it quite challenging as I'm not a huge J.K. Rowling buff and so struggled to input themes/narratives/etc... the setting just wasn't clicking. I suggested to my wife that we maybe give Glorantha a shot and so we set out on generating a clan using the Clan Generation Questionnaire found in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. We did just that, which took a bit more time than I had imagined and all the while I was concerned that she may be losing interest. We finished that first session generating our heroes using HQG. The going is slow, as we're both learning the system, but it has been enjoyable and she said it was fun. Tonight, we decided to jump off and get some gaming going despite still having a few miscellaneous questions still needing to be answered in terms of our clan, The Black Spear Clan of the Colymar Tribe. Gaming Method: We're using a mixture of Mythic (soon to be possibly replaced by GameMaster's Apprentice Deck -- primarily for time sake), Rory's Story Cubes for driving imagination/plot, and some other Combat Description Cards (Conflict Games) for sights/sounds/ill intent/descriptors and some other tools and ideas I found from Sophia Brandt (dieheart.net) who recently posted a HQG solo actual play. That covers our methodology for gaming... Clan & Characters: I've scanned our Clan sheet along with our character sheets, as of our second session, and attached them for those curious. These are our second characters, and so we're slowly growing in our understanding of the system. I'll admit, all my other experience roleplaying has been strictly limited to either playing games with my wife, using FU + Mythic, or more simulationist rules solo on my own with Mythic. It took awhile for my brain to grasp HQ, aided with the help of Google+, these forums (and the old retired Glorantha forums), and the awesome PandaCon Actual Play that Yohann ran. In short, I'm playing Varanos, a Tenacious Warrior (Heavy Infantry), with Air/Movement/Death runes, and my wife is playing Cal, a Wise Hunter, with Earth/Truth/Mastery runes. Our First Session: We struggled with coming up with what we were going to do, and so decided that we were tending to our sheep herd (clan ability) in the hills in the east of our clan's land. I rolled on the encounter table for hills in Sartar: Companion and got "Scorpion Men." We used Mythic to decide on the number of Scorpion Men, despite the number quoted in S:Companion and came up with two Scorpion lackeys along with K'Avent, the leader. I took jajagappa's great advice from the recent thread, "HeroQuest, keeping the dice rolling suspense," and decided to launch into an extended contest (first one I've ran) with the Scorpion Men. We deduced that the K'Avent and his crew could see us and launched into the contest, though fumbled the fact that we didn't frame the prize/intent. Looking back, I think we started a bit too low of difficulty, being that I went with High difficulty of (base 14 + 6 = 20), but it still took us 6 rounds to drive off (we had to determine that this was our intent, after my wife asked once I had scored 5 points against K'Avent if we had killed it -- we both agreed that being that we were so new that wasn't likely and that we probably just meant to drive them from our clan's lands), though only one hero point was used by my wife. I again took jajagappa's advice (I think) and added a Quite Hard difficulty, and house-ruled that it would instead be base + 10, as I thought that would have been a bit more of building suspense. After driving the Scorpion Men off, we rolled to see where they headed -- we were both shocked to encounter Scorpion Men so far south of Snake Pipe Hollow and were again shocked to find that they fled West, continuing to cross our clan's land. We then used the Aladdin Technique, hats off to Sophia Brandt for the intro to that yet again, to generate/setup our next session. It generated the following plot... Verdict: My wife asked what she could read to learn more about Glorantha! I'd call that a high mark of success -- I showed her the first ten or so pages of the first volume of the GtG, overing the world overview as well as provided her with The Complete Griselda, as I figured the short stories would be a good format and might help capture her with the world, as I know it did with me when I read it. Anyways, I figure I might keep this updated with our journey and welcome any feedback, rules corrections, and what not. Bit tough of a go, as the system is so freeform though my wife has really taken to it more so than past attempts. She specifically said, after our first run at Harry Potter, that she much preferred this system over our prior use of FU. It is also very nice to have such a wide array of resources, supplements, and information to pull from when gaming. I found myself pulling out the guide and other books to look up ideas, explain concepts about the world to my wife, and it makes it a bit easier since we don't have to come up with all of that on our own! Black Spear Clan Sheet.pdf Varanos & Cal Char Sheets.pdf
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    Check out issue #3 of the Arkham Gazette from our colleagues at Sentinel Hill Press! The focus of this issue is witches and witchcraft in Lovecraft Country. Articles by great writers *and* a 40 page scenario! https://sentinelhillpress.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/issue-3-now-available
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    I cap skills at basic (stat+stat) x 5. Does the job. And I still ask for stat x 5 or x 3 rolls if it's quicker or more appropriate than thinking about the right skill to use
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    Looks like After the Vampire Wars is available in print now
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    There are a few at Bigglestone. There's a secret Gorrakki shrine down on the Mosquito coast. Trolls fight chaos, so the Block, Krjali Bog, chaos box, and the other chaos areas around the plateau of statues are likely to attract a few parties now and then. Trolls are generally avoide by Praxians, but those in the Shadow People society or Khans who have done the Task of Waha and Dark Eater won't have this problem and may even be friendly.
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    RQ Encounter Generator Creates Lycanthropes in Glorantha I was reading the RQ2 rulebook electronic version that I received as part of the Kickstarter and noticed that I had missed many of the lycanthropes in the RQ Encounter Generator. Did a bit of search and found that Sandy had done a nice piece on Lycanthropes in Glorantha (in Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha) so decided to add all of those - Bear walker - Tiger Son - Tusk Brother - Were Shark - Were Bat - Were Deer - Were Spider - Were Jackal - Telmori Werewolf According to Sandy - were jackals do not have a tribe associated with them anymore. All others are Hsunchen There are other were folk in Glorantha but these are now described. https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/rq-encounter-generator-creates-lycanthropes-in-glorantha/
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    Here's a list to the UO issues. You can change the drop down on the top to search be article. http://rpggeek.com/rpgperiodical/2082/unspeakable-oath
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    RpgGeek might be a good resource for that. I just stumbled upon it, and it looks like it provides some breakdown of articles based on issue.
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    RQ3 was better in the attribute departments. Endurance check? Conx5. Brawn? Str vs Str. I don't like having to bother figuring out what it could possibly mean for a STR 6 person to have 100% Brawn skill. So what? It's stupid. Whole skill is stupid unless a better example of the various ways it comes into play can be used. But why? STr vs STR works fantastic. Attempt to fix something that was both elegant and unbroken.
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    Might some uz greet sunrise as the sun fleeing from Wonderhome? Sunset is when it invades Wonderhome again (and again and again).
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    Uzko approach sunlight the way most humans would approach a cold, heavy rain. It is unpleasant, but not really damaging. In fact, they will dress for sun much the same way humans dress for rain - big hats, heavy coats, and trying to get under cover whenever possible. Male trolls may make a point of going out in the sunlight under-dressed to show how tough they are, but most will avoid it whenever possible. Uz are prone to sunburn and heatstroke, and have a lower basic comfort temperature than humans, so a moderately warm day by human standards is downright Hot for trolls. The sun is also a primary and terrible mythic enemy of the uz, and they Hate it. Its touch feels creepy and wrong. Many Uz will have clan or personal taboos about sunlight, which could require avoiding it entirely, or always facing the sunset to hurl abuse at the fleeing enemy, or even seeking it out and maintaining a constant sunburn to remind themselves of the sun's evil.
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    Unortunately, I don't remember exactly where I encountered the alternate Sanity rules. I kind of wrote up my own adaptation but I think it's 99% similar, so I don't feel right posting it. The gist of it was, instead of getting an arbitrary mental illness assigned to you, at a certain level your character is rattled and skills are effected. And then it escalated from there into getting a mental illness. Maybe someone else recalls where this came from. And I apologize to the author for not having a better memory.
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    www.thedesignmechanism.com/products. It is the year 495. Saxons control Britain's east. Aelle, Guercha and Cerdic vie for supremacy in the kingdoms of Ceint, Anglia and Mierce. To the west and north the fractious Britons struggle to unite, their previous attempts betrayed by Vortigern and Uther's personal follies. Now, a new warlord emerges, guided by a druid: Uther's bastard, Arthur, bearer of Caledfwlch, the sword forged by Gorfannon. This is the Dark Ages. Blood soaked, treacherous, fraught. The new religion of Christianity bears down on the old pagan ways. New gods invade old lands. New warlords vie for new territories; old ones seek to even older scores. The war horns are sounding. Britain is rallying. Merlin collects the Thirteen Treasures and signals the start of the battle between the Red and White Dragons. Fetch your spear. Heft your shield. Prepare for war! Mythic Britain is a 360 page supplement for RuneQuest 6th edition set in Britain's Dark Ages. Taking a realistic approach to the period it is, nevertheless, a time of myth and magic as cultures clash and old ways are challenged. Play as a Celt or Saxon, spearman or druid, and help forge Britain's destiny. The book features a detailed setting and a seven scenario campaign involving Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Gawain and many others. If you like Bernard Cornwell's Dark Ages tales, Robert Holdstock's Merlin Codex or even History Channel's Vikings, this is the RuneQuest supplement you've been waiting for.
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    Evilgaz: You could message me and let me know where to send you a one page PDF of Sun County from the Atlas...
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    I appreciate the D20 replaced with D10 suggestion. I politely decline to make that edit. What some of the (ahem) younger generation may not be aware of is that back in the 70s and 80s most 20 sided dice did not have the numbers 11-20 on them. They had 0-9 twice. Thus, you could use it as a D10 as is. Also, some dice sets came with a crayon so you could color in one set of 0-9 to represent 11-20 and more easily use it as a D20, which was probably more important for D&D players than RuneQuest players. NOTE: I just checked and my 2" thick RQ boxed set and my 1" thick boxed RQ set both have the 20 sided die that has 0-9 twice on it. Also, my Games Workshop RQ 2" thick boxed set not only has the twenty sided die with 0-9 twice, but it has one set of 0-9 colored in. No idea if the die came that way or if its previous owner did the honors.
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    Back in the day my percentile dice were 20 sided if i remember correctly.
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    Worlds of Cthulhu, issue 2, had a Mythos-in-Space scenario called "The Icarus Project". It was for 6th edition, though, and the magazine is out-of-print. Here are details on the scenario; spoilers/Keeper-info included!
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    The wife and I picked up where we left off... here is the plot we had generated at the end of the last session. First, we finished fleshing out our characters, adding some abilities and my wife fleshed out her Alynx. We determined that we would attempt to pursue K'Avent and his Scorpion Men westward while Fang, my wife's Alynx would attempt to deliver a message on our behalf to our clan ring. Due to the fact that he seemed to be acting odd, we ruled that it would be Hard (Base + 6 = 20) and a simple contest, which he received a marginal victory. Looking at the table, it suggested that "Making your way" which resulted in Fang arriving, though it taking time -- we interpreted this as receiving no aid or assistance... We framed our simple group contest, "Tracking K'Avent and his Scorpion Men while remaining unnoticed and watching their movement until they crossed our clan's border." We both rolled against the base difficulty and I scored a marginal victory and my wife failed, used a hero point to boost our simple group contest result from marginal (which would have net us a hurt (-3 ability rating)) to a minor victory, allowing us to remain unharmed. K'Avent and his Scorpion Men, upon reaching our border, strenuously continued heading west towards a source of chaos (Delecti's Ruin -- we assumed; this result was received by rolling some Rory's story cubes) and I tested my Tenacious nature (flaw - 1w) against my loyalty to my clan, as Varanos wanted to pursue them with the purpose of trying to capture or strike one of the two straggles down. I succeeded in overcoming my flaw. My wife tested her Pride (flaw - 17) against her Pragmatic nature of her Earth Rune (18) in that she wanted to forge on ahead, without realistically looking at the situation. She, too, passed and overcame her flaw and we took stock of the situation. We decided to continue pursuing them at a distance until we saw some advantageous opportunity arise. We kicked up the difficulty to 17, for our next group simple contest, framed as "continuing to pursue K'Avent and his men without being noticed" and succeeded with a minor victory, this took us to Starfire Ridge -- we checked Mythic to see if they (very likely) had re-grouped up with the remaining 9 Scorpion Men (as suggested in the Sartar: Companion encounter) and astoundingly got a 'No'. We rolled Rory's Story Cubes to see what they were doing -- we got the result that they had setup a temporary camp and that K'Avent was posted up, watching out for danger. We decided to attack, ruled that it was be very hard (14 + W = 14W), and went full bore into battle. I augmented my Flying Strike Air Rune ability with my Death Rune, due to the fact that everything about K'Avent (the fact that he went through a re-birth ceremony to become what he is now) goes against everything the Death Rune stands for, and succeeded with a minor victory, netting +6 to my Flying Strike of 2W for a total of 8W. My wife augmented her bow ability of 2W with her Earth Rune, allowing her to find the ideal sport in the terrain to launch an attack, which succeeded at a minor victory, boosting her attack to 8W. We used Mythic, to see if we gained any first attack benefit which we felt was somewhat likely, though only my wife gained it and added +6 to the first round. I scored no hits the first go around and my wife scored 2 points against K'Avent. With the notion of surprise out of the way, my second attempt netted 1 point while my wife failed against K'Avent's fumble. She wisely used a hero point, boosted her failure to a success and netted three points to knock K'Avent out of the contest. We pulled a Combat Description Card, for piercing weapons and read the killing blow description. Her arrows arched towards K'Avent, severing his ties from this land without a sound. This actually answered her question of whether or not his other Scorpion Men were aroused to our presence, which we ruled they were not. I decided to cement the experience and used a remaining ability to add "Bronze Breasplast of K'Avent" under my Warrior - Heavy Infantry ability as a breakout. We then rolled for a simple group contest to return to our clan to report in. Here is the ending plot hook that we generated. We both had two hero points left over, or rather my wife had one and we rolled on Mythic (somewhat likely) to see if she was rewarded with any additional points, as she ruled that she had a very climatic session by killing K'Avent without a sound. She was indeed rewarded with one hero point for her success and we both spent the points to boost a keyword, myself selecting my Death Rune and she selecting her Earth Rune (I believe). Our updated character sheets are attached! Feedback, input, suggestions and or rules lawyering is WELCOME! (well maybe not rules lawyering though we are trying to learn the rules as we go so any help is appreciated) V&C Post Session II.pdf
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    Enlightened Magic uses 4 elements (Air, Earth, Fire, & Water), the sorcery rules are also slightly changed to be more elegant and functional. In addition, EM contains a significantly modified (and at least from my PoV improved) version of the unpublished Alchemy rules I wrote for Nephilim, also converted to 4 elements.
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    I just saw this post after looking for info about After The Vampire Wars, and am pleased to see that the reason it's not yet in general release is that Chaosium is making sure it looks even better. I'm really proud of that book and would happily write a Vampire Wars Companion for it if there's interest.
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    In honor of Sacred time here is a Chaos Special Chaos Special - There Are Broos Everywhere Here we celebrate the most fertile of the chaotic races - the broo. They bring life to every party. Here are a few new ones, of which the weasel broos are likely the only ones really dangerous. - Rat Broo - Rubble Runner Broo - Dog Broo - Pig Broo - Weasel Broo Here is an assertion of old ones. There are many others, such search for Broo - Bear Broo - Bison Broo - Broo - Desert Raider - Broo - Devotee of Primal Chaos - Broo - Drool of Krarsht - Broo - Focus of Chaos - Broo - Ragnaglar Acolyte - Broo - Ragnaglar Initiate - Broo - Thed High Shaman - Broo - Thed Initiate - Broo - Thed Shaman - Broo - Warrior Novice - Broo - Goat - Broo - Mallia High Shaman - Broo - Mallia Initiate - Broo Malia Shaman - Bull Broo - Bull Broo, Thed Iniatiate - Chicken Broo - Crocodile Broo, Thed Initiate - Elephant Broo - High Llama Broo - Horse Broo - Krarshtkid Broo - Rabbit Broo - Rhino Broo, Thed Initiate - Scorpion Broo, Thed Initiate - Shadow cat Broo - Slime Broo (Bodiless) - Slime Broo (Cat) - Slime Broo(Snail) - Slime Broo(Spidery) - Slime Broo(Stinking) - Slim Broo - Swollen, Priest of Pocharngo - Slime Broo Shaman - Stegosaurus Broo - Thed Initiate - Styracosaurus Broo - Thed & Mallia Initiate - Triceratops Broo - Primal Chaos Initiate - Tyrannosaurus Broo - Zombie Bison Broo - Zombie Broo Some Broo parties are here - Broo - Service for Malia - Broo Infestation - Broo Raiders - Ragnaglar - Broo Raiders - Thed - Broo Raiding Party - Broo Shaman Party - Broo Warband, Small - Broos Ahoy - Sailing ship with Broos - Broos on the Road - Ragnaglar - Broos on the Road - Thed - Mixed Bag of Praxian Broo Raiders - Mixed Bag of Sartar Broos - Saurian Broos - Tough Luck Brothers - Bison & Rhino Broos - Zombie Broos - Slime Broo Party https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2015/12/25/chaos-special-there-are-broos-everywhere/
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