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    Hello All Yes, MAR and I met several times at conventions. We got along famously. I once challenged him to a miniatures battle, the Lunar Army versus whatever Tekumel army he wished. All in good fun of course. Alas, he never took me up on it. I did once have a friend who would spend every summer in an ashram. He looked at Tekumel for three minutes or so and said, "Oh, this is SE Asian mythology." I used to think it was strange that someone would have gone to India and come home a muslim, but have since learned that India is the third largest muslim countries in the world, coming in right after Indonesia and Pakistan. I've spoken to many people who played in his campaign, and they all said he was one of the greatest gamemaster they had ever gamed with.
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    I like challenge. It has the advantage of being both a noun and verb. A mountain range can be a challenge (noun) that the PCs take on. PCs can also challenge (verb) a troll. Mechanically, it makes little difference, but it makes the term more versatile in how it can be used in table talk.
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    I have just uploaded ArcDream's new quick-start release Delta Green: Need to Know. They have made this available to all, not just the kickstart backers. Based on my quick run thru, this might become my new favorite core version of the BRP rules (or BRP-ish). Sorry @Jason Durall! SDLeary
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    Version 1.0.0


    Delta Green: Need to Know is their quick-start rules that they have decided to make available to everyone!
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    I think changing increased hit points for luck points was sheer genius on every level. When one reads "that other games" excuse, I mean, explanation for what increased hit points represents, one realizes that Luck Points are exactly what they're talking about. It's the perfect conversion. As an aside, I started playing RQ in the early 80's. I had a bunch of friends that played Stormbringer. They wanted to play "that other game" as well. We played Dragon Lance and Temple of elemental evil. I hated it. I managed to get most of my friends to fall in love with RQ and never look back. My best friend, however, never really got into it. We got separated for about 15 years and he came back into my life again a couple of years ago. I got him into a RQ campaign. Yesterday, I told him about Classic Fantasy. He wants to play DL and TOEE with RQ characters. I told him: "Your journey to the dark side is complete."
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    Absolutely that is understood. Will Chaosium be participating in the Bits and Mortar program. As I prefer to buy this at my FGLS...shipping from Chaosium is a killer.
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    Nameless Horrors was truly excellent. Blood Brothers (1 & 2) was truly horrible (although good for a laugh). I was wondering if the 7e will see some more non-Mythos horror scenarios/sourcebooks. As most of my homebrew adventures have involved these (with just a suggestion of the Mythos taint behind them), I am beginning to run out of material. Will we likely see more non-Mythos horror or is that more the realm of the Esoterrorists? I always liked the premise of the X-Files where legends turn out to be part of a larger conspiracy. That said, week after week, of Mythos horrors can kill a group (literally and figuratively) -- so I am looking for supernatural scenarios in which players get the cosmic horror kick but without the terrible SAN loss that might go with it. And, I would want these to remain in the realm of a purist CoC format not pulp.
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    Just to let folk know, the new RuneQuest will definitely have hit locations (and general hit points are back in after much deliberation).
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    The original decision to license RuneQuest to Mongoose was back in 2005 or 2006 (I'm not going to look up my file). Issaries had largely assigned publication of the HeroQuest line over to Moon Design. At that time, I was writing with Greg, but on a part-time basis. Greg and I had neither the time, the capital, or the interest to try to rebuild RuneQuest - we were focused entirely on Glorantha as a setting. On retrospect, giving the license to Mongoose was a gigantic mistake for a myriad of reasons that I am not going to go into here. When Mongoose lost the license, the RuneQuest brand was frankly badly tarnished. Sales of MRQ products had dropped off dramatically after the initial rules book. And for other reasons, Greg and I were both extremely unhappy with the Mongoose relationship, which we both considered to be as bad if not worse than the Avalon Hill relationship. Rick and I felt that we had our hands full just getting Glorantha on track and to deal with the collateral damage to that brand. So when Loz and Pete asked for the RuneQuest license, we were glad to help them get it. We knew we wouldn't be able to do anything with it for several years and they were passionate about presenting the rules system they had developed without the awful Mongoose editing, layout, horrible art, and just general awfulness. When Greg assigned over all the Glorantha and RuneQuest rights to Moon Design (back in 2013), Moon Design became the owner of RuneQuest and of all of Greg's notes, design ideas, unpublished campaigns, etc. It was an embarrassment of riches - and huge amounts of it worked its way into the Guide to Glorantha. Greg wrote his material for the RuneQuest 2 rules in mind (or a variant like Epic), not for HeroQuest 2. So even though this was all statless, the seed of doing RuneQuest for Glorantha was very much in my head. The whole Moon Design team had been talking internally about this since we published the Guide, and it accelerated after we finished writing HeroQuest Glorantha. It was a combination of GenCon, HeroQuest Glorantha, some of Greg's Nephelim notes, and then carefully rereading Epic, the Dragon Pass campaign, and Enclosure 1 that revealed the solution to working the Runes into the rules and made us realize that we could make the RuneQuest rules really work for Glorantha. Feverish work with Jason Durall and Chris Klug, and gigantic email discussions with Ken Rolston cemented it. Sandy presenting us with some 50 files of RQ rules material he had worked on was the icing on the cake. But as the development process proceeded it became pretty clear that this was not RQ6, but the RQ4 (or even RQ3) that never was. So TDM and MD went their separate ways, and we expect they will do great stuff with their rules engine. However, we've been feverishly moving forward. Decades of work from key collaborators - Greg, Sandy, Ken, David Dunham, Chris Klug, MOB, and myself - all have finally come together into a coherent and consistent package. But it was built off RQ2 (and to a lesser extent RQ3), not RQ6. We most recently brought on Steve to advise, counsel, and edit - particularly with regards to the combat mechanics.
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    what about "challenge " ? It is less martial than conflict and it is all about trying to beat an opposing force, even an impersonal one.
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    The point is not why it was an option in the first place, it is why they were so eager to make announcements about the new RQ before the kickstarter had shown which was the best option business-wise. Had they kept silent on the subject until the release of the design notes, nobody would now question them on the subject. I agree with you on the goal, Joerg, but not on the tool. If the task is to "make Glorantha appeal to a wider audience", then 13th Age in Glorantha is a better bait. It is D20, so it starts with a wider audience outside the Glorantha fan community.
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    For what it is worth, I have a copy of the 1993 Elric! book right on my desk. I've been looking quite a bit at Stormbringer, Elric!, Hawkmoon, even Ringworld. And since Jason Durall will be coming into the process at some point pretty soon, I'm pretty sure that elements of those rules will have been considered carefully.
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