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    Speaking of the dwarven submarine, in one of our adventures I had a Kraken attack the sub. I screwed up big time. the Kraken did so much damage in the first attack that the second attack would destroy the submarine. The dwarves could not kill it. I thought, oh oh, I just party wiped. Better think of some Deux ex machina to bail them out. Cursing my own lameness, I was totally surprised when my friend playing the chief Engineer told them to vent all the steam and release all the fire and water elementals into the engine. "All fo them! Release all of them!" He said, kinda mimicking a famous scene from Star Wars. We knew exactly how to calculate how much damage that would be in intense heat from the steam venting into the ocean. The Kraken was wrapped around the sub. Rolled for hit location. They took out its head. The creature was disabled, but the ship had lost its engines and was setting at the bottom of the sea. I was like, wow! that saved my butt. And now we have a real submarine adventure! These were all orthodox Mostali, btw. They'd been tasked with taking Tora's Hammer by submarine to Magasta's Pool and from there down to the center of the lozenge to be destroyed at Mostal's Forge deep in the earth. Riding the submarine down Magasta's Pool seemed a suicide mission, but orthodox Mostali don't question orders. Besides the Engineer, there was a tin dwarf "I make cans." A gold dwarf was in charge. A silver dwarf manned the Navigation Helm that allowed him to see everything outside of the ship. Some iron dwarf marines. Everybody had a job to do to keep the submarine operational and safe. It was after they'd survived the Descent and had to abandon the submarine and proceed on foot that the true test of these dwarves mettle occurred. They were outside the box, so to speak.
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    Being released tomorrow: OpenQuest Basics - Revised with Full Colour art! A Message from Furthermost - A River of Heaven Scenario by John Ossoway. The Clockwork Palace - Any OpenQuest Adventure Location, with new cult, magic, creatures, personalities and scenario seeds, by Paul Mitchener. Watch this space for more details.
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    Two Pavis variants of an 'Ernalda House'. The first is a grand residence of an important and wealthy family; the second has been partitioned into two residences and a shop at the front, and a number of cramped apartments at the rear. The shop has access to the courtyard, and uses it as storage and an extension to the living quarters on the upper floor.
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    Why isn't there a BRP-based Warhammer 40K-game out there? Ok, sure there is obviously the copyright and perhaps other legal stuff to consider, but I would love to see atleast a monograph on the 40K-setting. The system that exists for it now, FFG's overwrought pastiche on the original WFRP-system is just too much. I'd rather see a BRP base for it. Would it be feasible? Thoughts?
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    Such attacks happen all the time. An Orlanthi performing the Scarf of Mist HeroQuest might go into a nearby lake, find a water nymph and force her to become his wife/concubine. He is effectively carrying out an attack on the Water Tribe in the same way that Orlanth did. The fact that the water tribe is a family of nymphs doesn't matter. The same Orlanthi could perform the Sandals of Darkness HeroQuest against a troll clan and steal some magical sandals from the High Priestess. This mimics Orlanth stealing from Kyger Litor and substitutes the troll clan priestess for Kyger Litor. Another HeroQuestor could then use the Scarf of Mist HeroQuest to steal the first Orlanthi's wife away as he would be targeting her as a member of the Water Tribe. If I perform the Sandals of Darkness HeroQuest against the Sazdorf Clan High Priestess by sneaking into the Sazdorf Caverns and stealing her magical sandals then I am pretty sure that the participants are going to be Sazdorf Clan members. I have chosen the HeroQuest, the time, the place and the targets. However, if the guards turn out to be troll Humakti instead of Zorak Zorani then I might be surprised and might have to deal with them differently. If the guards include a visiting human Sword of Humakt then that would fit the Sazdorf Clan mythically but might cause my HeroQuest to fail as I don;t have anything useful against Humakti.
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    You could say that you want to raid the Greydogs in order to steal the power of Minlister (the brewer) from them. This has mythic overtones, and you can set it up as a This World Heroquest where the goal is that you have the magic power that they currently have (maybe it is part of the Greydog clan wyter). But you need to put it into the context of an existing myth and some will work better than others. The mythic hero Vingkot went on many raids, including against Alkoth (which is part of the Underworld and Sky World), but using those as a basis won't do much good in this case - the foes and the stations of the quest will be 'wrong' and who knows what may happen to the raid. But Minlister uses a huge magical cauldron named Karni that was taken from the water gods by Orlanth and the Thunder Brothers. You need to follow this quest if you want to steal the Greydog's magical cauldron and its powers for yourself. Therefore, you have to cast the Greydogs as the 'Water Gods' in the quest in order to be successful (think of it as staging a big interactive 'play' where you are casting the parts but need to have the 'right' people in the 'right' roles). The easiest 'water god' to cast the Greydogs as is Heler before he joined the Storm Tribe. To do this, you likely need to be at some place (perhaps beside the Sword River or the Creek) and you 'summon' your 'enemy' (the Water Gods) in a specific ritual that brings both Heler's rain clouds and the Greydog warriors (they may feel a magical 'pull' in this case, or their wyter feels a threat and orders them to defend their land, etc.). If you defeat the Greydogs ('water gods'), then you can raid their camp and find their magical cauldron and take it for your own. So as Steve notes, this is not a 'random raid', but a very prescribed raid based on an ancient storyline that needs the 'right' acts, characters, and components to succeed well (otherwise you may just end up with someone's wineskin sack) or you are driven off (and now you have some vulnerability to the 'water gods').
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    I do like the goblin inventions in the film "Labyrinth" as insipiration for the fantasy and inventiveness of the mostali. The cleaning wheel was a great idea, and a great sequence in the film. also the armoured goblin Gatling gun in the film was excentric and fun. I could see that working for these mostali. The giant robot guardian of the city was also inspired.I think those ideas start to build up mostali into a real curiosity with lots of flavour
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    Nope. That's the diamond quasi-caste of the Decamony. Gold is a regular caste that dwarfs are created for/born in., and present also among Octamonists.
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    Except that Gold Mostali are very old, very experienced and very magical so are not the kind of Mostali who would be influenced by outside influences. It might be that the Gold Caste Mostali also include the ones who are learning, progressing towards Gold Mostali status, in which case they might be ripe for new ideas.
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    I tend to make a distinction between GodTime HeroQuests and Otherworld HeroQuests. God Time HeroQuests are where you go to the God Time/God Plane and make changes to the Myths. These are what Heroes do to make themselves Heroes and Gods do to make themselves Gods. Effectively, they imprint themselves on the God Plane, shaping it to have a place for them and a myth their cultists can follow. Otherworld HeroQuests are where you go into places that are not really of this world, magical places, sometimes places that no longer exist. You then HeroQuest in these places and interact with the denizens of those places. So, you might go to the Palace of Black Glass, which no longer exists. What you do will not make a difference to the original myths, but you can access the place as a place of power. If you are not talking a "This World" HeroQuest, then someone is making a direct attack on your clan's wyter, its mythic basis. In this case, the priests, lords and HeroQuestors of the clan will know that something is happening and will be sucked into the HeroQuest as opponents. I have never been of the opinion that you cannot be killed on a HeroQuest. I am quite happy with people being killed on a HeroQuest in the same way they can be killed normally. This idea of bouncing out of the HeroQuest when you are killed is a namby=pamby way of doing things, in my opinion, although it has its place in Dream Quests and the like. If someone HeroQuested against Zorak Zoran to take the fire powers away from Amanstan then I would expect Zorak Zorani HeroQuestors to be alerted to it and to HeroQuest against the attempt. Sure, people are very wary on holy days as other HeroQuestors use these days for attacks. Biturian was involved in a HeroQuest when a bunch of trolls raided an Earth Holy Day ceremony, for example. On Holy Days, your clan is prepared for attacks as everyone gathers in the temple. On Holy Days of enemy cults, your clan is probably prepared for an attack as well. The danger is on other days, not necessarily holy days but days with special meaning. The anniversary of a Hero's first heroQuest or the anniversary of another clan's raid on your clan, for example. The problem that we have is that people interpret HeroQuesting in different ways. The way I do it is internally consistent but is probably different to the way that someone else does it. Both versions might work well but behave differently.
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    Usually gold or iron dwarfs/mostali. Gold are overseers and planners, iron are designed for interacting with potentially dangerous outsiders. Iron dwarfs are known to act on their own, while gold dwarfs are supposed to be attended by other castes in order to function, so gold is the more fun way to do this. In Heroquest, you could have one central character with some of the skills, and then distribute other skills among his dwarf retainers. Doesn't work that well for RQ, though.
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    That does seem to fall under the role of Gold Dwarfs. The description given of them in the art direction was: "These are the mind of Mostal. They are teachers, and maintain the continuity of dwarf society through correct project management and indoctrination. This dwarf is wise, cruel, and versed in secret lore. He is ugly and grotesque, but still presentable to humans, and wears ornate gold talismans, rings, bracelets, as well as clothes designed to impress inferior species such as humans." I imagine they're viewed by humans ignorant of mostali culture as nobility, with their ostentatious displays of wealth and instruction of the other castes. The dwarves themselves probably find this a useful fiction to perpetuate. Which is why Ginkizzie is known as the king of the Pavic dwarves.
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    @David Scott - for all practical measures, it doesn't matter if your opponents are strongly temporary different or genuine mythical entities. This makes me wonder, though, whether you are going to (en)counter God Learner intrusions even when questing starting from the Third Age. If the answer is yes, we are going to need some mechanical write-up for God Learner encounters in the hero planes. Encountering Arkati probably is a standard element of otherworldly endeavors. Mostly you wouldn't realize that they were there for a purpose other than scenic extras. However, if you are going to warp the myths in a bad way, beware of those guys. (Which makes me wonder - would those Arkati be in any way similar to the Kitori tax takers when provoked?)
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    Because Heroquests happen outside of time, the adversaries don't have come from the same time. They can come from any time, but will generally come from a similar time. Adversaries don't always appear as themselves, so it can be hard to tell who they are. The adversaries that you mention in Yelm's temple are likely fixed denizens who are always there (scenery), not people drawn in - unless of course there's part of a quest where you go and guard the temple). I rule that if it's a dynamic encounter, it can be a drawn in adversary, otherwise they are fixed and part of the scenery. In the real world they would be the painted guards on the temple wall.
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    Grenades, flintlock pistols, riding griffins and names like Sandy Saltpeterson and Wrong John Silver.... Pretty much sums up Griffin mt dwarves. About 4 pages of stats, personalities and a bit of background.
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    For a grimmer variant, you could make the dwarfs like H.G.Wells' morlocks from Time Machine (take those of the most recent Hollywood incarnation), or the uruks of Isengard in The Two Towers (the Jackson flick).
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    I see dwarves as like post-apocalyptic survivalists. They're dwelling underground in elaborate shelters, having survived the end of the world, and when they look out they see ignorant savages worshipping technology (to mostali eyes), giant cockroaches feeding off overgrown moulds and fungus (or as we would call them, animals and plants); and everything which was once great, in ruins. Exiled dwarves are thrust out into a world which disgusts them. They don't have access to purified food so everything tastes spoilt. Everything smells of blood and sweat, and feels greasy to them. And what's worse, no one else seems to notice or care.
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    Pretty grotesque the face of hoggle from labyrinth fits the bill for a Gloranthan dwarf
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    I see River of Heaven adventures in my future.
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    This discussion wouldn't be complete without including some art from the new Runequest. I like the sketch/working drawing feel of this piece. There are some really nice qualities to the drawing, which remains open, not too tight , expressive, yet detailed, and it shows that the artist has a really good understanding of tone. I like the warm mottled water colour paper background. It gives a lovely unifying feel to the studies and a nice mid tone to play off. The style of drawing doesn't take it self too seriously, in that it has a feel of a accomplished graphic novel artist, which reminds us that this is a game. A good balance for the new RQ I think. I also like that it feels like it could be an artists concept design for a character in a film. Which seems like a really good approach to illustrating a fantasy roleplay game, particularly a world as rich as Glorantha, where the details can be really fleshed out. In a sense we're all film directors in an RPG game, this illustration is giving us the tools to help bring the world to life. I'm glad we're not looking at dry static drawings/renderings, but one with a bit of movement and expression. It's great that it's retained a sense of a working drawing, rather then a finished off piece. I'm not sure who the artist is, but I think if this is the tone and standard for future RQ art direction then we could be in for a treat.
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    There's a submarine out there too.
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    Great discussion - luis Perrin ( thanks for the spelling correction ) illustrations remain timeless and are a rare example of expressive, free drawing in fantasy art. I really like them. Flicking through rq2 there is not as much as I remebered. But it did a tremendous amount to sell RQ2 and Glorantha to me. That's the power of art that hits the mark. Of course the game worked excellently too, it all came together in a great package. I do still like the River of cradles /Sun County/ shadows on the borderland covers. They brought the ancient setting to life. Although now I would criticise the rendering/drawing of the main figures in the foreground of river of cradles, overall it worked great, down to the details of the newtlings fishing at the river banks. Shadows on the border land had a great suspense about it , Cthulhu meets Indiana Jones, meets Glorantha, though I found the interior art disappointing. There is a lot of D&D 5e illustration that is awful, but lots that works well too. I still think the starter set cover is very succesful. It captures a sense of the epic and fantastic. Quite a feat for an artist.
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    Yes I think gone are the days of mediocre illustration in RPG products. If you want it to be a success it really needs to be something that inspires, and keeps you wanting to pick up the book. There's a lot of talent out there. I expect a new RQ with industry leading production values. Even if it takes a Kickstarter to get first choice artists. there is an opportunity to make this game very big again as with RQ2 when it challenged D&D in the early eighties. if it's packaged right then Glorantha could have mass appeal I think. It would be excellent to see some awe inspiring art work. Some certainly needs to be eye catching to capture the drama, power, and scale of myth and legend. Maybe in the spirit of the cinematic tension, drama, scale , and magic of the D&d starter set cover. There is such a huge scope to flesh out the ancient cultures and fantasy like never before. It shouldn't use past Gloranthan art work as a mile stone, it's an opportunity for something even more spectacular
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    The thing is, "Sanity" rules are NOT specific to the Cthulhu setting... they're _essential_ to most games in the "horrror" genre, and (with minor tweaks) many games that delve into the psych/consequences sides of "thriller" and other genres. They are as significant as magic -- and I'd hope for at least 1-2 magic systems! Ditto "guns" being needed for modern-era games, and "swords" for ancient-through-colonial-era games. Any of that left out, leaves out something "essential." YMMobviouslyV!
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    OMG - No, not again.... Then again - Eldarad has not received RQ Encounter Generator treatment - yet.... Where is my asbestos suit and long tongs. Might require shoulder length safety gloves as well.
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    Eldarad wasn't "bad". It certainly wasn't up to normal Chaosium standards, but was a hell of a lot better than much of the drek that was coming out for other systems at the time. SDLeary
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    As long as you guys don't mind me asking all the generic questions here ;-)
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