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    Version 1.0.0


    This book describes an idea me and Mr Monroe talked about concerning deities in the Southern Reaches. The premise is that the Fey never really retreated from the realm but took on a new role is disguise. That of deities, who once were absentee landlords in the lives of mortals. Through religion and cults they could grow in power through their followers and sew discord between Light, Balance, and Shadow. The alien Fey feed on chaos and, after the mortals of the world banned together against the Fey, the Lord of the Mists came up with a brilliant scheme. The book allows Chroniclers to create entire pantheons or single deity for their campaign, showing how their characteristics and other statistics might be represented. This is not a Deities & Demi-Gods conversion. There is also a section describing a possible new magic system for your campaign. Divine Magic is based loosely on Deep Magic from the excellent book Advanced Sorcery and other Divine Magic mechanics from other systems somewhat compatible with this one. I should point out that while I and my players enjoy variety in magic, the system MW already has in place is perfectly fine as is without this supplement. Sometimes easier is better.
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    So, any chance of a reprint of 1-14? I'd certainly buy them all.
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    THE CONSOLIDATED SRD IS APPROACHING Hello backers, After one final round of playtest at FG CON 8, we are now approaching the time of release of the first "release candidate" of the Revolution D100 SRD. We are somehow late with this step, but all feedback received so far says that backers are happy if the game is "delayed but good". Most core subsystems have been playtested in the last few months, and after some adjustments we made they are now stable. Some backers have taken the core concept of generic conflicts and used in their own campaigns, adapting it and integrating it into other D100 rulesets. They sounded rather happy of the result, and this is very encouraging because it means that the core rules are flexible and adaptable to different genres and styles of play. In particular, I wish to highlight this post of the backer Clarence on BRP Central, where he discusses some experiments he has done. The results are very interesting, indeed. A consolidated version of the SRD is thus probably coming within end of April 2016, possibly accompanied by a Fantasy Grounds library that allows FG users to play online. Expect some public online demo outside of FG Con, too. Some users have provided useful feedback about clarity of the rules and other aspects that we have tried to integrate in the SRD. At least one further iteration of the SRD is planned to make the rules easier to understand once they are finalised, plus the normal editing step. Nevertheless, if there are suggestions you wish to make before the "release candidate" SRD is distributed, I invite you to do so: we will try to integrate your suggestion in the current iteration, if possible. Thanks again to all backers, Paolo
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    To be clear: the Kickstarter'ed product, "RQ Classic" *IS* RQ2, plus a small amount of supplementary material. It is already printed, and only waiting for the kickstarter'ed shipments to go out, before the "preorder" (non-KS orders, placed with Backerkit after the KS closed) themselves ship. Then there is "RQ Next" -- no official name announced, that I know of, but called variously "RQ:Glorantha" and "RQ4" on these boards, that I have noticed -- which will be based on an evolution of the "RQ2/RQClassic" ruleset, but with extra Gloranthan & Runic goodness baked-in. I believe the intent is that the re-release of the KS'ed stretch-goal supplements be 90%-or-more compatible with this "next" product. As for CoPrax & CoTerror -- you might want to just get the "Cult Compendium" product, available now, which includes both of those & a bit more besides... ... my 2 bolg's worth...
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    The new edition of RQ coming out later this year is backwards compatible with R2/Classic, but it is a new edition with new rules. In particular, a lot more emphasis on the Glorantha runes. Check out Jeff's Designer Notes for more about what's going to be in it.
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    I got my PDFs a few days ago. Nice to get a jump on reading the more detailed rules.
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    I'm just finishing up version 2.6 for internal review. I then plan to let version 3.0 go out for a broader playtest. I'll be running RQ4 sessions at Chimeriades, Eternal Con, UK Game Expo, and GenCon. In the playtests so far, the Runes, Rune Points and passions have worked wonderfulyl, and the Family Background in character generation allows deep immersion into the setting for newbies (and lots of wonderful rewards for old time Glorantha-philes). The core rules engine is RQ2 (with plenty of modifications, of course - frex, Attack and Parry uses the same skill) - and conversion with RQ2 scenarios is very easy (basically only when it comes to listing available Rune Magic).
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    I do something like this. If a player can't attend a session I give them the option of having their character involved in the investigation/adventure or not. And if involved, they're run by the other players and by me. If their character is not involved, a convenient excuse is given for their absence. The character is at no risk but, also, won't acquire experience checks or otherwise benefit from the session. If they are involved they acquire experience checks, and any session benefits, but are at the risk of death and insanity.
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    Ah. In that case, definitely no. I don't play in that style - and to me, it feels like rather hollow experience. The implication with plot armor is that the PCs and NPCs are intended to survive, so that the GM can tick off his dramatic scenes and get everyone to the story climax, unscathed. The story plays out exactly as the GM intended it to, with the players being malleable to the highest priority, which is the story or plot. The bad guy / boss monster must survive till the end so it's confronted in the thrilling climax. IMO, from a player-perspective, it's like being a passenger where your actions have no real impact, and you're just along for the ride until you pull into a story-climax station. Not an interesting way for me to play, personally. I don't protect the plot, or feel the need to preserve the storyline, even when I'm running published material for Call of Cthulhu or something else. Plots/stories/adventures rarely survive the plans and actions of the players. And often the players can take the plot in an unexpected and more enjoyable direction than what the GM planned out originally.
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    Honestly check out OpenQuest Basic, its a pretty cheap little digest sized book to have at the gaming table. The reason why it works well is the skill list is already quite condensed, which is good for kids. If you make your own character sheets then you can easily shorten the skill list even further if you think that would work better with your children. There are no gritty hit locations (although a Major Wound table option exists). It's only got one Magic system, Basic/Battle Magic which is just the common magic spells from RQ/Legend, but you can outfit a spellcaster with these and it works well. I wouldn't allow non-spell casters access to it, and treat their magic as potions instead. OpenQuest also has Hero Points, and if you hand these out liberally then the kids will sure make use of them. Also the book even has a small creatures section that is pretty useful, it covers many fantasy opponents The other main reason I am recommending it is that the pdf version of OpenQuest Basic is usually free, so curiosity will cost you nothing.
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    Honestly I think any D100 system is likely to be a bit crunchy for an 8 year old. I'd seriously consider Tunnels & Trolls though. It's one of those classic games everyone should know, and the sense of humour and madcap, gung ho approach should go down perfectly. It's also about exactly mid way between Hero Kids and D100 systems in terms of complexity. Take That You Fiend! Simon Hibbs
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    Magic World, using the Sentient creatures rules is a hit that I've heard about. SDLeary
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