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    The idea of Sorcery having some form of free-form Magic seems to fit, especially as a backup to their easier performed formulaic spells. It appears nowhere in canon, but given the small canon we have (in comparison to the Orlanthi vs Lunars focus), then it seems like something the God Learners would have stumbled upon in their experimentation. So yes of course many people may have been hoping to see some form of that, especially now that the building blocks for such a system are in place (ie: Rune + Technique). I cannot see how it would harm the setting, especially if free-forming Magic was much more difficult to perform or empower ( eg: usual MP cost x3 or x4 perhaps), or even a detrimental risk to the caster ( increased fumble chance perhaps), a trade-off for not worshipping a deity to receive the magical benefits. So I guess it's only natural that good influences from other systems have crept into people's minds since the mid 1980s when RQ3 Sorcery came out, and games like 'Ars Magica'and 'Mage: The Ascension' do influence any thoughts on the subject. Even Stormbringer's 'Unknown East' magic which was redesigned as MagicWorld's 'Deep Magic' was a good example of free-form Magic. I don't see how it will affect the setting just as long as it remains difficult to perform, thus providing a reason to learn formulaic spells through the Schools. However it's not a big issue for me, as I suspect I can easily house-rule it if I want to go down such a path in my Gloranthan games. From the disclosed design notes it does sound like a very Gloranthan version of Sorcery and I am willing to give it a shot, as pretty much all the recent Gloranthan supplements have been great. I really feel that the current design team has been the best thing for the setting since the RQ2 Gloranthan material and RQ3 'RQ renaissance' material. So with that in mind I'll reserve judgement until I have the CRQ4 books in my hands, but overall I am pretty optimistic about all this
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    I can understand this and also that they are rightly proud of the hard work, intelligence and passion they put into Chaosium,
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    In all honesty no, I'm not proposing favorite mechanics in a vacuum. I propose what I would like to see given the way I'd like to imagine Malkioni sorcerers given my limited knowledge and appreciacion of Glorantha. The middle way I proposed with with sorcerers preparing custom designed spells in advance was precisely not "winging it" but applying to specific incantations the fundamental principles of runes and techniques which they understand rather than learning by rote spells transmitted by tradition. Forgive me if I quote myself and note the last line: And let me say one thing, Jeff. I've been a Chaosium customer and fan for ages, I have reams of Chaosium product at home, I've even been a supporter against reason (when they did not so well polished monographs). I've been an Issaries and Moon Design customer. I've bought the Hero Wars boxed set with the ugly maps and the spandex Orlanth, I've tried to make sense of Thunder Rebels and even converted some stuff to RQ. I'v ordered the beautiful Gloranthan Classics reprints from Rick Meints and played with gusto with them. I've been a backer of RQ Classic, I'm an almost sure customer/ backer of the new Rune Quest. I like 95% of what you guys are doing, and the remaining 5% I understand. And if I'm not super-enthused of the sorcery rules and I like to say what would have made me even more happy, what's the harm? You are re-building an extremely cool company. If you and the other guys were a tad less defensive it would be even better.
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    Like the Aeolians, Lhankor Mhy sages use both rune magic and sorcery magic
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    While I enjoy the flavor of colorful names from an in-game perspective (and certainly encourage such in my games if a player wants to go that route), a standard list of common spells (spirit, rune, or sorcery) is far easier to remember and work with (and same goes for magic crystals). Basic name, describe what it does and needs in order to work. Embellish as you wish in your game.
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    Ultimately, it seems like the chaosium is treading a perceived line of fanbase and commercial failure/ success stress. With that, there needs to be deciding factors that they have to stick with, as nothing is ever well designed by a committee. While some things may be liked by a lot of people and some things won't be liked by some, ultimately, it is chaosium's decision on what is in the final product. With the team they assembled, I can tell that they are as big a fans of their game as most here are and are actually invested in its success. With people that care about the game as much as these guys, it won't be a middle of the road release with the same 'let's throw a new variant spin in and make it work regardless, even if the play tests of it showed it failed' it won't be because they won't let it. What fan of RQ would? My two clacks.. Along with "YGWV" about sums up things for this grognard. That and 'no friggin physical runes'. Besides, I haven't heard about spirit combat yet.
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    The question boils down to whether you want a sandbox or a written campaign. Griffin Mountain is a sandbox with adventure hooks, but it doesn't contain scenarios. B&B is a campaign consisting of seven scenarios. Btw, it's very easy to continue from the last adventure of B&B to GM.
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    As an aside, please keep in mind that the sorcery rules presented in the core RQ book is not intended to cover the breadth of sorcerous options - heck, it presents sorcery from the perspective of how it might appear in a Dragon Pass-centric campaign (it discusses Aeolianism, Lhankor Mhy, Lunar sorcery, and a very brief overview of Malkionism (primarily Rokari). The goal was to present a robust framework of sorcery that can be expanded in future supplements.
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    Semi-freeform in use does not model how I see Gloranthan sorcerers actually work. They aren't "winging it" - they use extraordinarily complex formula, like giant mathematical formulae. An individual sorcerer can develop new formula (and not just choose from a spell list), but it takes time and research. In some cases, I get the feeling people are proposing favorite rules mechanics - in a vacuum - rather than think about what the sorcery rules are trying to model.
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    Well Pizzaro was once down to thirteen men on his way to conquer Peru, while Cabeza De Vaca explored much of the Southwest of the USA with just 3 companions. And think of the fun you could have changing things. Lost Viking or Roman colony, El Dorado is real, , the last Sabertooth Tiger or Bigfoot encounter the party etc. You never know whats over the next hill.
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    Another period ignored by us in the US and Western Europe is the Russian/Cossack expansion east. The Russian did not stop till they reached Alaska and even traded with Japan AFTER Japan closed it doors to most European.
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    In terms of unfilled niches, going a little forward in time, it appears there is not really a French Musketeers rule set out there (which is interesting as I'd say that Dumas' The Three Musketeers is the Ur text of the style of play that is found in RPGs). (BTW, I know Flashing Blades is still around. But how much of a presence does FGU have in the RPG market today?)
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    I've been out of the Gloranthan loop for a long time, but It feels like the west is finally opening up & making sense in Glorantha. As a scarred RQ 3 user back in the day , the west was completely broken for me on many levels. The weird medievalist idea, and the inaccessble sorcery rules. When we were finally presented with sorcery NPC's in strangers in Prax (Arlatan, the troll sorcerer etc) they appeared to be overly complicated to run with all the extra book keeping. Could be interesting to see these characters revisited with these new RQ4 sorcery rules? If memory serves they were interesting characters
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    I like it that thd Grey Sages of Lhankor Mhy are now Sorcerers. RQ2 presented them very well as being a collective of loremasters, and I always felt that they must of had a scholarly-driven approach to Rune Magic, as opposed to a faith-driven approach. RQ2 Rune Magic was broad enough to encompass several approaches to the magic. Most was faith-driven, but it could also conceivably be scholarly-driven (ie: Grey Sages,, Dormali, Goldentongue Merchants, Mostali etc), and also perhaps even intution-driven ( eg: Eurmali, Telmori, Dondandi Performers, Aldryami etc). It was not written like this, but open enough to interpret like this. When I purchased RQ3 I discovered that a scholarly magic system (Sorcery) exists separately from Divine Magic; yet no indication that the Grey Sages used Sorcery. Then the RQ3 GoG Box confirmed that Grey Sages used Divine Magic, which kinda felt wrong to me. I'm glad CRQ4 looks like correcting this
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    With this option, the possibilities are endless. I've often thought a similar game moved forward to the times between Lewis and Clark and the end of the Mountain Men would be very fun to play.
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    Clearly the Outer Atomic Explorers have returned and will ultimately restore Lankhor Mhy to his true place in Glorantha and defeat the upstart Lhankor Mhy.
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    Just wanted to weigh in on a few earlier posts. As to spell naming convention, just pointing out - something along the lines of 'Alkazar's Itinerant inversion' is a lot to write on a character sheet when 'haste' or 'mobility' would describe the spell, just as well. Also would be helpful during game sessions. Player - "In the grim moments of battle, between foes, um.. I ready 'Jarret's Incandescent Obfuscation' to delay the enemy's approach" Gm - "Right. Fred readies extinguish. Just say extinguish Fred." Player - "fine... extinguish"
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    I'm sure in the world, Gloranthans have all sorts of evocative names for their spells (Biturian Varosh, Zero of Nochet etc's use of the prosaic names comes across as pretty clunky to read, but you could put that down to translation). I'm sure each culture has their own name for "Speedart", "Fireblade" etc. But the utilitarian God Learner designations are more useful for quick and easy comprehension from a game mechanics perpsective.
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    One period I always wanted to see is a game set in the Conquistador period. The Conquistadors where Real adventurers ,traveling in small bands, most who died and a handful who struck in very rich.
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    Guys, Participating to the bundle made me wonder about Legend and its appeal to the fans. Given that RQ6 and now Mythras is Pete and Loz direct refinement of their work on MRQII and Legend, what makes you choose Legend over RQ6/Mythras? Price (1$) might be a reason, or familiarity (already satisfied with Legend and didn't bother to switch) but I am more interested to know where you believe Legend is better than RQ6 from a rule perspectice? Thanks!
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    Back in May this year, Tor.com featured the brilliant artwork of Russian artist Andrey Fetisov, remarking, "Doesn’t this look like a page from the most disturbing coloring book?" We took a look, and we agreed - Andrey's stuff is from the most vivid of nightmares! Accordingly, Chaosium has commissioned Andrey to produce a coloring book for us ready for Christmas, featuring ready-to-color scenes and depictions from across the Cthulhu Mythos - just like this scene from Through the Gates of the Silver Key. Chaosium's Cthulhu Coloring book will available for Christmas preorder later this year - http://bit.ly/2ce5Q0x
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    Borderlands and Beyond is probably easier to run as it has a series of interconnected adventures. Griffin Mountain is an excellent sandbox but might be a bit harder to run. If you got Pavis & Big Rubble as well, you could do Borderlands, then do the Cradle, then go to Griffin Mountain through Gonn Orta's Pass, then return to Prax when things had quietened down a bit and finish with the Rubble Scenarios.
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    Went for the Greater God pledge!
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    And another Game I would be interested in is one based around the Honorable East Indian Company. Men of lesser birth and even lesser reputation could go to work for the company as traders or mercenaries and die filthy rich. All sort of politics skullduggery and out right conquest would be involved. The company not even had its own army but even its own Navy and even the Navy at times was expected to make a profit( Hmmm, How do you make a profit for the owners when you are in charge of a Frigate?) And if I am going to bring up the East India company how many of you are familiar with James Brooks the White Rajah of Sarawak? He could be a model of what your players are trying to do.
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    Glad you liked it In terms of supplements which have 7e stats it's also worth mentioning that last year I released a free PDF upgrade pack which took an old Chaosium title ("In The Shadows) from the 1990s and gave it brand new -- and for the first time legible -- handouts plus included notes and stat blocks which upgraded its three scenarios to 7e. You can get this free upgrade pack from RPGNow. I am hoping to release another one of these upgrade packs later this year. Dean (from Adelaide)
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    There is a complete and up-to-date list of all English-language supplements over on this page of the CthulhuWiki (part of YSDC). For most titles there is a summary page on the Wiki which captures the key details. There are separate sub-lists for things like the Chaosium Monograph series as well as games that are closely related to Call of Cthulhu but not technically CoC titles -- like Cubicle 7's The Laundry and Pelgrane Press' Trail of Cthulhu and the new Delta Green RPG by Arc Dream. The Wiki also has information about CoC material published over the years in Magazines ... and it has a comprehensive listing of scenarios published in either book or magazine form (a little over 1000 are listed). The same Wiki pages also contain some information about Call of Cthulhu supplements published in languages other than English, but those details are more spotty. I hope the info on the CthulhuWiki is helpful to you ... personally I use it as reference all the time. Dean (from Adelaide)
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    That an alchemical transformation has obviously swapped the letters K and Z, no doubt, as any alchemist can tell you, because the equilibrium constant K and the atomic number Z which uniquely defines a chemical element were somehow altered on a subatomic level. The very nature of the Gloranthan universe was subtly changed with the only visible clue being the shift from Ekozite School to Ezokite School. The real question is was this due to a failed or successful heroquest and did the school take the quest or were the dwarves fixing the World Machine?
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    Let's not forget, this is a rules system like any other. Is there any game out there that isn't immediately houseruled to some degree? I'm delighted if we get a robust, thorough set of rules that generally seem to balance. I have no doubt that I'll have several pages of homerules that better reflect what I (and hopefully my players) expect from the game world. After all, YGMV,
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    I think you failed that "separate fire rune spell" roll there ...
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    Hey! the tl;dr is a summary of my argument. i.e. if you don't want to read my long-winded explanation of why I didn't like what I was reading then here's my summary. I believe I have a pretty good understanding of what has been presented of the new system. Free INT is the cap on the number of MPs you can put in a spell; spell's strength is based on number of MPs. I happen not to like that model. It divorces effect of spell from skill of user. It treats magic as a machine gun with MPs as ammo. As long as you point it in the right direction you're ok. I prefer effect to scale with skill. However, appearances notwithstanding, I don't actually expect Chaosium to pander to my every whim.
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    How rude... Given the long history of Deleriad with RuneQuest, I think he perfectly understands how this system is supposed to work...
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    FANGS should be available in the free downloads section. Free Downloads Check out our free downloads to get you up and started: Player Handouts - Character creation and all the tables you need to play the game Fangs - A set of sample monsters statted out so you can use them immediately.
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    Yep. That's pretty much it completely. I see a lot suggestions trying to correct a "problem" that is in practice self-correcting.
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    Honestly, this was my only qualm about your description. Having spell flexibilty tied to a STAT and not a skill level makes it more or less fixed, not progressive. It's not going to change materially (particularly as INT is a very-fixed stat) as the character develops. Billy the New Wizard can adjust a spell as much as William the Magus 100 years later? That seems counterintuitive? Do we want a mechanic that says starting-out sorcerers are able to whomp stuff with 4d6 damage (perhaps offset by a low chance to cast)? My gut reflex says that this is an approach that might have worked in old-school rpgs, but is ultimately unsatisfying today both as a player and DM. Is the 'sorcerer' character in the party the gal with the "one shot kill" gun, but only has a 1 in 8 chance it goes off? So in the fight with the BBEG, the (young) sorcerer is doing nothing most of the time OR killing the BBEG in one shot making the other characters less relevant? The time to cast only matters if combat's actually begun. Giving beginning sorcerers the ability to fully manipulate their spells to a high degree gives them OP alpha-strike capability.
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    Well, I see the prosaic nomenclature of Gloranthan magic as a feature not a bug. Ironically it's the most vanilla of all FRPGs, DnD, that has some of the most florid spell names.
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    They study the transformation of one substance to another through alchemical processes. A big issue is that what people know about alchemy is rather medieval in scope which strikes at odds with the bronze-age feel that the guide strives for. The little notes that Jeff put up at glorantha.com show an inorganic focus (ie metals and minerals). I think the basic magic of the school is preparing acids and alkalis (by getting a sample of suitable fluid and casting a spell upon it with the strength of the acid or base equal to the effort of their spell). They also know how to ferment organic material to produce liquors of various strengths. I think the school knows how to make black powder (but never so controlled as the Mostali) and rather than turning base metal into Gold, they are seeking the making of Iron.
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    As an example of what I spoke about the focus of the schools changing over time, here's a little thought I had about the Zendalmathan School to resolve the inherent contradiction about an Archimedian Engineering School that rejects Empircism (deriving knowledge from sense-experience). The School once had an argument with a God Learner about the path of a thrown stone. The school argued that the path should resemble a circle while the God Learner proved arc of the stone was not that of a circle. True to their philosophy, the school denounced the arc as a corrupt sign of Makan and set about making up a stone-thrower that would fling its payload in the circle's arc. The magics required to produce such an effect would counter Makan's evil influence and thus be used to free humanity from its grasp. That work is ongoing and the school Still has not built its desired circle thrower. They laboriously build enchanted catapults, carefully calculating the effect of the spells and fire the payload only to end in failure. After it was reasoned correctly that the size of the catapult was a crucial factor (Makan would have trouble corrupting a larger catapult than he would a small one), the School has been building bigger and bigger catapults. Their best effort can hurl a stone weighing a ton a full mile ("doing the ton" so the school labels the milestone). Their failed designs are not thrown on the scrapheap but bought by the Kingdom of Loskalm for their defences. An unusual feature of these catapults is that the School quickly worked out the way to increase the effect of Makan upon a projectile. All the school's catapults can be used in such a matter. The stone travels in a straight line with no visible curvature in flight. The stone gradually slows down until it reaches stillness whereupon it falls to the earth straight down.
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    If I wanted to do something really Howard or Leiber I would definitely do Safelster and Jeff and I have played games together there. Perhaps we could open the bidding with a Wyrm's Footnotes special or the like. Be good to gauge some interest. One model I have for western sorcerers is what would happen if Plato, Sophocles, Pythagoros etc. all taught magic to their students as part of their 'philosophy' teaching alongise logic, mathematics, epistimology etc. What if Marcus Aurelius's Meditations wasn't just about the rational philsophy of stoicism but a sorcerous grimoire too. Plato's stories of Altantis become tales of the Kingdom of Logic etc.
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    It would be nice to see some new Legend releases, but it seems that Mongoose have nothing announced for the next six months *sigh*
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    When he's in Bastard GM Mode, that is quite an apt description.
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    On Heroic Abilities We left them out of Mythras for a number of reasons. First, I don't especially like them, but that wasn't the main reason for their omission. One of the issues people had with Heroic Abilities was the whole Hero Point economy, and why you had to spend your heroism to earn a feat. As we did away with Hero Points and introduced Luck Points (which work in a fundamentally different way), we'd have had to introduce yet another point tally if Heroic Abilities were to be retained - and we didn't want to do that. Thirdly, we introduced Mysticism, which we think does a far more elegant job of the kind of heroics the HAs set out to achieve. Fourthly, about half the Heroic Abilities are combat-focused, and we wanted to try to get away from the notion that combat is the be-all and end-all of the system. Fifthly, Pete didn't like 'em either. That said, if HAs suit your style of play, they're a doddle to add to Mythras, as long as you find a way of awarding them without a reliance on Hero Points. I like the HeroQuest reward idea mentioned earlier - a good way of providing an individual reward to something that should be a life changing event.
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    Actually, we don't! Legend is slightly simpler than Mythras, but I think it also includes a few elements that while simpler, clunk a bit. Its part of the reason why we always viewed Mythras as an opportunity to fine tune the engine.
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    I'll always continue to believe heavily in Legend as a system. It's personally my second favourite next to my own Eternity Realms that is.
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    The same here. For example, I very much like Land of Ice and Stone, but I also prefer RQ6/Mythras to Legend.
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    I wrote Land of Ice and Stone, Legend's Ice Age supplement, so I would say that is worth it for the survival rules alone. Vikings and Samurai of Legend are well worth buying. The Xoth supplements are OK, but I am not particularly interested in the setting. Yes. It was a shame that they were dropped for RQ6/Mythras. I understand why they were dropped, but they filled a niche. The way they are gained in Legend is better than in MRQI, so they have evolved a bit.
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    From a player/GM point of view, Legend is a bit simpler that Mythras but there isn't much difference between them. Of course, The Design Mechanism will disagree with me here! However, from a publishing point of view there is a big difference. Legend is OGL and Mythras isn't. That means that someone could publish a Legend supplement without asking permission from, or signing contracts with, Mongoose Publishing. This gives a lot of flexibility for people wanting to write supplements. The fact that legend can be used with Mythras very easily means that Mythras players and GMs benefit from Legend supplements, more so than BRP or OpenQuest supplements. I tend to use whatever supplement with whatever system I am using anyway, so they are all the same to me.
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    I don't think Legend is better than RQ6/Mythras, but the price sure is. However you might find that many people buy Legend for it's supplements and play them with the RQ6/Mythras rules.
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