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    Yes, that is correct. Not everything we have is yet available from Aeon. I honestly don't know what will be cheaper. Shipping rates are calculated automatically by store software based on carrier used, weight of the package, service selected and destination. We are actively working on establishing Australian warehousing, but it will be some weeks before all that is in place.
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    To have fun, of course! But IME most players are there to have fun by playing the game... and that includes a reasonably-close adherence to the rules (RAW +/- HR's), for most of them. Players who "let [their] character use abilities or skills [they] did not design into [their] character" more-often (IME) break other players' fun, than any other player activity that I see at the table (saving only player-expectation mismatch, e.g. the "real RP'er" at the table of "munchkins" or the lone "munchkin" at a table of "real RP'ers").
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    I was saddened to hear this news. I really enjoyed what Magic World did. My friends never really understood my love for Magic World. They often said "you play D&D, why do you need another fantasy system"? As much as I love D&D, it was my first game, and the new 5th edition, Magic World, along with its predecessors, have something D&D will never have...the BRP system! Characters in Magic World, and BRP in general, are so flavorful as is the combat and creature design. I was hoping this line would have continued with a setting book for the Southern Reaches and more supplements like the Advanced Sorcery title. It really had potential to become something on its own. However, it is good to see that Chaosium is open to folks contributing to the system and that people love it as much as I do. And the fact that the pdf will be available is great too. Just means I need to protect my physical copy! Heh.
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    First of all, if you don't have the Cults book, get it. Cults are essential to any Gloranthan game, and you should definitely allow your players to join one. As a new player, the amount of cults can indeed be overwhelming. My suggestion: allow only human characters, and cults only from the following list: Orlanth, Humakt, Stormbull, Lhankor Mhy, Issaries, Yelmalio. (I'm sure somebody else will suggest a bit different list. It doesn't really matter what cults exactly are on the list. Just take a handful of the more popular ones. This list should allow quite varied group.) Also, hkokko from has created cult onepagers. They are meant for RQ6/Mythras, so spell names etc might be different, but you might find them useful nonetheless. https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/gloranthan-cult-onepagers-main-page/
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    I was wondering if there were any plans for a free HeroQuest QuickStart, along the lines of the Call of Cthulhu QuickStart, with basic system rules and a scenario? I'd like to get some people interested in the game, and having a free QuickStart would be a great way get them interested in the system.
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    No, what I'm saying is that you have to be fair and give a level playing field to all the PCs. If you let one player talk his way out of problems, with no regard to his character's social abilties, then why can't you let someone talk his way through a swordfight, by roleplaying how the character wields his blade?
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    Have you ever considered playing Amber? Basically the reason why there are skills, stats and game mechanics are to help the GM arbitrate various form of conflict in a RPG in a fair manner. Most RPGs don't role-play combat, vehicle operation, medicine, or language skills. If you just let players role-play social skills then it gives an unfair advantage to fast talking players, since they can save their improvement points, training and practice for the areas of the game that they can't just roleplay. Secondly, it limits the character to the interaction skills of the player. For example, when playing the James Bond RPG it's a common tactic for the PC to seduce some of the opposition, so that they can get information, win over allies, and so forth. Now, I haven't met anyone who can seduce someone as well or as easily as Bond can. For good reason, too, he's a fictional character. But if we want to game in that genre, then we need a way for the players to do so- and just roleplaying won't really cut it.
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    I don't have a problem with there being wagons on the Transpentan Caravan, but since they seem to complicate the logistics maybe it would be worth coming up with a list of advantages over pack-horse transport. This isn't a great list but somebody might improve it. potential to carry a single item too heavy for a single horse potential to use some wagon-beds as boats at river crossings as mentioned by the OP on this page potential to carry additional low density loads over short distances more efficiently (such as fodder into inhospitable areas) covered wagon offers some protection from the elements when halted, without pitching/striking camp possibly less injurious to the draught animals than pack saddles over a long journey. if Yelm does it every day, there must be something in it
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    My personal bugbear - I quite like the skill check mechanic, and have no issue with it, but even though the POW gain roll mechanic is very similar, I've come to really dislike it. The difference is that the POW gain mechanic gives players a strong incentive to *decrease* their personal power. The optimal strategy to become powerful in the long term is to voluntarily decrease your personal POW, keep it relatively low by sacrificing it for Rune Magic (or use it for Enchantments, etc), and thus get much higher POW gain rolls. This is what I call a perverse incentive - the 'right thing to do' known to the player is different to that understood by the character. Its not a big game breaking deal for me. But I suspect I'll have some sort of workaround house rule for POW gain, perhaps involving Runes or passions or something. Maybe get a point of POW every time your Rune Affinity hits a certain level or something.
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    I think Ernalda is fine for a starting PC, as long as you are happy not to be much of a physical combatant. They get excellent healing magic without the challenging pacifism of Chalana Arroy, attack magic (especially elementals are always dangerous), and other magic that is useful to a party (especially buffing). Plus they have a fairly easily understood and important social position. If you want to play a character that is magic focussed, they are one of the best choices. And I agree that Xiola Umbar would be a very unusual cult to be found separate from other Darkness cults, which is most Orlanthi - but not that unusual where darkness cults are already worshipped (including the Torkani and Bachad) though it would still be a cult for a very small minority of specialists rather than widespread (just like Chalana Arroy). The Kitori are they other common group of human Darkness worshippers. I agree Eurmal is not an easy cult for starting PCs. In general, they are not just thieves or comedians, Tricksters would generally these days be classified with a mental illness or personality disorder, and are reckless and untrustworthy even to their own party. Lanbril for urban professional thieves, Orlanth or Yinkin if you want a sneaky scout type but who is not necessarily a professional criminal. Personally, I also think Heler is under rated, but I agree that the support to play them isn't really there except in HeroQuest.
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    Torkani and the Bachad are dark Orlanthi.
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    They do, in translation. But all are derived from ancient sources. Aelianus explains why the orders are expressed in 'reverse' order (chapter 51 of his Tactics) as in 'to the pike, face' instead of 'face to the pike'. In the latter, soldiers will start to obey the order as soon as they hear it, but some will start to face in one direction, others the opposite direction. It doesn't matter if the soldiers are using spears, pikes, or muskets, an entirely different language - the logic remains the same. And, of course, Aelianus became necessary reading in the age of pike and musket, so his methods have a direct carry forward to the present.
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    If you overlay the HeroQuest approach as well, you get (I hope) another level of clarity: Spirit magic. Spirit Magic is something you have. This is ubiquitous in Glorantha - and the same as Battle Magic in RQ2/spirit magic in RQ3. The magician focuses on the spirit and has it perform one simple task (like guide a sword in combat). Rune magic: Rune Magic is some thing you are. This is the magic of the Rune cults. The magician must permanently offer part of her soul to the god - in exchange she can call upon some fragment of the god's power. Sorcery: Sorcery is something you know. This magic is based on intellectual knowledge of the Runes and the various techniques by which they can be manipulated according to human will. Lunar magic. A Glamour is something you create.
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    Tap transforms a Rune into energy (ie magic points). It is a fantastically useful way to recharge your magic points or even temporarily give you more magic points than your POW permits. So frex, if you Steal Breath (Tep+Air), you convert 3 cubic meters of air into 1D6 magic points per round. For each 2 points of strength added to the spell, another 3 cubic meters of air is converted into 1D6 more magic points. And yes, you can potentially asphyxiate someone with this, while gaining magic points. Separate removes one Rune from another. One healing spell temporarily separates Death from Man and restores a damaged body to its original condition.
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    Only the letter G?????? Gonn Orta. Gonnorta. Gonnort a. Gonort. Genert. Don't think of alphabets. Think of sounds. For example, did you know that the origin of the word "Yankee" is from the french word "L'Englies"? Or at least that's one theory.
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    You could use SAN as the humanity-loss factor. Years ago, Sandy Antunes wrote a home-brew "Cyberthulhu" ruleset. This had cyberware implants causing loss of SAN. I used the same idea in my BRP/40K crossover rules. (I remember asking for permission to borrow the idea but never got a reply.) Regarding the difference between cyberware and bioware, IIRC, in Shadowrun, bioware cost lower essence loss than the equivalent cyberware device. Colin
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    I guess it sets me off when the first post about his Wonderful New System (tm) is telling me all about what's wrong with BRP. Kind of like spittle instead of a handshake.
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