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    As soon as you do Rick I'll be ready at Southampton docks to document the arrival (assuming it's coming in to Southampton like the first 7e shipment). Pictures will be posted to announce the ship's arrival.
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    I'm not sure this is true. Mostali are hard at work repairing the World Machine, wood is certainly a good plant rune material. It can be transmuted into a petrified form, liquified to make special alchemical creations, burnt to priduce other forms. I'm pretty sure wood is an essential although rare commodity. That's a very real world problem. Mostali sorcery and mundane techniques would eliminate this problem. They are lifting the land out of the ocean with a huge capstan, I'm sure water in a mine quarry really isn't a problem. Water spirits are easy to manage.
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    Ha. I reply with: John Carter of Mars (Barsoom).
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    We have sent the backer shipment details to the fulfillment warehouses. They will start shipping to backers this week, and then we can start taking regular orders on Pulp Cthulhu and Doors to Darkness very soon, certainly in November.
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    Perhaps it would be useful to have a GM Screen thread here - instead of having the GM screen ideas spread all over. Close Combat Situational Modifiers For RQ6 In my quest towards perfect GM Screen for RQ6 I gathered all the close combat situational modifiers into one table. It now contains the usual ones (fighting in pitch black darkness, partial darkness, blinded, while prone and so on). In addition it has the shorter reach for those of you playing with Reach rules. I added also the fatigue effect on close combat skills and limitations brought by swimming, climbing or riding while fighting. In case your players are doing a fighting retreat with the loot it contains the encumbrance modifiers as well. If for some reason the players (or even the NPC's) need to grab a different, perhaps unfamiliar weapon to use - the table contains the modifier rules for those as well. I also updated the movement chart with colors - green for earthbound movement, blue for swimming. https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/close-combat-situational-modifiers-for-rq6/
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    Check-list: Booth at Dragonmeet 2016 .......... booked! Flight for London ...........booked! Shipment to London for books ...........arranged! Revolution D100 core manual ...........SENT TO THE PRINTER! We are happy to announce that Revolution D100 will debut at Dragonmeet 2016 on Saturday December 3rd, Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. We will be at the booth labelled "RPG Meeting / Wild Boar" with Revolution D100, Dare the Stars and other great RPGs and supplements. Ulule Contributors who attend Dragonmeet will be able to get their copy there (ok, if you really insist I will also sign it). Please warn us in advance that you want to receive it at Dragonmeet. We will ship the copies for all other pledgers in late November or at most on the second week of December. Electronic copies will be available in November for pledgers & pre-orders, in December after Dragonmeet for all others. A limited pre-order offer is available now on RPG meeting. Merrie England is not ready yet. Contributors who pledged for it, too, will receive Merrie England separately in 2017 at no additional shipping cost. If the combat effect cards are ready for Dragonmeet, contributors will receive them with the core book, otherwise they will be shipped to you with Merrie England, or separately if you did not purchase Merrie England. And do not forget to stay tuned, as there are more books planned.
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    I really like the system with different combat styles with one great exception. I cant understand why a character shoul have the exact same skill with melee weapons such as sword/axe/spear as with ranged weapons like bows and javelins. I understand that they could be culturally linked but a great swordsman is not automatically a great marksman. I am starting a new campaign and am thinking about splitting the combat styles in two. Or maybe at creating a new "cross cultural" marksman skill for different kind of bows. Have any other thought about this?
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    I think that minor HeroQuests are performed far more often than people think. However, they only really affect the HeroQuestor or maybe his family. So, making a few trees in a fertile spot grow faster is possible, making a wood grow faster is difficult, making a forest grow faster is very rare.
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    This is getting a little OT, but HeroQuest can be every bit as gritty as RuneQuest, it just depends on how the GM applies the credibility test. Likewise, Runequest can be quit superheroic (people hurling lightning bolts and sunspears). Any rules system is a lens through which Glorantha is perceived; neither is any more correct than the other in defining how the inhabitants actually live.
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    On earth maybe, but Glorantha isnt earth.
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    Of course it isn't just newtlings and mosquitoes who like swamps. Chaos has a liking for swamps too; broos and dragon snails in particular. On the up side... no elves. Now as for flooding, and cutting trees, it can be done, but it is wasteful as you can't cut close to the base of the trunk, unless you can breathe underwater and are okay with chipping rather than felling trees with axes. Once the log is in the water and floating, the water will actually help with its transport as it becomes a defacto raft. I have looked into Cypress swamps in some detail now. The Zola Fel has about 25,000 hectares of bog, which contains cypress trees, . Cypress is adequately strong for weapons and just fine for building timber and other hardwood uses such as furniture etc. Cypresses, especially swamp cypresses grow reasonably quickly which is good news (they apparently produce "false rings" which throw out the usual dendrochronology methods if one is unaware). They reach maximum growth of about 40-50m after 200 years and can live 1000 years. The bad news is that while most forests produce between 12,300-15,000kg of wood per hectare, cypress swamps produce only 700kg or so per hectare, Given ongoing demand, the settlements of the Zola Fel would strip the bogs quite quickly. Otherwise this would be plausible.
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    Historical gaming (I mean truly historical, not just history-flavoured) is more simulation than pure fantasy, so in this case. if you want it be acurate, you cannot completely go any way you please. The main interest of historical gaming, as I see it, is indeed to recreate the World as it was conceived at that time, and not with our modern understanding or our own truth.This means that the myths and beliefs of the simulated culture are gamewise true, either Mesopotamian, Jewish, Christian, Animist, Tengriist or whatever. Before thinking about which equipment was available, you must start to try to think like the people living at that time. One big point (the main one ?) is how do the beliefs interfere with the perceived reality and how to translate this into a game rule. It becomes difficult when different cultures are beeing confronted, like in your exemple with the sun and the moon. You have then to introduce some relativism while keeping game balance, which obliges to see both beliefs as a different representation and conception of the same universe, without hierarchising them or having one being truer than the other one. For the Babylonian, there is a sun god (Shamash) and a moon god (Sîn); For the Jew, there is only one god (Yaveh) (*). For game balance and fun, the powers a polytheist worshipper can get from one of his gods should not be more or less powerful than those a monotheist whorshipper get from his single god If you play an Egyptian Râ-priest, it is gamewise unfair to have him be beaten by any Jewish Priest NPC just because his god is more powerful than yours , and conversely. (*) well, it is actually not so clear, but I won't start a discuiin here
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    https://www.rpg.net/columns/essenspiel2015/essenspiel20152.phtml --
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    Just got mine in the post, woo-hoo!
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    Yeah, that's true today. As is the habit of breaking stuff up into groups, clans, houses, whatever, so companies can expanding the product line with supplements expanidng parts of the rules with more detailed versions. But back when Chaosium was creative and innovative, it wasn't gimmicky it was "Wow!" stuff. For instance, in RQ all priests didn't use the exact same spell tables, rules. As far as BRP Esseintals go. If I had a choice, I prefer they brought back the old 16 page book, and then a series of supplements along the lines of Worlds of Wonder. Maybe the Supplements could be a bit bigger than the WoW books, but something along those lines. Any settings that catch on could have additional material added in future supplements.
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    Because you want kids (and want them to belong to your kinship group or want their father to protect/defend/advance them). Because you want allies in another clan. Because you want land or herds. Because you love your partner. Because you want access to your partner's power/magic/wealth/status/alliances/etc.
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    I'm all for creative but lot of the stuff I see pushed as 'innovative' is just gimmickry IMO. Just shifting the furniture around because you're bored and want to pretend you live in a new house. Meh. I don't want a "NEW AND IMPROVED!!!" BRP... I want new settings, new resources to use with the games I've already got. A tweak here and there to push particular concepts, but not shredding what works to chase after the approval of those folks who can't seem to play a game for more than a few sessions without jumping systems.
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    Wow, cool stuff. Now I'm not quite sure if I want you to keep working on Skaerune or if I want to see this city first ...
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    So I wanted to update Skaerune' a bit tokeep everyone in the loop. Things have been thin lately with more life changes, all for the better, but working on the game and other projects had to take a back seat. Life seems to be affording me more time now, though. Changes to the Game World I have made some subtle changes to the world itself. I found a few aspects to be a little too derivative and I wanted to make a more unique setting. I realize there is not a whole lot of information on the world as it is, so folks may not even notice the difference. Changes to the Rules Again this has been pretty subtle, but I have tweaked the rules a bit. Specifically on Strain, trying to make for less math and granularity for the players and GM. Make no mistake, Skaerune' is not rules light, but I am trying to make it rules smart. Once people outside my small group start to play it, this will be the focus of feedback I ask for. About a Year Behind.... So I am about a year behind where I wanted to be, but the time has been well spent. Skaerune' is a much better game today than when I started. I will be releasing Salt Mine Blues and let people play with that. Then I will be releasing a small (again FTP) playtest version of the full game and finally sometime next year a full blown version of Skaerune' Some More Previews Next week I will have a few more previews of creatures and I think the cultures. Maybe a cult or two as well. I promise, Skaerune' is not going away
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    Come to think of it, Mythras already has Luther Arkwright. That's basically every setting there is rolled into one.
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    Future*World is done, I am now adding the missing bits to Colin's Magic World and combining the files into one while Colin works on Superworld. We'll keep the Basic Role-Playing booklet as a separate file.
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    Well, I shall start scanning my books tomorrow. In case anyone else is doing the same, I intend to start with Future*World. Oh, question for Rick - I presume you also want the BRP booklet and all the peripherals ("what's in this box", etc.)?
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    This is not surprising, considering centuries, when not millenia of mesopotamian cultural importance and influence. The biblical flood myth is a copy of the the Mesopotamian one. It is the same story, they just changed the characters, the gods and the motivation. Belgath, if you have read Gilgamesh, you know what I mean. I've seen somewhere (was it mentionned on Google + ?) a work trying to establish family trees for the various myths using a statistical method, comparing comon themes and relating them to the diverse human migrations. It was interesting. There is also another theory explaning that many myths are similar because they all come from our comon subconscient. It is probably bit of all of this, but there are also many unique myths, legends and stories.
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    As someone who works in the tertiary education industry and thus has to prioritise on an hourly basis, I fully appreciate the issues. Glad to hear that it's not a legal rights matter. While I do have a set of WoW, and a rather natty scanner (hey, design faculty!), I have to say I have no clue about OCR. If someone here would care to enlighten me, you have a volunteer. Sorry, that bit doesn't make sense.
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    A compiled WoW book was the first thing mooted by Rick on The Acaeum after the shake-up, but there hasn't been any mention of it since then. I assume there must be rights issues involved which make it complex and thus low-priority. In other words, if I were you I'd keep an eye on eBay for an affordable copy. I got my "new" copy through Noble Knight, not cheap but under $100 IIRC (must have been or I wouldn't have bought it).
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    Hi there! A style is a group of weapons that are trained together. A skirmisher might be trained in spear, sling and shortbow, reflecting the hit and run nature of skirmishing tactics; a knight, however, would be trained quite differently, in sword, shield, lance and perhaps mace. A samurai would absolutely be trained in katana and kyjutsu (archery) because as a profession and culture, huge emphasis was placed on skill with both weapons. In other words, styles can be very different combinations of weapons according to the cultures, professions and specific needs of your campaign. If you feel that all ranged weapons should be housed in their own style, and that fits with your campaign and view of how weapons are trained and used, then go for it. Combat Styles are designed to be flexible for just this purpose. You can, and should, be as creative as you wish.
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    If you're looking for solo scenario's, you might want to google "Monophobia" by Unbound Publishing. It's a small collection of solo one-off adventures...
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    The Chaosium supplement "Enlightened Magic" essentially covers translating Nephilim magic into BRP.
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    But surely you can still talk about all the same non-Chaosium game lines as before? Nothing has changed on that front at all. As Rick said, we don't fear other gaming efforts or other game companies, nor do we want to drive away "evil competition"TM. Saying Greg and Sandy "gave the company to someone else" isn't a very fair or accurate way of describing what happened earlier this year at Chaosium. For a start, Moon Design Publications bought shares to join Chaosium - the company wasn't given away. And Greg and Sandy are still actively involved, as co-owners, creative consultants and board members. Greg - the founder of the company - is also Chairman of the Board. You could hardly call the new day-to-day management team (Rick, Jeff, Neil and myself) interlopers - we've all had longstanding personal and professional associations and collaborations with Greg, Sandy and others at Chaosium; my own go back to the 1980s. And as Rick has also said elsewhere, we're providing the money out of our personal pockets to sort out Chaosium's Kickstarter problems (as well as numerous other debts) in order to save the company we love and grew up with. We admire that Chaosium has always set a high benchmark for artistry and imagination, and this is something Rick, Neil, Jeff and I want to help continue and grow. We're honored to join Greg and Sandy in the band.
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