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    Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, each to their own, etc. But as to not looking simple: it's an illustration on one side, and the way the effect works on the other. Hardly complicated. And they do speed-up effect selection. You don't have to hunt through a list, you can have a small, custom hand built with effects you most often, or the GM can restrict the effects in play. As ever though, try your variant and see how it works for you. If it gives you and your players the experience you're looking for, then that's brilliant. My advice was more to prepare you for the fact that making the effects random is likely to lead to a lot more work than you might imagine. But Your Mythras Will Vary.
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    Sounds very good! I have great fun at the moment mixing and matching from Mythras, Renaissance, OpenQuest and Revolution d100 - not for gaming (yet), but simply to see which elements I like in theory and which ones I can do without; And OpenQuest ist the baseline I keep coming back to, since it can accomodate most of the elements from other BRP games.
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    The OpenQuest Companion has fallen off the production scedule, because of the behemoth that Crypts & Things turned into. There will be a fuller annoucement of what i'm doing with OpenQuest in the new year when I make my State of D101 Games address for 2017.
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    Version 1.2.1


    Hello fellow gamers! Unified Powers is Akerbakk's first contribution to BRP Central. This is a document that brings all powers from the BGB together in one place, eliminates redundancies, and assigns separate rulesets called 'Power Origins' to differentiate how characters use them. The ruleset is based on BRP from the BGB with some houserules. Most significant is that I added a characteristic, Awareness (AWA), and all Characteristic rolls are replaced with Attributes - this is to promote opposed roll mechanics wherever possible: Attributes are percentile scores determined by a combination of two characteristics each. They collectively quantify your character’s mental, emotional, and physical resilience. 1. Willpower =2(INT+POW)+10: Determines if the character’s mental focus will hold up. Use to resist mental probes and attacks and to avoid distractions. 2. Composure =2(AWA+AFF)+10: Determines if the character will startle or balk under pressure or fear. Used when calm or levelheadedness is needed. 3. Physique =2(STR+CON)+10: Measures the character’s overall health and fortitude. Used to resist injury, poisons, and diseases or for prolonged physical exertion or hardship. Unified Powers is a draft, and comments/ideas are welcome!
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    And on what page of the Mythras rules is it written that you cannot declare it up front? If you prefer to pre-declare, just do it
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    Perhaps as tribal Khan, he has a legitimate right to travel the plains or visit the Paps and the Sables dare not infringe this right without attracting curses from the Paps?
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    Woot! Vesselfinder (link above) now places OOCL GENOA amidst the Channel Islands, just offshore from southern California...
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    My wish list with regards to the companion: I'd love a passions/traits system. I'm not quite happy with the one from River of Heaven, since it requires another roll on a passion to see if it modifies a skill - better go with a system that just allows for a bonus when applicable (like in Mythras). And what I would also love is putting the hit locations system from Renaissance in as an option - I'm sure the guys over at Cakebread and Walton wouldn't object, and it's the simplest and most elegant combination of major wounds and hit locations I have seen yet in a BRP game. Also, maybe add the Renaissance Rules about being able to go down to negative HP before dying as a less deadly option. And yes, some combat options would be cool, but definitely nothing as heavyweight as Mythras. Maybe just a short list of possible bonus effects to chose from when you do a crit.
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    I see the choice made as being a reaction to an opening that occurs during the moment of attack vs. parry. So it's placement in time doesn't bother me and I don't think I'd want it to be random. I wonder if part of what makes it slow is the element of 'choosing' from a set list of possibilities... analysis paralysis and all that. I've been playing lots of Dungeon Crawl Classics lately and warriors in that game get to roll for Mighty Deeds with each attack... which are somewhat similar in concept, if not execution. There aren't formal parries in DCC... it's the basic D&D thing of rolling attack vs. AC... but the relevant things about Mighty Deeds are: 1, They're declared before the attack is made. Like, you're fighting a guy on a ledge and declare that you're trying to knock him off. Both the attack and deed roll (made at the same time) need to succeed to pull the deed off (the attack might still succeed on its own). 2. There's no list to choose from... you just come up with whatever you want to try to pull off and the GM will adjudicate if it's possible or not, maybe suggest an alternative, "The giant is too tall for you to lop off it's head but you might be able to take off its foot..." There's really not much to it and it's really fast in play... but it is a lot looser in feel than RQ6/Mythras... relies more on GM rulings. It's something I've considered trying with our Magic World games, which are, again, looser than RQ/Mythras... just declaring some additional effect you'll pull off if you roll an attack that succeeds at a sufficient level.
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    Greg toyed around with that approach for a few years, but ultimately we rejected it. That's why I can say without hesitation Lunar Chronomancers are not time travelers. Nor will you see any publication that suggests they are.
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