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    I found myself looking at, and buying, Mythras from DriveThruRPG recently. It's got many things that Mongoose's Legend does not have, but more importantly - new material is being published for it. I like what I see here, and I'm going to dust off some of the older articles I published here for that other d100 system, meticulously retool them to make full use of Mythras' rules, and relaunch them for Mythras. Possibly as Abbott & Greene articles on DriveThruRPG. And then I think I'll have to start posting new material for Mythras in 2017.
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    Just wait until you learn it is possible in Glorantha to be at two different places at the same time. Jar-eel can simultaneously be in Glamour, performing the Lunar New Year rites AND be in Boldhome disrupting Kallyr Starbrow's Lightbringers Quest. And she experiences only being in one place which is both.
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    Here is a table of 1d20 random events that I created for my Brightwater game set in the River of Cradles. They owe a fair bit to King of Dragon Pass! Every one of the 20 is a hook for further action of a number of sorts. Depending on how it is presented, the 'hook' can act as quest, or reward, or opportunity - kicking off different kinds of adventure depending on how the characters respond to it. For example, entry #1 could be a dire portent of a raid delivered by a wandering shaman, a warning that a great spirit has awakened an attempt by the shaman to extort money or treasure, even a warning of the coming of a horde of whirlvishes. Roll 1d20. You may then be called upon to roll again on d6, d4 etc. If an X appears after a dice notation, any dice "explode" on the maximum value (a 6 or d6) - roll exploding dice agains,a dding them to the total. A wandering shaman appears, warning of dire spirits in the area. Nomads appear offering animals for sale [Roll 1d6: 1 – stolen, 2 – their own, 3 – poor quality, 4 High quality, 5 - Diseased, 6 – magical]. Cultists of the Death God, Humakt, come to your stead, claim guest-right and ask for aid in hunting undead nearby [Roll 1d6: 1 – Zombies, 2 - Ghouls, 3 - Vampire, 4 – Wight, 5 – Spirit, 6 – Necromancers]. What, or who will you contribute? Your hunters discovered strange bones in the wilderness nearby [Roll 1d4: 1 – Troll, 2 – Centaur, 3 – Giant, 4 – Dragon]. There is a 50% chance that the bones are unusual in a second way [roll 1d3: 1 – Magical; 2 – The bones are Black; 3 -Fossilized]. River folk approach, complaining of a nearby hungry lizard that attacked and stole their fish. Cultists of Uralda, the Herd Mother, appear with a fine looking bull for sale [Roll 1d6: 1 – genuinely high-quality bull, 2 – VERY territorial, 3 – Slow to breed, 4 – Prolific Breeder, 5 Sired by a Skybull, 6 – Near human intelligence]. A sizable tribe of people nears your settlement, their warriors alert, every sign of the entire group having seen many miles of hard road. Emissaries approach: [Roll 1d6: 1 - They hope to trade for food, offering some of their rather road-worn goods and thralls in return, 2 – They need medicines or a shaman to heal their sick, but have nothing to trade, 3 – Out of desperation, they hope to lure some important folk amongst them, then take the hostage to trade for food and cattle, 4 – The whole band is a tribe of brigands who will say whatever they must to get through the settlement without trouble. They will trade equably for supplies in the way of food and weapons, intending to take their profit as they leave the settlement’s lands. 1d2 days after they are gone, pursuers appear with stories of their depredations. 5 – The tribe wants to settle nearby and is willing to offer a portion of their produce in tribute once they are established. 6 – One of their Champions offers to fight one of yours, putting up a well-born young woman of the tribe’s hand in wedlock as prize, demanding you put up gold and cattle: Winner takes all]. Someone or something has put holes in the bottoms of several of your boats or your granaries, or brewery, or looted your larders, or roll again. Yinkin cultists appear, offering to lead the local alynxes in a ritual that will make them better mousers, for a fee. They also will sell a litter of alynxe kits and their mother if they can be assured of their good treatment. A giant predator attacked the herd, slaughtering several and making off with another [Roll 1d6: 1 – Giant insect escaped from trolls, 2 – Wyvern; 3 – Wyrm, 4 – Lunar warbeast, 5 – An unearthed demon, 6 - Dragon]. Hunters spotted a brilliant white beast and shot at it in hopes of taking the omen for the tribe. They appear to have wounded the beast and sent it fleeing. They lost its tracks but wonder what they should do to appease the Hunter [Roll 1d3: 1 - Sun Elk, 2 – Aurochs, 3 – no one could agree on the nature of the beast, only that it was bright white – and its blood appears to be magical in some way.] A herd of 3d6x fine dun horses was spotted in an island in the Great Bog, but they ran like gazelles when approached. A broo, wretched and outcast from his tribe, approaches some of your folk, offering information on the bullies in exchange for food and magical aid. Settlers arrive from afar, asking for land and cattle in exchange for their loyalty and service [Roll 1d6; 1 – Pavis, 2 – Garhound, 3 – The Rubble, 4 – Sartar, 5 – Tarsh, 6 – Holy Country]. A Lunar soldier, weaponless and wounded, wanders close to the encampment [Roll 1d6: 1 – a spy sent by his superiors, 2-3 – only survivor of a disaster: boat sank, camp was attacked, patrol wiped out by brigands, etc; 4 – a squad member who got lost on patrol, 5 – Possessed by a madness spirit, 6 – Possessed by a disease spirit]. Neighboring folk have rustled some of 2d6x animals from your herd [Roll 1d6 for the culprits: 1 – Praxians, 2 – Brigands, 3 – Broo, 4 – Centaurs, 5 – Horsemen, 6 – Lunars]. Your hunters find tracks and evidence of strangers poaching on your land [Roll 1d6: 1 – Praxians, 2 – Brigands, 3 – Broo, 4 – Centaurs, 5 – Horsemen, 6 – Lunars]. Changing river flow nearby has revealed a wonder [Roll 1d6: 1 – a cave entrance previously under water, 2 – an ancient shrine/ obelisk/ statue, 3 – the remains of a magnificent set of stairs descending into the earth, 4 – An exposed grave, 5 – A Chaos Stone, 6 – The petrified body of a beast from the Godtime]. A madman staggers into camp, raving about raven banners, ghostly horsemen, a black sword, and fire everywhere. Explorers from your camp return, claiming to have heard a large white stone in the middle of the Bog speak. The words were unknown to them, but it seemed clear that the Stone uttered them. The Link to the original article: http://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-67-1d20-random-settlement-events-glorantha And a link to over one hundred Runequest Thursday Articles (sadly not in order): http://d-infinity.net/search/node/Runequest Thursday
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    And what better way to end the year than making a new setting available? The Shade Land lies under a cover of impenetrable clouds where dwells the Dark Goddess, mother of the ruling race of dark elves known as Sha'zir. Here creatures of darkness lurk in the shadows, from poisonous dragonkind to huge insects. And here mankind has retreated to the highlands, where it breeds giant featherless birds as mounts, in a fight for its very existence. This introductory Fantasy setting includes: Dark cult examples Monks of the Order, a unique blend of arcane magic and martial arts Necromancy Flying Mounts Giant Insect statistics and many more "dark" fantasy elements that you can insert into your Revolution D100 campaign or easily adapt to any percentile-based RPG. The setting is 40-page long and is released as PDF-only, available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow . A saddles-stitched print version is possible but not planned yet.
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    And while you are at it, you could take a close look at M-Space and carry over to it some of the ideas which do not fit well into the Travellerverse ...
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    That's a real shame, Martin. I do hope that you'll reconsider. I always enjoy your postings, and your illustrations are excellent.
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    That was the consensus, that the GM decides what a teacher the PCs have access to will know/share. Thanks for the reply, I was just curious if there was a design reason other than flavor.
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    It in my mind is what the GM want to allow in the game. In my own game DS would be a vary tightly held secret, that would be rumored to exist in fables and legends. So as you stated it is about flavor. I use mysticism quite a bit in my LutherArkwright games but I don't allow any of the player to start with it. It has to be sout out, and when someone is found that can teach it. Then the player must first prove himself worthy of the knowledge.
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    Done. M-Space and Mythras on my tablet. A good investment. Might as well.
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    I just bought the PDF. I'll take a good, long look at it. I might be involving myself with Mythras and M-Space a lot more in the near future.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop submitting factual things you want updated to match the Guide or any other more current texts. We are NOT going to rewrite these books for whatever may have changed over time unless it is something super simple like a date shifting 5 years. We are not updating the history, cosmology or other related things. If Esrolians stopped wearing round hats in 1378 and switched to square hats we are not going to ferret out all the references, redraw the art, and cross check it with every other Classic book, magazine article, the Guide, HQ:G or anything else. One of the beauties of Glorantha is INCONSISTENCY between sources. While you are welcome to start a thread to discuss how Glorantha has been refined, changed, and redefined over the decades, please do not have ANY expectation that this is "stuff that needs fixing" in these classic books. It is akin to asking that they all be updated to third edition RQ rules. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
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    Whilst possibly no longer canon, this diagram might suffice...
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    A Chaos Virtue of 'Taste Metal Upon The Waters' could produce an interesting group of scavengers....
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    Except it's already slipped past in the RQ2 and Snakepipe Hollow pdf's! ;-)
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    I have to agree with Martin's critique, and also would like to suggest that civility is something to be prized. To suggest that there is a single 'absolute' truth of Glorantha is a rather modernist approach for a discussion where many of us are post-modernist in outlook. Every individual and culture have their 'absolute truth', and each of those is relatively accurate, even - or perhaps especially - when they are mutually contradictory. Even the Guide is only a guide.
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    With all respect and politeness, please don't call these topics "Errata". What you are finding is great. These are typos, formatting, and similar adjustments. These are NOT Errata. Errata is a very specific term for RULES issues and fixes. It is incredibly potentially misleading to have all this under an errata thread. People can easily get the misbelief that the book is a train wreck of errors that make it unplayable. A missing comma, an extra space, or a long dash instead of a short dash are nice to correct, but they have NO impact on game play.
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    True, but... Page 108 of Cults of Prax Classic Edition: "You see, if you will check the book, you will find that the name of the god is spelled Lhankor Mhy through all of the book except for in the god’s own section, where it is spelled Lankhor Mhy. This editorial blunder resulted from dual authorship and managed to slip past three competent proof readers." - Greg Stafford Not this time Greg!
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    Well, Cults of Prax made it into 2016! The PDF looks good and crisp. I look forward to hearing more about printed versions. Although I backed at Shaman level (i.e. PDF only), I also got a hardback of the rulebook as an add-on and I'm tremendously impressed with the physical quality of the book. I hope the dead tree supplements will be of the same standard when they appear in the shops.
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    My group isn't squeamish, thankfully. Although I played a character who made the bargain once. The GM just glossed over the whole thing. Which to me, made if feel less horrific. I've never read the source material by Ramsey Campbell though. So even I don't know the mechanics of brood implantation. The imagination conjures horrible imagery though. LOL!
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    It's one of the powers of a Buddha.
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    I agree, I've really been enjoying seeing the illustrations here, and it will be a shame to see them go. Unless of course this is signalling the completion of your magnum opus, which would be very good news indeed.
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    Mythras etched into some Osage Orange
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    I imagine we'll have some more pure C&C at some point. For the first time in a long time our decks are clearing. As Jeff Mindlin points out, we have the splendid A Clockwork of Orange in the works - that's being authored by Jeff Mason, who really is doing a wonderful job. The writing on the first installment is pretty much in the bag. I'm also nearly finished on the editing of a few other works, and The Winter of the World RPG is mostly done. For those who don't know, Ken was pretty poorly for much of last year, hence the lag between the writing, art gathering and editing and the final production. But the good news is that I should have a fairly clear run in 2017 now that a lot of our outstanding projects are moved on past the point where I have anything much to do. Sure, we'll still have our other lines being added to as well, but hopefully I'll have some more time to do some actual writing myself. As ever, I will do my best to keep folk posted - although we have a growing stable of writers, we are a tiny company and our output is pretty high considering, but we can never get all the things we have planned to production at once. None of our lines have been forgotten or dropped (although I understand the schedule must feel that way at times!).
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