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    Nice to see Steve Perrin and Jason Durall so involved with this!
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    Here's a new RQ design notes from Jeff! http://www.chaosium.com/blog/designing-the-new-runequest-part-12/
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    I like these conceptual sketches very promising. Like that you've found an artist who understands Anatomy yet still has a feeling for the flow & movement of a drawing. Really good choice - Sometimes these sketches can stir the imagination more then the finished paintings. Ideally i like a contrast of sketches and fully realised images. looking forward to new Runequest
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    I tend to agree with you. Joh Mith might be able to hero quest for high altitude abilities as Iskalor says, but it is possible to make it over the pass without respirators, it says so in Griffin Mountain, otherwise player characters couldn't do it, and the inference is that it is possible to enter Balazaar that way without Joh Mith's caravan if you can find the pass. As to the Mostali outflow pipes being a design error, remember that Greatway is an Openhandist outpost, they aren't hostile to outsiders who aren't their natural enemies, and they themselves may well use the pass. I suspect the place really gains its name from it being used by the EWF, but that is just a hunch, based in part on the history of the region.
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    I have found that RPG newbies get HW/HQ intuitively, whereas those used to traditional games struggle more because they have 'learned' that an RPG has a task-resolution system, characteristics, weapon and armor charts, fixed scales etc. Intriguingly I don't think this is as true for folks who favor non-skill based OSR approaches such as OD&D, MA, EPT or T&T, perhaps even CT whose mantra was 'rulings not rules' and whose universal mechanic was the 'saving throw.' I think they find the step to something like HW/HQ simpler.
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    KHAN OF KHANS is now live on Kickstarter—the battle begins on the Plains of Prax! Our card game is fun and fast, and an ideal family game for ages 9+. The Kickstarter campaign runs from January 10 - January 31, and we'd love your support. We are looking for tribal members to take up the challenge and lead their tribe to glory—Wa-ha!
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    I watched the show a bit. I agree with Simlasa about both potential silliness and potentially good world setting. I, too, would treat this as Mysticism. Furthermore, I would model the herbal magic as Craft (Potion Making), with the cookbook providing Lore (Potions) at some percentage, and the desired effects being rather like Folk Magic spells, or possibly Healing, depending on the circumstances.
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    It would be the localized policework with the monster of the week As this will be for my kids ages 16 14 11 and 9 if they start looking for more intrigue ill add that in. For right now I have one that want to be a Grimm and the rest Wesen. So i was going to lit the players build PC as normal in LA. But the traits available and dependency would be determined by Wesen type. non Wesen would not be able to use psionics or spells. Grimm would have 1 trait and Mysticism. I would probably make Hexenbeasts have to chose spells or psionics. The hardest part will be building a list of most of the possible traits and greatly expanded list of dependency.
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    From that point of view, I agree it would be oathbreaking. And to stay with the Einherjar is certainly great but they may be bound by stronger duties. Now, this is just an example of what the Death god may instill into his worshippers, although he is still bound by the Great Compromise. They have not been put to the sword, neither physically nor spiritually, when they enter the Underworld.
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    I expect it's not a joke; note that "end of Q2" is June (presuming they follow Calendar-Year "quarters" not some wonky "financial year" quarters), so that's the same timing (albeit later than some of us might want ... ) (I'd LOVE to see someone work up a Gloranthan-calendar-based financial year ). The RQ-centric folk go heroquesting to find a way to stop all the time & resources wasted on that CoC boondogle, while Cthulhu fans are loosing SAN at a fearsome rate as they see Chaosium being lured toward eldritch Glorantha... No joke: I have literally seen a CoC-fan and RQ-fan look at the same set of "ab-Chaos" newsletters, the one complaining "Chaosium is all about RQ these days, can CoC get some love?" while the other says "I'm tired of this all-CoC all-the-time coverage, can't we hear about RQ for a change?" I'm sure the folks at Chaosium experience this all too regularly... They just have a *LOT* of irons in the fire. And many of those "irons" just take time... art work needs to be commissioned, prelim sketches approved (or revised), final art assembled & layout done, etc etc etc.
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    A quick look turned up a fan wiki for the show: http://grimm.wikia.com/wiki/Aunt_Marie's_Book_of_Lore My cousin got me watching Grimm a while back and I've pondered how I might do the Wesen in a game. They're not exactly monsters in human disguises, they're more like the hereditary werewolves and shapeshifters on True Blood... dual natured. Maybe some sort of familial spirit bond. It's been shown that the creature aspect can be suppressed, removed or shared. The transformations are mostly at will but there is a degree to which they're not. The show is pretty clunky/silly at times but the folklore/background (like with Supernatural) suggest a lot of interesting stuff that could make for fun roleplaying.
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    This is going round in circles. It's my fave entertainment thread.
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    Grab the 7e quickstart and you'll see most of the changes. It's mostly change to 100 base stats from 3d6, drop the resistance table and changes to simplify combat. You can bring most old scenarios up to 7e by multiplying stats by 5 and picking nearest current skill (they've changed a bit over time since 1e). Changes_to_CoC_7e.pdf
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    Actually I generally agree with you Charles. Part of the difficulty comes from trying to apply consistent definitions to the Underworld - that's a self-defeating process! But the Underworld is not part of the Middle World and is not subject to the same laws. In the Middle World, Death and Life are strictly defined and dead things that act like the living are abominations. The Underworld is where the dead live and the living are dead (among many other contradictions). Suffice it to say, when a living being enters the Underworld, they become subject to its laws and cannot get leave without great magic or secret knowledge. That's just another way of saying that they are dead as far as the living are concerned.
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    Unless the Brithini in question uses powerful sorcery to ward themselves, they would agree with you. Just as they would say that a Brithini that enters the Void ceases to be. What you encounter in the Underworld are but shades and fragments, and not the Being. But with powerful enough magic, it is possible to enter the Underworld and re-emerge intact (although I am unaware of any Brithini actually doing this - whereas I know that the perverse Vadeli have done exactly that). But to make things simple, if you go into the Underworld you are dead, unless you somehow manage to return. One's status in the Underworld certainly varies (indeed there are plenty of entities who naturally reside in the Underworld and can be said to "live" there), but you are subject to different laws there than as a living being in the Middle World. Unless you somehow find a way out of the Underworld or have enough of an immortal existence outside of it (often gained as a result of finding a way out of the Underworld), you are going to stay there - at least until your soul is directed to an afterlife by Daka Fal and then recycled into the world (in itself then normal way "out" of the Underworld). Now I don't expect to persuade you of this, but that is how I see it, what my writing is likely to reflect, and the advice I am likely to give to writers.
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    The layout has changed since the original, so the page credits for the various artists need changing: Corrected version should be: Page 2 Interior Illustrations by William Church (13, 34); Guy Conrad (56); Gene Day (38, 43, 46, 59, 72, 84, 90, 96, 115) Luise Perrin (75, 105); Steve Swenston (20, 25, 32, 101). Page 110 D. NEW WEAPONS DATA SCIMITAR Has 20 Hit points in the original edition
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    I did this back in 2012 when we were looking at Moon Phases. It's a low res GIF capture of a web animation I did. Sadly I'm limited by file size here so it's not a full cycle, but it may be of interest to some. I'll put up the proper animation on Glorantha.com if anyone is interested. The central hub (Moon Rune) is the diameter of Silver Shadow where the Moon is always full.
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    I wouldn't want a Warhammer license, as I'm perfectly happy with the 2nd edition of the rules they put out some time ago. I think half the reason that FFG tried to experiment with narrative dice, and other bells and whistles was that the 2nd line had reached a level of completion with a massive line of supplements that they couldn't do any more with it. If any company wanted to get the WFRP license, they'd probably do no worse that simply realising the entire back catalogue (1st through to 3rd) as PDF/POD and they'd probably make more money than trying to develop a new edition, or adapt it to a new system. I still think a 2000AD license is a good call though - Loz wrote lots of the line for Mongoose already, and the art could incorporated to make some good looking black/white interiors as well as striking covers. It could effectively run alongside Luther Arkwright which gives a blueprint as to how to adapt Mythras to comic book settings. I also think that there is a market for satirical, British-style comics that isn't really being tapped in gaming at the moment - including the work of Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman and so on. The license to 2000AD is available.
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    A Chaos Virtue of 'Taste Metal Upon The Waters' could produce an interesting group of scavengers....