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    The printed RQ Quickstart will be sold for a nominal fee that covers our costs. The PDF of the RQ Quickstart will be free.
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    Going back to the Great Darkness, the whole of Genert's Garden was breaking apart - actually separating and floating off. Such was the death of Genert that the very land was flying apart. This is key in Waha's myths. He went and tied all the parts back together and grandmother Spider pulled the net tight and everything (nearly) was pulled back together at the dawn. One of the parts that never broke away was Prax. It had better cohesion as it had the Great temple that is Eiritha, but it also had Zola Fel Zola Fel actively prevented Prax from breaking up he was at the edge of the void. The rest of the Wastes broke apart and drifted away, some never to be found again. They occasionally reappear as the Hidden Greens, their affinity with the land has never been lost and they struggle to reattach themselves. Occasionally a Khan of Waha succeeds and they rejoin the whole. There are clearly many less Hidden Greens than their once were. Looking at the "Catchment map" - these aren't so much catchents but weak water spirit demesnes. These mark the major chinks of the Wastes that were reassembled. I've got some idea in my head that once the powers of the Earth are weakened so much that that just the physical remains, that Water can hold it together. Sort of a last stand by Seolinthur's children. Likewise the Wicked Writher has a role in this due to the large number of these demesnes that it links together. Looking closer at the damage to the fertility, it's not just one thing: The death of Tada - Tada was Genert's fertility by the looks of it. Tada's Loincloth which holds the fertility of Genert's Garden was lost before the Dawn. Likely in a Hidden Green or in another exciting plot hook. The death of Genert, the premier land god causing the land to fracture. Physical damage - smashing (big fights), consuming (Storm Bull, Oakfed, Dark Eater), Transmutation (Copper sands, etc). Introduction of Chaos into the place - mixing it all up. The fertility is not only absent overall, but what struggles to exist is in spots - Prax as it was never broken, the oases in the Wastes form tiny pieces of fertility struggling to help, as do the serpents. There is clearly a relationship between these tiny water spots and Ernalda. She's able to flourish abet only in these tiny spots. Here's the Demesnes map for reference (it's posted elsewhere on this site, this may be more up to date, but still unfinished).
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    Hi All, I've recently been thinking about creating a SB 5.5 rule set (much like Pagan Publishing did way back in the 90s for Call of Cthulhu in their Unspeakable Oath zine). What do I mean by this? Well, going back to the ELRIC! and 5th edition rule sets (maybe even 4th?) and revamping the variables for a more streamline style of mechanical play (as is the trend these days; unified dice mechanics . This would likely be more around the skill names and descriptions, magical abilities and other things like that, rather than the core mechanics (i.e. what dice you roll, the names of the stats, etc.). Am I barking up the wrong tree on this? Or something worth doing as an exercise on this forum even? Marcus
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    There are several of us working on HQ material.
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    Yes, Dan McCluskey is working on a new, 3-volume, HQ-based Trollpack. See the sticky post for more details, i.e.: Trollpack vol 1 ("troll info and adventures for humans")Trollpack vol 2 ("everything you need to run troll PCs in a trollish setting with a campaign based around trollish clan life")Trollpack vol 3 ("covering Dagori Inkarth with a full description of Redstone, and takes the campaign literally from 'tussle over a cave' into creative heroquesting, PC heroes stomping around like a chit in the DP wargame, and climaxes with one of the defining magical events of the Hero Wars")
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    In the RQ3 world building rules, "barbarian society" was defined as a pre-feudal agrarian society with an assumed martial prowess of every adult, possibly excluding one or the other gender. This could include urban centers with higher degrees of organisation. Dumbing it down so that it becomes so indistinguishable that the players who don't show up again can say "yes, I tried Glorantha once. Just same old same old with silly ducks, no idea what people see in the setting." should be avoided. There are few unexcusable asolute evils in Glorantha. Violence, brutality, use of Chaos, slavery, oppression, deicide - everything has been done in the name of the good cause. "It was necessary at the time." Never mind that dethroning Yelm caused the Darkness(es). Never mind that the maddened horde witnessing the triumphant return of the Red Goddess on the back of the Bat has ravaged the lands in and around the Empire ever since, turning another formerly innocent portion of Peloria (Tork) into a Chaos cesspit. Neither the Orlanthi nor the Lunars are blameless or irrecoverably corrupt (although both sides are working towards the latter in preparation of the Hero Wars). When presenting the world through one side's world view, it is ok to depict the other side as tetering on the point of no return, or beyond it. I am just in the process of providing introductory pages to Glorantha for my German language glorantha page (www.glorantha.de), and I am trying to give correct information over preparing Glorantha in small doses. Given the absence of in-print German material for Glorantha, I guess I will have to include something to have an entry level experience for Glorantha. Possibly an imitation and overview of the campaign printed in RQ3 Vikings and RQ3 Land of Ninja (stripped of localisation, pretty much the same campaign, and a fairly good one, too), adapted to a few backgrounds. Alternatively, we could make this a community effort. Provide a bunch of entry level scenarios (with regard to necessary Glorantha knowledge rather than with regard to character percentages or whatever measurement is used) or even a mini-campaign to get people started in Glorantha.
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    Black and Dark Eater are aspects of the hungry underworld god(dess)/spirit which has mothered the uzuz race under the name (or aspect) of Kyger Litor. Note that when the Eater at the Battle of Night and Day was wounded in the womb, it was Kyger Litor's daughter Korasting who bore the wound, not the greater being. When we are talking about Kyger Litor taking on a role in any context, we can never be sure how much of the greater being we are going to encounter.
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    Orlanthi aren't barbarians, the Lunar Empire isn't evil, what is the world coming to? The more complex we make the discussion, the more we put people off. Keep it very simple, get them hooked, then reveal the complexity layer by layer through gameplay.
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    I used a PDF version to help with Merrie England, much better than leafing through a book. It didn't cost anything more. Luckily for me, Paolo sent a number of books to someone in Birmingham for distribution, as I live in Birmingham, we just met in Geek retreat and I picked up my copy. Simples.
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    Indeed - it looks as if it is the water entities (the oasis spirits, or Zola Fel) who bring the fertility to a level where farming gets possible. And where Ernalda has a chance to support farming (in case of the Zola Fel Valley farmers). Heler's rains have no chance to improve fertility on a hard-packed and hydrophobic ground, causing flash floods instead, but the situation might be different on tilled land.
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    Honestly, the Chaosium website is a bit of a mess; but lack of web skillz shouldn't be taken as ANY sort of indication of their plans or priorities (other than having the website as a low priority).
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    Not necessarily. The creature could be lighter-than-air for example, like a living balloon.
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    Here's a piece of fantasy art by Angus McBride. For him, there's a fairly high fantasy quotient in the armour, but the bell cuirass worn by Penthesilea isn't unrealistic.
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    I run play-by-post, so a bit different in time-scale, but I've been running my HQG Colymar campaign for 2.5 years and my HQG Nochet campaign for just over a year. Both are community-based campaigns, much as Ian's Coming Storm campaign, which I find works well for long-term.
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    They can always put them into food and use alchemy to make sure that the magical ingredient "life" will be transformed to their best ability.
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    Holmes definitely understood the value of infrastructure.
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    Yes, more are coming... I believe the current plan is to update their internal reference-standard of "what is BRP" for various authors writing BRP books. The first two out the door will be the next RQ and "Mythic Iceland" 2e (both are very-far-advanced, as projects; I am unclear which is likely to hit the market first); there have also been mentions/rumors of a "Noir Detective" book in early stages. They will keep making BRP books after those. I am unclear on how much of a "final" standard this BRP-internal will be... is it "done" now, with 2 volumes late in the pipeline? Do they plan to keep tweaking, continuously/forever, as feedback comes to them? Is it even an "it," a document? Or is it a seething inchoate morass of rule-modules and ideas and depraved inspirations, with each volume published drawing forth slightly different elements, depending on the haruspicy performed by each author after they do the Blood Ritual? Has this issue been decided (or even explicitly addressed) internally? But it's internal to Chaosium, so it doesn't actually need any nice "for public delivery" decision/statement: "This is an internal issue for Chaosium, not a public/customer issue" is all they need say. They do not currently have a plan to produce a new standalone "BRP" volume of this new(ish) core ruleset; I hope they eventually do come out with one... but I've stopped holding my breath...
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    Given the whole whole horse thing is complex as the pol Joni are an accepted tribe at the paps, that's a complex answer. A better question is what if a non-Praxian was riding a Praxian beast, would they be safe. The answer depends entirely on the situation. Most of the Praxians will think - dinner, are we outnumbered, what can we take. In the case of pol Joni horses, is it worth attacking them, there's no dinner or glory option. Outlander horses aren't nearly as good a prize, not so well adapted.
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    Given that the Pol-Joni are in this mix too, and the armistice of Prax keeps the nomads out of the valley. I think horses are common. popularity rankings: Pre 1610 Bison/high llamas/sables/zebras in equal amounts pol-Joni horses 1610-1625 Pol-Joni horses Sables - the most accessible in numbers given the occupation. Zebras high llamas Bison - uncommon due to the bison tribes defeat and outlawery. After 1625 Bison pol-Joni horses high llamas zebras
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    Apologies to the artist, but: Some serious problems with the warrior's elongated anatomy, the armour, and with the composition. A creature as large as the leaping/falling lizard will, at best, knock her off her feet due to its mass and momentum. An image a faction of a second later would show the warrior crushed under the weight of the lizard.
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    Presumably to better support the rewrite of Merrie England.
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    Another fun thing is to look into period appropriate sensationalist headlines - libraries have been archiving newpapers for quite some time, including having them bound as volumes (though this is done rarely now today). If someone doesn't do well at their Library Use roll (or perhaps asks for help and words things on the vague side so they don't sound utterly bonkers) they could end up with fun little finds like that. There's a lot of 'stranger than fiction' stuff out there in the real world, be it as just fun flavor, or something that you can actually tie into your scenario as support of the weirdness the investigators are facing. EDIT: found the older thread on fonts, and so my question on fonts became a moot point
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    Mutations in the real world are almost always some sort of defect. If i were running a Gamma World style campaign id make Mutant characters choose at least one if not two Defects. Sure you can be Super Strong but you have a noxious smell pheremone that attracts predators etc. Id probably throw in alot of ancient tech that was only usable by pure-strain humans as well, as mentioned earlier..Bioscanning technology..thats a great idea. Id give pure strains a skill advancement boost as well ( 1d8 instead of 1D6) if i could think up a way to justify it in the game.