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    1) The addition of cultures to character creation add atmosphere and texture - but in a fashion that doesn't complicate matters. 2) Skill categories were an option in Elric! but MW gives them some significance (by having bonuses) but without the complexity of the RQ 1/-/3, SB 1/-4 etc model. 3) Character creation, frequently a morass of decision paralysis dividing point totals out across skill lists, is streamlined to assigning defined list of fixed BLOCKS of points, simplifying the whole process (whilst still allowing customised breakdowns if preferred. 4) Rather than fixed "impales" as the highest level of success (but only for weapon attacks) and "critical" on 1/5th of skill as in Elric! Magic World reinstated the more traditional scaling of critical on 1/20th of skill and specials on 1/5th of skill, for ALL skills. Annoyingly, this was errata that was missed before the book originally went to print - not sure if it ever got corrected in the PDF. 5) Occupation skills increase slightly faster than non-occupation skills, ensuring occupations retain some relevance without being a straightjacket. 6) Guidance on generic NPC stats - Magic World page 221 Those are the ones that spring to mind and I'm confidant of without going through the two texts closely side by side - there are a number of other "nips & tucks" that are more editorial in nature. The compiled errata is here - https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/2786-magic-world-errata-is-live/?do=findComment&comment=77861 Thanks to Big Jack Brass retrieving it from off site after the previous upload was lost. Chaot is remembering incorrectly - as published, MW retains both statement of intent as a separate step in combat, AND divides sequencing so Magic happens in INT order and then physical actions in DEX order, as in Elric! And all spells takes a FULL found to come in to effect. cheers, Nick
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    Although the new RQ is definately going to be very tailored to Glorantha, I also see hardly any issues using RQ6/Mythras pretty much as written. RQ6/Mythras feel like an updated RQ3 anyway. Folk Magic is Basic Magic ( in RQG it may be called Spirit Magic once again ), and can port directly across. Theism ports across to Rune Magic, and Sorcery remains as is. As an aside, I would actually use the term 'Rune Magic' to present two forms of higher magic: Rune Magic (Theism), and Rune Magic (Sorcery). It just seems to feel right to me. Sorcery apparently has the most changes in the new version of RQ, but that doesnt mean you need to alter the Mythras rules to portray it. Mythras Sorcery is a more recent version of Sorcery as initially presented in RQ3, and I feel it is a better version of those rules. If setting the game in Central Genertela then you don't need to worry too much about Sorcery anyway. I think anyone beyond Initiate rank in a religious cult may be referred to as a 'Godtalker' in Glorantha, so I would probably use that term instead of Acolyte. I would definately introduce Runes using the Passions rules. HQ Glorantha describes the Runes quite well, so it's easy see what aspect or traits are associated with particular Runes. So you could get the Passion bonus with any action relevant to the traits associated with that Rune, as well as any Rune Magic that uses that Rune as a trapping. I would probably start an individual Rune at the suggested starting chance for a Passion which is a concept or ideal, so 30%+(POW+INT). Pethaps you could possibly replace INT with CHA, I'm unsure. I cannot see anything that would need to change with the character gen as written in the core rules. Mythras is designed very well in regards to evoking ancient and medevial settings, so I would just tailor what I want depending upon the region the character is from in Glorantha. So in addition to the usual Passions, I would just add 1D3 Runic Passions and be pretty much good to go.
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    While reading through a bestiary for Mazes & Minotaurs I came across a monster race called Draconians. Some of the description immediately caught my attention. I think I can guess where their inspiration came from: Has anyone else come across obvious references to RQ or Glorantha in other game systems?
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    You may also want to pick up Sartar Companion as that provides some added settings (e.g. Jonstown), many encounters, and some useful scenarios. I'm assuming by Sartar Rising, you mean the first volume (Barbarian Adventures). If so, the Blood Feud scenario may be a good starting point. There's an annual horse racing fair at Larnste's Table in Fireseason (which is in Cinsina clan lands). Make the 'Hostile Clan' either the Dolutha, the Emerald Sword, or the Two-Pine. You'll need to determine appropriate Difficulty levels (assuming you are using HQG and not HW/HQ1). You could also draw from the Clan Activities section (perhaps the Blood Feud triggers a cattle raid on the Hostile Clan).
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    I'm not a huge D&D fan but I do love DCC and did join in on the kickstarter... not so much for use as intended but to put it on blocks and strip for parts in other urban fantasy purposes. I do like the atmosphere of the Leiber stories, and DCC fully embraces random whimsy... a flavor a lot of modern RPGs seem to consider anathema for some reason but I'd like to make more use of. It does sound like the authors are going above and beyond to keep it authentic to the source material, so it oughtta be a good resource for Lankhmar fans.
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    Sorry, I was unclear. you have two options for folk magic. Option 1. Use the folk magic from Mythras book as is Option2. Search in the net Progressive folk magic house rules. They make few of the folk magic spells progressive (bladesharp 1, bladesharp2...bladesharp 6) with each level bringing one extra point of damage for example in the case of bladesharp. If choosing to use progressive- this proved to be excesively strong in our campaign compared to theistic magic (which is called rune magic in Glorantha). we ended up toning the effect down a bit by making it variable as in AiG your campaign will be fine with either option....
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    Can I hire you to be my personal forum translator? You do a better job of getting my questions across than me.
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    One of the biggest differences is the combat round. In Elric! it's INT ranks to declare actions then DEX to track when they happen. I believe MW is just DEX ranks. Not sure I've ever met someone who played combat by the Elric! rules. Personally, I only use one combat round but track DEX and INT separately depending on if the PC is physically fighting or using spells.
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    Maybe. I have no problem running Lankhmar with Elric! and now that Classic Fantasy has gone all Mythras-sy I'm less keen. It surprises me that people still try to shoehorn the Twain into a class/level system. The pair of them are ridiculously multi-skilled. Both are expert swordsmen and thieves. They can handle boats and sail by themselves on Nehwon's worst and most isolated oceans. Fafhrd can sing, and climb mountains. The Mouser even has some skill with spells.
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    Actually Loz and Pete and it was 50 copies only.
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    Monasteries basically are somewhat closed societies which can (and often will) interact with the communities outside. Mediaeval christian monasteries provided centers of learning for the general clergy, for missionaries, and explored new technologies, too. Plenty of these were situated in cities rather than on remote mountain sides, although such could exist side by side (e.g. in Cyrenai, modern Girne, on Cyprus, which had an ancient hermitage high in the coastal mountains which later became a crusader castle, and a benedictine abbey much closer to the city proper, within its agricultural hinterland, plus small monastic communities inside the old city maintaining their own chapels). Dojos are centers for teaching, but don't necessarily involve a monastic or hermit lifestyle. Hermitages isolate the inhabitants from the world, and fairly often from one another as well. In Gloranthan context, the Retirement Towers of Sun County are hermitages, but so are high mountain caves, treetops, and similar reclused places for meditation or preaching. (Ironically, these recluses often attracted a lively group of followers, and some were basically projecting their insights in sermons. Maybe to an extent that preaching became a meditative practice...)
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    That's about the official word of Greg how this is handled in HeroQuest, and I think that it depends on the school or method of mysticism you use.
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    The Dragonewt magical effects are a form of mystic power, correct? They use a mechanic similar to divine magic to acquire the effects, but differ in duration and other aspects. Do you mean monasteries or hermitages? Arcane Lore p.41 mentions Dojos of draconic martial arts even for the Dragon Pass area, and from the text apparently in Modern Age Karse.
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    How to make implementing Glorantha with any BRP system easy? With Mythras you can lean on the preparatory work done by Loz and Ken for the Adventures in Glorantha primer that saw a distribution of 500 copies at Gencon 2015 (IIRC) which has been the base for e.g. @hkokko's contributions to the Encounter Generator. Using old RQ2 or RQ3 material doesn't require too much adaptation, really. There was hardly any official sorcery material out for RQ3 Glorantha, and none at all for RQ2 Glorantha, so this blank slate can easily be filled with the Mythras version - although probably limited (at least in previous experience) in some way by schools or grimoires. I cannot really speak about sorcery in the Mongoose products, I never played that game (except one MRQ2 game with Loz in preparation of his Harreksaga, set in the early Hero Wars era). There are vague descriptions about which group uses which kinds of sorcery in the Third Age Glorantha documents for HeroQuest in its various incarnations. Depending on your setting, people on this forum will happily swamp you with Gloranthan information about what you are likely to encounter. Sorcery spells may be stolen from or traded with other practitioners or schools. You'll have to decide how much Glorantha information you are willing to inflict on yourself and on your players prior to the game, and how close you want to stick to published versions of Glorantha. Much has been published which creates its own variant canon, even by official publishers of Glorantha - the perhaps most variant publications are by Mongoose, but numerous fan publications take off on other tangents or use alternate recent or old histories for places which have seen more development since, and even older Issaries era publications show variant Gloranthas when compared to the new official line. This doesn't mean they don't provide good material for gaming in Glorantha, though. Your own campaign is going to create disturbances in the official timeline anyway, which may cause you to re-interpret information you may encounter later, anyway, if you play that campaign for more than a couple of sessions. And if you don't, and start some other game elsewhere in Glorantha, no big trouble, either. So: adjust only those rules you think you are going to encounter. Player choices may take you to strange portions of the rules, but even then you can ignore quite a bit. Steal (/get inspiration) from whichever product you can access easily, or ask around for specifics.
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    In a way, Gloranthan Mysticism is the result of Heroquesting - spending time in meditation of various kinds, then entering otherworlds in a deeper meditative state and approaching the root power of the ability in mystical understanding. These meditation techniques can vary from Zen-like meditation through various forms of trance-inducing activities (breathing, dancing, martial arts katas, austerities) towards ecstatic methods or tantric activities. Certain schools might use magic of one or the other kind as preparatory activities for mystical experiences. The abilities are something like a side product of the progression towards the Ultimate. For me as a practitioner of neither shamanism nor deeper meditations it is hard to define where to place a border between shamanic trances and mystical ones. Religious rapture may occur all of the major magical systems of Glorantha - the Western experiences of Solace and Joy, theist experiences of their godworld, animist communion with the spirit world, or mystical practices reaching past these on paths of illumination, draconic wisdom or Vithelan enlightenment.
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    I guess in my Glorantha there are monasteries in the mountains - deeper mysteries in Fonrit and farther into the Pamaltela, Fonrit is dotted with old ruins and hideaways surrounded by jungle - who knows what secrets Pamaltelan plains and the East isles hold. Mystery that is Kralorela, Vormain, Teshnos and even Lunar might know. Ban has opened up and Kingdom of War appears, surely there is room there. So plenty of room to put Mystics in...
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    Works really well like that. This is pretty well how we have played it for the past many years in Rq6/Mythras- since it was launched. The additional Gloranthan weapons and shields you will find here https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/02/04/rq6-charts-and-tables/ (see the Gloranthan update link + shield link there. If you want to see local weaponry and combat styles used and available you might want to take a look at https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/pregenerated-characters-for-pavis/ and infer from there (Sartar, Esrolia, Fonrit, Pavis, Prax...) - that is of course only one view. https://notesfrompavis.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/starting-a-glorantha-rq6-campaign-before-adventures-in-glorantha/ There used to be floating around the progressive spells (folk magic spells) variety which we used prior to AiG. We thought the float around variety was a bit too effective compared to rune magic - you might want to tune that to be die roll based or just stay with the bog standard folk magic.
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    Seems like every candle could be a station of a heroquest gone horribly wrong.
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    With vague white-supremacist undertones.
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    Nah. It's a YoungAdult paranormal-romance series. Generic and formulaic, but proficiently-written.
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    And this is how I will from this point onwards describe what the second age was like...
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    Very true. The setting was fun. It may not have been canonical, but playing those rationalist imperialist Spanish Melnibonean-Numenoreans intent on destroying the very essence of mythical reality was definitely a plus. Plus, they were clearly the good guys, given how desperately rotten was the opposing multi-level marketing Ponzi-scheme mystic Dragon Empire.
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    I'm a sucker for Lankhmar stuff. I still own everything TSR ever made for the line, as well as the Mongoose books. And because I'm a sucker I'll be getting this too. Having said that, I think Goodman Games makes very good adventures that usually contain a lot of material that can be easily adapted to other games besides DCC RPG. For instance, the three existing DCC Lankhmar adventures are well written and do a very good job of capturing the spirit of Lieber -- Michael Curtis seems to be very conscientious about this point, so I'm fairly optimistic they'll produce something I will like. I haven't run a true Nehwon campaign (Just used Lankhmar in a home-brew setting years ago), but recently I spent a good deal of time pouring over my old adventures and gazetteers after re-reading all of the stories and even worked up a world map in hexographer and if I get the opportunity, I'd really enjoy running a game here with Magic World, with some of the Mongoose bits (like the corruption table) bolted on. Speaking of Mongoose, that's funny you mention their plagiarism. I was really scratching my head when I was looking for pre-existing Nehwon maps and I saw "Carse" appear on two different versions. I thought I was losing my mind, when I could swear that Carse was part of Midkemia. Which now makes perfect sense that it could be in your homebrew version of Nehwon, but man, that is really poor form by Mongoose.
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    Or just use the Elric! system for another licensed property.
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    As for new works I'd like the Southern continent to get a campaign.
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    God Learners and raping the Hero Plane. Was all very fun. Everyone wanted to play a God Learner. And not a nice one either. It was like suddenly being able to play Melniboneans in Glorantha. Somewhat religious zealot Melniboneans, but definitely Melniboneans.
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    The sacrificial "victims" could be leading cultists themselves - which would make the ritual a gruesome attempt to concentrate the knowledge and power of the worst humanity has to offer into one person. The investigators are expendable decoys to distract from the real rescue attempt. "Spies Like Us" meets "Night of the Living Dead" You could have all sorts of fun with the "rescue" scenarios. Furious rival cultists thirsting for revenge all alone with the rescuers, badly in need of recharging their necromantic potential. See how long you could convince players Sarah was innocent in the midst of mounting evidence to the contrary. Of course the ritual would go horribly wrong if performed, it wasn't designed for humans.
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    I think that in order to get slight empathy for the characters you'd have to play Greatway individualist dwarves having to deal with Nidan or worse orthodoxy, possibly in service of a True Mostali like Isidilian, and with those irritating surface dwellers and the abominations of growth and hunger. You don't have to be open-handists - in fact, playing an anti-openhandist task force might be a good commando-style concept for a series of games. Basically, you could do cyberpunk-style scenarios in Glorantha - insert your party, distribute your dwarf constructs for preparation of the strike, then go in with a precision strike and exit again. This could be mundane insertions, or even insertions into heroquests or deeper myths. A Slon expedition into Umathela for dwarven diplomacy prior to the land-raising might be another remotely interesting concept for a Mostali mission, especially with humans of the eleventh caste. Instead, you have a duck, a troll or trollkin, possibly a beastman or bachelor newtling and two or three humans of vastly incompatible cults in your stereotypical Gloranthan mixed party. Silver Age or early Dawn Age gaming might actually have multi-racial party of Awakeners/Lightbringer missionaries. The only other occasion where you get this level of inter-racial cooperation is the fight against the God Learners, and even then you didn't mix all three of the major elder races. Jrustela works only because the elder races don't mix.
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    It's worth noting that some of the Griffin Island material added to the Gloranthan Classic Griffin Mountain wasn't always a naturally fit as they are slightly different gaming systems. It remains to been seen what's added to each of the rest of the RuneQuest Classic series, but so far these reprints have kept better to the feel of the era (i.e. by not importing RQ3 material; less retrospective comments on what went before, not updating Gloranthan lore to fit current canon, and only using art from the era etc.). As much as I value the Gloranthan Classics I'm glad the RuneQuest focus falls completely onto RQG as the RQ Classic series reprints is completed. This provides Chaosium with a clean and clear linear RPG product line. At the right time, and if it doesn't disrupt the RQG production line, a RQ3 Gloranthan scenarios Kickstarter might be of value to bridge the Gloranthan scenario timeline gap between RQ Classic and RQG. However adding in a third (slightly different) system doesn't feel right. Changing RQ3 scenarios over to RQG might work, and might be something that fits better with a Kickstarter business model. Chaosium might be able pay an author upfront to change one or two RQ3 supplements to RQG then let the Stretch Goals decide how far it can be taken.
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    Because Lions aren't Tigers., and RQ doesn't play the same way a CoC. I should know, I'm the guy who successfully Sever Spirited Cthulhu out of an RQ/CoC crossover game! Combat in old Stormbringer played very differently than combat in RQ2. The differences in the frequency of criticals, specials (non-existent in Strombringer), hit locations as opposed to general hit points, major woulds, variable armor vs. fixed, skills over 100% vs. capped at 100%, ripostes, all make gameplay very different. It like saying Mushu Pork is the same as Barbecued Baby Back Ribs. The might both originate from the same animal, but they aren't the same dish.
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    I always wanted to match weapons to a Kinetic Energy Chart to see just how much damage they really would do. I'd start with the Ethical Hunting Power Chart developed for Projectile Weapons like Atlatls, Bows, and Crossbows but expand it to include hand weapons. The Chart is fairly simple and is based on the Kinetic Energy needed to "cleanly harvest" a given type of animal. This would give a good "reference point" for how damaging a weapon would be. The Chart looks like this: 25 ft-lbs or Less = Smaller Game like Coyotes and Varmints. 25 ft-lbs to 41 ft-lbs = Medium Game like Deer, Antelope, (and Humans fall here too). 42 ft-lbs to 65 ft-lbs = Large Game like Black Bear, Elk or Moose. 65 ft-lbs to 85 ft-lbs = Big Game like Cape Buffalo, and Grizzly Bear. 85 ft-lbs + = Very Dangerous Game such as Hippos or Rhinos. I think it would be interesting to set up a chart with Kinetic Energies from 1 ft-lb up to 100 ft-lb and match the entries on this chart to various damage dice. You would then "compute" the Kinetic Energy for hand weapons based on the "swing speed" of 20 m/sec that many weapons experts claim as a standard velocity for HTH weapons. This velocity would equate to a 10 STR. I would bet that a 5 STR would still have about 75% of the standard velocity (or around 15m/sec of velocity) and a 20 STR would have a velocity of around 30 m/sec. This would be an interesting start to a "reality-based" damage chart. You can even fold firearms into the chart by dividing their Energy by 20 and comparing them to the chart. Someday I might even get the time to set this chart up.
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    Original RQ3 rules implies : You can split an action of attack in two attacks for two different targets at SR (base) and SR (base) +3. Pole Axe SR 3 = 1 + 1 + 1 (Dex, TAI, Weapon) splitting each 2 actions in two attacks means : Action 1, Attack 1, Target A : SR 3 at 150% Action 1, Attack 1, Target B : SR 6 at 150% Action 2, Attack 1, Target A : SR 9 at 150% 300% Action 2, Attack 2, Target B : SR 10+2 at 150%, no action can be carry to another round ...no more than 3 attacks To resume 4 attacks max, on 2 targets A/B : SR 3, 6 et 150% and SR 9 at 300% Mounted_Lance SR 1 = 1 + 0 + 0 (Dex, TAI, Weapon) splitting each 2 actions in two attacks means : Action 1, Attack 1, Target A : SR 1 at 150% Action 1, Attack 1, Target B : SR 4 at 150% Action 2, Attack 1, Target A : SR 7 at 150% Action 2, Attack 2, Target B : SR 10 at 150% To resume 4 attacks max, on 2 targets A/B : SR 1, 4, 7, 10 or SR 1, 4, 7, 10 Bladesharp 4 : +20%, Dam +4 to any attack done with the weapon boosted (modifiers are always added after splitting skills) --- Personal rules --- My personal rule use an old RQ2 optional rules stating if you have a malus splitting you skills, the malus cannot exceed 50%. With RQ3 rules you can simplify multiples actions : -50% malus for each extra attacks on different successive target (with a 50% minimum skills). -100% malus for each extra attacks on same target (with a 50% minimum skills). With house rules at 300%, you can get 5 extra attacks on different targets with a -250%: Meaning 6 attacks at 50% at SR (base) +3SR/ each extra attacks. With house rules at 300%, you can get 2 extra attacks on same targets with a -200%: Meaning 3 attacks at 100% at SR (base) +3SR/ each extra attacks. But you will need a way to minimize SR because RQ3 is limited to 10 SR. Usually by magic or creating a new rules. You can't do 6 attacks with basic rules !!!
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    There was a book by Shannon Appelcline called 'Oak and Thorn' i believe, anyway, it never saw print. I would love to see this one released. His material on the Aldryami is dead on, insightful and detailed.
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    It is 10 Candles. The premise is always one shot scenario. It is quite dark and definitely on roleplaying end of the spectrum. Was thinking of doing a scenario for it in Glorantha and thought that some of the people would have tried that out already. The mechanics are superb, lightweight.
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    I agree with some of Darius West's points. I like the idea that each of the prisoners has committed something truly awful in order to make the list. For example, having their own siblings murdered for inheritance money, secretly killing a friend to steal their lover, impregnating their own daughter - Okay okay, maybe not that last one. There's a line somewhere there. The point is, having doubt as to who's side to be on could make for some interesting twists in the story.
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