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    Although as @David Scott notes the only text we have is that Storm Bull slew Ragnaglar, I personally like the idea that it was actually Wakboth who slew and devoured Ragnaglar as his first deed of evil.
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    FWIW - I think the Moon Rune, when it manifests in someone who is not a Moon worshipper (and sometimes those who are) appears in ways that in the modern era we would characterise as mental illness - cyclical personality changes like manic depression, curious delusions, obsession with things that are of limited relevance to normal life, paranoia in the case of the Blue Moon. For moon cultists, of course, this is very different - partly because the guidance of Lunar immortals and deities (and the Glowline, if relevant) allows them to stabilise and focus on a 'phase', but partly because Gloranthan societies totally normalise acting in accordance with your runes and it becomes normal and functional.
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    Hey All - I humbly submit to you a tool that generates words, names, etc for roleplaying games. I noticed I had a pretty large number of generator lists built for Glorantha so I just wanted to share in case someone might find it useful. You can check it out here RPG Language Confluxer (Glorantha). Just a note - there are some data sets that are really small and tend to generate a lot of the same names or even some of the source names. This is, unfortunately, expected behavior. Enjoy!
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    Chaosium and Call of Cthulhu had a truly amazing night at the Gen Con ENnie Awards: 7 gold and 3 silver! Many thanks to the members of the Chaosium tribe, fans and supporters for sending your ENnies votes our way. We appreciate it, and can't do what we do without you. Best Cover Art - Call of Cthulhu Investigators Handbook = GOLD Best Interior Art: Petersen Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors = SILVER Best Cartography: Keeper Screen Pack = GOLD Best Production Values: Call of Cthulhu 7th ed slipcase! = GOLD Best Aid/Accessory - Keeper Screen Packn = GOLD Best RPG-related Product - CoC - The Colouring Book = GOLD Best Adversary/Monster - Petersen Guide = GOLD Best Adventure - Doors to Darkness = SILVER Best Supplement - Pulp Cthulhu = GOLD Fan Favorite Publisher - Chaosium = SILVER Plus Best Electronic Book - 'The Things We Leave Behind' by Stygian Fox (Chaosium licensee) = Gold
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    In reality it doesn't always take a great hit to take someone down, especially if a weapon is used. A lot comes down to what is being used to cause damage, just as much as the combatant's skill at fighting. I think RQ models this well when you look at it. A fist strike needs to be a good hit to take someone completely out of a fight, yet only an average sword strike could potentially incapacitate or kill an opponent. The old 'blind man with a shotgun' sort of thing. I tend to base RQ games around a regional or urban fantasy setting like Pavis, Jonstown, Notchet etc, where most combat is fist fights, or perhaps knives and cudgels. Guards with axes and swords are feared and respected. Then when I shift the campaign to a wilderness setting there is a real sense of vulnerability of being exposed to things which really can take a character down quite quickly, such as accident injury, wild beasts, bandits, etc. Storming a dungeon or an encampment becomes a big thing, with people ensuring they are well prepared as much as possible with armour and magic. A caravan protection contract or perhaps a treasure-seeking venture into The Big Rubble holds alot of danger and risk, and it's very unclear if anyone will return. Likewise surviving a major battle is very unpredictable. I guess the brutal nature of the combat system really adds to that edge that you see in the Cromwell/Martin books, which I feel suits Glorantha quite well.
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    I'm sure that once those who are lucky enough to be at Gen Con can add more to this statement, but the fact that in RQG your choice of Rune affiliation can impact on your characteristics sounds pretty cool to me.
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    Not at all. I see this as a long term resource that owners of the Guide can dip into and contribute at any time. I'm going to add something to this end to the index page.
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    If they have been left alive but mutilated, they can seek revenge. Their clan might be more annoyed over gelding, which is done to slaves in some cultures, than just killing them. Of course, some magic might be able to regrow the severed items, in which case it would just be a temporary inconvenience.
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    I'd say that the 'special' roll (or the crit, for that matter) represents a strike that happens to hit a particularly vital bit of anatomy and/or a gap in the usual armor of the target, not some additional super-damage. Approached realistically, when one was hit, one would roll for one's armor coverage and the failure of THAT roll would indicate if the hit was then a special/crit - but that's the sort of detail that slows everything down, when in fact the current mechanism represents it adequately well.
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    I also think not much is said of Storm Bull's act as it was technically kinstrife.
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    Quality tune! Totally works in the context of the thread as well. :-)
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    No disagreement here. I totally agree with your point about it being a necessary sacrifice, however, in the case of Invictus at least, he must've done something differently, as evidenced by his Fire Rune instead of Light. The precedent seems to be there as a possibile end result which was not 'expected'. Whether it would be seen as a successful Heroquest is another matter
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    You mean, aside from saying "Maybe that's ... an encouragement that everyone should be buffing with that Protection 1 or 2 before every fight..."? Using Paris as presented in the Iliad is about the equivalent of using Batman as an example of real melee skill. Not super persuasive, particularly compared to the actual documented performance of actual English longbow men in actual battles. Not sure what you're talking about "long bow of steel piercing"...the d8+1 of a long bow write certainly will nearly pierce plate armor with merely an average roll. The self bow pretty significantly differs from the longbow, Iirc d6+1 vs d8+1. Not sure how it matters that they're found elsewhere? No other culture mythologizes the longbow anywhere near the English, which is what i was referring to. In none of those example cases are archers historically referenced as overwhelmingly dominant as English archers at the famous French battles. Again, you might as well reference Batman as your "authentic example of reality". /silly A sword master could be trained in a handful of years. It was generally regarded that a master Welsh longbow man really had to do it his whole life from a young age.
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    Just pointing out that although plate armour was 8AP in RQ3, and only is listed as 6AP in RQ2/RQG, this is not a big issue. It can be layered over 1AP and 2AP under garnments, so you can still get up to 8AP if need be. Not that it protects all that mich more, as the system remains pretty lethal. One of the most common RQ house rules is to treat Limb HP as thresholds rather than HP, which is how I tend to play. If the Limb thresholds are breached then it's RAW, but otherwise the Limb HP remains undepleted until breached. Overall it doesn't change things too much, as Total HP gets whittled down as usual. However treating Limb HP as thresholds just means there is,a little less dismemberment, and there's slightly less bookeeping until a major hit has occurred. Even with this rule you'll find that RQ still remains much more lethal than most games. I find the PC vulnerability to be a feature rather than a flaw. If I want to play a pulpy cinematic genre, then these days I prefer FATE or HQ. If I want to go gritty and simulationist, then BRP really shines. RQ isn't RQ to me if it doesn't keep its sense of lethality.
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    What I did not get from this chapter: Is there just one Hero Plane or are there several Hero Planes? If the latter, how are they distinguished?
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    Yes sorry, better swap the b for a d. If I find the usurper I shall bring swift justice to him.
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    Late comer to be he party here, I hope this don't fall under thread necromancy. Anyway, In my view of aldryamic stuff insects actually are a kind of plants. Butterflies are moblile flowers, ants are mobile root noodes transporting nutriets to the roots etc etc Which to me makes it totally acceptable with inectile looking aldryami. (And there is a story there about Gorakkiki and Kyger Litor in there ....) In general I tries in my world-building efforts break free from real world explanatory concepts, and see similarities as more like percived parallel evolution than factual identical entities (a result of early exposure to Glorantha I guess). Of course it has to be balanced towards making the world too alien for people to enjoy playing in. So, I have little problem with Giger and body snatchers, in fact I have a fairly long write up about an alternative elven plant based biology (geared towards 5e, but actual systemless hmmm ... perhaps I should look it over again and glorantha-ish it).
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    and your behaviour I would argue...like in the term "moon calf"
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    In RQ Glorantha having The Moon as your Primary Rune gives you +2 to CHA or POW (secondary +1) so yes.
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    I think Yelmalion communities have a different idea about the Hill of Gold Heroquest. We always think of it as "ooh, wouldn't it be good to regain our lost powers" but I suspect for them it is a necessary sacrifice, and I suspect it forms the center of their Sacred Time rituals: you endure the hardships of the quest to renew the world. It kind of chimes with their Spartan outlook.
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    What were the skies like when you were young, Grandma? They went on forever and they, when I, we lived in Esrolia And the skies always had little fluffy clouds And they moved down, they were long and clear And there were lots of stars at night And when it would rain it would all turn, it, they were beautiful The most beautiful skies as a matter of fact The sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire And the clouds would catch the colors everywhere That's neat, 'cause I used to look at them all the time when I was little You don't see that anymore
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    Well I had the pleasure of running two of the 4 GenCon sessions of Luthier Arkwright Silver Pictures Move So Slow. From the parallel lines book. The other players at the table seem to really have enjoyed themselves. I was a bit nervous as I don't run investigation type games very often. I don't think I built enough tension in the first session For the players, over the explosives they need find. The second one I did much better. The players there sweating bullets a couple times during critical dice rolls, the added tension was a lot of fun. I think by my 4th session of the Silver Pictures Move So Slow. I will be doing it justice.
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    Wow, this is a great (re-)find. Just ordered a used copy of the book for 40p (plus shipping) from Amazon UK.
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    I don't find the font very... bronze age.
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    Arachne Solara, I would guess. The God Learners are known to over-generalize and to get local detail completely wrong. In addition to the names provided by Harald from Heortling Mythology, there is Tara in the myth where Ironhoof hunts here down.
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    Heortling Mythology gives two names: Velhara and Verala. In the Guide, in the Gods Wall entry you can find: "Orogeria, the Great Huntress, Lady of the Wild, and Keeper of Life and Death". Orogeria is also a Blue Moon goddess (though not Annila). The Glorantha Sourcebook notes in regards to the Moon Deities: "ULURDA was the celestial huntress, the Blue Moving Planet that appeared before the Dawn. She appeared in the Celestial Forest and stalked the Sky Bear, which had taken all the stars and animals. Ulurda caught it, but instead of killing it, she tamed it. She released the stars, and went among them in the Sky. Ulurda also lived upon the earth, and she was called Orogeria, the Lady of the Wild, and Keeper of Life and Death. She is associated with the Crescent Come Moon." The last work is closest to a God Learner view so I'd take Ulurda as the God Learner name. Any that pretend to be friendly, but aren't. I don't think they are ever named anywhere else. However, I'd probably draw on the Elmal myths from King of Dragon Pass. See: Elmal Guards the Stead Teller of Lies appears three times (as the Lost Love, the Blind Oracle, and the Empty Emperor) and seems a good choice. It's the Thing With Many Bodies that appears in the Sartar Rising: Orlanth is Dead book.
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    Personally, I think that each Regiment has its own distinct look and feel, with different armour and weapons. Dara Happan Regiments follow different regimental deities and would dress differently. Lunar Heartland Regiments often follow Yanafal Tarnils and might have similar armour and uniforms, but would vary in colour and style to signify which regiment they belonged to. Lunar Provincial Regiments follow a wide variety of deities and would have distinct armour and uniforms. What this means is that places like Pavis would have the same Lunar uniforms and armour, as Pavis has a handful of regiments, as well as some mercenary forces. Prax would have more variety, as the Sable Riders act as auxilliaries and the Antelope Lancers have their own uniforms and armour, other Regiments might be stationed in the various forts of Prax. Sartar might have even more variety, reflecting the different types of Regiments stationed there.
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    The Assyrians are only one of several Mesopotamian influences that enter Pelorian art direction. The great diversity of the Persian troops both in the Greek invasion (Thermopylae, Marathon...) and in Alexander's conquest is applicable to Dara Happa. These forces are the Lunar regulars - the Antelope Riders, the Marble Phalanx and the Silver Shields. Neither of which are specialized archers, though, but they could have attracted enough individuals with enough archery skill to field such a volley. Sor-eel doesn't have a complement of Field School magicians at his disposal, except possibly for a few individuals as liaison, otherwise I would have suggested that these archers, and especally the archer hero, might have come from their bodyguard. IIRC the signatory Roman legionary equipment was copied from Etruscan helmets, and also popular among the Gauls when they did not rush into battle sky-clad. The Phalanxes are credited to Daxdarius, a Pelandan king/emperor of the Gods War active around Mt Jernotius, with access to metal from the Brass Mountains. They probably predate Dara Happan (urban) cultural influence in western Peloria. The Dara Happans inherited that style of armor and weaponry when they shook off the Horse Warlords, as their ancestral Godtime armor was less advanced and probably relied more on magial concepts than actual physics. The Heartlands have a majority of non-Lunar cultists, with mainly lay membership in imperial cults, and initiation to a single cult much less guaranteed than in Heortling society. The Provinces and the two newer Satrapies (Sylila and Oraya) probably have more single cult initiates, and significantly more Lunars. Glamour and First Blessed may have higher rates of initiation, and especially to Lunar cults. The upper echelon of society and the military probably have a higher initiation rate than the rest of the populace. I get the impression that Pelorian worship consists of a lot of ecstatic worship in communal rites, especially for the Lodrili peasantry, rather than focussed worship of just one role model. Those Enverinus priesthood folk probably have to deal with rites that no proper Yelmite would wish to offiiciate, let alone participate in. The Marble Phalanx probably is rather sparsely Lunarized, stoutly old-Pelorian in its composition. I doubt that they even have the degree of Lunar monitors that you will find in less traditional Lunar regiments. The Antelope Lancers are Twin Stars followers with a good degree of Lunar worshippers among them, and the Silver Shields probably are strong in the Conquering Daughter as Lunar deity. The officer corps will of course have their share of Yanafali along with worshippers of the regimental and traditional Pelorian deities. These archers appear to be rather up to modern Lunar doctrine for magic use in battle, with that organized Firearrow volley. This might be a case of monitors coordinating the magic for the archers.
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    Darksong's magic conspired to curse the release of N1: Tomb of the Mad Wizard, displacing two maps to the aether. We have located them and brought them back to the Prime Material Plane and you can access them from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pjxz1076pp4oq3c/AADI5UTYjkJBKUF0wVpeveKXa?dl=0 They will also be added to our website in the Downloads section very soon.
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    And the same is true if you order a physical copy from Aeon (who handle our Antipodean fulfilment) - they too will give you the PDF free of charge when you buy from them.
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    Additional insight and commentary: This is the first Classic Fantasy adventure to map the World of Greymoor for several hundred miles around the adventure location. Included are rules from the upcoming Classic Fantasy Unearthed Companion, detailing overland travel and very detailed Wilderness Encounter Tables for all of the differing terrain types found within The Vale. There have been many instances where fans of Classic Fantasy have asked us about old school 'Hex Crawl' rules, and along with the provided Encounter Tables that can be further extrapolated for other areas of Greymoor, or fantasy settings in general, Games Masters will find this chapter of Tomb of the Mad Wizard very useful. Rod
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    I'm happy they're doing the miniatures, but...they need to be schooled for this one. Bronze Age. It's not in the Middle Ages. Please sit down with them and have the talk. Thanks.
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