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    Whatever the game rule, you'll always find a counter-example in real life. At some time, it is necessary to accept that everything cannot be simulated and that logic and common sense (if this does exist at all) supersedes any rule.
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    In partnership with DriveThruRPG Chaosium is launching a new way for Call of Cthulhu creators to write and share their original material, and make money too. Starting soon! More details here: https://www.chaosium.com/blog/introducing-the-miskatonic-repository
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    IMG Durulz are some form of bird-like dinosaur. The recently discovered Halszkaraptor would probably be similar.
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    By 1625, the fortified slave farms built by the Lunars are in ruins. The farms, their records, and their shrines were all destroyed after the Dragonrise and the overseers killed, although most of the slaves escaped. They now stand empty and ruined.
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    There is another reference to this missing from the wiki in Gathering Thunder, Sartar Rising, Volume 3. In fact it's an adventure to the Slave Farm itself (no spoilers). It's destruction was by my players - they caused the Nymie river to rise up and wash the camp and manor away after rescuing the slaves. IIRC they killed Overash. If you don't own a copy - the PDF is really cheap from Chaosium https://www.chaosium.com/gathering-thunder/ What it used to look like. It can easily be part of the Colymar campaign and some of the book could be used with the coming storm/eleven lights.
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    Ah, i look back fondly on the time it was all about fighting folk and stealing their stuff. Simple times.
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    Hey Jason, As the guy who many years ago wrote "In A Different Light" I'd be quite interested in hearing anyone's experiences too. [In case folks don't have the free PDFs -- you can get the 34 page scenario from this link; there's an additional 8 pages of handouts in another PDF here]. To answer your question, though, the times I've run this scenario I've only used the Mythos creatures that are statted for the scenario itself. However, I guess if you wanted to increase the number of inter-dimensional horrors that would be easy enough to do. The basic plotline for the adventure is based on the premise that recent advances in technology had the effect of opening human perception to adjacent dimensions (or whatever), which allows things from those weird places to seep back into Arkham. I guess that if you decided that the strange side dimension was also home to Dimensional Shamblers, or other similar things that would make sense. Or maybe all this messing around with dimensions attracts the attention of something from further afield (Hounds from Tindalos? Daoloth?). Also -- if you own the Chaosium book "The Stars Are Right!" I guess you could use the Fractal creatures that are described in one of its scenarios. They seem kinda similar (assuming you can describe fractals in 1920s terminology I suppose). Anyway, I hope that you and your group enjoy "In A Different Light" when you run it! Thanks, Dean (from Adelaide)
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    There won't be any more pictures.
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