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    I can see a soldier with a couple of skills - Drone Control and Drone Awareness. Drone Control is based on the controller's DEX + the cpu POWer of the control rig. Awareness is based on controller's INT + the cpu POWer. Cpu Power (POW) is rated as a Characteristic. The Maximum control intensity of drones covered is equal to 1/10th of the Drone Control skill. Each drone has a CPU POWer which is governed by a control intensity, rated 1-X, with a POWer rating of 1d6+(Intensity x 6). They also have an artificial INStinct rating of 2d6+Intensity to represent some basic programming and the ability to keep it on task, and a STR (1d6+(1xIntensity)) and DEX (2d6+(4xIntensity)) rating. They don't have lots of hit points (1d6+1xIntensity), just a single hit location, but they have a little bit of armor (1/2 Intensity). Their SIZ is generally in the 1d6 range. Each can carry a small arms weapon or two - the lower intensity ones normally carry only pistols, but military grade (and higher intensity) ones can carry long arms. Normally they hold some extra ammunition, enough for an extra reload or two, but not normally more due to size constraints. Many have fly speeds of 10m, and some have fly speeds of more than 20m. how about that?
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    Autonomous drones are the same as a dancing sword or Thor's hammer - sidekicks or minions sent in to do damage on their own while the hero may strut or deflect enemy attacks. That sapient missile in Iain Banks' State of the Art with its autonomous sub-ammunitions is possibly the best-known SF version of such combat style. True, a combat like that is more like two shamans sending in spirits from their bindings in howling swarms than directly exchanging balls of fire pushing back and forth. Jim Butcher wrote a five-part fantasy series using pokemon-like spirits (on a bet). It still is doable in a fantasy setting when you name the items exchanged accordingly, so why shouldn't it work in a SF setting? (This is also disagreeing with a comment of Ty Franck at a Caltech panel about the science of The Expanse, claiming that there is no emotional involvement sending in a remote probe. If the probe has a controller totally immersed in the perceptions of the drone while inserting, the identification will be a lot higher than that of a car-lover with his vehicle, and the spectator/reader who was fed this direct sensory input will be as disoriented for a moment.) This is little different from wielding a tricorder or having a surround radar in your spaceship cockpit/helm. Yes, there is a danger that these gimmicks might be out-gimmicked, or even turned against the original owner. That's one good reason to ride them sensorically into battle, not relying on fully autonomous action. David Brin's Uplift War has the Terran defenders confuse enemy targeting systems by spreading the terran physiological signals (DNA) all over the native biome, among other things. Dealing with such technology in an asymmetric conflict has great plot potential.
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    Can't get your gaming group together over the holiday season? - here's just the thing to get your Call of Cthulhu fix! ALONE AGAINST THE DARK. A solo play Call of Cthulhu mini campaign. Alone Against The Dark is an adventure for one player, set in the fall of 1931. Your goal is to solve strange disappearances and to forestall a calamity about to beset the world. You will journey from New York City to Greece, Egypt, Germany, and Antarctica. First released over thirty years ago, this new edition has been completely revised and updated for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, with new illustrations and player aids. Available now in as a fully-linked PDF. Buy now, and get the full price of the PDF off when the physical book is out.
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    That's what I was going to say, heh. The big thing with modern weapons is that they are easy to aim and easy to use - even for novices. In the chaos of the battlefield it's not nearly as easy as at the range, but if you present a man-sized target within 100m of men with rifles you stand a decent chance of getting shot. The solution has been to never offer the opponent such a target. While maneuver and flanking are factors, they're more typically useful for large groups - say ten or so men - because that way when you split-off teams you can still retain fire superiority and the huge efficiency boost from have 2-4 people working in concert instead of one. SWAT-style breeching works like it does because the SWAT team has massive superiority in armor and weapons, and is usually operating by surprise with sniper-support, battering ram tanks, etc. If SWAT came up against a hostile as heavily armed as they were they would camp outside and snipe at them, like the ATF did to the Branch Davidians - they wouldn't run in, because they'd probably get killed. That said, the attacker does have advantage over defenders in one key aspect - he gets to choose where and when the fighting occurs, whereas the defender has to spread his resources across all possible fronts. But again, unless you're working in a large area with a large number of people this isn't that relevant. Most real life gun-fights between small groups of people end with a random exchange, and then one side or both running away. A couple of casualties might occur, but an indecisive skirmish is more likely. Most real people will never fight to the death unless absolutely cornered, which will typically not happen because most real buildings have at least two viable exits. Really in any RPG the enemies should run away a lot more often and a lot earlier. The Hard Boiled scenario where you have criminals holed up in a building en masse is only likely to be acheived by near total surprise, because (if they thought you had a chance of dislodging them) they would just move to a new, hidden location before the attack. This is part of the reason ISIS was so hard to dislodge - as soon as they're spotted by the ground troops they move to the next building, and air support or artillery bomb the crap out of some empty ruin. It only takes a few minutes to evacuate, so catching them - even with overwhelming superiority - is a real pain in an urban environment or a forested/hilly area. I won't even get into the 'real people don't use bows in personal combat'!
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    No, you will see MORE characters with 18s!. With a compltely random method there is only about a half a percent of a chance of getting an 18 on 3D6, and about a 3% chance with 2D6+6. But with your method all it takes is for someone to get at least an 11 (a 50% chance) and then decide to spend the points on it. The end result is that while the vast majoirty of randomly generated characters won't have an 18, about 99% of the characters generated with your method could have an 18 if they so choose. I think that depends on which improvement methods you use and how long term the players are with their thinking. Putting an 18 into STR, CON or (especially SIZ) gives the character a higher MAX for the other two.
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    You might have missed the Kickstarter campaign, but now you can get the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules direct from Lulu. And, if you get in there before 23:59 on 25 December, you can get 20% off with the code LULU20.
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    Fluffy is a most respected and oft used name for Alynx. As for miniatures I use Lego minifigs.
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    Looks great. And the template at first glance looks like a joy to use. Will know more once I actually use it of course, but so far so good.
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    That suggestion seems wrong to me. It seems to preclude the idea of the ugly outcast, shunned by society because of their looks or personality who works hard, studies forbidden lore, and becomes a powerful sorcerer etc. Or the beautiful weak willed eye candy NPCs. I think a large part of the reason for CHA being the least useful stat is because of a lack of role playing. I have been involved in campaigns where CHA was very important as it was used frequently to affect interactions with NPCs, in matters such as getting information, bartering the goods gained from defeating the bad guys. etc.
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    I use CON as a modifier for POW because it represents your "physical health" which weighs into the amount of POW you can attract and hold. I use Charisma for POW in my game because I see it as part of the Mental Strength of a character. I see it more as "force of personality" than "looks." This goes hand in hand with WILL which is the other aspect of Mental Strength. Think of WILL as the mental version of CON, while CHA would be the mental version of AGL. INT would be the mental version of STR. My players will tell you that there are NO "expendable" characteristics in my game. Here are some things CHA is used for in my game: - Casting Rune Magic: When you are casting Rune Spells, you are, in essence, imploring the god to use their power to help you. Thus CHA is key in all Rune Priest Skills and Spells. -Morale Checks: Do you want your men-at-arms to stand their ground against that advancing enemy horde? Make that Oratory roll (which is a CHA-based skill). -"Presence Attacks:" How many people remember the T-Rex roar from Jurrasic Park? How about the Dragon's roar in Game of Thrones? These are "presence attacks" designed to cause a "failure of moral" in weaker beings (which will cause them to flee). That is based (in part) on CHA. The attack by the "Mountain Golem(?)" on the men sent to bring Cersi to trial would be another. They flee when the mountain kills the first one with his bare hands. This is a "presence attack." Thus ignoring or "shorting" CHA can have a negative impact on everything from brokering deals on loot to being unable to convince your forces to stand against a foe on the battlefield.
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    Not those specific drones, no. Propeller-driven. But a tiny solid-fuel component would be easily added, turning it into far-too-fast-to-dodge for the last 30meters. Come to think of it, the props could probably be modded -- variable aspect, over-rev the motor, etc -- so they could do comparable kamikaze runs just on propellers. I don't see the "drone" as a "duelist's weapon," though; and fundamentally, most RPG's model "the duel" as their combat (sometimes hero-vs-many-mooks). But in a hypermodern battlefield? Dozens or hundreds of soldiers on each side? With live overhead surveillance on-tap for any soldier to display on their HUD? With radar and lidar and sonar and WTFdar? With drones saturating the battlefield, taking a kill when they see a foe pinned-down by the fireteam, but also providing live surveillance from any perspective to any soldier? Smart munitions fired from 50km away, with a drone painting a target-laser on a target just for the final 1.3 seconds of munition-flight? Etc etc etc...
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    Still, you won't see as many characters with 18s as you would with a completetely randomless point assignation system (such as : you have 81 points to put into your 7 stats), and that was my goal. I also don't think putting 5 points to a stat for which you rolled a 6 and get an 18 is such a no-brainer. You'll see a lot of people putting only 3 or 4 points and have a good 16 or 17, so that they can put points in other characteristics. In the end, 16s and 17s are going to be very frequent, but not 18s.
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    Can’t wait to see the results. Chuffed Chaosium are taking the time to get this right.
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    Unfortunately, if I buy any more hardcopies, my wife/marriage will be ephemeral ...
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    Sorry, but I found that surprisingly hilarious. That's always the sense I got from the Chaosium team; afaik they've never disparaged what RQ6 accomplished, and in fact were fairly complimentary of it as a mechanical system, just that in their view it didn't fit where they wanted to go. Honestly that had never occurred to me but was a really good idea. I doubt it was that easy? Certainly I'd agree it was the right decision, but it can't have been easy pushing out production on a flagship product that people are anticipating, missing GenCon, missing that Christmas, etc. I think it's a strong idea to include a lot of art, even though that adds costs and delay; you're putting out something that is the antithesis of the bog-standard, classic quasi-medieval-European setting; that's one of its charms. Concomitant with that is a rather greater necessity to provide whatever visualization assistance you can. In parallel with that, I've always wondered if we could take the utility of the AA Atlas and have glorantha.com host image links people find real-world images that illustrate particular places in Glorantha, for example this could be looking NE along shore of the Sweet Sea (Ssar On Gror), NE of Varkarunan.
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    My limited fencing experience says All Out Attack would be against one opponent. The wording that the second attack occurs "straight after" the first attack, rather than at half Dex suggests to me that it is against the same opponent. Where it gets complicated is dual weapons and/or skill over 100%. I would rule that either weapon of a dual weapon pair, assuming appropriate skill, could be used for either of the attacks from an all out attack. I would allow a character with skill over 100% to divide their skill as normal, and also allow them the advantage of being able to split the attacks over multiple foes. They still would lose the option to perform a Defensive action though.
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    Only if you are adding them together. Sure it's problematic. There is an extra chance of any number coming up. So there are just as many characters walking around with an 8 as with an 10 or 11. Now I know you are letting the players spend points to raise the values further, but but it's still going to be problematic. You will see a lot more characters with ultra high and/or ultra low stats with a flat distribution. I think something like 2D3 or 2D4 (with add) will serve you better.
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    Got something for the Miskatonic Repository but it's for 6th Ed or earlier? Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed Conversion Guidelines are available as free download— http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229162/Call-of-Cthulhu-7th-Edition-Conversion-Guidelines These pages are taken from the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Keepers Rulebook.
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    Well, rolling 7 dice produces a bell curve. Also, even though d6s distribution is flat, the range of results is shorter than with 2d6 or 3d6, and the associated standard deviation is also smaller. Using 1d12+6 instead of 2d6+6 would be problematic, yes. But not d6+7+bonus.
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    I felt the need to shrink the stat range in order to create room for smaller humanoids in the game. I currently roll 3D6+2 for everything but SIZ and INT. For those, I roll 2D6+8. This gives a range of from 10 to 20 for the stats that cannot be improved during play and a range of 5 to 20 for improvable stats. I also set my species maximum at 20* for humans. *Please note that I do allow PLAYERS to reduce scores below these thresholds with GM approval (in order to play dwarfs or mentally challenged characters). I also replace POW with Willpower (a measure of mental strength) and turn POW into a "derived value" like hit points. POW is being calculated in my current game by dividing WILL in half (Rd) and adding 1 point for every 4 points of CON and 1 point for every 4 points of CHA. Maximum POW for a character is determined by multiplying the species maximum (20 for humans) by 1.5. Thus a human's POW could be 30. Also note, as a control for POW, I require the sacrifice of a permanent point of POW to learn spells, worship gods, or attune magic items or Relics (Rune magic items). However, learning a spell, attuning a magic item, or dedicating POW to your god nets you a POW gain roll because of the sacrifice you must make.
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    I would put it on the count of over optimism or over enthusiasm. Since the beginning announcements have been made and then reversed and dates and plans have shifted. "Pete Nash and Lawrence Whittaker are on the design team! Wait, no they're not, welcome Jason Durall. And the game will not be based of RQ6 but on RQ2/RQ3 like we have been saying all along. But the game will still be released for Christmas 2016. Actually no, Gen Con 2017. Well hang on, end of 2017 would be more realistic so let's release a quickstart mid 2017. Darn, finally our big release will be Gen Con 2018." I believe making the decision to use RQ2/3 as a base instead of RQ6 and the already written Adventure in Glorantha simply inflicted a lot more work on them and since then, they have been doing their best to produce and release as quickly as possible. Please note I do not say this decision was good or bad, I simply observe what I believe was the impact of that decision. The quickstart was released at a time when they still believed they could release the books (at least electronically) by the end of 2017 so in that context, it made sense. In my opinion they have made some strange decisions along the way and Jeff has made a few statements that rubbed me the wrong way (but again, I will put that on over enthusiasm on his part) but I applaud Chaosium's commitment to communicate through the process.
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    What's your thoughts behind this? Is this because it's hard for a player to play a character smarter than he or she is?
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    From an old postcard clearly sent from a temple of Ernalda Serpent Mother in Esrolia, probably Nochet or Ezel.
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    That's the way I am now. I started off with Magic World which is a streamlined set of BRP rules for fantasy and then I added things from the Big Gold Book and from this forum as I have movedd into other genres. Currently running Cthulhu with rules from Magic World and Enlightened Magic.
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    They are. Still remaining: Pavis and Big Rubble (in layout). Griffin Mountain and Borderlands (awaiting layout). SoloQuest Collection, Troll Pak, and the RQ Companion (still in edits) I presume some folks are waiting for all of it, some for one bit or another. And Rick himself is the only person still working on them.
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