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    GeneM, I just wanted to mention that we don't expect four combats per session. We define an adventuring day as four normal combats, but that's about resource usage, not a calendar day or any set number of sessions. See page 64 of 13G for clarification of the word daily . . . . Like you (I think!), I normally have one or two battles per session, the rest is roleplaying.
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    For something boring (logistics) I've been attempting to define how much meat Praxian animals (and others) provide. Any comments? Living Weight (lbs.) Edible Meat (lbs.) Bison 1100-2000 615-1100 Bolo-Lizard 300-500 140-230 Herd Man 145 50-65 High Llama 1500-2000 400-600 Horse 900-1300 400-585 Impala 150-200 60-110 Ostrich 250-350 130-180 Ox 800-2000 488-1220 Pig 90-150 67-112 Sable 800-1000 400-500 Sheep 66-100 36-55 Tusker 900 400-495 Zebra 770-990 400-580
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    When we launched the Miskatonic Repository community content program late last year we stipulated that, for the time being, all content had to be in English. This was just while we found our feet with the program, and had a chance to talk to all the various Call of Cthulhu foreign language licencees about the new resource. However, we are now happy to announce that the Miskatonic Repository is now open to Call of Cthulhu submissions in any language! We will update the Content Guidelines to reflect this shortly, but no need to delay if you have something you'd like to share. Please note all the other terms and conditions remain the same. (Please note our German friends Pegasus-Spiele, publishers of the German edition of Call of Cthulhu, have advised they will be launching a similar community content program exclusively for Deutsch language content later this year). https://www.chaosium.com/blogmiskatonic-monday-the-madness-extends-to-other-languages
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    Although the deadline has passed already, there are still some points, I would like to list here: p.57, right column, last paragraph: In 850 the Nidan Decamony declared it to be a full and compete heresy, and that all such blasphemers would be placed under probation, sanction, and isolation. should maybe: In 850 the Nidan Decamony declared it to be a full and complete heresy, and that all such blasphemers would be placed under probation, sanction, and isolation. p.57/58: The Greatway dwarfs, still smarting from their former treatment, declared the Nidan Decamony to be criminally insane, and then sent money and power to the Octamonist leaders there. Really Octamonist leaders? This is a section about the Individualism heresy. Octamonists are even more conservative than the Nidan Decamony. So this should be Individualism leaders instead of Octamonist leaders maybe? Or do the Greatway dwarfs support the Octamonist leaders in Nida for creating resistance against the Nidan Decamony?
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    Kethaelan cargo ships look like tubs. They are wide, and fairly shallow. The Mirrorsea and Mournsea are often quite shallow (at low tide, many sunken lands reemerge from the waters). They aren't the most stable in open water, but they tend to try and overcome that magically rather than with better design.
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    Just my two cents, but there were plenty of us back in the day who had campaigns full of combat and adventure in the big rubble. And Runequest doesn't really have rules for handling things outside of combat either. It was just something you understood was to be played out through roleplaying. The idea that 13G was going to be a different take on Glorantha, more adventure-centric and less anthropological dissertation, was a big plus for me.
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    I don't have a copy of WB&RM anymore, but Dragon Pass is unequivocal: That's the gods-eye view, not what their tales say.
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    The books by the late Bjorn Landstrom (The Quest for India, The Ship) are an excellent reference for ships. Here we see an Esrolian merchant ship being repaired somewhere on the east coast of the Mirrorsea.
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