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    Yes, there is a newer version that we have not released yet. I cannot keep updating it and providing a new download every day based on a handful of changes made. I plan on releasing a final version probably after proofs with the printers are done. Unless you find something catastrophically wrong, it is in all likelihood not worth submitting it. The proofs are being made. I know many of you are just trying to help make the book better, but there is a point where we just have to call it a day. The alternative is delaying the book X number of weeks or months, which at this point of diminishing returns on what is being reported just isn't worth it.
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    Given Eurmal's nature, I would rather assume a myth where Orlanth thinks that he is home, and has a confused night with his presumed wife.
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    You thought my title was accidental, maybe????? I am half Welsh, and used to a great many sheep jokes.
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    In another topic: What demi-gods do this? - Delecti re-incarnates into corpses Are there any more?
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    I would think that any Hero-forming could be considered a temporary form of this. It's just the duration of "possession" that varies. At which point, the question becomes "What is special about Belintar and Moonson that allows them to remain incarnated for so long?"
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    Avalon Hill's Heroes magazine (mid-80s) had a multipart history of the Lunar Empire written by a certain GS. Could be entirely outdated, of course.
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    Well, one variant that I've been working on, off and on, is to allow someone to spend damage points to bump the hit location. The idea being that you give up a better hit to call your shot. Although I do like the roll two dice and take the closest. It could be expanded to 3 dice for a special and 4 for a critical.
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    Moonson and Belintar at least, and probably Great Sister, do something more that just use the body. They maintain continuity of memory by having the new bodies incorporated into a broader group consciousness. I don't think the previous consciousness of the the body that becomes TakenEgi or Belintar is discarded or evicted from the body - rather, the mind joins with a larger consciousness. I think this is a form of magic that may not be mystic per se - but requires Illumination/Mystic insight for it to be functional, for it to work without the partial consequences lapsing into some form of madness. It requires the same letting go of the individual self that Illumination implies. It still must be tied to a single body, though. Delecti, on the other hand, just grabs some convenient flesh. His consciousness is unitary, and the body is an empty vessel is occupies.
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    Belintar and the Red Emperor are a few famous examples. I wouldn't say Delecti counts as he's not really a demigod, just a really powerful sorcerer. And the zombies don't really worship Delecti either, as they're just reanimated corpses.
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    Maybe bumping hit locations depending on your skill level... You still roll for hit location but you can move to an adjacent hit location for every... full 20% of skill? Say you have 63% in Broadsword... you want to aim for the head. You hit and roll for location and get Chest as result. You have to move 3 slots up the table, or 60% minimum. So the attack hits the Head. This also makes easier to hit the chest and abdomen which is a very logical thing.
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    New at Chaosium.com - THE ELEVEN LIGHTS in full color hardback! The Eleven Lights is a Gloranthan campaign set in Dragon Pass, taking the PCs as members of the Red Cow clan from the Occupation in 1618 through to the Liberation from the Lunar Empire in 1625. It features 20 complete adventures and many more outlines, and is a companion to The Coming Storm (also available from Chaosium). This product is for HeroQuest Glorantha, but can be easily adapted to RuneQuest as well. Available from our USA, UK and Australian warehouses.
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    Nah, that's roll 4 dice for hit locations and drop the lowest.
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    Yep that was gold - and with the Glorantha box set it made is easier roll up characters for novice players - I also preferred rolling for the skill increase amount rather than the +5%
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    Any news on an updated PDF? I assume that the typos and so forth noted in the tribal editing thread have been incorporated into the hardback. I just downloaded the PDF from the website again and can still see the missing page number XX things, for example.
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    Hello! I will try to better explain myself but I think this is on of those disagreements which will not get resolved and ultimately because it's just a game is not really that important. Here goes. 'The guy who learns entirely-by-experience and never makes a parry so he never gets a parry-tick to skill-up just doesn't happen. Not in RL'. ' I think you mean not in Hollywood, sparring or tournaments. The bat example fits in perfectly with street thugs who can go a whole career of violent intimidation and bullying people without ever having to defend themselves, and these people do and always will out number true street fighters looking for a fair fight. Think of the school bully who never attacks someone bigger. They usually have numbers on their side as well. In real life the strong nearly always attack the old, young, weak and defenseless. Rarely does someone go looking for a fight , they look for someone to victimize. Just like Animal Planet. Watch how animals attack prey. They don't one on one with the strongest, they mass attack and pull down the most defenseless whenever possible. Although my bat wielding thug may not be David Carradine in Kung-Fu or a seasoned monster hunter the example stands as a reflection of true life happenings. Just turn on the news. People get brutalized and mugged all the time by skilled attackers, (as well as less skilled but no less violent political activists), and they never even throw up enough of a fight that required the assailant to defend himself. If you think about it classroom sparing or rules driven ring combat equates to RQ3 training where both skills are used. In those situations yes, skill would usually climb together but attack and parry skills ARE actually being trained and used. In the street, not so much. Using the RQ3 rules you get to roll for skill increases for skills used in training so we are covered. A smart thug, animal or warrior in real life, (where getting wounded may equate to missing a meal or even death), never looks for a fair fight. That is for soon to be crippled fools. They look for a kill where defense never even comes into play once the actions starts. Think one-shot one-kill. Defense is by position, situation and restriction of the opponents opportunity to inflict harm back upon the attacker. Shoot arrows then move in and stab the crippled survivors. Hide in the trench and lob grenades. Then come out and bayonet the crippled casualties. Not much hit-parry is there? Assassins poison the wine, stab from behind and shoot from a distance. Hunters sit in the tree with a crossbow. They never go toe to toe with the buck. (At least I don't but perhaps thats because I'm a big wuss!) Hit-parry-hit-parry is for demonstrations and training for when the worst happens and you failed your attack, or you are attacked and need to defend. If you are doing a hit-parry in RQ3 combat you will get to make improvement rolls for both, so we are still covered. So it depends on your world view but I do believe mine is firmly seated in RL Now I certainly admit there are some cases where hand to hand combat happens, but my bat example is far more the norm than some glorious noble fighter looking to test his skill in an match outside of a ring. A deadly match to boot! But as usual this is my opinion and mileage may vary. Monopoly is fun but not very realistic..... so there is that.... Thanks guys, and remember whatever our particular idiosyncrasies may be , BRP is still friggin awesome and I appreciate bantering with you! Allows me a chance to check my thinking and perceptions.
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    Many of my player's characters have specific abilities that might be charms, talents, or other odd magics outside of their Runes.
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    True, although Alfostios is depicted with a barrel. A pithos may be more in theme (and certainly the two have been confused, such as with Diogenes' place of residence) The Mostali probably use metal drums as well, like a larger version of their tin cans.
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