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    Correction Fluid, aka "corflu" was mainly used back in the days of typewriters. It is called Tippex in the UK. It is also referred to as White-out and Liquid Paper. In the early days of RuneQuest, around 1975 and 1978, Greg put the names of a number of the WB&RM contributors and RQ playtesters as the names of cities and towns on the William Church maps of the Dragon pass and Prax boardgames. They include such places as Pimper's Block (Jeff Pimper), Wilm's Church (William Church), Jonstown (Bill Johnson), Tada's High Tumulus (Tadashi Ehara), Biggle Stone (Clint Bigglestone), Swenstown (Steve Swenston), Tourney Altar (Art and Ray Turney), Cam's Well (Cam Stafford), Hender's Ruins (Steve Henderson), Hendriki (Hendrik Pfeifer), and of course Duck Point. Duck Point was named by Greg's co-publisher of Wyrd magazine, Brian Crist. Brian was a huge fan of Carl Barks, author/artist of Donald Duck comics from 1942 to 1966, and inventor of most of the characters in the strip. ("I'm a big Barks fan too," said Greg, "Want me to list the characters he invented?") Brian wanted Duckburg, from the comics, but since the Air Pirates had just been successfully sued by Disney Greg was worried about the same thing happening, and changed it to Duck Point for copyright reasons, which was OK with Brian. Laca, "the city of brown air" derives from Los Angeles (LA), California (CA). It looks better shown in all caps, like on the Church map. LACA Naming stuff in honor of key players and contributors continued on other maps, like the wonderful map of the Holy Country found in the RQ Companion. Kenstone island (Ken Kaufer) for example. Nochet City got its name when Rudy Kraft asked Greg if he had named that unlabelled city on the map and he said "not yet". More info when I dig it out of the archives.
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    At the risk of flooding this thread with multiple posts, here are some more finished pieces - a Bloodspiller (in this case, Macedonian Companion cavalry) and a Marble Phalanx standard bearer.
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    A well-couched lance actually carries (at least some of) the force of the mount. That lance-tip DOES hit harder with a bigger mount, because they're all connected -- it's not a missile weapon. Try this: take a sharp pencil, and tape it to the side of an 8oz hammer. The side, mind! Where a pointfirst impact can jar the pencil loose from the tape and have it slide along the hammerhead. Tie the hammer overhead, from 2 offset points so "direction" (along the length of the pencil) is maintained when it swings; and set the assembly swinging. Now put your denim-covered leg in the way of the pencil-point. I daresay any of us will do this and intuitively understand the risk is minimal. Now repeat the steps above, carefully using the same amount of tape to preserve the pencil's resistance-to-being-jarred-loose, EXCEPT -- use a 10-lb sledge instead of an 8oz hammer. Set it swinging again. And let the 10-lb sledge drive the pencil into your leg (or not). I take it back -- use sheets of paper to test penetration! F=ma and there's just more "m" backing a rhino-lancer.
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    These probably depict replica shields carried by members of Jannisor's Hero Cult, when no Lunars are around...? Lunar parade shield...
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    I just took two maps, synchronized their scale and laid them over one another. Maybe it's useful for someone to illustrate distances in the game.
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    Hi there @Jeff and/or @Jason Durall -- I just suddenly wondered... will the new "Bestiary" book (is that title firm, btw, or just a functional working label?) have the "classic monstermanual" layout of 1 "feature" art-piece per species and maybe 1-few more pieces for the "major" entries such as the ones that get the "official PC" treatment in this book? Or is that issue still being decided? Or ... ? BTW ... where do I send the bills? I swear the recent spate of teasers (new blog! new "show not tell" teasers from MOB!) have me drooling so bad I'm gonna run through several keyboards before I can finally get my grubby paws on any RQG product... and it's obviously Chasium's fault!!! Great work, and I'm *SO* looking forward to this!
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    In the the first age before the God-learner word processor laser printer quests there were mechanical contraptions called duplicators which in practise required application of correction fluid to fix errors mistakenly cut into stencils. It was often referred to as cor-flu. Anyway, I was wearing an onion on my belt with was the fashion at the time...
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    Perhaps the shield boss opens like the Eye of Agamotto.
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    Why is no one concerned that the artwork shows the Coneheads have landed on Glorantha and are probably right now consuming mass quantities?
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    Styopa made me change it. The beast!
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    Yes, that's true... extrapolating from King of Dragon Pass, a bit, where in the 14th century we find a correlation of the Bad Emperor with the Sun, though Elmal remains the Sun God. Harono I think has been noted above. He's the Sun God in Esrolia, who was displaced by Kodig/Orlanth; it is Ernalda that returned him to the sky at the end of the Great Darkness. I believe that this name is related to Halamalao, Yelmalio among the Elves. R is interchangeable many languages with L, hence the Esrolian Yelmalio might have been *Haranaleo. My reconstruction of the proto-Esrolian (pre-Vingkotling) myth of the return of the Sun: *Haranaleo probably was birthed by Ernalda from her dead husband's seed to bring light back (Hell, as the trolls know, is also a womb). He became the lover of Esrolia, her daughter (nothing like incest between the gods, after all). Despite his parentage, Vingkot-Orlanth (*Wingak) or his mortal representative accepted him as his son and thane, because this was part of the marriage bargain (if the wife is pregnant at the marriage). This may well be what Aldryami still believe. After all, sun, earth, water, and wind are all necessary for plants to be birthed and prosper. [Heler no doubt also was present in Ernalda's bed at some proper point] I know this doesn't work at all chronologically - but it kinda does if one acknowledges the Vingkotlings and Kodigvari as ultimately a symbolic construct for "common ancestral rulers"; I strongly suspect that Theyalan and Earth Tribe myths have been reconciled and were once further apart. Edit: I should add, Argan Argar is 'cool shade'. Properly "husband-protector" therefore means "the powers that permit the seed to germinate, grow, and produce more seed" - the fertility of the Earth. Every region makes into a husband god the most important local factors to that end. In rice regions, the pooling water god and the sun god are chiefly important. Forest regions may promote the wind-god, as he spreads seeds and pollen. In volcanic regions, the fiery mountain makes rich soil directly.
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    "The Magic Book" contains the RuneQuest 3 magic systems, modified for MagicWorld: Spirit Magic, Divine Magic, and Wizardry (RQ3 Sorcery). "Magic" in the BGB, is essentially Spirit Magic in The Magic Book. You have a given spell, at a given level, and a chance to cast. Wizardry is something a bit different. Its designed much more to replicate the vision of the Wizard in the Tower or Wizard's in the Library model. Its all about study. You not only have skill values for each spell, but for each way you might augment the spell. Thus, if you want to Animate (substance), and need to animate more than the base 6 Kg. allowed, you need to involve an additional skill called Intensity. The lower of the two skills would be the limiting factor, and would be what you need to roll for the spell to succeed. You can run both at the same time, but the feel will be quite different between the two. Back in the RQ3 days, there was something called Lunar Magic that was supposed to combine aspects of Spirit Magic (BGB Magic) and Sorcery (Wizardry in The Magic Book), but I'm unsure how it actually worked in play. SDLeary
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    Of course it wouldn’t. It’s dark so you couldn’t see it.
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    The damage from the overhand spear/lance might be based on the speed, it's true, but the morale check (if there was such a thing) would CERTAINLY be based on the SIZ of the mount.
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    Pretty sure Beastiaty is illegal in most states. Maybe not Louisiana.
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    Hollywood TV writer and producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Elementary, StarTrek, DS9 etc) is a RuneQuest and Glorantha fan from way back, and even snuck references into the scripts he worked on). But, playing boardgames last night he had a Gloranthan reason to call out K-H-H-A-A-A-N-N-N-N!!!!!
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    Gesundheit. If it's anything like in Earthsea, it's a serious downer.
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    The BRP core book, the "Big Gold Book," isn't really a "RPG" as-such. It's a RPG-toolkit (with many options) you use to create your specific RPG with the flavor and power-levels you want. It's much like a "GURPS" or a "Hero" system (although it doesn't stretch to really-powerful-superhero levels of power as much as they do). Some of the options are mutually-incompatible "either/or" choices. Some are redundant "You could do both but... why?" Some play well together, making things more-robust or richer or some other "desirable state" (or leave them off for a "simpler" or "quicker" or some other-other "desirable state." ;-) Magic-World is one specific implementation of the BGB toolkit. Bits of the BGB that are NOT included into MW are explicitly not part of MW (unless you choose to HR them in). Advanced Sorcery is a new set of optional magic rules specifically for MW. Worth noting is that MW is the settingless revision of the rules from the Elric/Stormbringer line, so it's calibrated to flavor & power-levels of Moorcock's Young Kingdoms and occasional Melnibonean sorcerer. === How this sort of thing works out in BRP-land is usually that they may not be exactly compatible as-written (e.g. one magic system may presume a mana/magicpoint mechanism, another may be Vancian memorization-and-forget, another based on incurring debt/favors to extraplanar beings) but they generally "play well together". The blurb on the Chaosium page notes it "... adds new options to players of the Magic World game, as well as other Basic Roleplaying-based roleplaying games. The magic systems in this book may be used alongside the Sorcery rules from Magic World , or replace them. As with all rules additions, the Chronicler and players are the final arbiters of the need for new material."
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    (1) No it slow down (Air rune Don't like Earth elements in it's domain) (2) Shooting at short range or from above (In their back between shoulders blades or On a castle wall in their head). This one was easy. (3) All wrong, Gravity is a force which create acceleration of the arrow... (Earth Rune create Force Rune Which Make Movement rune - from gata by umath to larnste) (4) Yep (5) Man ! it's COWS every praxian know this : Cows to measure your wealth, Cow to measure your sacrifice to the gods, cows to measure your greatness (aka weregeld), cows to measure length (elf bow's range are a hundred cows length, human's one only 80 cows length and Durulz are 10 cows only -yes I don't like them unless with some mustard and honey-)
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    Latest shields... Anyone familiar with Bronze/Iron Age shields may recognize the origin of a few... In Glorantha: a hoplite shield from one of the Stonewall Regiments; a phalangite shield from one of the Sun Dome temples; two 'Star Captain' shields (which is closer to the legendary Brighteye is open to debate); three ornate Barbarian Belt shields (the last displaying a ram's head). All drawn more-or-less to scale.
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    "Where we could illustrate a concept, we did." FANTASTIC. Visually grabbing, show-not-tell, hits all the right notes. Modern rules sets use more art than old ones did, but I think it's a smart choice to use your 'graphic space budget' functionally instead of just with theme/setting art. Nice. I also like the "rune connecting the chapter" subtle watermark, very nice. My only suggestion (if you haven't done it already) is in the TOC I would make that connection explicit, ie: (RUNE) Chapter 3: Combat ...or something. Looks terrific. Re Rules shown: I like that the min STR to use an item is merely a penalty and not a prohibition. IIRC RQ3 was "if you don't have that STR, you can't use it" which is too breakpoint-y for me. Shields - hide, wicker, wood (no metal?): all shield data (hp, cost, enc, areas covered, etc) like that could be more concisely presented in a table.
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    For those not reading the article but just looking at the pictures: @Jeff said
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    I always play in an alternate Young Kingdoms... around the Sadric era... or even in Elric era, but the end of the world is never happening as written. I like my players feeling their PCs are the main characters. Playing overshadowed by Elric and the written events is not that fun. And, as posted above, the Multiverse is open to many, many different timelines....
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    Whatever gave you that idea? This comic collection, written by Moorcock, has an Elric that never takes up the Horn of Fate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Moorcock's_Multiverse And there is a reality where Hawkmoon fails to become the Eternal Champion and a dreamquesting Elric has to rescue that world from Granbretan. “Every world? There are others?" "An almost infinite number. It was into one of these I offered you the chance of escape.”Hawkmoon dropped his head in thought. “Worlds where our history has taken a different turn. Where the Empire never rose to power?”“Aye-and where that power has been divided or successfully resisted.”The Warrior in Jet and Gold instructs Dorian Hawkmoon –The White Wolf’s Son. https://www.sfsite.com/07b/ws204.htm There are even two versions of Terhali the Green Empress, mentioned in passing in the Stormbringer novel, that Moorcock wrote. One is in a Conan comic, the other very different version is in the second set of Corum stories, both of which are written by Moorcock.
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    Moorcock's multiverse doesn't work that way - there is only one version of each world in his stories. Of course, there are various ways to play it nevertheless. For example, by interpreting the text as subjective, rather than objective recount of the events. Maybe Elric was just on a drug-induced dream the whole time when he thought he fought the lords of chaos, and put himself into his sword. Or simply by inventing stuff that was not explicitly said in the novels. The novel "Stormbringer" actually leaves plenty of room for that.
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    I came to both editions late, having really only played Stormbringer in my early gaming experiences. I have read both now, however, after picking up the Classic RuneQuest book for the Kickstarter game. RQ2 is not as well organised, but it's a more engaging read than RQ3 and less complex to run. That's all I have to say on the matter, honestly.
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    With regards to Orlanth's evil Uncles... they weren't chaotic... you don't have to be chaotic to be an a-hole, but many a-holes are chaotic. The evil uncles myth is now part of the Orlanthi boys-to-men initiation ceremony, as is the I Fought We Won battle. These HeroQuests have been watered down, and now emphasise co-operating against greater threats. As to the beginning of the world, which version are we going to believe here? I mean let's consider the Chaos point of view for a moment. Arachne Solara didn't destroy the Devil, she merely rebirthed him as Time. Time is now an expression of entropy and things winding down. The older things get the more they decay, and that is the hand of the Devil. Gods live outside the effects of time, and so are immortal, but what happens when their cult atrophies away and is forgotten? Time corrupts everything, and every 600 years he comes, the Destroyer, to unmake the world. As to the Red Moon, they are just sweet natured, tolerant, cosmopolitan liberals. When it comes to Chaos, they don't see it as intrinsically evil, it has just been poorly raised and badly integrated into society. Yes chaotics have some very unwholesome appetites, but they have useful skills too. What we need to do is give them a social context where they can excel in their skills and gain a sense of their own worth and that they are appreciated for their contribution. Now I know that a broo that looks like an enormous bouncing penis with fangs, and has manners to match is hard to see as a sentient creature in its own right, but look at it from their perspective... unloved, un-nurtured, no opportunities, no education, no clean water, no hope, no future. Admittedly its prospects outside the army aren't great, but if you donate just 1L a week extra on your Seven Mothers tithe to the "Save the Chaos Children" Fund, you can help poor Thrudthed have a future, a Lunar future in the Lunar way, and not wind up in another senseless victim in a cycle of endless aggression best expressed by the Endless Battle in Prax. Don't play into the recalcitrant attitudes of the Stormbulls, there is always another way citizens.
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    All, I wanted to make a shout out to Colin Brett! I found his Golden Grimoire campaign on the web recently and it is the best material I have seen for Stormbringer in forever! Thanks for sharing! You can find Colin's campaign at http://www.colinabrett.me.uk/htdocs/storm.html.
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    For me, the major flavour thing with running Stormbringer, Elric et al, was that the stories were epic and doomed. One of my earliest experiences of roleplaying was when our group switched from D&D to Stormbringer after we had bought it for some variation, and mainly because of the artwork (this was the GW 1986 edition - which had a stunning cover). The system and play were all straightforward enough - but I was disappointed with my GMs adventure - which was a ho-hum D&Desque dungeon bash without much narrative drive. So I told him, and he got a bit annoyed with the criticism. For the next session, he had prepared a much more detailed and dangerous campaign - elaborated on from one of the scenarios in the corebook. Everybody died, or got mutated or had some other horrible fate. He thought it would serve as a good lesson to us all, and we should be careful what we wished for. Little did he know, I thought it was the best adventure he had ever run and loved it! You don’t need to have happy endings to have a good time, and in my view the anti-hero aspects of the Elric saga are a good example of it.
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    Its the eternal dilemma of the RPG writer. Leave out the stats of the sagas protagonists: howls of protest. Put them in: howls of protest because they either don't a) fit how individual readers see that hero in their mind's eye or the stats have difficulty fitting with the character's actions in the books. You can try and get close - I think I did with MRQ Elric - and I still got some flak from some people who thought I'd devalued Elric's prowess with a sword...
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