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    Still undecided about our Bundle of Holding? Take a look at our Spark page for details on why there's never been a better time to get into Mythras... https://spark.adobe.com/page/IUUCc2K2BXJ5O/
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    Hence the reason it is going to be Gods of Glorantha. It is about the same number of cults as the RQ3 Gods of Glorantha, but all done long-form, with myths, history, more information, more spells, and the lot.
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    Curiously, the Parthians could make the 'parting shot' (in reality the Parthian shot) without stirrups... Note the technique (shown on the famous Hephthalite bowl) which does not require a 180 degree turn of the body, because the bow is drawn behind the head. There's an even older image on a Neo Assyrian cylinder seal, but it doesn't show so much detail.
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    It must be just a young one. In any case, it's head is higher than any of the others.
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    Alone Against the Dark is now available in print, Matt Costello's solo play Call of Cthulhu mini campaign. First released over thirty years ago, this new edition has been completely revised and updated for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition, with new illustrations and player aids (color softcover, B&W interior).Print version is now available from our US, UK and Australian warehouses.Alone Against the Dark is also available in PDF.
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    Re: Bronze Age territory sizes, a couple decades ago National Geographic writers attempted to retrace Odysseus' epic journey, matching events in the poem to actual locations. Turns out the world of Greek myth was (to 20th century eyes) smaller than expected. The world is a much bigger place when you have to depend on capricious winds or your own aching feet to get anywhere.
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    This is a group of animals clearly drawn to fit them in to a limited space. None appear to be correctly scaled. It gives a sense of what they look like, the stats will and description will show the sizes. Greg’s not involved and the animal size likely hasn’t changed since RQ: High Llama These are tall, giraffe-like camelids, often larger than bison. Unlike modern camels they have only a slight single hump. Bulls stand up to 12 feet tall and weigh on average 1600lbs, with cows being shorter and weighing in at an average 1000lbs. Their heads are relatively small compared with the rest of the body, and their legs are long and stilt-like. Bulls and cows are mid-brown in color with occasional variation. In Dark and Storm season their coats thicken slightly. High llamas can live for up to 40 years.
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    California is plenty big... I think it's important to realize that before the size of our Earth was known - i.e., the later Iron Age, most geographers believed the world to be a to smaller than it is. Glorantha reflects ideas about the universe similar to those of Cosmas Indicopleustes (though he should have known better, and was an outler in his time, I think he based his notions on pre-scientific tradition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmas_Indicopleustes). Cosmas saw the world as a cube. The inhabitable part of the world in his map consisted of Europe, Africa north of the Gulf of Guinea, and Asia as far east as India. Thus his world map is rather approximately on the same scale as Glorantha as a whole, and his notions - shared with more orthodox geographers like Ptolemy - of the size of Europe shows a continent the same size as North America, or even smaller.
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    Speaking as one who has to both manage and be managed by Jeff, cloning is not an useful answer.
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    The Glorantha Bestiary is heavily illustrated by (IIRC) a single artist, and all unique RQ species and most fantasy creatures have 1 or more illustrations, and many picture more than one member of the species... either a male and female, or multiples where there's a lot of diversity. There are also many, many spot images throughout featuring elements of anatomy, culture, artifacts, expressions, etc. Hope this helps answer your question.
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    Seconded, although I'd up that to half or more, or even ALL the of the minor deities. I know that it might be painful to excise gods like Valind from their first substantial treatment in the game, but it's a zero-sum issue of space vs utility to players/DMs more than anything. As much as Glorantha is made to be a living, breathing place by its uniquely (in FRPGs) immanent deities, the simple reality is that we can't have stories without drama, we can't really have drama without foils, and in Glorantha those major foils ARE the Cults of Chaos. To omit them in favor of peripheral gods and goddesses? ... to me it's as important as prioritizing a chapter on combat mechanics over a chapter on architecture - the latter might be very interesting in understanding how Glorantha looks, but is clearly secondary to something needed to make the game work as a game. "...cults that feature major overhauls like Orlanth, Ernalda, Maran Gor, Lodril, and Yelm..." (looks nervously at the term 'major overhauls' and braces self for substantive retcon) Oh dear.
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    Agreed! Jeff wrote: Those of us who GM outside the "official" adventures are still "scenario writers" and want the Terror just as much as your official writers do. I dislike this decision A LOT. Speaking as a GM, this book is MUCH less useful to me than it could -- and should -- be. And note: I am the primary customer in my group; even if I "sell" this game to my group & RQG becomes a favorite, none of them are likely to buy anything beyond the core rulebook. I presume my group isn't terribly atypical in this regard. I'd rather Chaosium drop a third or so of the minor deities in favor of some good ol' CoT goodness... errrr... badness.
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    As a RQ referee, I do hope we will also be able to have access to the 'cults of terror' write-ups!
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