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    Which gets reflected in RuneQuest, in that in most cases, one's ability to do stuff while mounted gets capped at your Ride skill. What we have found is that for Grazers or Praxians that is not much of a limit, as their Ride tends to be higher than their best weapon skill. But for settled folk, that is a significant limitation.
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    I ride a fair bit and often turn around fully to talk to someone behind me when on a track and rest my hand on it's back. My horse never turns with me.
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    Ok it has been a long time since I posted any art.
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    In the Eleven Lights, there are a number of "monsters" which are given sets of abilities described as: Significant, Exceptional, and Legendary. The book does not describe how to utilize these, nor are such described or defined in HeroQuest Glorantha or SKoH. Are these derived from an older version of HQ? And how are they perceived as played? Do Significant Abilities map to Hard, Exceptional to Very Hard, and Legendary as Nearly Impossible? Or used in some other way?
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    A related page...
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    That might be a bit difficult to enforce among the tribes of Prax.
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    Jalakeel's cult is the home of the Lunar spirit tradition. It's her cult that teaches contact with lunar spirits and their otherworld on the moon. Her Seven Mothers subcult is actually the full cult of Jakaleel. Her shamans work with all spirits, but are skilled at obtaining the aid of the lunar ones and specifically Lunes and occasionlly selenes. I didn't realise that this version was an edited down version of the Pavis GtA one, if you don't have access to that this should help: Lunes are described on page 184 and Selenes on page 86. On the same page in the example the Lunar sorcerer Magathius summons a Selene by accident. I would consider the Pavis version the original version except where it conflicts with heroquest glorantha. The Dying Phase has no glamours associated with it. However it is possible to use another phase to access lunar spirit charms (see above). Look at Magatheus in the sample character section. He could break out relevant charms from his Full Moon Phase. He would also have to start spreading his hero points to power another form of magic, which overall makes your character weaker in heroquest. But that's not to say it doesn't happen. He would then have access to glamours as well. They can, all lunars can use Lunar grimoires and hang them off their phase, but only if it matches. Other subcults get their charms from her. Jakaleel is a very singular cult. This all changes once you gain the Moon rune itself (normally after gaining the Black Phase) you can use all Lunar magic from all phases. If you've any other questions about this please ask. I did a lot of work for Pavis and HQG on this.
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    ah it goes a bit Philip K Dick then...
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    Nochet Vice Squad
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    So would priests and shamans be addicted then? If average folk are using it then it could lead to possessions and .... Ghost busters!
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    I can give an example from a character of mine (the campaign he was in sadly died just as it was beginning. Oh well): Companion: Three Horns of Iron, The Magical Chariot A beautiful chariot, decorated in gold, bronze, blue and white. On its front it has an iron head of a three-horned beast and appears to be drawn by four rams made out of bronze. The chariot doesn’t have a driver, but seems to move on it’s own. - Magical Chariot, drawn by four bronze rams 7W - Three Horn, a protective spirit 18 - [ ] 13 (Note: I never did come up with a third ability for the chariot)
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    Sure, if your adventure needs a situation where it is contraband, make it so, The reason why may vary, though. Hazia appears to be a meditation aid, so who is to say that the person reclining with the pipe and lost wherever is not engaging in a private religious observation? Likewise, orgiastic excesses are part of the Lunar experience, and not just simple pleasure-seeking. Traditional Christian church services are full of contemplation aids, like the communal singing of hymns, the drone of the organ pervading the body, and short meditative sequences. They may sometimes feel archaic, but they have powerful subliminal influence, something the modern forms of service often lack. You said shamans can carry with no problems - but that's registered (and sworn in) shamans only. Rogue shamans may be unable to hide their nature, but that doesn't give them an imperial carry permit any more than every off-duty mercenary may lug about in full equipment. They may very well be politely asked to give up their stores for safe-keeping. And too bad about the mice or roaches in our storage room...
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    There's another example in the Eleven Lights book, specifically the Red Sword of Cinsin (p.118) with the following: Runes Air 11W Fight without wielder + 2 Cut through anything +1 Wounds never heal + 2 Other Keyword: Proud 13 There's no rating given for the Sword itself, though perhaps it is implied with either the Rune or the Keyword. But I think it gives you another approach you can use to such an object.
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    I’d just do it as a human companion. If you start stating it as a spirit you’ve made something else. Rodney the irritating sword sword (value) irritating (value) death rune (value) norbert the worldly staff worldly (value) staff (value) truth rune (value)
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    I'd stat the spirit, and write up any inherent abilities of the physical item separately (which would be generally unlikely to improve).
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    This touches on an interesting point made by @M Helsdon a few pages back. Just because we have all the parts of the technology doesn't mean we have it. I think wheelbarrows were the example. I would also like to add that some advances are lost for perhaps cultural reasons. They may be taboo or the group of people who had the advance is wiped out foe some reason. The dwarves send goblers to eat lost/stolen dwarf secrets. The golden age of riders may have been full of stirrups and super saddles, but if they didn't make it to the dawn age no one has it. Are there stirrups and saddles on the gods wall? Have a look the dawn map in the guide who has these things, they were very small populations?
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    Given the shamanic nature of the Black Fangs, I would expect them to have a corner of the hazia market. I don't think that hazia use or addiction are criminalized in Glorantha (outside of the Sun Dome prissies). Imperial privilege circumvention on the other hand will be persecuted heavy-handedly. Hazia is likely a high-tax item, making unlicensed Hazia trade a capital offense against the Empire. Given the discorporation effect, I wonder whether putting several heavy smokers in the same basement would be a good idea.
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    Hazia, as described in the RuneQuest rules, is far more potent that marijuana. When smoked or inhaled, it allows the soul to discorporate from the body, just like the Rune spell or shamanic ability. Worryingly, this effect lasts 1D6 hours! This is Glorantha, so it REALLY does that. And it is addictive as hell. That being said, we have one character who routinely abuses hazia in order to discorporate, deal with spiritual entities, and even engage in Spirit Combat.
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    As much as you want it to be.
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    How to have a dragonnewt PC, step 1
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