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    So I took a few notes from the Chaosium seminar at Chimeriades convention in the beautiful South of France countryside. There was some discussion on Runequest core book- which they hope to open pre-orders later this month- which is as detailed a date they were willing to commit to; with the aim of a Gen Con launch. A black and white print out of the laid out book was circulated at the con and it does look beautiful and evocative. The core book will have a conversion guide as an annex for previous edition adventures to be adapted and run under the new rules. Jeff believes that the RQG core book looks more beautiful than the Guide, and that there were more artists available with a feel for Glorantha. The art is designed to reflect and enhance the uniqueness of Glorantha. The Bestiary is entering layout- it is a simpler layout than the core book, so it will go to production at a faster pace. One challenge is making stat blocks more interesting The Bestiary will allow you to play a number of different Gloranthan races including Trolls, elves, Telemori, and the most noble of all Gloranthan races- the ducks. (Hoorah!) Some 150 different RQ creatures are covered including dinosaurs & mega-fauna Next up is the GM pack- which is really a setting pack- a Colymar sandbox setting with 3 adventures which can be linked or play separately. Some 100 pages with lots of stated NPCs which can give GMs template for what a Clan Chief may look like stat wise. An impressive map of Clearwine by Oliver Sanfilippo was circulated to help GMs and players visualise locations. Boldhome appears in Dragon Pass campaign pack. No rolled maps will be produced by Chaosium- shipping costs to blame Apple Lane will be a default base for players for post 1625 setting, reflecting the power vacuums following Dragonrise. Apple Lane buildings have housing maps to help give the feel of a base for players. 12 books in advanced production to support RQG- reflecting the work of the past 2 years. The new edition will be well supported to help time pressed GMs to run adventures for groups. Source books are likely to be statted for RQ, as it will be easier for Heroquest Glorantha GMs to adapt than the other way round. GM book magic items, treasures guidance- Heroquest & hero rules Gods of Glorantha will feature 50 gods with 8-12 page write ups of each cult. Orlanth will be expanded in coverage. The Red Goddess will be featured, with new Lunar magic. It will be a very God Learner book and designed for GM to use. Issaries is a god/ cult which will see little expansion. The invisible God will be covered in a separate project. More regional gods will be covered in regional sourcebooks- such as Pavis- Jeff ran a Big Rubble scenario at the convention. Art is being ordered for the book. Jeff explains that he goes back to the oldest Greg sources & then work out what to keep & reject. Keen for returning players feel comfortable with Glorantha. Chaos gods are not PC gods so not in the upcoming book - A separate gods of chaos pack with scenarios being worked upon. Therefore GM only. Default 1625 early 1626 setting for the line Sarah Newton is at the advanced draft stage for Barbarian Town - Wild West themed bronze age- opens up mixed group of PCs.. Another project by Sarah will be announced when it is further along. Steve Perrin is writing old school feel scenarios to contrast with Sarah’s more modern approac And finally on RQG, Jeff opened up a little on the heroquest rules- Getting the feel.. River of Cradles campaign is a Heroquest- they are looking to get a toolkit of myth structure/ special effects to reflect hero-questing REWARD- Guidance how to handle that hq gifts & Levels wider than a cult... needs a Mythic restriction power with obligations. The hero should be embarrassed to use the power outside of the key needs. (Ken Rolston was animated on this point) Building package of rules after Heroquesting & becomes Hero with capital H. The Hero not super skilled not always effective- eg various Greek myths. Developing immortal self- 2 different things. Hero & shaman archtypes. Two different stat blocks. Fetches are always on hero plane. Gifts & powers come from that. Depletable resource- that be recovered through GM tasks & they have to develop cult to be worshiped. Develop a community eg Harrek is worshipped by communities who don’t want a visit from the Beserker(!) Switch of perspective Dragonewts don’t want the obligations.... Finally, Q-Workshop will be producing official Runequest dice- which look both stylish and legible- even on the mobile phone pictures I saw.
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    Well, this is a great time to get into Glorantha. With a new Runequest edition coming up, with a slew of supporting products, things are looking good. We should be getting a PDF for it relatively soon-ish, with the books and maybe more to come later this year. Meanwhile, the Glorantha Sourcebook - a systemless book - just came out on PDF and is a great further intro into the world.
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    My own report to complete dimbyd's: https://2ndage.blogspot.com/2018/05/back-from-chimeriades-vi.html
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    I think that's pretty self-evident: it's deliberately far from the bog-standard pastiche of Fantasy Medieval Europe, thus, people have no internal visualization to work from. That's the source of the (imo, overly-) excoriated identification of various aspects of Glorantha with IRL historical analogues. You can make as novel a setting as you like, but people CRAVE visualizations. Yes, people have historically imagined the Orlanthi as (variously) Teutono-Celtic-Norse Northern Europeans. They have a god that throws lightning bolts, live in steads, and are sword-swinging, cow-thieving barbarians....thus the pretty natural analogy to N.Euro primitives. The massive amount of work Jeff, Jason and crew have put into making sure these products (seem to be now) heavily art-laden is a great, necessary move and will do a lot for spurring players' visualizations and really, comfort level with the setting. I'm sure it wasn't cheap, but it'll be worth it.
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    It's like you guys have never tried that world-wide web thing: Oliver Sanfilippo (general, not Glorantha) work: http://shosuroakae.wixsite.com/sanfilippo/a-propos2 Link to dimbyd's tweet: Both are well worth a visit.
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    We're still building the list, but next week we'll start sharing some of the early access stuff. A couple of new images to go with the recruiting posts, (you may have seen them elsewhere): "Hill Country" by Andrey Fetisov "The Vale of Flowers" by Andrey Fetisov
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    I could not resist trying for a better view of the Clearwine panorama, it is just too awesome...
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    Oliver Sanfilippo has produced a number of evocative maps in the new core book, with a new take on the classic maps.
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    All this RoH Talk has got my creative juices flowing... so I'm a few days away from a first draft of my own fan adventure...
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    I'm getting way, way ahead of my group here, but probably late next year we should go back to our Lunar campaign and the crazy, dysfunctional party I detailed in "Lunar Diaries". I intend to send them on some horrifying chaos heroquests. They are going to bring the white moon by destroying the world and while some of them are guaranteed to get carried away, others will be there working for Arachne Solara to ensure there's something left when it's all over. One must destroy to create. Or, as a better analogy, there needs to be a "controlled burn" and that requires someone to be the fire. But where to find epic chaos heroquests? Which gods don't necessarily matter. They'll be "arkating" their way through the chaos gods.
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    Hello all, I picked up KoDP on GOG a few years ago, and I fell in love with the setting and mythology of Glorantha. Its one of my favorite games. I recently discovered that there was more to the universe, and eventually my search brought me here. So, I was wondering what's a good way to a newbie to immerse themselves more in the world and play with other folks?
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    If you haven't found it yet - Prince of Sartar - Official Free Webcomic - http://www.princeofsartar.com 119 Pages of pure Glorantha gold. Glorantha.com - loads of (official) info here to browse.
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    YGWV. As someone who has been refereeing in Chern Durel for about one year and who is more interested in gameable stuff than in theological discourse, I can offer the following: - The Black Sun is the main god of Chern Durel (the former Kingdom of Ignorance), worshipped by both humans and trollkin. He is simultaneously a part of the Yelm pantheon and a Darkness deity. - The Chaos vs Anti-Chaos antagonism is not as important in Eastern Genertela as elsewhere [the main antagonisms in Eastern Genertela are: Ignorance vs Splendour, and Waking World vs Nightmare], but the Black Sun is definitely NOT Chaotic, and the Uz who formerly lived in Ignorance (and who now live in the neighbouring lands) are definitely anti-Chaos since they are also subject to the Curse of Kin. - The relationship between the Black Sun and the Blood Sun is not very clear. By reading the text on p286 of the Guide, my understanding is that the Black Sun and the Blood Sun are two different interpretations of the "Suns to Come" prophecy by different people (the Uz for the Black Sun, and Jorazzi Redhands for the Blood Sun). The Black Sun is the majority cult (p287) but in my Glorantha the Blood Sun has been making progress thanks to the maize connection with the Lunar Empire.
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    Guess I'm lucky to have come here now! The sourcebook sounds perfect for me. I love reading those kinds of things.
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    The German translation of Stormbringer (I think it was first edition) was really my first contact with any BRP game (CoC followed shortly thereafter), and it also introduced me to the workds of Michael Moordock, so I guess I can't be thankful enough to this game. Rules-wise, it was an eye-opener, since until than, I had only been familiar with games where you level up, like MERP or the old German The Dark Eye. The idea that you didn't increase your hit points and that everything was "learning by doing" (and often failing) was such a big thing for me that I remember that moment of sheer incredulity even now, close to thirty years later, like it was yesterday. So, Stormbringer has a special place in my heart, even though I have to admit that I actually didn't like it that much. A lot of that was down to one player, who was also our GM most of the time, and who always had to play the arrogant badass types - in MERP, he played a Dark Numenoan, in AD&D 2nd, he was a Drow, and of course, in Stormbringer, he had to be a Melnibonean. (I kind of remember that we rolled for races, but I think he still ended up with a Melnibonean; or he was actually game-mastering and just had a Melnibonean NPC accompanying us as stand-in.) Anyway, I experienced Stormbringer as a game that catered to this very annoying aspect of his playing stile to the extreme. (I have to say that, apart from that, he was actually a great GM in many ways. But he also had a lot of authority in our group, and that made it difficult to challenge him on his often toxic PC/NPC choices.) So I ended up labelling Stormbringer as "one of these games for mean people" in my head. However, I played it years later with a different GM and noticed just how much I really liked the system and setting. If you leave out the high-powered nonsense, at least for PCs, it's just simple, gritty and fast in a way that RuneQuest could never quite be. Kind of the "quick and dirty" RuneQuest. I feel like OpenQuest does a pretty good job at replacing that for me, but Stormbringer really got me there. And yeah, Moorcock. I love his writing (sloppy as it might be), his ideas (overwrought as their execution might often be), his strong moral compass (reading Moorcock closely, you'll notice that he never revels in the darkness and violence of his worlds, but depicts them as a fundamental tragedy), and the role he played and still playes for the sf/fantasy community. I hadn't even heard his name before picking up Stormbringer, and he really changed the way I look at sf and fantasy.
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    Wow, I hadn't imagined the city of Clearwine like that!!! It's an amazing work.
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    OH OH...The Migo, there is a lot of ways to cross their path (some hint in Maleus Monstrum). I personally play in 1920' but I will also try a bit of cthulhutech where humanity end in a World war with Migo (I love mecha and playing a Pacific RIM 2 style game should be fun...). How involving MIGO : -You go into the Antartic to explore an ancient place (Lovecraft novel with shoggoth, elder things and Migo: At the Mountains of Madness ) -There is a lot of antartican scenario- -Antartic II : Another strange place in Antartic where Migo are building "Ubbo sathla & Charon" (a Migo space n' time ship to conquer worlds) -Elder Thing Missions : Enemy of Migo, a surviving Elder Thing sends Investigators against Migo's followers (Migo enemies) -Stranges Murders : Dead Bodies were found and their brains were taken ... alive (MIGO Brain Cylinder) ...
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    None taken, I understood and appreciated your excitement straight off the bat. I've been doing a lot of work with River of Heaven recently and it got me excited too, to the point where I wrote and ran a game of it at a convention at the end of last month My post was just to point out to others, who might silently wander by and read this thread later and not understand RoH's copyright and licensing restrictions. Because OpenQuest is open gaming content in its entirety I've had issues in the past, good-natured ones easily fixed by an exchange of emails, where people have assumed that RoH and the Company are open content too (which they are not - mainly because they commercial products written by other people).
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    Totally understand... no harm intended and I fully support everthing d101 😀 Marcus
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    I agree. There have been a few treatments of 'here is how to run a heroquest' in generic terms, and its good to see some consensus emerging, but a big book full of heroQuests is something that hasn't bee done and would be really great. Especially if the quests were offered with a few variations (including suggested local variations or practical issues, different enemies who may appear, etc), a few suggested game system specific issues, to make them reusable as game supplements. I tend to, as much as possible, make it game system agnostic or multi-statted at this point. We have 3 very different game systems that could all use such a book a lot.
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    With a green bedsheet and cut cardboard tubes for the head and hands, even. A world exists in which the iconic cover could be reproduced with a 10 year old cosplayer and Greg Stafford in a slarge costume. Just saying.
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    Comes in all SIZs including "Standard Gamer 3XL": Basic Role Playing: the "Big Gold Book" cover by Chaosium
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    We'll be sharing Andrey's full image sans the logo in high-res with people who sign up for the pre-release list.
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    While I'm not taking part in FreeRPG day as a publisher, I'll have to see what I can do to support it. I've got a one hour demo on my notepad that could do with typing up ;) I'm not going to be stopping with the Companion, which has a new punchy title (see the cover image below). There's more support in the pipeline to get existing rulebooks out in the field off bookshelves and into play, as well as encouraging new sale bought.
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    Well, everyone has tastes, and I don't begrudge you your own. It should be noted though that Elric as a literary character was written as a direct antithesis to Conan. Wheras Conan started as a barbarian who ascended towards being a King, Elric started as an Emperor who destroyed everything he had. This is what made him an antihero.
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    I didn't say 'evil heroes', though, I said 'antiheroes' who very much fall under the notion of morally grey characters. In the case of Elric, the moral greyness comes in the form of his consciousness of his acts (aided and abetted by demonic figures).
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