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    (truth be told I think the superhero concept is pretty cool... I'm just not too concerned about precise definitions and terminology.)
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    The connotation of the term demigod is that their power is more innate than a magician's. They often have a divine parent. You could say a demigod is someone who has a divine parent, or who is like that in some way. Another thing you could say is that a demigod is a minor god who is present in the world. Pentallion: "There needs to be a new term if Superhero is dropped." I think Glorantha works fine without identifying superheroes as a category, particularly with respect to distinctions like "as powerful as a demigod, but not a demigod". Superheroes are so rare, practically unique, that it hardly matters. If you're going to play a wargame or something where you're going to have some, and you need mechanics for them, and you need that to be balanced, well OK, then you might need to define the category. But for the purpose of having a comprehensible cosmology I don't feel it's important.
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    I use the terms hero and demigod. Although the terms certainly overlap, they are refreshingly free of the costumed connotations of superhero. WBRM merely needed two terms because Harrek, Jar-eel, and Androgeus needed some additional rules above and beyond those for Argrath, the Red Emperor, Ethilrist, etc. Having "hero" and "demigod" serves the same purpose. I suppose we could use "hero" and "greater hero" or "lesser hero" and "greater hero" - but "demigod" has better connotations.
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    Woody. Aldryan superhero????
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    Yes, it was from DW #32 (Ancient Cultures issue). A classic mad scientist/villain doomsday scenario. A bit of evidence gathering, locating the secret base, and a final battle with Nighthaunt and his minions. Stats for both Superworld and Champions. I've never ran it, but it would be just the thing for a convention type adventure or a one-shot adventure for a group. I've wanted to tie Threat of the Nighthaunt into a larger adventure, like a couple mad scientist villains competing to see who can actually end the world with their inventions. If you have a chance to pick up issue 32 with the module intact, spending $8 or less would not be that bad a deal. There is an article about the cliff dweller ruins of Mesa Verde National Park (with some good maps) that is just begging to be used for a pulp or CoC adventure. Or a cool time travel location.
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    Thinking of running a game or two in and around the Tainted lands, my rough notes so far seem heavily influenced by the Alchemists Revenge (Book by Mr Cakebread) and the video game S.T.A.L.K.ER, just wondering if anyone else had visited the area around Naseby in their games of Rennaisance and how they handled the weirdness of the area?
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    While reading the GoG, I saw that in Umathela, the malkionist are mostly Sedalpists. And this is very close to the Talar on the Brithini (cannot carry weapons) Also, In Talur, there is a sect of 'Daughters of Manena'. In the Britini Society, the Menena is the woman's caste. Is it just 'luck' or is the link between the 2 cultures stronger than I thought?
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    As one of the few lingering terms Glorantha still shares (even peripherally) with Chainmail and early D&D it's probably best to let the term go. At one point people pondered whether receiving a personal star is the test of [superhero] status, so that would be a place to test proposed dividing lines as well as source possible nomenclature. Ethilrist is the most prominent proponent of the uh hero system in the texts we have so I wonder what he would say about what separates heroes from what follows. It would be quite the labor for an aspirant to separate his practical insight from his tendencies toward confabulation and blasphemy.
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    I'm not particularly happy with the term demigod either. Demigods in myth are the offspring of a god and a mortal (usually a human). Hmmm...'ubermensch' is a little niche and has its own connotations... Avatar? Eh, what or who is Androgeus an avatar of? Champion? Paragon? Exemplar? (I kinda like that one.)
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    It was called Shattering and was a Black Fang rune spell. Acted as 4 Disrupt spells. Between summoning earth elementals, casting Inviolable or Absorption, or drawing on Earthpower, there is a fair capability with Ernalda now. For the first, Coordination. Changes to DEX reduce SR's. For the second, Shimmer which reduces chance to hit. There's only so far you can reduce strike ranks. And the RQ2 Defense ability showed that adding too much to reducing attack chances could really throw the game out of balance. The new Distraction spirit magic in RQG draws spirits towards the caster and away from those with less ability to fight spirits. You could certainly come up with a spell to draw fighters to you. The Conceal spell took attention away from you, so that gives you the cost level you should target (and if you want as a spirit spell, it's twice the rune spell cost typically). Given the general focus on gods, most attention in the past went to creating rune spells relevant to them rather than spirit/battle magic. That was generally true whether in TotRM, Tradetalk, or other fanzines.
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    For every one of our fans that wants a free RPG day RQ product we have several times that number who request a CoC product. We only have a big enough budget to do one product for free RPG day per year. There are 18 game companies participating this year.
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    Chimériades has an embarrassment of choice when it comes to great gaming and I had a huge amount of fun playing Herve the Trickster duck in the core book heroquest adventure "The Horn of Snakepipe Hollow" . It was a late night (10:30-1:30) session, so it was a little messy as we were all tired. Also the game was run bilingually by Jean-Christophe Cubertafon, as I was the only non-Francophone. It was an unusual group with I think 3 Troll PCs. With three points in "Song and Dance duck" background, there was indeed song and dance and used my bag of tricks with a succession of improvised weapons- a sacred vase of Ernalda; a dildo in the shape of the Red Emperor and a model of Kero Fen. I can confirm that taunt and fuster- cluck are fun additions to combat. 13th Age- putting the fun into F20 gaming.
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    "To infinity and beyond..." Buzz Lightyear. Yelmalion superhero.
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    Demigod seems the preferred modern term (even in Classical mythology, the term can refer to a minor deity, a mortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a hero who has attained divine status after death).
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    Razalkark will make the Black Sun appear momentarily when he moves the Red Moon into an Eclipse of Yelm. He probably gets the Red Goddess to let her hubris get the better of her, trying to eclipse Yelm and all. Who knows how he manipulates that event. But it's what happens after that matters most: The Red Moon and Yelm merge, (some say Yelm hadn't gotten any in such a long time) becoming the Blood Sun and as the Red Goddess and Yelm die, their blood and the blood of all those who die upon the Red Moon, pours over Kralorela. Harrek and Argrath witness the whole thing. Harrek merely grunts but Argrath is quoted as saying "well, that's messed up." Jar-Eel gets pretty bent over this. "Really? REALLY? AAHHHHH!" and she stomps off. Androgeus just shakes his head, "Raz, why you always gotta be like that?" The Dwarf looks on in horror, then hangs his head in despair and heaves a huge sigh. "All right, we've got some recalculating to do. Back to work."
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    Hmm, quite Mycenaean/Near East Bronze Age. It's good to see some defensive gateways at last, with dedicated kill boxes.
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    But this will be in 1625+ yes? I hope you bring a Prax book out that covers the previous pre 1625 era as well. Same with the Big Rubble if that ever appears.
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    I feel that HQ is in very good hands with @Ian Cooper in charge of it.
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    That would be a good format, small optional supplementals like that are a great way to add expansion to a game without making it mandatory in some players minds.
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    I think that's what the ones I posted are based on, and why they exist. Someone played burning wheel and wanted the same thing in mythras. a ships and shield walls like supplement with social combat in it would be excellent, actually. Good format for it, in my novice view.
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    Some examples of social 'weapons' might be Know Embarrassing Fact, Understand Political Situation or Have Read Your Psychological Profile.
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    We completely agree with you. If we publish Social Conflict rules, they'll be entirely optional and won't be baked into the core of the game. I think some people will react in such a way, but as with any rules for a roleplaying game, it's up to the GM to moderate when, where and how they are used. Some people love the open-ended nature of RPGs but simply aren't comfortable going too far down the dramatic path or even speaking in character; I'd never suggest to any of them (and I play with a couple of such people at the moment) that they go and focus on wargames or boardgames. There's definitely no harm in having such mechanics, and having the right guidance on when to deploy them. It's not that far removed from the mass combat rules in Ships & Shield Walls; we could say "And if you want pitched battles, there's this great set of 15mm rules published by..." Instead, we offer them a compatible set of abstracted rules to simulate this particular occurrence.
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    They can be fun. Most of my campaigns involve a lot of personal, emotional and social conflict and while we definitely enjoy roleplaying through these things, there are times where either a player isn't comfortable interacting at that level (and so their character is at a disadvantage); or where having a formal mechanism would actually help assist the outcome more fluidly based on the social skills noted on the character sheet. I think having some Social Special Effects can be great fun too - but they do need very careful thought, which is why we haven't rushed to them yet. We still may not; as Matt says, we do have the Task Rules and there are plenty of existing mechanisms that do the job well enough. It never hurts to kick these ideas around though.
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    We already have it under consideration. There's plenty of work to do on it yet, along with rigorous play testing, but these ideas have already been kicking around in our heads for a while.
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    Must. Resist. ............
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