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    Here is a link to the scenario I wrote to introduce some friends to Roleplaying in Glorantha in the River of Cradles, based on my home campaign: https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-188-cattle-raid-koli-complete-gloranthan-adventure-river-cradles The Lead-in: While the masters and mistresses of Brightwater are waging war in the plains of Prax, others must protect the settlement and keep the herds. When a dozen or more herd-beasts are driven off, something must be done to return them and the young herders and their friends decide to make the attempt before the knowledge becomes public – and they get a scolding from old Master Theudulf! Join a group of young heroes as they adventure on their own for the first time in the Great Marsh of the River of Cradles during Fire Season! Returning the herd is the difference between good times and lean for Brightwater. But getting back alive is never assured in the lawless wasteland of the River of Cradles . . . Three sample PCs, and all NPCs are included as attachments. You can also watch the playthrough here for a taste of how three experienced gamers who are entirely new to RQ and Glorantha did with it. We did have fun! https://d-infinity.net/live/d-infinity-plays-runequest-d-infinity-live-series-7-ep-21
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    Im splitting this off from the general topic of running games online. My plan for this is to run it online using tools such as Phil’s Google Sheets character sheets, Rolz dice roller/chat site, Skype (or Hangouts, etc) and such. Here’s the campaign introduction: Moonrise Over Karse Intro These are the overall mission goals: 1. To establish diplomatic links with the city, connect with potential allies and identify and undermine enemies of the Empire. 2. To evaluate and advise on the military options for successful invasion, siege and conquest of the city. 3. Investigate the economic and trading potential of the city. Establish trade links. Identify strategic assets and objectives for the invasion and their exploitation post-conquest. 4. Establish the Lunar religion in the city, create cultural links and bring the Lunar Way to the people. Specific missions the team may be assigned include: Neutralise an enemy of the Empire. Destroy or obtain a strategic asset. Recruit or gain leverage over a person. If you are interested in playing, please post the following info. Who is your character? Provide a few sentences summarising name, career, homeland, cult and personal summary. Why were you selected? Which of the four goals of the team will your character pursue and how? Ideally each character should have a dedicated reason to own or joint-own at least one of the goals. Only characters useful for the team mission would be chosen. Why did they come to you? My plan is to create a set of character sheets using Phil’s Google Sheets template and share one with each player. That way I can generate the stat dice before sharing so you can create your character. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the stat totals are respectable. Only capable candidates would get selected for this gig.
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    Regarding the 1 million Earth system, I remember the feeling I got when reading Ringworld for the first time. And then still being shocked when I saw the map of Earth overlayed in the RPG booklet. In many ways, Ringworld was too big to function as an RPG world. At least for the teenage version of me. Or perhaps it was just a lack of details?
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    This sounds great that HQ remains committed to Glorantha. I'm looking forward to Dragonrise, but using Fonrit as a 'Sword and Soul' setting sounds interesting. I remember Kethaela being discussed, with an Esrolia/Notchet book , and other settings in that region. I'm more than happy if this gets published as general Gloranthan Genre Packs rather than specifically for HQ. You can always sell additional RQ and HQ stat blocks pdfs associated with such, if people don't want to handwave it themselves. It makes sense for alot of Gloranthan products to be produced this way, it will save too much cross duplication between RQ and HQ products. I prefer RQ to be used for Glorantha, but in any case I don't mind picking up new HQ products for Glorantha as well. The HQ stat blocks are almost generic in many ways, and very easy to port into any other system. I do love the HQ system however, and really looking forward to it being used across a wide range of settings and genres! In fact I think it can do a much better job of this than BRP can do, it just needs the right promotion. I see HQ as one of the few good FATE rivals out there, and its something I one day envison transitioning my FATE players to. It is a shame on the pending name change, but I understand the legal issues associated with the previously dormant Heroquest board game Personally I think the new HQ title could be logically called HeroQuester; HeroQuester is such a similar name that current fans will associate it as the same game as HQ, and it sounds just as good as HQ. It will also make sense if HQG remains published as HeroQuest Glorantha, then this core generic book will seem linked with a name like HeroQuester. Plus we can still shorten the name HeroQuester to HQ! 👍 Just puttin' it out there 😁
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    Gamers are big kids regardless of actual age, and trying to please all of them all of the time is a road to madness. If I was you I’d take the moaning as a good thing, at least they’re eager for more 🤘
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    I'd suggest gently that if the incentives in the mechanics promote/reward different choices than the behaviors in the setting (at least for the tiny demographic of adventuring characters), then the incentives in the mechanics are likely flawed.
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    Then you are playing way outside the design parameters of any version of RuneQuest. The rule works just fine for characters in the 101 to 200% range, and to be honest, I don't actually think there are any mortals with skills above that. YGWV and all that, but if you are creating elf characters with a 450% bow range (since Arrow Trance just doubles the chance to hit), then I think you are on your own. Jeff
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    I don't know about others but I feel the wiki is really difficult to navigate as well as being a bit devoid of information. It feels like the information on there is cut to the bare fat but that the useful stuff is also removed. As an example, I saw this on the site: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/how-argan-argar-courted-esrola/ My process was: "Oh what's Akez Loraddak?" Center of the Shadowlands. "Where?" The God Learner name for the Kingdom of Night "What?" A historical empire in Kethaela "Where?" A coastal southern land in Maniria. "Where?!" A region of central-south Genertela "Ah, okay." I can't fathom trying to get into Glorantha as a newcomer and finding this as the wiki. I understand that a lot of effort is in this but compare it to, say, the Lexicanum for the 40k fandom: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Cadia Almost all the questions you could possibly have are answered in the summary paragraph: Cadia was a terrestrial Fortress World on the edge of the nebula known as the Eye of Terror. The planet was situated in an area of space known as the Cadian Gate, the only stable, permanent route into and out of the Eye of Terror large enough to allow the passage of battlefleets.[5] For this reason, Cadia was heavily fortified against the assaults of Chaos and was a frequent target of Abaddon the Despoiler's Black Crusades. And a bunch more are answered by the "Basic Data" sheet which has a summary of all relevant logistical data. I understand that this would be a lot of effort but maybe a fan-contributed wiki on the Glorantha site might be a solid idea? I'd happily help setting up templates etc, it's just a matter of having the space for it (and also this dodges a lot of possible legal issues, as I understand it).
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    Chaosium is contributing to Women in Tabletop Gaming Month. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting interviews with women creators who have worked with Chaosium in the past, continue to work with us now, and those who are just joining the Chaosium family. We’ve managed to gather together a fascinating group of women from all facets of the gaming industry (from writers and artists to publishers and graphic designers), all of whom have helped build Chaosium’s various gaming worlds over the years. Lynne Hardy, our assistant Call of Cthulhu line editor who compiled the interviews says, "I hope you’ll enjoy reading their stories as much as I have while editing them!" The list of the interviewees is in the link. More information about Women in Tabletop Gaming Month: http://womenintabletopgaming.com (Art credit: "Eaglebrown Warlock" by Michelle Lockamy, from The Glorantha Sourcebook.)
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    Wikia is pretty good. It’s a commercial site supported by ads, but the wikis are free at at least it means somebody has an incentive to maintain and protect the site. I’ve frequented a few wikis there before. There’s already a Glorantha wiki there. In fact I just created a RuneQuest Glorantha wiki just to see what the tools are like. Seems pretty good. I’ll have a look at building out a structure. Edit: I just added a page linking to the adventures discussed in the thread on free online scenarios.
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    An image search on Google led me to this site: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dBqbe
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    RQG PDF page 28: "Some events are only important to certain Homelands. If your homeland is listed as participating, you must roll or pick a result. If your Homeland is not listed in the Participating Homelands, you can skip the event if you choose. You can still choose to roll, even if your homeland is not listed as participating. History has a way of affecting everyone, no matter where you are from." If you really really want your Old Tarsh or Praxian character's grandparent to join in on the fun in 1597, I assume you are not meant to pick any result higher than 15 (20-5), and if you roll d20, apply that listed -5 modifier.
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    Yes, I had just spotted that moments before your reply Application submitted. Thanks for the response
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    Join the Cult of Chaos: https://www.chaosium.com/join-the-cult-of-chaos
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    Uhrwerk Verlag is a very good choice. The RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society is very happy about this!
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    Just spotted this: Does this apply to Heal Wound? If so, healing more than 1 HP will take some SR. If someone is dying, that would constrain how much healing you could get in. It is unclear what the rule is for casting Rune Magic part way through a round, should the 5 SR to prepare apply? The paragraph seems to mostly be talking about spirit and sorcery.
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    This entry seems to be a bit odd, especially with respect to the title of the thread ... 😉 My first thought was, that it should appear in this thread: But this thread does contain available HeroQuest (non-gloranthan) publications only, so it is not the correct thread too ... Seems we're missing a thread for upcoming (non-gloranthan) HeroQuest publications ... This one may be obsolete with the upcoming RuneQuest Bestiary ...
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    I'm with you here; the art is the obvious standout, but the excellent, clean, colourful layout and graphic design are almost as important. One reason I always struggled to read RQ2 was that its bare-bones layout was much less readable than that of RQ3, the version I started with. And worse, I can remember my heart sinking when I first opened my copy of MRQ and saw its cheap, dire production and layout. (It had cheap art and dire editing, too, so judging that book by its layout turned out to be quite accurate.) Beauty in layout and production isn't just a "nice to have" element; it's part of what makes a game a pleasure (or a pain) to read, and that has a real impact on how I ingest the game's rules and its atmosphere.
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    I love the crazy mechanics of these systems, it's something I would not have thought of myself, or if I did, I would be to hypercritical of my ability to know the formulas and plug the numbers correctly, it is really great that an astrophysicist went out of their way to do it. On the gripping hand, it is an rpg and it's important to think of adventure material, one day the characters could be on Thennla, coming from Alpha on their trade ship, or going to Cthulhu City. A trade ship: The Heist gone wrong: just letting my imagination roam ...
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    Some of us have been waiting about 25 years for a new edition of RQ that re-incorporated Glorantha. Of course we're impatient. 🙂 I'm glad that you put the PDF out now, myself, and am happy—well, let me revise that to willing—to wait for the later books without griping. I hope that comes across correctly as more eagerness than impatience: for all the nits I've picked, and for all the little RQ3isms that I miss, I'm excited about the new game and I (and my players) want to wade into it. I do wish we'd gotten a bit more lead time for the tribal-edit phase between PDF release and print-edition deadline, because it's RuneQuest and I want it to be perfect, damnit. (But on the other hand, additional errata corrections will give me a great excuse to pick up a later-printing hardcover after I get the first-printing one.)
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    Oh yeah, and if you want really-well-done source material that's pretty easy to convert - https://www.lythia.com/ will blow you away. It's Harn, so low-fantasy but still fundamentally d100. But the amount of freebie adventures there is amazing, and the quality is (from everyhing I've seen) universally high. A lot of people have run Harn using RQ3, although that's probably faded over the decades.
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    I have some misgivings because of tidal effects of the Klemperer rosettes on one another. According to Wikipedia, even the very simple Puppeteer-type arrangement doesn't have a robust equilibrium and might be disrupted by a missing planetoid passing through that system. The highly staggered rosettes of that 1000 body system with different orbital periods - even if they might be part of a harmonic sequence providing some stability, like for the major Jovian moons - just looks like a pinball effect waiting to happen, to me. (The orbits I am more familiar with are orbitals, so my grasp of astrophysics is fairly rudimental.) I don't think I would collect earth size planets, earth being on the high end of rocky planets before getting into the Neptune sized small gas planets. Wet and warm Martian worlds would be a lot easier to get on and off, and the entire construct looks like it requires active maintenance, to me at least. Possibly a dyson sphere capturing not just solar wind but also dislodged atmosphere that can be shot back as snowballs. And even less likely to provide stable orbits inside the tidal forces of the gas giants, unless harmonic numbers may stablilize the relative orbital speeds. Look at the missing planetary mass between Mars and Jupiter. Now have much smaller distances between orbits. Would you bet anything on those inner orbits?
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    We'd have preferred everything NOW! If you had waited, people would have complained that you had things ready but held back on the release. They would also have complained that you released three fairly expensive supplements (I know, you would argue they are reasonably priced in comparison) together, so having a wallet/card shock. If you release piecemeal, people ask "Where are the monsters? Where are the cults? Where are the Sceanrios? Where are the rules about HeroQuesting?" Basically, you cannot win, whatever strategy you choose. So, choose whatever strategy you want and people will complain and still buy the books.
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    That horse bolted long ago, I think.
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    That's good news. I'd have been less relucatant about picking up the PDF if I had been aware that the cost went towards the hardcopy. Yes I am. Lookon the bright side, if I had wanted to, I could have been a moderator here. Just think how awkward that would have been.
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    Do some people buy and play a game only because of the art? I suppose so. Does art influence whether or not some people buy and play a game? Probably! Are there people for whom art in an RPG doesn't matter at all? Wouldn't doubt it. Is it a generational thing? No. Welcome to living on a planet with seven billion different people.
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    Its not a generational thing - our club has an age range of 20s to late 50s, I was born in the mid 60s and I buy stuff for the art. We also buy games that are awful, some with bad art, some with good art. We play old stuff too, some of that doesn’t look good, but it’s fun.
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    Indeed. It was the best idea to invest money in excellent artworkers. In times of Open Quest, Mythras, PDFs, the availability of RQ2 and RQ3 material, and the ability to easily write, compile and print RPG texts using text programs and other services; How does a modern (d100-)RPG reach the surfeited crowd? Through artwork. Because artwork is something nobody can knock out on the fly. Unless he is an artworker himself or takes a lot of money and pay for it. To stand out of the multitude of RPGs and get attention, you need good artwork. Best of all, artwork which is different from everything else that is currently seen.
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    Yep. And a big part of the reason we made the Bestiary a separate book.
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    It's great to see that we'll get some cult info and spells for some of the elder races, that's fantastic and a dramatic boost in usefulness over any previous RQ bestiary.
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    Cut Shadow - separates a shadow from a man (i.e. removes Darkness).
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    There's some sort of implicit pressure, I think, to jump in and immediately have your brand new characters standing on the world stage influencing the outcome of the Hero Wars. Which is fine if everybody (including and especially the GM) is up to it. For everyone else, that's really daunting. There needs to be an emphasis on an introductory adventure. I really liked Apple Lane for that. You just feed in new bits of information as you go along. Entice your characters into wanting to know more about the bigger picture, rather than just dumping it on them (or expecting them to research it for themselves). The new GM doesn't need to know it all, either. Learn and grow. "Introductory" does not necessarily mean "beginner characters". If you want your characters to start off experienced, that's fine too -- but in that case you need to know enough to give them a useful backstory. It's all very well to start a new game as a Rune Lord (or equivalent) but if the player knows nothing about his cult and how it fits into the surrounding world I'm not sure how satisfactory it will be. Regardless, though, neither players nor GM need to know everything ... just enough to get by where they currently are, knowing that they'll find out more as they go along. A group of Sartar Orlanthi tribesmen don't need to know the history of Prax, for instance, nor do they even need to know the history of the Lunar Empire ... other than how it's affecting them, right now. I don't think Glorantha is really any more difficult than any other detailed fantasy world with a complex history. I think maybe though some people find it a bit scary because it's not traditional (by which I mean, D&D-ish). However, just because it's a really weird looking elephant doesn't mean that you don't eat it the same way as any other ... one bite at a time.
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    Though I've been gaming in Glorantha a long time, if I think back to when I started running an RQ campaign (back in RQ3 days), there was a definite reason I chose Imther to campaign in - I could largely create what I wanted and figure out the game world as I went. The main thing to introduce players to were: 1) character creation and the RQ3 rules - all fairly straightforward. 2) a set of cults to choose from - primarily drawn from Cults of Prax. Since Imther was on the edge of the Lunar Empire, I think they largely had options of: Yelmalio (who eventually became Khelmal), Chalana Arroy, Humakt (in his Yanafal Tarnils guise), Lhankor Mhy (in his Irripi Ontor guise), the Seven Mothers, and the Conquering Daughter (which I created based on what was in the Redline History). The Etyries cult was usually the villain (greedy merchants). 3) some starting locations. I mapped out the Southlands of Imther, added a Sun Dome and the city of Hortugarth, and added the city of Greenbrass (from the initial RQ3 scenarios). 4) someone to provide some foundational information - a character named Appchus who belonged to the Conquering Daughter temple and was ostensibly a merchant (really a spy), but always a friend to the PC's. I had a handout of the Known World and Appchus' descriptions about various places and people. And we started playing. Over time, we learned more about the city, and conflicts between factions in the city, acquired patrons and foes, and eventually stumbled into a larger epic where one of the PC's was to become the legendary Earthwielder (or had an opportunity to do so). There were journeys to Jillaro down the Singing Trail, rescue missions to the Central Mines, ventures into the haunted Plain of Stones, and a great trek to find the giant Gonn Orta. Having the Griffin Mountain supplement was useful for that.
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    I use a spreadsheet that allows me to quickly stat up NPCs. Basically, I choose Background, Profession, each of the Traits, weapons and Magic from drop-downs and it spits out a character sheet. Very useful when statting up NPCs for supplements.
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    Also, to be clear about my motives: I like working inside boxes. Tell me what my parameters are, and I'll actually be more creative than if someone said, "do whatever". Glorantha is a setting nerd's dream come true, so I want to know all the setting parameters. Now, IMG, I may bend or break some of the official canon details, but I want to know I'm doing so, because it will allow me to map out how the change effects other things more.
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    So a starting character can do this right? Sink 3 POW into rune points at chargen to have a 6 pt rune pool then extension 5 sword trance sinking idk assuming the sunk their best stat into power say 12 mp into sword trance giving them +120% to attack and parry for a year, which if added to their starting skill lets say 80% puts them at 200% for the next year? Starting character? Or am I making an error?
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