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    First you roll to hit, and your opponent can try to parry, but if you hit you then roll damage and hit location and subtract armor.
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    Except that crushing special damage already uses Weapon damage + max dam bonus + rolled dam bonus
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    I would think so, mainly because the Sailor profession and the NPC Sailor/Pirate example as well as the optional rules for ships do not mention any other ship related skill. Besides, introducing an additional skill for navigation would seem like skill creep to me, and therefore against the spirit of the comparatively rules-light Renaissance game.
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    Many thanks to those who spotted errors. I can confirm that multiple professional proof readers were paid to error spot. Unfortunately with works of this size things do get missed. We constantly seek and work with different proof readers in an ongoing attempt to make our books as error free as possible. We invite people to send in errors, which we then address in the PDF and print (or reprints) on an ogoing basis, and we are grateful for everyones contributions.
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    Runemasters is a new Chaosium sponsored GM collective, formed to bring Gaming in Glorantha back to the Continuum Convention in Leicester. Ten GMs will be running 16 Gloranthan games between opening and closing ceremony. Initially formed in response to the perceived lack of Gloranthan Gaming at the Continuum 2016 Convention, it is hoped, if successful, to expand the programme to other conventions. More details at the link: https://www.chaosium.com/blogrunemasters-gloranthan-gaming-at-continuum-this-weekend/
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    yep I was not referring to the boxed text which contradicts it all.
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    Humakti who have been initiates for a full year are taught Bladesharp 4 for free, and more points in the spell may be purchased at 1/2 cost later. We've treated it as part of the 5 points of starting spirit magic - so Humakti usually start with Bladesharp 2 and three points of additional spirit magic (usually Demoralize and Heal 1), and then train up to Bladesharp 4 in play. But to each their own.
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    Boathandling and Shiphandling skills explicitly come into play when the water craft needs to be handled in rough going. Lore skills make the point of explicitly stating the skill is knowledge and doesn't reflect ability in the subject. What skill does a Renaissance character use to get a sailing vessel to the New World and back?
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    The example on Page 206 is clearly wrong: A critical hit with a short spear should cause 7+7+1D4.
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    Don't forget Encounter Roleplay is running a competition to give away a hardback copy of the RQ Bestiary - details here: https://gleam.io/mBO8q/runequest-bestiary-hardback-giveaway
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    To me it is, but I find it odd the description of the skill doesn't say anything about Navigating across the sea. It is what I will be using. And per the Boating rules, only require the Captain to make a roll when adverse conditions exist.
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    Thanks for the references! Will definitely peruse as time allows. The difficulty of fairly representing the Powhatan is that they didn't have written records. Most of what we know about them comes from the English. For example, I have a tome sitting on my desk called Jamestown: Eyewitness Accounts of the Virginia Colony The First Decade 1607-1617 edited with commentary by Edward Wright Haile. I used this book during the recent Jamestown adventure (played at the Powhatan Resort just outside Williamsburg by the way) at key parts of the adventure to present some of the events, some of the NPC's literally in their own words. Pretty cool! if I do say so... The Powhatan words used in the above excerpt, for example, come from a dictionary put together by John Smith, who didn't regard the native people as mere "salvadges". Another resource I would recommend is Powhatan's World and Colonial Virginia: A Conflict of Cultures which grew out of a doctoral thesis in anthropology written by Frederic W. Gleach. Totally recommend Savage Kingdom: Virginia and the Founding of English America by Benjamin Wooley, which I and two of my players listened to in Audiobook format on the long drive to Williamsburg on our separate trips there. The level of detail is everything a GM of alternate history could wish! The depiction of Pocahontas above, by the way, comes from an imaginary scene created by Georg Keller in 1617 to illustrate Ralph Hamor's A True Discourse of the Present State of Virginia. I generally prefer artwork that is nearly contemporary, even when pure fantasy! Finally, the archaeology of Jamestown itself, once thought washed away down the James River is the life's work of the Inimitable Bill Kelso, who we had the good fortune to see supervising work at the site of his rediscovery of the actual fort. His book, Jamestown, the Truth Revealed also occupies a place of honor on my Jamestown shelf. I am planning a return trip to Williamsburg, which succeeded Jamestown as capital of Virginia, in September. Don't tell them, but I thought our next adventure might involve the descendants of the Player Characters in the New World at the time of the Revolution. This is definitely the most fun way to learn history one could imagine!
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    I rather like the crew rules in Pirates and Dragons. They recognize the necessity of the crew working together under a captain's leadership to achieve a challenging goal like travelling to the New World and back and follow the Renaissance rule system. For an extended sea voyage, you might want to consider them. Bon voyage!
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    If this upcoming trip to the New World turns into a horrible grotesque salt and brine self flagellation whale on man shag show I will turn this campaign around immediately and you all will be sent to your rooms.
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    Also look through David Millians Kralorela material in the online Rule One magazine starting with Issue 3. Not explicitly canonical, but I think you would find useful. http://ruleonemagazine.com/Archive.php There's the Kralori Sky in issue 4, the Archexarchs in Issue 5, lots of Kralori ghosts in issue 8, BoShan province in issue 13, and cults of Chern Durel in issue 15 http://ruleonemagazine.com/Iss15/CultsofChernDurel.php
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    I think this episode of Gregging is fascinating and I'm loving reading all the discussion. As for references, these are always handy: Greg Stafford, 1993: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/the-birth-of-elmal/ Nick Brooke: http://etyries.albionsoft.com/etyries.com/journeys/elmal.html By the way, I played the Elmal guards the Sunpath ritual in the Six Ages videogame... and it was cool to see Elmal talk with Little Yelm, and then face the Cold Sun in the ritual. Are Little Yelm and the Cold Sun different names for Yelmalio or is Little Yelm the emperor Murharzam?
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    Nits, prepare for a fine picking! I'm watching it and will update this post as things occur. Sorry if this comes over negative or critical, I appreciate it was 2 in the morning, but I would like to get some feedback on whether these were mistakes, liberal MGF interpretation, or my misunderstanding. There is no Animal Handling skill, which is why none of them found it! Did you mean Animal Lore? Herd? Runic Inspiration - Vasana (I think) rolls Truth to augment Scan, and fails - rather than imposing a -20 to further uses of the rune, you impose a -10 to the Scan skill (the rules on p229 do not specify a penalty to the skill being augmented - are you using a different form of augment?). Harmast's impale with a javelin should have rolled damage twice, rather than maximum rollable damage plus a roll. Command Cult Spirit is 2 points, so Yanioth can only summon a Medium and control it. That is what she in fact does, but I think she and Jason both said it's a 1-point spell. How come Yanioth's roll of 94 to cast her Command spell is a success? Did she try a second time and succeed? I might have missed that. Vasana's Demoralize should have gone on SR4 not SR5, as she has DEX SR 3, and a 2-point spell takes 1 SR. Mr. EncounterRP has clearly hacked the dice rolling application. "Hit him in the dick"? I thought this was a family-friendly channel! You let Harmast declare parries against the second attacker after knowing that the hit was successful, which is quite generous. I think you got back to being more strict later. Ok maybe Mr EncounterRP isn't cheating after all... fumbled parry, lol! I can't find this rule that says that a critical does maximum weapon damage plus a roll. All it says on p206 is that critical hits ignore armour, on top of the special result. I thought that Scorpion Man legs used to be non-vital locations, you could smash half of them to bits with them hardly noticing. Harmast's Jump should be DEX*3 + Agility modifier, not just DEX*3. So that's about it, a few queries there that I'd be interested to know about. I appreciate as a GM myself that keeping a game flowing is more important than getting every rule call entirely accurate. I think this list is useful, though, as it lets people know what the trickier bits are that are easy to get wrong so that they can watch out for them.
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    I also think there is d100 cyberpunk room. I think if I ever decided to take my time to write RPGs a little more seriously, that’s probably my first. There is a real thirst for cyberpunk, and especially after the cyberpunk 2077 trailer. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve fielded the “I want an alternative to Shadowrun” question with Mythras i started working on one, but it’s extremly slow going. Not a pro writer, and dedicate limited time.
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    I like the Dolmenwood setting, I was planning to run it with the OSR rules "The Heroes journey". But while reading it the setting just screamed Magic world to me. I don't think I'll run it exactly the same way it's presented in the books, but I'll take A lot of inspiration from it. Miles
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    Magic has without a doubt been the most difficult thing to get right, but after hacking away at things I think I settled on a few beats that should (hopefully) work well. In short this is what I have in mind: Fey, and demi-fey will have exclusive access to Fey Magic from Advanced Sorcery A modified and somewhat codified version of Deep Magic is the province of the Drune Dwarfs don't feature prominently in the zines, but I decided to put in my own version who are more in the vein of Rumpelstiltskin, or dwarfs from Grimm's fairy-tales (7 dwarves, et al.) They are the exclusive users of Rune Magic. The Church of the One True God don't have magic, but they can call on divine intervention. I stole the mechanics from Stormbringer 4th edition; the character can call upon their patron saint and they make an Allegiance check, if it fails they lose half of their Light points, otherwise if the roll succeeds, they lose Light Points equal to the die roll. The divine intervention is not limitless, but should be fairly spectacular ("sinful" invocations fail automatically). True Deep Mages are wild talents, and are viewed with a lot of suspicion and are frequently the target of Drune kidnapping raids Witchcraft uses the BRP Witchcraft supplement. Good ol' tried and true sorcery works just like it says on the tin, but is strictly the province of a master-apprentice relationship (so you need the sorcerer or sorcerer's apprentice occupation to use such magic). The real fun I had was making up my own versions of Elves (which are basically changelings), grimalkin, and some of the other Dolmenwood denizens like goatmen and I even pulled in firearms from Renaissance and modified them to fit with Magic World a little better. Anyway, I'm not really sure this is ready for primetime, but if anybody wants to take a look, it might be marginally interesting? It still needs a Magic World version of Woodgrues, and Moss Dwarfs. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hersmtj6dbvt91g/Player Rules %26 Gazetteer(final).pdf?dl=0
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    Name: Necklace of Fangs Description: A strand of woven sinew with the fangs of various predatory creatures (Lions, bears, wolves, Basmoli, trolls, etc. Cults: Agamori, Beast cults, Hunter Cults. Knowledge: Among Agimori, it is common to give a Necklace of Fangs to a new initiate of the Hunter as part of their initiation ceremony. Details of appearance and manufacture differ from culture to culture. Some include feathers or tufts of fur, beads, even pierced coins as ornamentation. When found, a Necklace of Fangs has 1d10+1 fangs. Roll 1d10+1 again to determine how many of them are still enchanted. History: These necklaces (or sometimes armsbands) were first made among the Agimori, who sought to emulate the predatory skill of the great carnivores that stalked their land. Since then, the secret of their manufacture has spread, such that many hunter cults can produce them. Procedure: A Priest of the Hunter can create a Necklace of Fangs from the necessary materials, immediately after a successful hunt of one of the beasts whose fangs will form part of the item. A ritual, not unlike the Peaceful Cut, is conducted, honoring the strength and courage of the slain animal, and the Priest sacrifices 1d6 Magic Points per fang to be enchanted. Powers: Each Fang can be used once for a number of minor effects. After that, the fang is no longer enchanted. 1: Draw 2 Magic Points from it, which must be used immediately; 2: Cast Speedart, the Magic Point is paid by the fang; 3: Add 20% to the next Survival or Tracking roll you make. Value: 50L, + 100L per enchanted fang.
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