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    MOB, I'll PM you my email. The game was awesome! It was a great close to my Gen Con, which consisted of playing five(!) and running one game of RuneQuest in Glorantha.
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    Cant wait for anything in hard copy
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    Which raises the question of what's different about spirit cults, especially as Rune Cults are described as existing for tribal ancestors and wood nymphs. As for divine or not, I don't believe RQ:G is based around the four worlds system. Given page 269 mentions "powerful spirits who have not made the jump to godhood." I think in RQ:G, spirit vs god is a matter more of power than of origin. For example the Thunder Brothers in the RQ Bestiary (185) are mentioned as ranging from cult spirit level to gods in the own right.
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    As someone who was first introduced to Glorantha through King of Dragon Pass, I actually had the impression that Elmal was the 3rd most important god in the entire Orlanthi pantheon (behind only Orlanth and Ernalda themselves) and Orlanth's de facto #2. More to the point, I was a big fan of Elmal: his Heroquest was the hardest in the game, but that fit very well for what it required of Elmal and just made it even more epic when you pulled it off, and becoming the king even though you were Elmali and thus looked down on by followers of Orlanth felt very satisfying. Basically, Elmal was The Man, as far as I was concerned. So it was pretty disheartening when I got into Glorantha as a setting outside of that game and the canon story is that Elmal is just some minor deity who barely gets any attention or respect and is being muscled out by Yelmalio, who he's regarded as some inferior aspect of (who, honestly, just doesn't strike the chord with me that Elmal does, for all he sorta-kinda tackles similar themes in his myths) and is the source of some big thing with older fans who see him as an unnecessary add-on. His name appears exactly once in Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Personally, I think Elmal serves a very important role in both the mythology and the societal structure of the Orlanthi, and I think him getting pushed to the side in favor of Yelmalio is not only kind of a disservice to him, but also something that would probably weaken them in the long run, because Elmal provides a perspective and skills that Orlanth needs and isn't going to get even from Yelmalians who are friendly to Orlanthi. Also, I can't wait until Six Ages is ported to Windows and I can see Elmal as the Hyalorings view him.
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    I've started working on the Suebian and the Holy Faliscan Empire of the Suebian Nation. As indicated above, they will be loosely built based on the Holy Roman Empire which means there is both a decentralized and a centralized power (Local Nobles and the Empire), both a small Imperial Army and Regional mustered Army and a small navy (20 or 40 ships). Based on the Era, I's still working on the basics both skills and culture, the Unique class is a bit trickier, not that it is hard to do, but more on what cultural element I want ot focus on (currently debating between Artillery or Clergy). Below are links to my work documents and Any feedback will be appriciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HHaaqIwrtJRFeZbTdSGQIYc3qDn-k2DR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WfT5_MOOb-LkgCVVlQRShk-da7B5E8H-/view?usp=sharing
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    Just wondering what kind of Clockwork powered insanity people have added to their games of Clockwork and Chivalry (Or at least tried to slip past the G.M 😋) I'm still trying to figure out how to get one of these bad boys in.
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    Chaosium will publish a second, updated edition of the critically acclaimed Harlem Unbound, it was announced at Gen Con today. Harlem Unbound is the creation of African-American game designer Chris Spivey. The first edition was published to critical acclaim by Spivey's indie studio Darker Hue Studios. Spivey's first release, Harlem Unbound won three Gold awards at the 2018 ENies Awards. The new edition of Harlem Unbound will feature additional scenarios, new maps and new art.
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    The Köln Machinations is available now as a PDF. Hardcover and softcover versions will follow soon. It's 1610. All of Europe teeters on the brink of war. The Köln Machinations is a Clockwork & Cthulhu adventure for 4-8 adventurers, set in The Rhine River Valley in The Holy Roman Empire, in the Year of Our Lord 1610. The Köln Machinations is the sequel to The Heydelberg Horror and part of the A Clockwork of Orange campaign. Requires the Clockwork & Chivalry Core Rulebook, 2nd Edition, to play. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248901/The-Koln-Machinations?src=newest
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    It was posted here on BRPCentral by user Dimbyd, IIRC, I don't have a copy. I didn't save the link, but the search shouldn't be too onerous.
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    Please also check out the free PDF QuickStart for RQG.
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    Never has a link been clicked so fast.
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    If you played in my RQG game "The Diet of Wyrms" at Gen Con on Saturday night could you get in touch? I somehow lost the bit of paper where you all wrote down your email addresses. As we talked about, I'd like to send you the background stuff to the scenario, the tumultuous events leading up to the Second Battle of Moonbroth (in which you all served so admirably, if not gloriously...).
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    In the Glorantha sourcebook p 198 in Gods, Spirits, Heroes and Demons we can read a litlle more information: We can see that: So it seems that there are very few distinctions between spirits and gods, except that about spirits: One thing that make gods being gods is their living in God Time. Heros and Demigods have a partail existance in the God Time. They didn't born with this, so it is possible to gain this existance. Perhaps spirits cults become a "true" divine one if the spirit exist in the God Time (and wish to become one)...
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    Continuation of the good Dr.'s accounting of the horrid affairs encountered beneath Saracenic Hall. Hats off to the PC behind Dr. Thomas Norton who continues to write such wonderful session reports!!! A surprising dinner is always the best kind of dinner The doors swing open effortlessly the CL.U.Ber's take a step back shielding their eyes from the sudden bright glow but as their eyes adjust they can make out whats in front of them. The room is large and richly furnished, several ornate and deep Persian rugs cover the stone floor, tapestries hang heavily from every wall and several large chandeliers hang from the vaulted ceiling each one ladened down with sweet smelling candles. The room is dominated though by a massive and heavily carved oak table which almost glowed in the reflected candlelight, at the end of the table opposite the doorway and the CL.U.Ber's sat an aged gentleman working away at a ledger of some sort, he pauses and looks up at the now open doorway Wilhelm stepping further into the room hiding his pistol behind his back explains that he had come to inform someone that dinner is ready. The old man closes the book and carefully lays his quill aside "It seems a little early for dinner? " the Doctor steps next to Wilhelm and tells the old man that they had been sent down to collect him by Lysette as she has cooked his favourite meal but she was worried that it might spoil if she had to tarry in its serving. The old man smiles a slow smile and leaning back nods and asks a few questions which the CL.U.Ber's do their best to answer without giving themselves away too much they claim to be new employees hired by Joshua who told them to assist Lysette in the Kitchen for now before helping with the drainage project. Then still smiling the old man then greets someone else who seems to be behind the Party "Ahh Elizabeth I'm surprised to see you back so soon" a woman pale of skin and naked seemingly drifts past the Party but pays them no heed instead she approaches the old man and bends down to whisper to him. The Doctor removes his helmet and looks downwards "Sir I must protest this Lady is naked, could she not be covered?" the old man laughs without humor and apologises and tells the lady that that as they have guests she should get dressed. She turns her pale beautiful face towards the Party and shrugs a perfect shoulder "If you so wish brother, I wouldn't want to rise the choleric humors of these fine gentleman now would I" she raises an eyebrow and then glides away to one of the doorways behind the old man. He watches the Party as they watch his sister leave before coughing loudly and still smiling gestures to the empty chairs near the Party "Now please sit" the Doctor smiles weakly "I'm very sorry Sir but Lysette was most insistent that we inform you that dinner was ready and that we should return as soon as possible to continue preparing the tables" the old man sighs "No you have no need to worry about Lysette even though I don't understand why you keep insisting her name is Lysette, after all, you entered my basement domain with young Rebecca but never mind you will take a seat and you will tell me the real reason you have come down here and disturbed my work" The Party exchange worried looks it seems like they have been rumbled. The Doctor takes a seat all the while trying to keep the lies going Wilhelm on the other hand snarls and walks briskly down the length of the table and with one hand drags the chair next to the old man out whilst the other swings out and levels his pistol at the old man's head "Stand up sorcerer" the old man looks somewhat sadly at the Bavarian before he spits out "There will be no weapons at the table! you will be seated"Wilhelm's gun hand is suddenly twisted violently up and to the side, he cries out in pain and shock as his pistols barrel is now firmly pointing at his own head. He looks towards the Doctor sweat pouring down his face a look of pure horror in his eyes as he strains to move the pistol from his temple. The Doctor doesn't know what to do stunned by this show of hellish power and begins to ramble hoping that if he acts normal then everything would return to normal. The old man gestures again and Wilhelm finds himself forced into a chair though he looks up and asks the Doctor for news of the world outside. Adding to the strangeness the pale lady returns bearing a tray of steaming bowls the man looks at the now elegantly dressed lady and nods "Excellent choice of dress Elizabeth most suitable for the occasion" he sniffs and claps his hands together "Ah and Onion soup my favourite" Elizabeth places a bowl in front of everyone including the still struggling Bavarian. "Tuck in gentleman" more worried looks are exchanged between the Party and the Doctor takes a somewhat timid spoonful of soup. There is an awkward pause then the Doctor breathes a sigh of relief and then tucks in as if a man once starving. The conversation picks up again and the old man inquires about the situation in Norfolk and after learning about Parliaments successes the old man becomes heated and outraged over the Kings defeats and seems shocked and horrified that Parliament dared to execute the King he rages that the world has been turned upside down but as the Doctor and Wilhelm begin to worry he suddenly becomes somewhat mournful and begins talking sadly about his family, the death of his eldest, the fate of Eustace and the annoyance he felt over his other son, the wayward Constantine. Time passes and Sir Mallebeench is the perfect host and the Doctor is able to convince him that the Witch hunter just made a foolish mistake, that as a foreigner from the backwoods of Bavaria he didn't understand the proper behaviour of a dinner guest. The old man sighed looked thoughtfully at the Bavarian and in a low voice full of hidden threat reminded Wilhelm that a guest should never threaten his host and then with a slight gesture released him. Wilhelm slowly lowered his pistol the muscles in his hands and arm visibly shaking, he places the pistol carefully onto the table "Thank you mein herr" he says coldly and begins to rub his strained muscles. Sir Mallebench smiled and nodded "I will forgive you this once but remember your place in future" he then claps as Elizabeth re-enters carrying a large platter of roasted meat "Excellent the main course has arrived, tuck in gentleman Elizabeth cooks a most unique roast". Wilhelm casts angry looks towards the pale lady and the warlock whilst the Doctor tries to keep the conversation going whilst avoiding giving the game away still pretending that they are nothing more than demobbed soldiers looking for honest work. Though the Doctor was starting to suspect that the old man knew exactly why they were here but the dice had been thrown and the game will be played out. The candles dimmed the conversation became less guarded as the wine flowed and Mallebeench relaxed a little and proved to be an excellent and engaging host he seemed to have a vast knowledge of history and was a fine storyteller, Elizabeth who when not busy bringing in platters heaped with fine foods had taken to lurking just behind the Bavarian, her pale hands resting on lightly on the back of his chair. The last course was a fine Gooseberry fool its cream chilled, thick and flavoured with expensive spices the gooseberries themselves had a wonderful boozy grape like taste. The CL.U.Ber's attacked their deserts as if starving men and soon their bowls were empty. Mallebench sighed sadly as he pushed his empty bowl away from him "My sons used to love their deserts and a gooseberry fool was Constantine's favourite, I used to joke that he liked it so much because he was as foolish as the desert" he suddenly turned ice cold eyes onto the CL.U.Ber's "You say you want work, that you would happily serve me?" the Doctor suddenly sobered up "Erm....Yes" Mallebeench nodded and continued "Good, you have broke bread with me and enjoyed my hospitality so I ask what do you know of my sons current whereabouts? he keeps dark company these days and last I heard he was skulking around somewhere near Norwich?" The Doctor coughs and tells Mallebeench that they had heard rumours of a purge of sorts taking place in Norwich, apparently a powerful criminal gang had become too big and had attracted the attentions of senior members of New Model Army there had been a clamp down. Many gang members were killed during raids whilst others were sent to the castle gallows. Wilhelm nods adding that he had seen a pamphlet which mentioned that the gang was called the Tenebrous hand but he had not seen anyone called Mallebeench listed amongst those killed. He also mentions that there were dark rumors that the gang was rumoured to worship the Devil himself. Mallebeench rubbed his chin "This gang seems just the thing that Constantine would get himself involved with, he always did have a flair for the dramatic" he chuckles "And he always preferred to manipulate others into doing his dirty work" he calls Elizabeth over and they have a quick whispered conversation, Elizabeth nods and heads back out of the room. Mallebeench continues "If my son was involved it seems that he has managed to escape punishment once again" he seems to reach a decision and points to a dark wooden chest which sits in the corner behind his seat "Take a coin from that chest, consider it a down payment but more importantly it will show others that you are part of...." he pauses struggling for the correct word......"my household. I suggest you keep it close to you at all times instead of spending it on some short lived fun." The Doctor stands up and walks slowly to the chest he pauses and looks back at Wilhelm who nods slightly the Doctor takes a deep breath perhaps remembering what happened with the jar of eyes then with a sudden jerk he lifts open the lid and rapidly steps back. No cloud of toxic fumes billowed out this but the corner does get a sudden golden glow. The chest is filled with large gold coins which reflect back the low candle light which gives the whole chamber an added lustre. Mallebeench seeing the Doctor pause again calls out "Take the coin and your journey into my households service will be complete" the Doctor reaches out and picks up one of the fat gold coins and sees that its covered in some kind of wavy script "Good, good your contract with my household is now complete. Welcome to my association " The Doctor turns to face the old man "What kind of coins are these?" he starts to walk back towards the table but stops when Mallebeench raises a hand "You have friends Doctor, friends who I believe also seek employment isn't that correct Herr Teufel?" Wilhelm seems to be fighting with himself but through gritted teeth mumbles "You are correct Sir Mallebeench" smiling Mallebeench turns back to the Doctor and asks him to return to the chest and take coins enough for all of his friends. The Doctor tries to avoid this as the taking of the coin suddenly seems to be a more than just simply collecting ones wages, but Mallebeench will not hear of it insisting the Doctor does as asked. The Doctor returns and collects coins enough for all the CL.U.Ber's. As the Doctor returns to his seat Mallebeench smiles and congratulates them on joining his household he is about to say something else but suddenly stops and a puzzled look crosses his face "Tell me though why do you keep mentioning Lysette? you came down here with dear Rebecca" the Doctor looks confused and worried but rallies and replies that hadn't seen Rebecca they had just met and received instructions from Lysette and Joshua Poer. Mallebeench seems as confused as the Doctor but shakes his head telling the Doctor that it matters not. Elizabeth returns bringing in a tray of crystal glasses which surround a decanter filled with a deep red liquid that sloshes thickly around inside. "Ahh the claret has arrived, we will celebrate your employment and you and I will discuss your first job" The atmosphere became much subdued as Mallebench explained what his plans were he wanted them to find Constantine and to bring him back to face his judgement,he warned them that he son dabbled in things best left alone and had for years dreamt of becoming all powerful no matter what the cost, he even hinted darkly that his son was a demonologist and that if allowed to continue his foolish plans many innocents would die. The CL.U.Bers pretended to be shocked at this news and carefully asked a few questions trying to get a glimpse of the truth, trying to find out what Constantine was really about but it seemed that Constantine was no Royalist sympathiser his plans were all his own and just for his selfish desires . So Mallebeench thought his son was still trying to claim this power but having failed to see his plans work here he would be forced to go to British Houndarus where he would play his last card in his bid for ultimate power. Mallebeench reached into his coat and threw a medallion at the Doctor "You will be needing this" the Doctor reached out and picked up the medallion turning it over in his hand it was of a strange greenish soapstone that felt cool and slimy to the touch the Doctor unconsciously wiping his hands down his breeches several times whilst handling the medallion. One side was plain whilst the other bore a carving of a strange creature to the Doctor it seemed to be part goat, part octopus but the carving was hard to look at and much like the Owls there sometimes seemed more goat than tentacles whilst on second look it was the other way around.
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    Pardon me, your cruel Keeper, as I add a session report to the tapestry which the good Dr. Norton has been so diligently provided to date. See he is awash in the absolute tumulent of events which have been engulfing the party so I feel it is incumbent upon your host to lend a horror stained hand. The following narrative gives only a glimpse of what a portion of the party experienced under Saracenic Hall. There will be more added to this tale. And it may seem a bit disjointed, but before our brave heroes are swept from the board it is appropriate their trials and tribulations should be accounted for; “We're taking the girl?” Tomas nodded to the bound redhead in hand, catching Ralph out of his reverie. Ralph looks around, grabs his lantern from the floor. “Yes.” The house servant resists a bit as the Frenchman pulls her along. She bites her lip as if afraid to raise her voice in protest within the dark subterranean hall. Ralph strides forward down the hall, lantern held aloft, in search of the grinding and piping noise issuing deep within the dark. The passageway is narrow, barely six feet in height so the party must watch their head. Ralph's light reveals the walls are riddled with small holes. The horrid grinding and piping sounds come from these holes, weirdly amplified and the group quickly pushes on. Ralph is stopped short at the entrance to the next chamber. Their appears to be no floor. Open cells, square pits really, drop into the dark leaving a thin walk of stone, a mere six inch span, to provide a pathway to the outlet on the other side. Holding the lantern high Ralph is able to illuminate the pit before him. Ten feet across and fifteen feet deep, smooth fitted stone walls. Skeletal remains huddled pitifully at the bottom. There are seven in all. The narrow lip proves to be sturdy under Ralph's searching feet. “We walk across, to that exit.” He informs the hostage and the Frenchman. “The corpses, they have been mutilated,” mentions Tomas. In the middle of the room the exiled noble is able to survey four of the pits at once. “They all are missing a foot and a hand. What do you suppose that was for?” Ralph, silent and noncommittal as per his way, shrugs. The two warriors instantly come alert at the sound of a grotesque skittering. A clicking of legs and cold chitin as two monstrous ticks descend from the black ceiling, down along the far walls, and gingerly make their way towards the group along the narrow cell rims. Both Ralph and Tomas give oaths under their breath, each recognizing their precarious footing on such narrow ground. These blasphemous, these ugly, overlarge insects suffer no disadvantage with a multitude of legs. Instinctively they place their female hostage between them. Her bound hands making her defenseless they debated not on protecting her from the gruesome onslaught which was about to spring. The giant ticks leapt at the pair, savage mandibles spread wide intent on gorging on blood. Tomas struck with his long thin rapier while Ralph made a windmill swipe of his ax. Both warriors were able to land telling blows against the thoughtless insects, large as they may be, but it was Tomas who lost his balance. He tumbled roughly onto the moldering bones at the bottom of one of the pits only to stir up more foul-smelling outsized insects. Tomas desperately clutched at the ear-wig like insect who writhed and strove to snip his head from his neck. The close grapple preventing him from wielding his deadly rapier effectively. Ralph saw nothing for it. He leaped into the pit bringing his booted heels square on the giant insect's back. There was a sickly crunch and the beast lay inert. “I thank you my friend.” That was a tight one.” Tomas tipped his hat to the burly Puritan. “We should leave this chamber”, Ralph replied. The red haired hostage had an opportunity to escape her captors while they battled in the pit, but she had not. The dark nightmare tunnels had kept her fast to her captures better then any iron cage or chain. Outside the insect infested pit room the tunnel walls turned from stone to natural cavern. A noxious stink was now readily apparent. Like pigs, like a pig sty which had never been cleaned. When the stink came to be almost a physical cloud making the trio's eyes water the tunnel gave way into a cavern. Mewling sounds came from below. They stood on a ledge overlooking rough, rocky ground below. It was packed with moaning, pig-like beasts where the awful stench emanated from. The beasts were revealed in the lantern light as flabby, loose fleshed swine on unnaturally long legs sprouting a gnarled horn from their white skinned faces. Hairless, their long stay in this subterranean sty left the pungent beasts albino white. The ledge the adventurers stood on gave access to the lower cavern via time worn stone steps while an additional tunnel continued on from this horrid stockyard. For stockyard it surely must be. A smooth granite stump projected from the floor of the ledge. Upon it laid boning and skinning knives. Discarded hooves and snouts nearby added to the feted smell. Rats squabbled over bits in the gloom. Hanging on nails banged into the cavern wall dried, pale skins hung drying. “So the promised pig skins by Mr. Carter. I believe this is where they would come from.” Ralph comments soberly. Tomas wrinkles his brow in confusion. “A local leather worker was grousing about Thomas Carter not showing up. Wasting his time and all that. He was hoping to purchase a bundle of pig skins. I think this is what Carter intended to sell.” finished Ralph. The hulking Puritan turned to the Frenchman and handed over his lantern. "I'm going to look for an exit out of here. Maybe there is one in the sty.” Both Tomas and Ralph had clocked two exits leading out from the ledge they now stood on. One reintroduced the worked and finished walls they had already encountered while past the skinning block another natural tunnel plunged downwards. Before Tomas could comment Ralph gingerly navigated the worn steps into the sty. The ungainly beasts moaned and bleated but caused not a stir as Ralph pushed down into the far corner of the pit. There was a drainage grate at the lowest point. Wholly inadequate for the amount of filth it needed to filter and the smell at this point made Ralph wretch. “Which way then?” Tomas hollard out. Ralph tugged his chin than strode back up the worn causeway directly to the girl. “Which way out! What is down here? Speak, and be quick.” “Truly I never come here.” gasped the red haired hostage, trembling at the terrible visage and rough handling. “It is forbidden. Our Lord makes requests, but we set table in the manor house and he joins us. Joseph, the groundskeeper, he speaks with Edgar directly. I just see to the house.” Ralph looks to Tomas. “I suggest the finished passage. A terrible stench comes up from that other tunnel.” Proffers the Frenchman. “I think we should return to my cousin. Tell him what we have found.” Answers Ralph. Ralph routinely turns to the educated Dr. for direction when events befuddle him. Now deep in the bowels of Saracenic Hall the Puritan soldier starts to feel he is a bit at a loss. “Back we go!” smiles the rakish noble and returns the girls gag, pushing her ahead as the group retraces their steps. It is not until they recross the pit laden room that they hear a tittering and clattering in a great cacophony. Lantern held out Ralph and Tomas witness a cascade of oily black haired rats boiling out of the holes in the corridor. A horde unimaginable must courses through the underground confines to disgorge such an endless stream of rats. The whistling and grinding were nothing but the echoes of the beasts which scurried through the cracks and sludge deep beneath the wash! A literal tide of rats advanced on them as more and more poured forth from the walls. “Quickly back!” urged Tomas. Ralph hurled his lantern in anger at the swarm. A conflagration erupted amongst the bodies. A foul stench and smoke erupted. The lantern oil spread and squeals of roasting fat of the rats drowns out the terror which engulfs the trio. It was only the hasting flames feasting on the packed horde of vermin which provided the orange light which guided them back to the sty. “Perhaps the finished hall will bring us back around to the others? Tomas proffered. “I don't like the looks of the other.” “Makes no difference I guess. “ Ralph replied. "Retrieve that old torch in the sconce and get it lit. I have no desire to blunder through these halls in the dark." The passageway here was marked by large rectangle blocks stacked for the walls and ceiling. Archways were trimmed out with thick neo-classical cornice sculpted molding giving the hallway a squat, oppressive and heavy feel. The passageway made several turns to the left and right with no branching halls or doors. Soon though they entered a larger chamber distinct in that it was a room of many archways and alcoves. The thick sculpted trim work was on display around the archways and base molding. Each of the various rooms and alcoves were stacked by dusty, but well made furniture. Tables, chairs, mirrors, candlesticks, bureaus, suits of armor, goblets and flatware. All were piled thick upon each other so that many of the alcoves were nigh impassible. A zig zag course could be made through the middle of the chamber and the men, with hostage in tow, pushed into the cluttered chamber. It was near a small circular end table they notice a light. A pale, cold white light flared from a smooth clear stone. Cards and other parlor games were also stacked on the table and moldering carpeted chairs. The cobwebs were noticeably absent in this spot as if it was regularly used. The house girl in tow rolled her eyes wildly and appeared frighten. Before Ralph could interrogate her further another woman appeared as out of air. Tomas could swear, later, she definitely drifted into the room, but truth be told the rooms felt totally empty, and then she was there. A mature woman, not terrible to look at, very pale and blond. Her hair seemed so fragile and light that it floated on an unfelt breeze. Her dress was horribly out of date, the obtuse Norton could even see this. The fashion-conscious Frenchman was appalled at the dried, crusty brown stain on her bodice. “Have you brought food?” she questions the group. “Food would be nice...” her nails drag across one of many stacked end tables. She looks through each of party members if they were nothing but so much gossamer. When her gaze lands on the house maid they come alive and joyfully exclaims, “Rebecca, is that you? It has been so long. I last saw you but as a child. We could play a game. You remember Dame Fortune's Folly? We must play, I have the cards right here.” The haughty lady literally trilled she seemed so pleased. “Of course m'lady as you wish.” the house maid answered, visibly shaken and despairing. “Your friends must play as well, you will join us won't you? The game plays best with four.” She whirls in speech drilling down on Tomas and Ralph. “Sure.” They agreed. The group sits upon dusty chairs and the woman moves aside an antique chess set and some silver forks. She asks Rebecca to fetch the pale crystals which offered a clear white illumination to the immediate surroundings, leaving much outside the circle of the table in darkness. While there were many candle sticks and lanterns available in the clutter none seemed to have been used, no wax candles or oil was to be seen. “You will be dealt two cards face up. You will then have a choice to wager on the chance of the next card landing between the two face up cards value. If your cards are say a 2 and a 6 you will require a 3,4, or 5 to collect on your wager. If you pass on the wager you will face the Dame’s fortune or folly, which is decided by this third card which your wager would have been decided on. The fall of the cards will also tell a story, some even say the sensitive are able to hear their future predicted in the story played. Oh, and of course, if you wager it must be something of value. I don’t want your dusty hat or stained wine skin.” The women explained all this breathlessly, shuffling the cards rapidly and fussing with the playing surface. Looking directly at Ralph she played two cards in front of him. A four of clubs and a nine of diamonds. “A warrior continuing a battle, one which calls on all your strength and endurance. Will the goal be accomplished? Will there be a rest from action?” The strange lady in the stained dress pours over the upturned cards. “Much like the legend of Sir Galhalt and the Iron Siege. Shall you wager, or tempt the Dame’s fortune?” she asks Ralph. “I will wager.” “What do you have to offer?” Ralph pulls out his hatchet and pries several gems embedded on the handle. They click onto the table and roll across the cards. The lady circles the brilliant stones with a long finger. “Very well young knight, I accept your wager,” she coos. A five of hearts is turned and the lady tells the tale of Sir Galhalt and his tragic end. Both Ralph and Tomas fall adrift in her oratory. While her tale ends with the turning of the card both men feel as if they have traveled on an epic journey and endured the hardships Galhalt suffered. Ralph feels as if the blood in his veins has been leeched out and replaced with ice water. He comes out of his fugue with the lady congratulating him on his win. She rummages about the stacked ornaments and books next to her and pulls forth a golden buckle trimmed with small diamond-like crystals. She presents it to Ralph. “To the victor.” She hands Ralph the buckle, wipes her chin and presents two new cards to Tomas. “Jack of Spades and Eight of Hearts. The rebel, playing naught for love but a cause. Long discarded emotional attachment it seems you now must make a hard choice.” She looks at the Frenchman expectantly. “Dame fortune's folly,” he answers without hesitation. “The Candle.” she smiles. “A flickering light in the darkness...” Once again the turning of the third card takes but an instance but the men feel transfixed within an ancient ballad of heroes, dark forests, and lost love. Coming out of their revere Ralph is first to notice the change. With a horrified gasp he yells “Tomas!” pointing. Sprouted like a mushroom in the rain a thick, short-haired tail curls from Tomas' backside, to the floor and back up twitching near his head. “By the three beards of the drunken lady I have a tail!” gasps Tomas. The lady claps her hand in obvious delight. Ralph explodes into action. “Sorcerous!” he yells, grasping his axe, he rears back to split her skull. A look of rage consumes the lady's face, her eyes go black, and she hisses like a scalded cat. Before Ralph's arm can come down she moves with blinding speed. In a blink she is behind Ralph lifting him out of his chair. Shirt and flesh split open as long yellow claws splash Ralph's blood in a spray to the ceiling. Ralph groans from the gruesome blow and falls to the floor. The lady, panting, looks to drive both long nailed hands deep into his body, but Tomas leaps to his fallen comrades aid. “Stand back hell spawn!” he screams. His rapier darting and slicing at the demon witche's face she steps back, then backhands the Frenchman and sends him sprawling into a pile of chairs like he was a paper doll. She looks down, drooling in her blood lust intent of scooping out Ralph's guts. But the Frenchman's desperate attack gave the grievously wounded Puritan soldier time to roll under the table to the other side. Laying on his back bubbling gore he deftly lights a grenado, the wick cut short by his gritted teeth, and tosses it at her chest over the table. There is a stunning blast which leaves the men concussed. Eventually they come to their feet from under the blasted furniture and gimjacks. Surely there must be something left of the she beast, but lo, there is nothing to be seen except the sturdy groined walls and archways and the destruction of housewares from the blast. The girl Rebecca was clearly dead. Her broken body lay over a crumpled armorie. Splintered shards of wood protruded from her chest, neck and face. She must have been standing when the grenado detonated. But no trace of the demon whore could be found. There were some scraps of cloth that may have been from the dress she wore, but there was no flesh, no blasted body parts. “It was a deft toss Ralph,” the Frenchman acknowledged. “It was like she cared little for your bauble and then whoosh!” Tomas flutters his hands in the air simulating the blast. “We must find my cousin. He needs to know the dangers we face here.” Ralph winces as he makes his way back from which they came. “Perhaps, being a doctor, he can tend your wounds?” Tomas adds looking at Ralph's exposed back. The man's flesh hangs in ribbons, dripping blood with each step. Tomas grabs up one of the light radiating stones and follows after the bloodied puritan warrior. Back at the subterranean sty Ralph muses. “Nothing but to take the last remaining passage, foul smell and all. Perhaps it will lead back to the passages the others took.” The pair picked their way carefully down the natural cavern away from the sunken sty packed with the pale pig-like creatures. The passage was slick with moisture and a few squabbling rats. Fortunately the horde they encountered by the room of square pits had not come all this way otherwise all would have been lost. The further they traveled through the more foul, wet and steep the way became. Tomas was in the lead holding the illuminating stone aloft when Ralph, weakening from his wounds, lost his footing and slid rapidly down the incline colliding with the surprised Frenchman. They tumbled roughly gathering speed and landed with a lurid splash in a mud and fecal laden pool. It was a separate tunnel they had fallen into. The opening of the tunnel in which they were traveling was at shoulder level returning upwards in such a sharp angle Ralph just shook his head when Tomas suggested he could boost his companion back up the way they had fallen. This new tunnel ran straight and apparently level. A stream of foul, stinking water flowed in one direction, so there was at least a slight incline to the passage. Ralph groaned under the pain of his wounds. Tomas hollered as a pale, grotesque worm rises from the foul pool, wrapping around his leg and climbing up his chest. It was a horridly large maggot, grown fat off the refuse of rat, pig, and offal. Its eyeless head ended in a sucking maw ringed with small, saw-like teeth. Tomas grasped the thing with both hands desperately trying to keep the carrion beast from latching onto his face. Ralph swung quickly, reopening his coagulating cuts. The sharp hatchet sliced through the beast's neck, the decapitated head flying off the cavern wall and into the muck. Tomas dropped the now dead maggot in time to pull his pistol. Another giant horror had risen from the pool and looked to bury its snapping maw into Ralph's raw back. The report of the wheelock echoes down the fetid tunnel. The Frenchman's aim was true, and the pistol's lead round obliterated the head of the maggot. It's convulsing body flops back and is submerged into the muck. “Enough of this hell Ralph. Lean on me and I will lead us out.” Tomas' agitation and worry was magnified by his thick animal tail swishing back and forth behind him. “But which way? I despair of ever leaving this horrid place.” “We'll trust to the lord, and our resolve,” answered Tomas. “I say we follow the stream as opposed going up. Methinks this is the drain for the sty above.” Ralph shrugs. On the edge of blacking out from blood loss he had little strength left to argue or think. It seemed like an eternity, but the pair emerged eventually from the tunnel into a sharp sided hillock. A marshy stream crossed the opening carrying the effluvia further into the thick reeded meadow. Trees on firmer ground gave the gully deep shadow in the late afternoon sun. “We must return to the manor.” Ralph rasped. “We must hope our companions find a way out as well. We will need to assist them if the Irish mob still prowls the grounds.” “Very well. The ground is difficult, but I will continue to aid thee.” An hour later the sweaty, shit stained heroes collapsed among the tall, unkempt grass at the rear of the manor. It was obvious the fire the good doctor had started within the hall had not taken for Saraceninc Hall still stood with no sign of damage or smoke. It was also obvious the house staff and laborers were still on their guard. Stirred like a swarm of angry bees they moved about between the house and the cottages farther back. “What do we do now?” asked Tomas. “We wait.”
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    @designmechinc Please follow us, and do whatever it is one needs to do to Twitterise.
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    without wanting to derail your thread, somewhere in "old" RQ was the concept that interracial CHA between some species was different to same species CHA. For example in Cults of Prax (classic) under Aldrya membership it says for the purpose of joining: I'd suggest that in a Tuskrider game everyone has 3D6 CHA except when dealing with other races although Id want to treat it like reverse glamour per D6 to make the maths easy. Like -10% comms per dice reduction. so normally 1D6 tuskers are at -20% dealing with other races. No though has gone into this BTW.
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    I've actually tried homebrewing this before, a long time ago. No real useful notes--most of them in my head--but I hope some thoughts will be helpful. A really, really big challenge with homebrewing up a BRP version of WoT is figuring out a balance between "This really feels like the books!" and "Oh, this game is incredibly unbalanced." After all, in the novels there's really nothing scarier than a well-trained Aes Sedai or Asha'man with an angreal. A powerful channeler, unopposed by other channelers, can level a city without an enormous effort. That doesn't make for a balanced game (although, if all the players are OK with it, it could still make for a fun game). Figuring out a balance between what channelers and non-channelers can do is the tricky part. After all, the Cairhienin minor lord who is a skilled and cunning politicker should feel just as useful to the party as the Aes Sedai. Personally, I also think that a thorny problem is setting. Even disregarding the danger of having the player characters overshadowed by the ta'veren heroes of the Third Age, the dangers of male channelers and the extent to which WoT fans are often lore-nerds (I am, anyway...) makes it tricksy to find meaningful space to play. That was one of my frustrations with the WotC campaign for WoT d20, Prophecies of the Dragon. When I was trying to figure out my homebrew, I was setting the game within the Fourth Age, a few hundred years after Tarmon Gai'don. My general themes I wanted to explore were the increasing use and development of steam tech and firearms interacting with established Aes Sedai magical and political dominance (sort of like how Sanderson's Era Two books of Mistborn do) and how Andor and "New Manetheren" (the Two Rivers and Ghealdan, with other bits, set up by Perrin's descendants) interact since Elaine is probably still alive at that time. A lot of my ideas for WoT Channeling rules derived, in greater or lesser part, from the d20 rules and from Sandy Petersen's Western Sorcery rules. I was thinking to write the system basically as a nightmarish mess of different skills to work on and master, with increased ability to manipulate weaves and the different general elements as the channeler progressed. My thinking was to have a set rule that at character creation a character is a wilder on a POWx1 roll, and is able to learn channeling on a POWx3 (Or, by GM fiat). I was thinking for all characters to have POW, and to have MP/PP/whatever, and that there should also be other abilities that could be learned, not just channeling. Wolfbrothers, Dreamwalking, and maybe some funky abilities tied to being a swordmaster (since the different techniques and styles play a major role in the story, and I'm just a sucker for bad-ass pseudo-magical swordsmen). It's definitely possible to invent non-canon magic/pseudo-magical abilities--after all, some things which were once lost may return as the Wheel turns! I was thinking maybe that a character who can channel could assign points equal to their POW to the five elements, maybe with a free point in their gender's element (Water & Air for women, Fire and Earth for men) and everyone gets one point in Spirit. They probably wouldn't have to assign points right at character creation, but I never made that decision. Each point represents 10% they can learn of the five element "skills." Per 10%, they can use a 1MP of that element in creating weaves. Each element has a cap based on those assigned points because every channeler has natural strengths and weaknesses. Overchanneling would probably have been going past those mastered amounts. Perhaps someone with a fully mastered Air 5 (50% Air skill) could safely use 5MP in the Air portion of a weave, or could overchannel up to Air 10, with risks. Specific weaves would have been skills, too, although just using/creating the element might have been possible just with that element's skill. I'm not saying these are rules you should use, or that these are rules ideas that don't have issues, but this is kind of where my general thoughts were going. I think a big part of making channelers kind of more fair is having it be this mess of different skills to spend a lot of time training and mastering. It's rather lore-friendly too! After all, the process for becoming an Aes Sedai often takes decades. (While it's less time for the Asha'man, they also do some incredibly dangerous forcing. I don't know how to model that, but it could be useful to keep in mind. After all, player characters are pretty likely to end up in dangerous situations and doing more than is safe.) I like your ta'veren points, mainly because of how they shift between the GM and players. That's a great way to model characters who are central to the Pattern, without giving too many freebies. A lot of my thinking has been for players who aren't ta'veren, but that's a pretty cool mechanic. Another benefit of the skill-overload approach could be a multichannel skill, for modeling those Shield v. Shield fights. One weave trying to shield, the other trying to cut the enemy's shield. The simple truth is that a lot of weaves, going pretty strictly by the books, won't allow any sort of resistance save. It's part of why Aes Sedai are so frightening (and the Asha'man, unbound by the Oath Rod, even more so). Unless the target is a channeler of the same gender, odds are an alpha-striking weave is just going to happen. I would probably go with this (because I'm too big a fan of the books) but honestly, there should be some sort of resistance save, or maybe a DEXx3 chance to dodge Arms of Air, or whatever. It's better, more fair game balance, which is more likely to cause Maximum Game Fun in the long run. I like the notion that grasping the Source basically just fills the character up to their POW with MP. It makes sense. Personally, I might model that with a basic "Channel" skill, which is capped by POWx10 % (ex. POW 16 = Channel 160%), then maybe the same Skill%x2 rule as above for maximum MP a character could hold, even while Overchanneling. Perhaps the Overchanneling Failure table numbers could be affected by the method of overchanneling. Ex: Nynaeve has Earth 20%, and Channel 180%, with POW 18. She wants to lift a boulder, so has to overchannel to Earth 4. This is still 4MP (or maybe 6MP, doubling the MP for overchanneled elements?...), which is less than her Channel% restricts, but she still must roll to Overchannel more than natural capacity (Earth 2) allows of the element. If you ever end up with a Rules doc for this, I'd love to read it. WoT is one of my favorite series. And bugger, now I want to actually try codifying my version... Too many project ideas, too little focus!
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    I ran the GenCon scenario eight times over the last few days. There was not a single time the games were even remotely similar. One scenario was basically a race war on a small island, one had prospectors trying to mine silver, one revolved around a conduck getting busted at Duck Point, one (not making this up) ended in TPK because an NPC shady figure who resembled Don King got his hands on a comb that controlled fate, another had the Trickster befriending a throng of trollkin and turning them into something like the Seven Dwarfs...unreal how different every single experience was. The only common thread was everyone had a blast. Really great game. The rune rolls at the beginning of the session mean that the players will dictate a full scenario to each other and be invested in the story because it came from them. I have always run games like this anyway, so this game is a great fit for me. Highly recommended.
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    The key benefits of moving to a new edition (IMHO) is that it's where all the current support and "action" is. New content, buzz, excited players, promos from publishers, from retailers, etc etc etc. Secondarily (but you may feel otherwise) is new-and-improved rules, etc. RQ3 is effectively a "dead" ruleset -- other than a very few die-hard fans putting stuff online, expect no new content for the game (that said, it's a perfectly usable RPG and if you're a DIY'er of game content by preference, this may be inconsequential to you!). 6th edition -- from The Design Mechanism -- has been renamed "Mythras" as Chaosium pulled the licensing for the "RuneQuest" name back in-house, for their own new edition (more on that below). Mythras would be the title to look for & buy, although if you got a cheap backstock/used copy the 6e "RuneQuest" book is 99.9% compatible and probably 90% identical (IIRC, the only big change is a re-write clarifying (not changing) Animism magic). There is a PDF-freebie introductory ruleset, "Mythras Imperative" (can be bought reasonably cheap if you prefer). There used to be (in the pre-Mythras era) a much-larger "RuneQuest Essentials" PDF-freebie that TDM no longer distributes (that whole (c) issue over the "RuneQuest" name ya know?)... but if you really wanted it I'm sure Google can help you find it. The "Imperative" rules are probably your best quick insight into whether you want to move that way, going forward; they are MUCH more concise than the older "Essentials" document. Some RQ fans feel Mythras the best version of BRP/d100/RQ available; others do not. Key features of Myhras/RQ6 (that distinguish it from other BRP/d100/RQ versions) include the use of "Action Points" to act within the combat-round -- skilled groups will use not only per-PC APs but consider the AP totals of their own group vs their foes, and work for strategic advantages; and the use of "Combat Effects" to shape and control battles -- these are like a much-expanded "critical/fumble" system, with much more player control. The Mythras rules are vibrantly-alive and well-supported, though it doesn't include Glorantha (fan-run sites do support Glorantha, however, if you like the world). TDM also offers an expanding "Mythic Earth" line of settings for Mythras -- Dark-Ages Britain; early-Renaissance Constantinople; Rome... and several more in the pipeline! Plus their own fantasy game-world of Thennla; plus the alt-sci/sci-fi licensed "Luther Arkwright" defend-the-multiverse setting; plus the AD&D-crossover "Classic Fantasy" line; plus the post-apocalyptic/modern-urban-fantasy "After the Vampire Wars;" and 3rd-party Frostbyte offers a sci-fi toolkit-ish "M-Space" volume. As I said... Vibrantly alive! As Psullie notes, the new "official" RuneQuest is the brand-new one from Chaosium. The actual printed copies are, as I understand it, currently in transit (on a container-ship) from the printer (a few boxes were Airshipped for Gen Con; expect those to sell out at the event!) . The PDF is currently for sale directly from Chaosium, and the cost will apply directly to your purchase of the printed rulebook when it arrives at Chaosium distribution-centers. A brand-new Bestiary book has just been locked-down to final edits, and a "GM Pack" is nearing completion. A slipcase set of Core/Beastiary/GMPack are in pre-production stages. The new edition is based heavily upon a RQ2/RQ3 core engine, with a LOT of tweaks and upgrades, and notable influences from other games too. Runes become a front-and-center game element for the first time ever. It is by far the most-Gloranthan edition or RQ ever (and a fabulously beautiful RPG, to boot!). There will later be a "GM Book" & "Cults of Glorantha" book (50 Cults, dramatically expanding upon the 20-ish in the core book), both IIRC in mostly-written stages; and there's a BUNCH more content coming down the pipeline in various stages of advancement. Last but not least: Chaosium has announced a 'Runequest: Fantasy Earth" line, with the first title, "Mythic Iceland," nearing completion; AND they have signed a new author/game-designer to produce a new BRP-based Sci-Fi game. So... ALSO vibrantly alive! Which to choose??? Well, I have 2 answers: 1. BOTH, of course. Each one is great, and they are different-enough to be meaningfully-different games. 2. If not "both" then... can't help ya, Sundance.
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    What Toadmaster said. RuneQuest was first, BRP came later. The early thin BRP rules were like today's Quick Start rules, presenting the basics of the d100 system. I have two copies, that was included in my RQ2 box. The examples are for fantasy gaming using the d100 rules.
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    Yea. what pleased me about Clearwine is that it WASN'T a wall around some wattle huts. There is so much potential in Dragon Pass. It seems that every step you take, there are crazy magical features merged into the landscape - a Rainbow Mounds and Snakepipe Hollow at every turn. I don't want it to be about Migration Period clans stealing cows from each other. (Though a bit of that is fine).
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    I could not resist trying for a better view of the Clearwine panorama, it is just too awesome...
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    I think that's pretty self-evident: it's deliberately far from the bog-standard pastiche of Fantasy Medieval Europe, thus, people have no internal visualization to work from. That's the source of the (imo, overly-) excoriated identification of various aspects of Glorantha with IRL historical analogues. You can make as novel a setting as you like, but people CRAVE visualizations. Yes, people have historically imagined the Orlanthi as (variously) Teutono-Celtic-Norse Northern Europeans. They have a god that throws lightning bolts, live in steads, and are sword-swinging, cow-thieving barbarians....thus the pretty natural analogy to N.Euro primitives. The massive amount of work Jeff, Jason and crew have put into making sure these products (seem to be now) heavily art-laden is a great, necessary move and will do a lot for spurring players' visualizations and really, comfort level with the setting. I'm sure it wasn't cheap, but it'll be worth it.
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    Ha ha thanks for the links. That map of Clearwine. That's more like it!
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    These days I prefer systems like FATE and HeroQuest, although for Glorantha I still prefer a version of RuneQuest/BRP for it's nuts and bolts approach. So I think RQG will be my go-to Gloranthan game once it is published. However it's good for Glorantha itself that there is now a 'Glorantha D20' game, given that D&D is still the most commercially popular rpg on the market. As a player I don't mind playing D&D 5E or 13A D20, but I probably wouldn't GM either. However I'll be more than happy to play in 13AG if my D20 GM wants to run a Gloranthan game I'll support anything that proliferates Glorantha as a setting, whether it's rpg related or purely narrative, like the G2G. For me Glorantha is up there with Middle Earth as a setting and world immersion experience. I can never get enough of Glorantha since I discovered it over 30yrs ago. The current depiction of Glorantha since the G2G is new and fresh, yet also reminiscent of the ancient world flavour that initially set it apart in the earlier editions of RQ. 13AG seems to be consistent with this flavour, so I'm happy that it is being published!
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    Just my two cents, but there were plenty of us back in the day who had campaigns full of combat and adventure in the big rubble. And Runequest doesn't really have rules for handling things outside of combat either. It was just something you understood was to be played out through roleplaying. The idea that 13G was going to be a different take on Glorantha, more adventure-centric and less anthropological dissertation, was a big plus for me.
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    I'm a bit confused by this... - One unique things are specified to not be of any use in combat. So "I am the only adopted daughter of Javis Gan" won't help Griselda a lot in a punch up but it'll give her a lot of clout with Trolls in the Rubble. Quite often they lead to story elements being created customised to your character and short circuiting ability checks. - Backgrounds link you into religions, cultures and roles in that religion and culture. If you've got the background "Champion of the Antorling Clan +5" you can use it much the same way as you could in HQ. You're friendly with the Namolding clan so you can make a CHA check to persuade them to help you, you're an enemy of the Varmandi so make a CHA check to intimidate them - or at least make them pause a bit, you can't really scare a Varmandi. Likewise if you've got "Initiate of Lanbril +3" add it on when you check against WIS to notice something important, INT to check for trapped doors or DEX to see if you get behind that barrel in time to avoid being seen. - I'll just leave this here from page 50: "As a player, you can narrate runes outside of combat, but as a rule, you can’t narrate runes during combat."
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    I look forward to your follow up post "Some thoughts after playing 13th Age". I've played 13th Age - not the Gloranthan version. I'm someone who gave up AD&D having discovered RQ and I've never been able to play D&D again. I was very surprised with 13th Age, it was quite refreshing after 20 or so years of avoidance. We played in the D&D Dark Sun setting - it was great, exploring, trading, survival and fighting. I'm not someone who would GM this, but would certainly play it again. I suggest you give it a chance and play it.
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    So here's a brief recap of how things stand at the moment, On our way to Norwich after the battle of Naseby we sought shelter in a church during a heavy rainstorm and then we were promptly ambushed by a band of bandits and a fake vicar. We managed to barely fight them off but during this battle one of the party discovered a strange red bell hidden in an open tomb of a Knight and ringing it made something strange and terrible happen which meant we had to kill again the bandits and fake vicar in their new and terrible form and the Player had a new secret friend in the form of a mini Nun. We burnt the place down and then headed to the nearby village to get some answers unfortunately the bandits had been here already and the village was mostly in ruins. We did find one family and after calming them down started to unravel the mystery to what was going on. Unfortunately we were interrupted by an officer of the N.M.A and his patrol who accused us of being witches and Warlocks. Escaping their ill informed clutches and their hangman's noose we headed into Norwich and it seemed that my Father had a job for us also one of us also discovered that gambling wasn't always fun. We were asked to find out why the coal shipments that supplied the Clockwork foundries had been delayed thus slowing down the repair of one of Cromwells infamous Leviathans. We discovered that the German miners had been asked to leave the main coal mine oddly by one of my Fathers men and told to head to a new area one that suspiciously wasn't known for its coal mines. When we reached the area we encountered a strange group of elderly people some of whom were pregnant and there was a lot of talk about a mysterious wedding but still no German miners. There was also an unfortunate delivery and birth of a devilish baby which was swiftly followed by a case of infanticide. Checking out the company offices in town we thought we had finally met the previous company man who had been sent out to find out what was going. He seemed to sick to tell us much but we did have a conversation with him which seemed to help fill in some of the blanks but in the morning all we found was his skinned face and hands left on a chair. So unsure what the hell was going on we decided to explore the office more fully and also its attached warehouse We found blueprints and some parts of a strange new clockwork device also a large hole leading to a underground complex that was truly bizarre and horrifying. Still no bloody Germans though. At the bottom of this weird and terrifying complex waited an aspect of Yog Sototh and it appears that he wasn't happy to see us, luckily one of the group had secretly kept the red bell and rang it again for all his worth summoning his own personal demon called the Corrector of Sins. Thankfully the insanity and pure brown trouserness of the situation caused us to black out leaving the gods to punch it out among themselves. We awoke in a beautiful flower covered field, somewhat shocked and babbling at first but soon we felt at peace among the beautiful landscape, well that was until the six foot rabbit men attacked us. Some of us were captured whilst others decided to run away to the nearby woods and wrestle huge alligators instead. A rescue mission was mounted but oddly enough it didn't go down to well but luckily the Pale lady who seemed to be in control of things was feeling pretty horny and one of us stepped up and took one for the team. The Pale lady who was now heavily pregnant was so impressed by Mr Stud muffin she allowed us to all return to our world which was handy as the other escape option involved us committing a murder on behalf of a stranger. Mr Stud Muffin looked worried We returned to Earth with a bang, a really big devastating the local countryside sized bang and it started to rain again as well. The area was starting to change and odd creatures started to appear in the rising waters. We did some more looking around for these damn missing miners (Since we were joined by some of their nagging wives we kinda had to) We fought off some giant crabs from inside a windmill, one of the party got bitten by bugs crossing over a fallen tree and then we were attacked again but this time by beaky worms. Bug bitten guy then had to have his arm chopped off as it was turning into a tentacle which had the annoying habit of trying to strangle other party members and the party member who had been cut by a beaky worm decided to turn into a flesh monster who then attacked the rest of the stunned party before being turned into bubbling goo. We finally made it back to the devastated village of Keswick where a recon mission went badly wrong and another rescue mission had to be launched. And this is the after action report following the successful rescue mission. Craigh is still in bad shape but he has been made comfortable and given an antidote. (Possibly) Ralph was so shocked by his betrayal of his new friends he dropped to his knees and started to pray for forgiveness (or something like that) Temper was also indisposed possibly due to wounds sustained. Saul and Thomas managed to regroup and tried to put down Mallenbench but he and a mercenary managed to escape on the Iron horse Saul managed to get a shot off but with the darkness it was always going to be a tricky shot so the miss was no real surprise but it was a close one. The lovely Echo was captured and she succumbed to the double whammy of Norton charm and Sauls menacing presence. 1. Mallebench is a Satanist of some sort 2. He is looking for artifacts including a mysterious bell. 3. He seems to be using Nathan Norton as a cover and a potential source of manpower and supplies. Norton seems to unaware of what is really going on. 4. Other groups connected to Mallebench somehow are the Brotherhood and a sinister group only known as the Collectors of Pus Its unclear if Mallebench fully trusts them as he seems to be keeping secrets from them. 5. We might have killed Mallebench's brother as he may have been the fake vicar from the church ambush which started this all off. 6. His brother lead a group called the Cardinals. 7. Mallebench was originally looking for artifacts in a tunnel system which is meant to be under Norwich castle but soon moved onto the site in Coniston. 8. He just threw the German miners into the pit at Coniston, if he expected the survivors to continue working in the caverns or if they were just a big sacrifice is unclear. 9. Frau Katrina is alive and armed. 10. There was at least one more highly infectious flesh monster in town and its become very quiet out there. 11. We are currently still in the Kings Arms, the windows have been shuttered and the doors barred as we await what happens next. 12. We still have the stone head and Echo didn't seem to know anything about it. 13. Oh and she is dead, she died due to a dramatic if brief increase in lead levels in the gooey brain area. 14. The Crow mercenary group was hired by Mallebench in Norwich to provide security and to keep an eye on things. 15. Norwich is a hot bed of Satanic activity it seems as Mallebench went to several parties/covens in town escorted sometimes by a member of the Crows. Sorry for the long post but it seems we had gotten up to more stuff than I first thought. So far this has got to be one of the most fun. weird and bonkers games I've every played in yet it still has moments of quite nasty horror and its been fantastic. The group is pretty damn good and the G.M has provided a great world to game in and to play up our characters insanities and quirks.
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    Version 1.0


    The BRP system uses a lot of rules for firearms - but there are no complete examples how they are used. This PDF explains how Volley Fire is used correctly, what the difference between 1, 2, 3 and bust entries in the Equipment list is about and how modifiers will affect the dice rolls.
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    All errata I found over the last 4 years are included in this PDF file. One version you can print out and replace the pages in the PDF, the other one is to show you where the errors are if you have the hardcover book. I also included a comments file you can import with Adobe Acrobat Pro into your PDF to get a corrected version (you should make a backup, though!) Since I cannot upload .zip files, here's the link to my Dropbox: BRP Errata Print and PDF Here's the Forum thread: BRP Hardcover Errata And here the Text List from the thread: Pg. 17, 22, 381: There should not be boxes in front of the Status skill or the blank specialty line below it. Pg. 17, 22, 381: The First Aid skill starts at 30% or INTx1% (depending on the setting period). Pg. 24: Next to “Step Nine,” it should probably say “possessions,” not “profession.” Pg. 26: In the Character SIZ Chart, the entry that reads “205-\” should probably read “205-210.” Pg. 52: Artillery Specialties should reference pg. 268, “Artillery Weapon Classes.” Pg. 55: Drive is a physical skill, not a manipulation skill. Pg. 62: Under “Heavy Weapon, Base Chance,” Weapon Classes are on pg. 257 (not 248). Pg. 95: The cost per level for Control (in the chart) should probably be 3 (to match the description). Pg. 95: “Flame” should probably be named “Fire” (to match the description on pg. 97). Pg. 95: The cost per level for Ward should probably be 3 (to match the description on pg. 102). Pg. 95: “Wound” should probably be named “Wounding” (to match the description on pg. 102). Pg. 98: Strike the first two sentences of the last paragraph of the Invisibility spell. Pg. 147: Defense should probably be 5% per level (to match the description on pg. 151). Pg. 159: Strike the first two sentences of the last paragraph of the Invisibility power. Pg. 172, 384: The Skill Results Table rounds fractions up instead of rounding them normally. Pg. 214: The last sentence of the first paragraph under “Autofire” should be deleted. Pg. 215: In the first italicized example under “Big and Little Targets,” replace +30% with +15%. Pg. 224: In the text, the fiery boat or house fire damage should probably be 2D6 (as per the table). Pg. 255: The skill for Brass Knuckles is Hand, not Brawl (Brawl is still the Base). Pg. 265: The skills for artillery should be by artillery weapon class (see pg. 268). Pg. 267: In Note 1, it should probably read “1D6 per range increment” (as per “Explosives” on pg. 222). Pg. 268: The Shrapnel rules don’t seem to work for modern artillery, which has better damage as is. Pg. 296: The metric ton weight for every size 72 and up is wrong; shift them each up one step. Pg. 329 ff.: Several “Creatures” have the Artillery skill; each should indicate one or more artillery classes. Pg. 360: In the Cyborg powers, it should read “Defense 2” (not 20). Last edited by kreider204; 2.April 2013 at 12:51.
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    Don't know if people recognise it at all, but MW and CoC use different Movement rates. I like to use some creatures from both of these settings in my BRP game, so I came up with this easy movement table.
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    Here are the two locations visited by the PC's during their stay in this busy port town; Three Sisters Trading House and The Grey Lady "Tavern". The Factory of Mbey on the northern coast of Senegambia, The Peony's first stop after departing King's Lynn.
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