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    Hey Chris! Nice to see a comment from you! Just to let you know my group plays Magic World (a fantasy setting more than 2 years old now) and have also used it for pulp action and horror. My group doesn’t like real gritty games and Magic World is just the right level of abstraction. I have decided it doesn’t matter if Chaosium support MW as long as my copy holds up.
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    I have no idea on who is responding to who but I think that we can all agree that it's a great thing that BRP is out there. Even though Elric!/Magic World is the superior rules set. No judgement though.
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    I, for my part, had a great evening, and I'm pretty sure that goes for all the other people who where there, as well. I'm still amazed how many rpg designers either live in Berlin or happen to drop by there. Not only were Jeff and Jason at the party, but also Gavin Norman, the author of the Dolmenwood OSR setting (as presented in the Wormskin magazine), and Francesco Nepitello, Designer of the The One Ring Roleplaying game, who happened to be in Berlin at the time. (I jumped at the opportunity to get a signed copy of the revised edition of TOR - it is one of miy favourite rpgs in terms of how the rules are designed to fit the setting.) It was a very rewarding evening for me and the Otherland staff in many ways - and in a way, the coolest thing was that the copies of RQG that Jeff and Jason had brought from GenCon were exactly the right number to meet the demand. By the end of the evening, they were all sold, and no one who wanted one was left without a copy. That really was an "everyone is happy" moment. We hope that we'll get the opportunity to host similar chaosium events in the future!
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    Can't wait for the leatherette versions to be released!
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    Good evening folks, just came back from a fun session of Runequest. I have a few rule questions for the collective: *The Sleep spell, does it affect vampires, or zombies for that matter? (Checking the Bestiary, we couldn't find evidence either way) *Attack skills over 100%, does Attacker they keep their critical and special percentages based on their skill that's over 100%? Example, if i have attack at 150%, even though i go down to 100% attack, then minus 50% from my opponents parry, does does my critical stay at 8% and special at 30%, which are based on my 150%? (The page 202 example, 2nd bullet point upper left, points to yes that your critical and special would be based on the 150%. But the sentence "the chance of a special or critical success continues to increase or decrease, based on the final modified chance of success", seems to contradict. *Shadow Cat base rip attack damage, is it really 3d6? On page 159 of the Bestiary, a Shadow Cat does base rip damage of 3d6 (+damage bonus). A Shadow Cat has an average SIZ of 3-4. A Sabre Tooth Tiger has a base rip damage of 2d8 (+damage bonus). Something isn't jiving i think. The base rip for a Shadow Cat is too high. (I understand it has an average damage bonus of -d4, but still, that base seems too high for a Shadow Cat rip).
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    Values for sample NPCs and starting adventurers are not necessarily identical. It may be that the NPC is relatively inexperienced and the adventurer is much more extraordinary, or the reverse, with an NPC holding a lifetime of experience and the adventurer just getting started.
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    Not to disagree with the basic premise, but I believe that Poseidon traditionally rode a chariot drawn by Hippocampuses (hippocampi?).
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    Must say I would be very happy to order and prepay my hardcopy right now. That way it can be turned around and put in the mail to me as soon as it is unpacked!
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    jps quoted only a portion of the text from page 202, so it might be confusing. Here is the passage (the rules section on "Combat with Skills Above 100%" begins on p. 201, and continues to 202): So, "final chance of success" refers to the full value of the ability before the value is dropped 100% in a conflict. The passage above (from page 202) is a clarification of the text on page 144 which introduces the rules about abilities over 100%:
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    Yeah, I noticed that from the Bestiary. It seems like the game in general doesn't expect Attack% over 120% or 150% from adventurers. Coming from RQ3 it feels like a big change, where Ralzakark and the Crimson Bat had hundreds of Attack%. Speaking of the Crimson Bat, it still feels really weird to me that, RAW, an adventurer with Dodge 175% always avoids the Bat's Bite 75%.
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    If the opponent is parrying or dodging, then yes. If they are not, then you use the full attack chance. Although it seems a little unfair if someone with 5% dodge dodges someone with 200% attack, the attacker only has a 5% critical chance. If they didn't dodge then the critical chance would be 10%. I think the sensible thing to do is never to reduce the attacker's >100% skill by more than the defender's skill. I suspect that little consideration was given to very high skills vs very low skills, the "high skills" rules are designed for somewhat-equivalent participants.
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    Meaning that, in combat, you can never have more than a 5% crit chance and 20% special chance?
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    Lore is, literally, "Conocimiento". Because it's a long word, in spanish RPGs editors use "Con." Maybe it can be translate as Experto (Expertise)
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    g33k, thanks, never know when you will learn something new. MJS, yes I have no doubt that there will be some sort of martial art in the east. And that it deserves a supplement. I am a big fan of trolls, and am impatient for when trollpack comes out. That doesnt mean all that materiel belonged in the main book. For good or ill the Orlanthi way is sort of the base of RQ and always has been. And expecting the Orlanthi to do the smart thing is an exercise in futility.
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    Not exact ! In the spirit of RuneQuest-Glorantha centered in Dragonpass and Kethaela we don't need them in the main rules. But don't forget that a sixth of Glorantha is the oriental part of the Genertela which actively use Martial art and Magic (Mysticism) ! I still be ok as long as you never meet an oriental. RQ-G campaign won't need detailed Martial art skills but If you always draw your weapon to solve a fight (a very orlanthi way of doing thing), you will meet Death sooner than you could expect. Boxing ad grappling is useful to not shred a drop of blood and also to capture an enemy without big risk of killing him. Grapple, boxing and any kind of martial art is nice to your pocket money (unless you like giving Chalana your full weregeld every week....) and help you getting rich (by ransoming some folks). Advanced Martial art rules maybe not needed but advanced tactics of Martial arts are NEEDED !
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    Page 93, "Carlyle Papers The Expedition #2" is missing a colon. Actually, there's an inconsistency throughout. With the exception of the just noted label, in Chapter 1 the colon is present in all handout captions. But the colon is missing for all handout captions in Chapter 2: "Carlyle Papers America". Page 118, first paragraph, "...along with any others that have been..." Replace "that" with "who"
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    Oh come on. Wrestling, kicking, boxing and dancing were a thing way back. Heracles was an athlete and master of all kind of weaponless as well as armed combat styles. Are you telling me that the pre-Columbian Americans did not have their wrestling and similar somewhat ritualized combat styles? Define "advanced martial arts", then. While I am in no way a martial artist, a friend of mine is a middling rank Wing Tsun practitioner who lent me his style's literature, which includes a history of weapon styles like Greek Pancratio spread in the wake of Alexander beyond his conquests into India and north of the Himalaya, where elements of that were picked up by the buddhist monks. Albrecht Dürer drew boxing and fencing styles which could be used as illustrations for Chinese martial arts. There are only so many ways a human body can be used as a weapon, and while the buddhist styles have taken the use of "non-weapon" tools as weapons to the extreme, the weaponless techniques have only gone extreme ways with e.g. Taekwondo designed to unhorse riders with high kicks. Availability of weapons may make combat styles go out of fashion, but body shape and physics lead to very similar solutions with combat schools completely out of contact with one another. What I have seen of the Strasbourg school of 2hand-sword fencing (inherited by the Escrima styles of the Philippines) wasn't really that different from what I have seen of kenjutsu through the lense of its "sports" derivate kendo. Kargan Tor, Celestial Court deity of the Conflict Rune (before it meant Death) had a divine court of combat where all martial deities showed up at some point prior to the destruction of the Spike, sharing and learning combat styles, or competing with one another for their own perfection. With this mythic underpinning, I would be extremely surprised if there were no such traditions in Glorantha where conditions would further them. I will grant you this - while the rules of RQG are fine for armed conflicts and may work for unarmed combats with both sides restricted to dagger, cestus or less, they don't really work well for cinematic conflicts between unarmed advanced masters of weaponless arts and sword or axe fighters, giving the blades (or clubs) an unfair advantage. Reading the kung fu books on this topic, that is very much in keeping with the teachings of those schools. Going unarmed against knives is a good way to end up badly cut up, and you recognize the victor of a knife duel by him being carried alive to the surgeon by his friends. Other such techniques work when you have the numbers and the death-defying morale of unarmed people taking on armed opponents. RQ has always been able to provide this form of realism, and breaking it by allowing the martial arts skill to parry more or less unarmed "absorbing" damage through skillful deflection of blows. Martial arts btw is not synonymous with unarmed combat, although the RQ rules have usually depicted them as such. I think that a middle ground between what the RQG skill for natural weapons and RQ3 Land of Ninja Ki skills offer can be used. The Martial Arts skill in RQG is limited to natural weapons. The distribution of such schools leaves out exotic (but present) places like the Red Dragon dojo in the Provinces (Tarsh or Aggar) mentioned in Arcane Lore. There is a distinct possibility that all of these martial arts traditions originate in the mystic east of Glorantha. With the False Dragons Ring, Sheng importing Kralori to the Lunar Empire and Godunya's influence on the EWF, the distribution pattern in RQG can be explained.
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    The BGB ain't exactly a priority for Chaosium either. But since the two games are so broadly compatible, I doubt there's any harm in putting your efforts into one vs another. For what it's worth, Chaosium seem to be pretty zeroed-in on RQG and CoC (which makes financial sense) and there's a couple of other things in the pipeline that seem to be moving away from generic systems towards games with tightly integrated settings and rules. Fan-support of MW or the BGB isn't going to hurt (or help) their bottom line, it's all about finding players who want to play in your games, and running whatever system clicks for you, whether it's old or new, supported or not.
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    Grappling rules have always annoyed martial artists as being nowhere near complex enough and non-martial artists as being too complex. For me, we have used Grappling to break bones and so on, doing 1d3+DB, but only if the attacker succeeded and defender failed the grapple roll. Memorably, a Humakti PC was placed in a gladiatorial area with a shield and spear, but had geases of "Never use a Shield" and "Never use a spear", so he dropped them immediately, grabbed hold of the attacker's arm, with a critical grapple, broke the attacker's wrist, disarming him, with another critical grapple doing something like 12 points of damage, then wrenched the attacker's arm out of its socket, with a critical STR vs STR roll and proceeded to beat him to death with the bloody end. "I always wanted to do that", the player said afterwards.
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    Heya Chris! It's been a bit, for sure. Glad you dropped a word! Did you ever imagine you'd become something of a torch bearer? It's wild how the world turns. I remember back in '07 when the BGB was just a crazy idea, and I joined BRP Central...LOL! 🤯. I suspect I'm like many of the old crew: I lurk a couple of forums pretty consistently but rarely contribute, finding I no longer have a lot in common. A bit ironic considering, but...shrug...that's the way of things. For example, even though I'm not a Gloranthaphile, I still checked out the RQ game forum until recently, but it's focus has gradually turned from the game itself to how it interfaces with the world it was designed for. I was reminded of that by a well-meaning poster who pointed out that the game and the world are too intertwined to keep the topics separate. I get it, and the Glorantha folk have waited a long time. I GMed MW for a couple of small campaigns. I turned to tinkering with OQ like Sean_RDP and am now prepping to run my own mix of MW/OQ/Sunwolfe. LOL. I still refer to MW/SB resources a lot. Your work has ever been appreciated by those of us who still enjoy MW. It's always nice to see something interesting and easily adaptable, be it "new" 😉 supplements or adventures, NPC generators or fillable CS (thank you Nick_J!). But for our own sanity remember: this ain't yer daddy's Chaosium anymore...there will be no Renaissance--though the possible alternate/mythical earth version of RQ Jason hinted at does sound interesting-- with that in mind, follow your creative heart, bro. If it sounds fun for you, and you're itching to do it, go for it! Again, nice to hear from you 🙂 Cheers!
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    I really like Classic Fantasy. I think it is a great meeting point of d100 and well, classic fantasy lol. But there is still a passion for Magic World. I have the beginnings of an idea for a MW stream and was thinking about writing some short, very generic MW adventures. Plus a few other ideas I need to keep to myself at the moment. As far as other games, I dare say my Q21 (based on D101's OpenQuest) has some MW in it. The love for MW is still there.
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    I still play Magic World (and I worked like hell on my form-fillable character sheet, and an NPC generator that I just uploaded a month or so ago here in the downloads section if you want to give them a look). Personally, I'm just about to start a new campaign adapting Gavin Norman's Dolmenwood setting to MW and I'm excited for it to begin in a few weeks. As for Classic Fantasy, it did indeed get released by The Design Mechanism, and it's pretty good from what I've read, plus they released several adventures for it. RuneQuest: Glorantha is in the process of being rolled out and the main rule-book and the bestiary are available; it's tailor-made to run games in Glorantha and doesn't seem like it's suited for any kind of homebrew game settings, but there's some interesting ideas in it. With respect to modules, adventures, settings, I think they'd be appreciated by the people that still play Magic World, and it's always easy enough to convert stuff from one D100 system to another. Follow your bliss I say.
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    I know I've been pushing hard against the text of the new book. I know I've been asking a lot of questions. I know sometimes my own frustration has made me phrase things in ways that don't make me happy -- and those phrasings can't be sugar whispers to the ears of everyone who worked on this new book and this new line of an RPG classic. So I wanted to make something clear: I know how hard you guys have worked on this game. I know how hard you worked on this book. I know how hard it is to write RPG text. (Like, really, I know.) You have produced a new version of a game that has existed since the start of the hobby. And has gone through a half-dozen variations over those four decades. You've obviously put a lot of work and love into the book and the plans for the line. If there is frustration in my posts on occasion (and I suspect this might be true for others as well) it is because I sense there is a lot lot joy and wonder in these pages and there is a lot of work on my part to pull it out. I want to make sure to get what everyone else is talking about, and has been talking about for years. I want to get all the terrific details and magic and culture resting in the book and waiting for me to bring them to my friends. And if I have desire to do this it is only because the game system is rich, the setting is rich, and you have built a book that brings both of these things closer together than they ever have in any previous edition of RuneQuest. So, I want you to know I appreciate all the work. I appreciate all the effort you are making now to get the game released in print, to answer our question, to ponder our questions, and work diligently to make the best game and game line you can. Wanted to say that. Thanks.
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    Like trolls. (pun intended)
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    I'm a bit taken aback by the notion of new art because to me the artistic cohesion (which looks, to me, to be in the style of Aaron Douglas) and excellent use of three color layout is one of the high points. What really makes the book is the writing. It's vibrant and brings the vibe of the city to life. This is the jazz age? Well, you feel the jazz. There's an attention to the little details of life that make it feel more human and immediate than most of the "city books" I've seen for games. "Where do the locals go?" is a cliche about tourist guides, but this strikes me much more as a local inside view where most RPG city guides come across like tourist guides. It also occurred to me that because racism creates very real barriers to the neighborhood, it provides a far more easily manageable size location while at the same time, being part of one of the larges cities on the planet.
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    I've long favored giving XP checks for fumbled skill use as well. Like Yoda says, "The greatest teacher, failure is."
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