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    I bought a second copy of Magic World for similar reasons... keeping a spare copy, just in case. I don't feel any compunction to 'move on' when a game I like stops being supported by its publisher. Magic World sits in a really nice place for me, between Openquest and Mythras in complexity... and not tied to a specific setting... and I don't see anything coming along to replace it in the near future. Though if someone were to write up more creatures, spells or an adventure for it, that would be great. As it is, it's not too much trouble at all to pull in stuff from other D100 games... or even from entirely different systems.
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    Yeah I'm still playing Elric! and that hasn't been supported for years. I have two copies, which helps to reduce wear. Plus I only play about once a month. đŸ˜„
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    Here is the updated Mythology section of the Yelmalio cult: BEFORE TIME Yelmalio was born when Yelm was murdered by Orlanth, as a blindingly bright glare of magnificence which radiated from Yelm like light from the sun. He became known as the Little Sun or “Yelmalio”, although he has been given many other names and titles. Confronted by a broken world, Yelmalio remained true, though it cost him dearly to do so. During the early wars in which mortals supported their gods, Yelmalio led his people from the warm lowlands into the cold hills, carrying high the magic and power of his father. Yelmalio fought against the growing Darkness; he aided many so that they might survive the Gods War. At the Hill of Gold, Yelmalio was disarmed by Orlanth, and then he was ambushed by Zorak Zoran, who stole his fire powers. The Cold Sun fell and bled out his life-giving heat. His favored weapons of bow and sword fell also and were absorbed into the knowledge of the whole world. Wounded, robbed, and hounded from place to place, Yelmalio carried the spark of life throughout the Darkness. Frozen, limping through the leafless forests, the glow of Yelmalio gave hope to the elves and humans who clung to the light. Yelmalio fought fiercely in the Great Darkness, and even aided Orlanth, who grudgingly settled their feud. When Orlanth departed on his Lightbringers’ Quest, Yelmalio defended his people as well. Yelmalio’s wounds did not deter his struggle. He joined with the High King Elf and others to fight against the relentless approach of chaos. He became the Last Light, the strongest god of light in the Great Darkness. He survived the Great Darkness, and the sky overhead was sometimes a distant grey color, and then the stars reappeared. Yelmalio grew stronger and became larger, and the survivors crept out of hiding to offer thanks. Yelmalio greeted the rise of his father, the Sun god Yelm, at the Dawn. Since that time, Yelmalio has lived in the mountains and hills, and even the staunchest Orlanth worshipper admits the presence of the Son of the Sun. Yelmalio provides his light even when and where Yelm’s Sun Disk is absent.
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    RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha has some nice two-page maps of both Dragon Pass and Boldhome. Will these be made available as single sheet PDFs in high resolution for printing? Something suitable for 34" x 22" so everyone at the table can see it? Maybe I am missing a download of them somewhere? Thanks!
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    Please note, we will be closing this discussion thread in 24 hours—we will then complete reviewing your suggestions and send the book to print.
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    I'm looking to put together a Ralios campaign (probably focused around Safelster for the most part) and, after reading through the Guide, Argin Terror and Tinaros strike me as two very undefined areas but very cool ones nonetheless. This is mostly just me putting some thoughts up and looking for criticism / comments. Argin Terror & Tinaros Argin Terror is known as the Nightmare Sorcerer or the Son of the Devil. He is the titular ruler of Tinaros due to his lack of interest in mundane affairs resulting a series of ambitious tyrants ruling the city for him. He is the son of the widow of the Count of Jorglaban (the former ruler of Tinaros), born when his mother sacrificed her three children in 1597 to get revenge after her husband and his fleet were sunken to the depths of Lake Safelster by the Partan Fleet. It is known that when he spoke his first word the Partan fleet was sunken (by the Estali League) and that when he first walked Partan itself was razed (again, by the Estali League). As he treats all religion with equal disdain, cults not welcome in other parts of Safelster are "welcome" in Tinaros. It is said that he waited for his mother to die before he started to conquer the world but that he ate her post-mortem which means he is in endless magical battle with her spirit. Interpretation The thing about Argin Terror is that he doesn't actually seem to have done anything approaching chaotic. There's multiple ways to interpret his actions and the rumours surrounding him: - Mundanist Interpretation: Argin Terror is a normal man with no interest in rulership who has locked away after being raised by a grief-stricken overbearing mother. His sibling's deaths were unfortunate accidents and all the ideas about him being the spawn of the Devil and a chaotic creature are just unfortunate rumours invented by a people who don't understand someone with no interest in power. - Literalist Interpretation: Argin Terror is the spawn of the devil who is locked in magical combat with his mother's ghost after he devoured her post-mortem. One day he will defeat his mother and stride across Ralios and then the world bringing a new Great Darkness. - Personal Interpretation: Argin Terror is an inherently Chaotic and powerful being created by his mother in some unholy ritual. To me, he's a Wilbur Whateley-esque figure in appearance. He has a desire for conquest and rulership and so he does not want to be ruled by his Chaotic nature. He is currently seeking the path to Illumination. The reality of it is that when he reaches it he will bring that new Great Darkness... But on his own terms. Tinaros also allows some leeway in interpretation. It could be a cess pool of chaotic cults and murder or it could be a harshly ruled city-state with many shrines to unholy cults and it likely shifts depending on whatever tyrant is currently in charge.
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    I think I said it in another topic, but I really like when they offered the Sartar maps in really high resolution in a separate file. It did cost a few dollars, but for me it was totally worth it. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/68926/Sartar-Campaign-Pack
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    This isn't dice-related, but I use a box of Go stones during game. I gave the players three stones as their hero points for the game. When they spend one, they hand it to me and I ask "what does this look like?" which gives them a chance to briefly narrate their impressive effort. It lets the player control some of the color of the game. During extended contests, each time one side or the other scores RPs, I put a stone in the appropriate pile--it lets the players easily see where the contest is at.
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    i fail to see what the entire quote is adding to the question: I picked the section that clarified the whole thing. And, of course dropping a score of 120% down to 100% is a modification ... you've just modified it. In RQ it's your final score that counts to determined special, critical or fumble results, it's always been like this and I have no clue why it's confusing to you.
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    No, it only proves that someone needed it clarified for them. Sometimes something crystal clear to others is totally mystifying to me. Times like those, someone explaining how it works helps. Doesn't mean the rules need clarifying, just means it wasn't clear to me. that's why we ask questions on forums.
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    I have no idea on who is responding to who but I think that we can all agree that it's a great thing that BRP is out there. Even though Elric!/Magic World is the superior rules set. No judgement though.
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    You seem to have been confused by RQ gaming discussions that go on. Which is understandable because there's so much Gloranthan crossover between game systems. So I don't think anyone referring to Borderlands or Sun County to start off would have been talking about HQG. This would have been an RQ discussion. As I said, that's an easy mistake to make because often people start a discussion without saying which Gloranthan gaming systen they're referring to. Ian has given you the steer on this above from the HQG perspective. Sorry that you've had so much confusion.
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    A Delicate Morsel Later that hot and humid evening, under the dark of the moon, Samuel Scarlett, Henry Ravens, Americus Leftwich and Temperance Gresham made a dinner of victuals from the Virginia upon a small cook-fire to be washed down with a wooden flagon of small beer reluctantly meted out to them as new arrivals at a costly half-angel apiece, hard for light purses to bear. There was a young girl close at hand with her family, barely more than a child. The smell of the food cooking made her stomach rumble and she apologized, embarrassed. "Begging your pardon, my masters," she said. "All the supplies now lost with our governor, Sir Thomas Gates, aboard Sea Venture, we be cast ashore without the Company's providence or provender. Truth to tell, all hoped for Sea Venture's deliverance when your sail was first espied. Forgive mine impertinence - It is but the complaint of my stomach, not my heart, which remains true to the Lord. Mother says we must keep faith in His provision, come what may." So the company did offer this girl, Jane, as her name was told, and also her father and mother, Edward and Elizabeth Eason, such meager fare as they could spare, but the growl of empty stomachs was to be heard throughout the rude lodgings pretentiously styled the town of His Majesty, King James, like the presage of thunder before a savage storm soon to break. "I fear the winter months ahead" said Jane. "I know I am just a foolish girl, not permitted to question my elders, but methinks it were unwise to put at odds these salvadges, our neighbors, when soon we might need repair to them for sustenance in the cold months that follow." Precocious, of fetching mien, this Jane is like to grow up to become a most comely lass indeed, but one must surely fear for her safety in the dead and desperation of the wintertime crouching like a ravening wolf in the snow-laden thickets of the waning year. This girl of fourteen summers may prove wiser than her elders, even as she pays the terrible price of their foolishness. A rapprochement with the salvadges, such as Pocohontas hath put forward, may be the only thing that saves this young woman and many more like her, thrown ashore by the fierce and malevolent storm conjured at sea. It was then, the good chaplain Robert Hunt burst in upon everyone's reveries, quite breathless from exertion or fear. "The Devil is no longer abroad," quoth he. "The Devil is among us! Come quick, as you love the Lord, and put ye on the full armor of God!"
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    For HQG, we would recommend starting with The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights for your Dragon Pass campaign. Advice from RQ grognards on the scenarios they enjoyed 'back in the day' are not good sign posts for how to play HQG. Once you have played that material, you should be in a better position to assess how to use older material from the Hero Wars line, or even from RQG. My summary would be that the 'setting' material from RQG supplements has value, but the scenarios have less utility. Certainly something like Apple Lane, or Snakepipe Hollow can't be played well with HQG, but you could use the concepts in a game. But RQG and HQG are different games. It is akin to the difference between Dungeon World and D&D (with HQG the former) .
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    It would appear that you erred on that part David. The section on sorcery page 389 says: This jibes with the pregenerated character Sorala, who knows Truth and Command and 3 spells. However, a philosopher seems to have access to more spells than a scribe. While Philosopher gives access to a rune and a technique per page 70: The Lhankor Mhy cult does state on page 76: So this can be interpreted as the one rune and one technique a philosopher starts with having to be Truth and Command if they are Lhankor Mhy. But this is probably NOT how it is done when one looks at what a Malkioni gets as early as age 13: 3 runes and 2 techniques. No, it's much more likely what happens is the philosopher occupation gives a rune and technique of the players choice and that the LM cult then gives Truth and Command. That gives an LM philosopher 2 runes and 2 techniques. Less than a malkioni, but more than a scribe. The Scribe class just gets Truth and Command. Also, Philosopher gives three spells of the players choice as an occupation and Lhankor Mhy cult gives three spells from a limited list. So while an LM scribe would start with 3 spells from the limited list and Command/Truth, the philosopher seems to get Command/Truth another rune and another technique and 6 spells (or, the player could sink the occupation %'s into the 3 spells the LM cult gives, making him more skilled than a scribe in his 3 spells.) This seems reasonable for a starting philosopher compared to a starting scribe.
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    I've tended to move to run Group Simple Contests one by one. Even though the individual contest happens simultaneously it usually makes story sense to roleplay each contest. That way the last person rolling might turn the tables of the whole contest. About the tricks you requested. I made this handy table to use with players new to HQ. It has been really useful and the players get the system better. Maybe someday I can write it into a printable format.
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    They laid the ground work in the Bestiary for how Dragonewts evolve. They have opposing passions instead of opposing runes. From the Bestiary: Once they reduce each passion to 0% they then evolve into the next stage of evolution and each stage has a set of five opposing passions.
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    19th Level Blogspot says, "Taking a look at the 2018 #ENnies Winners, it seems the Mythos kinda kicked ass... An impressive performance - it's interesting seeing how the ENnie awards have evolved from what used to be very d20-based... seeing Chaosium perform so well is also satisfying - for so many years they were a company that could get out a single product per year if they were lucky." https://19thlevel.blogspot.com/2018/08/the-elder-gods-reign-supreme-in-2018.html
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    Hi, I am not sure this is a typo but... p 215 - the Cuirass Turtleshell only costs 15 L (and reiterated on page 216) but has the same AP (4) as Ring Mail which costs 50 L and Light Scale which costs 25 L but has no negative Move Quietly modifier whereas Ring Mail and Light Scale have -5 and -10 respectively .... so why would anyone but anything but Turtleshell? Is the price correct?
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