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    The rules wing it even worse than Star Wars. But starships have quite a different role in Odd Soot. PCs are unlikely to own a starship and most travelling is more similar to being a passenger on a 1920s steamship. Most of the technical aspects of space travel are hidden from the PCs.
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    Cool. I can easily see a near-future RPG that moves a lot of complex rules (like combat and healing) to smartphones, hiding all the complexity behind a user-friendly UI. For Odd Soot, something like this might do the trick: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antikythera_mechanism#/media/File:Antikythera_model_front_panel_Mogi_Vicentini_2007.JPG
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    That used to be a problem, but nowadays you can use e.g. an Android-device as a prop to calculate courses, travel times, fuel consumption etc. with little effort. For Odd Soot, such a prop would probably have to be clockwork brass instruments, depending on how much Tesla-tech you want to include.
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    I will suggest that there is no "hard sci-fi" FTL ... Oh, there are interesting speculations, but no hard science. YMMV. Cryosleep is pretty boring RP, for interstellar space travel! That leaves space travel within our solar-system, with very "Age of Sail" timeframes for travel (but likely minimal/zero piracy) and storylines accordingly. Shipboard RP can be a serious thing... espionage, romance, etc etc etc.
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    I know this reveals an OCD I never knew I possessed... but Jason's statement is incorrect. The phrase ins't a clumsy way restating the rules. It mistakes the rules for Special Damage wholly. If one looks at the sidebar which defines Special Damage, and breaks out the three ways Special Damage works for three respective weapon types, one finds that trying to sum up the rules in this manner ignores the rules. Some dice are rolled twice, others are not, and Crushing Damage doesn't double any damage at all. The game establishes a technical term ("Special Damage") and all that had to happen was to use that term consistently so that anyone using the rules would know immediately what the text was supposed to mean. What gets to me is not the errors at this point. (There will be errors.) It is Team: Chaosium's inability so say, "Yeah, wow. That's a fuck up. Sorry about that. We should have done better. We'll get on it. That's some sloppy writing there." The errors are one thing. The inability of the team responsible for the book to look at the work and see what is right in front of their eyes is the part that is driving me nuts.
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    It bypasses static armour like Protection or Shield, but not sorcery like... whatever Damage Resistance is called nowadays... Ward Against Weapons. At least, traditionally that's the case, I think it still is in RQG.
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    I actually meat to say protagonist, but valid points nonetheless "A critical hit ignores the effects of armor or any other protection" says the book so I'd say yes on bypassing magic
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    The Glorious ReAscent (p47-p52) has the Dara Happan Names. Star 21: Lorion's Tongue Star 22: Lorian's Eye Star 23: Lorion's Tail Star 74: Drowns Children Star 75: Scours to Rock Star 76: Pulls Down Walls. Star 80: Lorion's Eye Star 81: Lorion's Marker (ie his outrageous part) The first three stars were visible during the Great Darkness. The remaining appeared gradually over the years. Note that eight stars are given yet the Guide says there are nine - one more star has appeared but its name is unknown.
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    and a lot of not so secret ones, after all Lodril is the spearman, too. There will be wrestling, and use of all manner of digging and agricultural implements.
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    In Peloria there's a whole bunch of secret Lodrilli combat arts...
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    We played that the Rune Spell is a package, so the Heal Wound Runespell is a 1 point spell that contains the MPs within it. Magic Points used to boost a spell go outside the Package and act to boost the spell's strength.
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    I prefer my sci-fi this way. Unless the campaign really focuses on the ship itself, like Firefly, then I'd much rather have space travel be a thing that happens rather than a thing the characters do.
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    I really like the Dragonewt Rune mechanics. I worry that the cult itself is a bit too Immanent Mastery-ish in that it is centered around transforming oneself temporarily into a dragon, which I don't think is what the EWF was all about - they seemed to be about achieving draconic consciousness. I'm giving the dragonfriend in my campaign access to Dragonewt magic as she awakens new stages of draconic consciousness, but have been playing that by ear rather than with any dedicated rules. I'll be interested to see you experiences with this in play.
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    How about making Awaken the Draconic Soul a one-use spell, maybe just 1-point? That would make joining the cult a much bigger deal, your priest really has to be convinced that you are a good prospect.
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    I like how you oppose the Dragonewt Rune to all the Elemental Runes. What would the Dragonewt Rune actually be classified as, though? My best guess is that it's maybe a Condition Rune? Also, do you have a plan for figuring out your character's initial Elemental Runes (since you want low scores, not high)? Will you get to start with Dragonewt Rune as one of your options instead of the six Elements? It's a bit obscure to me how Dragon's Form functions. Transform Self lets three spells last for an hour, but the Dragonspeaker cult seems to have more which are eligible (Dragon's Hide, Dragon's Might, Dragon's Talons, and Dragon's Wings). In addition, "massive dream dragon" just seems more powerful than turning into a semi-divine bear (comparing to Odayla, the only cult using Transform Self at the moment). It's also worth pointing out that Dragon's Hide costs less, provides more, and is stackable compared to Bear's Skin (which is nonstackable). This feels particularly relevant to me because the Dragonspeaker cult seems like a smaller cult than Odayla (and generally bigger cult = bigger magic in RQG). I'm assuming that all Dragonspeakers are humans, and that Dragonewts function as normal. On a similar note, Dragon's Breath seems to be a better form of Lightning/Thunderbolt (each of which are otherwise the premiere damage-dealing Rune spells) because it doesn't have the POW v. POW restriction of Lightning, and costs fewer points and doesn't have the cloud cover restriction of Thunderbolt. Dragon's Thought is also crazy powerful, but... I like it, it seems like a cool zany trade-off for mastering the Dragonewt Rune. I suggest that Dragon's Breath becomes a reskin of Lightning Bolt, and that Dragon's Hide becomes a reskin of Shield (though you can still use it with Dragon's Form). Those will help keep the cult at a similar level to those presented in RQG. Additionally--if you're looking for brainstorming ideas--I wonder if the Power Runes could be implemented with this cult. From what I recall of the Bestiary's Dragonewt entry, they basically spend lifetimes engaging in a particular set of behaviors. I suggest that humans could mimic this, as part of the process of becoming a Dragon. The Dragonewt Rune and Elemental Rune dichotomy would still apply. What I think could be interesting is that to "earn" spells (or maybe actual dragonewt effects?) the Dragonspeaker cultist could have to max out each of a pair of Power Runes in turn (maybe ritually saccing a point of POW once he has?), demonstrating exploring the different aspects of life on Glorantha. So, after mastering the Death Rune and sacrificing a point of POW, maybe he learns Dragon's Breath. And then has to lose that Death Rune, and start mastering the Fertility Rune, or whatever, with the ultimate goal being 100% Dragonewt Rune, 0% in all Elemental Runes, and being 50%/50% in each of the pairs of Power Runes. Also, if you're looking at being able to do the become-a-dragon thing with Dragon's Form, it might be appropriate to note in the description whether or not it can be stacked with Extension. Because who doesn't want to be a dragon for a year?
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    Harrek's circumnavigation is special only in its coincidental timing. It is possible that Argrath starting his circumnavigation from the Cradle makes it special. I used to think that the rise of the boat planet was the somewhat delayed end of Dormal's quest. Dormal was last seen sailing west from Whalebone Island, possibly to (through?) the Gates of Dusk or down the lower Sky Dome into the Underworld. Given Dormal's interaction with Fronela, the release of Charg and other parts from the Ban might be contributing. (Parts of the Janube outflow from the Sweet Sea and the southern Sweet Sea shore may have needed to be liberated, and possibly the other half of the Esel River.)
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    On a first glance, this looks rather similar to the RQ3 presentation of the Path of Immanent Mastery, which apparently was similar to the path Isgangdrang (the Speaker of the Third Council) was pursuing. This does look playable, if as over-priced (rune-spell wise) as the RQ3 version (or its Hsunchen equivalents). You did a good job substituting temples to leaching off magic from the dragonewts (e.g. the dragonewt roadse) and true dragons. I can see why you want to distance the cult from the elemental cults, although the breakthrough of draconism was Obduran's demonstration that you can both worship Orlanth and proceed on the draconic path of mysticism. The mysticism side is almost non-existent. You do give a nod with applying the Meditation skill rather than the Worship (etc.) skill, but that's all. If you are happy playing a partial shape-shifter, this cult will eventually give you some of those powers. Arcane Lore suggested another way of residual draconic mysticism with its Red Dragon dojo somewhere west of Lunar Tarsh, near the Red Dragon lair. That dojo appears to be more like one of the Kralori martial arts styles, with some fire powers thrown into the mix, and possibly other options of spiritual advancement. But that's a different concept.
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    It really is very heartening to see something that I first wrote almost 25 years ago still being used today - a great integration between the Unknown East and Old Bone's Mythras adventure. Thank you for sharing!
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    Admin Hat: Please note - this thread is specifically for asking questions, as noted by Jason at the head of the thread. Questions will be responded to by Jason (RuneQuest Line Editor), and/or Jeff if he is so inclined. On that, there is something Jeff would like to emphasise:
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    Greg was the first and best Heroquester, able to return with gifts we still do not fully appreciate. I met Greg at the Orgin's debut of Runequest, and delighted in the many and the vision of Glorantha ever since. To me in all our irregular meetings he was welcoming, generous and interested in even small contributions to his greater work. However different Greg's path and mine, he will be remembered for ever with deep affection.
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    More and more of the "Old Guard" are slipping away to the Other Side. My annual Halloween CoC game will be dedicated to Greg. Mr. Stafford will be missed
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    Vale Mr Stafford. I had the pleasure of an online interaction with him where he impressed me with his sincerity and the strength of his ideals. He and his works will not be forgotten.
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    "One day I helped a dragon, who whispered hot words of gold and legend to me." I will always remember those words from the Dragon Pass game. Thank you, Greg, for bringing me so much joy! (Soren Petersen)
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    He loomed large over our community. Thank you, sir.
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    Greg, we'll be seeing on the Heroplane, where your spirit will continue to sustain and entertain us!
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    I was barely even acquainted with him, but even in those few interactions he was one of the most purely kind-hearted, generous, warm people I've ever met. The man was truly giving in a way we can all aspire to be. The world is a little bit lesser for his passing. My deepest sympathies to his family, and to his close friends at Chaosium and around the world. Greg is, I'm sure, exploring whatever really comes after this and is likely having more fun than anyone. I can't imagine someone more prepared to actually enter the Hero Plane than our favorite Shaman, Greg.
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    We are all a little poorer today.
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    Goodbye, Greg. I am saddened at your departure but celebrate your journey - I am glad you saw your lifelong vision realised.
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    The creativity of Greg's games have shaped my roleplaying ever since the early 1980s. It's been a privilege to follow his work.
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    Thank you for the wonders you gave me, and the joys of exploring the universes you created.
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    Vale Greg Stafford (1948 - 2018) The shock and grief the Chaosium family felt at the news of the passing of our beloved and revered company founder, Greg Stafford, cannot be measured. Greg died yesterday in his sweat lodge at his home in Arcata, CA. Mercifully, his passing was painless and quick. He died as he lived, on a spiritual quest of enlightenment. As one of the greatest game designers of all time; winner of too many awards to count; and a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration to generations of gamers, “the Grand Shaman of Gaming” influenced the universe of tabletop gaming beyond measure. Greg founded The Chaosium in 1975, and from the outset (to quote his own words) “was never content to imitate, but instead published games that were original in their style of play, content and design”. Under his leadership, the company quickly became renowned for its originality and creativity, and was responsible for introducing numerous things to the hobby that are standards today. As John Wick (7th Sea, Legend of the Five Rings) memorably said, “The older I get, the more I hear young RPG designers say ‘Never been done before!’ And then I just point at something Greg Stafford did a few decades ago.” Greg’s work in roleplaying games, board games, and fiction have been acclaimed as some of the most engaging and innovative of all time. There will doubtless be many valedictory messages over the coming days from the countless people that Greg inspired and enthused across his many interests and passions - Glorantha, Oaxaca, King Arthur, shamanism, mythology and more. For now, we leave you with the words of the Myth maker himself, speaking at the 2018 ENnies Awards ceremony, his last public engagement. Greg was immensely proud of the work Chaosium had done in recent years, particularly since his return as chair of the board in 2015. Ultimately, on reflection, he recognized that everyone’s success in the gaming industry was down to the enthusiasm and support of the fans. We at Chaosium recognize that countless RPG fans are fans (including us!) because of Greg Stafford and what he achieved. Our heartfelt condolences to Greg’s wife Suzanne, and his children Noah, Alisha, Jason, and their families. Vale Greg—from the team at Chaosium #WeAreAllUs
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    Which simply proves the Blue Moon association. Taters are SECRET. They do not speak, but have eyes everywhere.
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    Announcing the Mythras Character Creation Workbook - A set of free tools to aid with character creation. Everything you need for the process in one place: Attribute Calculation summaries; Cultural Skill Packages; the full range of Career Skill options; a handy Skill Allocation worksheet; and the latest character sheet design. http://thedesignmechanism.com/resources/Downloads/Character Creation Workbook.pdf
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