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    The fly spell is all and all much better than its rune equivalent, which I feel breaks setting convention. Sorcerers should struggle to be better flyers than Orlanthi. At the minimum I'd reduce the strength to SIZ tradeoff drastically to 1:2, 1:1, or even 4:3. I also don't like the use of a rune in place of a skill check. Orlanthi get away with that because they're channeling a god, sorcerers should have to learn it the hard way.
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    Well, as they say in Kralorela "Good on ya mate!" (literally waited 30+ years for that one)
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    I wrote this site up as the location my Brightwater Company characters wanted to raid. In our game, Bitriol, the Gorakiki matron is the same troll priestess who, working for the Lunars, set up a temple at Corflu to drive away the giant mosquitos with her dragonflies. A PC managed to kybosh that deal and she returned to her husbands and her warren, only to be attacked again by the same meddling umani. The site works as a location for adventurers to "explore", and even includes the traditional "Found Object" Table, a feature I always loved in classic RQ products. But it could also serve as a home base for a Rubble-based troll party. Just write up some troll PCs with Trollpak and given them the Warren as home. I have been thinking about giving the players of the Brightwater Company some of Bitriol's offspring to play for a session or two to see what they do. https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-203-xaragang-troll-warren
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    I've written a mini adventure for groups to run over Christmas. its a free download and will fit into any campaign over Christmas. It has lots of Easter eggs and in jokes and humor. please feel free to download and enjoy - i will be uploading our play through to our you tube channel tomorrow in old men play rune quest. https://1drv.ms/b/s!AubIEqZn8Gj8gZE0iRpqaz8ejGqN4g Merry Christmas from the old men
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    Two ways, though I prefer the former and only slowly add in the latter: Early on in my campaigns I give them item(s) enchanted with regrow limb and/or Resurrection. This offsets the odd "oops, I fumbled, sorry buddy" dice rolls. the latter method is to once in a blue moon give out Strengthening Enchantments. Of course, in RQG that currently isn't an option anyways, but I understand that soon they will be. In our campaigns, you can receive one when you become a Rune Lord/Priest and whenever you do something epic for your god he might reward you with one. But I'm incredibly stingy. You can't go buy the things.
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    I suppose blood-drinking and immortality would not particularly stand out in a Vadeli community.
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    I think that @metcalph knows what Cwm looks like. I think he was pointing out that the description of the event in the Sourcebook doesn't really seem to refer to it. "Two arms, and an extra one" doesn't seem to do justice to Cwm 😛
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    For me, it's the best thing about Revolution D100. You have a reduced set of skills, off the top of my head there are about 12 skills. For each skill you can have Traits, which are specialisations, or things you can do better. So, you might have Athletics as a skill but also have Climb, Jump and Swim as Traits. So, two PCs could have Athletics 50%, but one could have Climb, Jump and Swim as Traits and the other could have Run, Throw and Brawn, so they have the same base skill but have very different skill sets. It becomes really useful with things like Sense Chaos, in other D100 games, Sense Chaos would either be a skill on its own, in which case it has to be increased separately, or it is a special ability, in Revolution it is just a Perception Trait. Its real strength comes when using Revolution with different genres. You have the same base skill set, but you might want to add Science, perhaps, but you use different Traits. So a Space Marine might have Parachuting as an Athletics Trait, for example. With Traits come Stunts, which are specialisations in the Trait. So, the Space Marine might have Parachuting as an Athletics Trait but have HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) and NOLO (Near Orbit Low Opening) as Stunts, allowing him/her to parachute down from very high altitudes without being spotted. For me, they are extremely flexible, get around a lot of the problems I have had with D100 games, being a long-term player, and are very easy to use. I like large skill sets, so RQ2 was great for me, then RQ3 dropped Trap Set/Disarm in favour of Mechanisms, then MRQ dropped even more skills and Mythras/Legend dropped them further. I hated that, as it reduced the complexity and variety of a PC. Then I saw Revolution D100 and it hit the sweet spot, with a reduced set of skills but a large number of Traits, allowing me the flexibility of an RQ2 PC with the simplicity of "new" versions of D100.
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    I hear you on how, but the issue here is more from the player's point of view. As 'newbies' their insight is useful, and whilst after enough sessions they would probably internalize the same rules as me, the problem was that they were not clear on what they could do, and found it a struggle to decide how to use their magic. And sure there is a notional fix, just tell them to describe whatever they want to do, and you will tell them how hard that is, but the reality is that it is off-putting when you are trying to work out your options to not understand what is easy/hard etc. The advantage of the more complete understanding of ritual in HeroQuest 1e is that the 'setting' has this in its context for magic, and as such it forms part of what RL calls the Extraordinary Powers Framework. I think that proper examination of ritual magic is a hole that we need to plug somehow.
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    The production value alone made it worth it for me. Gorgeous books! I won't rehash all the points others have already made, but for fans of great looking books that really "tie the shelf together", you can't go wrong.
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    The Doctors Journal Well, that was a lovely break, it rained and everything is soaked through luckily my powders remained dry the medical chest again justifying that extra money I spent on it and all that Bees wax and Tallow I've rubbed into it over the years, Lawks that stuff smells terrible. On the good news front the natives whilst excellent hunters where poor cooks but for the first time I was able to eat something and enjoy it even though the meat could only be charitably classed as rare. After a quick breakfast, we headed towards this way station apparently it was called Karkemel and according to the Unjay, it was only another five hours of backbreaking work cutting a path through the jungle to get there I can now understand how this accursed city remained hidden for so long. Godzooks,! I'm thirsty. Finally, we reach the small clearing where this way station is, must admit a little disappointed, to be honest, it was mostly in ruins through the stepped pyramid at the one end of the small plaza seemed to be in fairly good condition. The opposite end was just broken walls and jagged stone blocks yet to be claimed by the jungle. When we got closer the plaza was in pretty bad condition roots and trees pushing through the foundation stones but it still had a faded glory about it. Near the Temple steps lay a stone cover which seemed to cover up a well or some kind of shaft, the cover was cracked through the centre and was only held together by some sort of opposing force. Two stone stele had been placed either side of the plaza their sides covered in the curious pictographs of these people. Unjay pointed towards the Temple and headed off towards it, the Temple was of the same basic design of many of the other buildings designed as important civil buildings though this one was much narrower it also seemed to have built not on the floor but on top of a huge stone block and stairs needed to be climbed to even reach the Temples base. Which cheered me up no end I can tell you what with me wearing al this armour but I've learned it's better to be safe than sorry especially after Ralphs death. After some more climbing and then a little more climbing in the heat (Good news the rain has stopped...finally)we reached the top and the small building on the top. Cutting through some vines noticing some new growth caused by someone doing something similar to us in the recent past we managed to get into the room beyond. What a room, the walls, and ceilings were covered in wonderous mosaics made from coloured stones and glass all revealing an intricate network of roads and paths which connected a great realm of city-states I was shocked what was displayed in this room, this mere way station hinted at a great empire that covered this land thousands of people separate yet all connected by trade all flowing down these arteries. And yet we were only just figuring out how to send a letter to Edinburgh without it getting lost. The others recovered quickly and soon the Speaker and Unjay were calling for torches they had found an area cleared of the vines and ancient moss and taking lantern and paper and I saw a tiny carving of Bendal Dolum, the plains of ooze and the dark lake. The map was roughly copied and double checked and when nothing else was found to help us we left the Temple. It took us a moment or two to realise what was different, the jungle was quiet and still, Unjay looked around and called his men close and then we all heard the chanting. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere no one could be seen but soon a green fog roiled from out of the jungle and soon the plaza was buried under this unnatural fog. Goodchild crossed himself and backed up his crucifix was gripped firmly in his hands. The Speaker also backed up muttering "Muerte verde, muerte verde" Cuthbert had to slap him around the head and yell "Speak English you bloody heathen" several times before the Speaker who now looked terrified muttered "It's the Green death" and shaking off Cuthbert's weak grip he ran towards the map room.
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    You're welcome. I'll have to look at Mike and Lynne's videos too.
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    From the Guide: There's a pretty cool Cwim model coming in The Gods War.
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    Could you share more examples of the rewards you gave them and how you decided what they should be?
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    Hi, I’ve got the following items on eBay: - Pantheons card & deice game by Chester E Hendriks. From the early days of RuneQuest, rare and based on Gloranthan runes. - Tales of the Reaching Moon bundle: #18, #19 & #20. - Questlines (RQ-Con 1 DU fundraiser) and Meints Index to Glorantha (MIG 1) - RQ Adventures #5 & #6 bundle - French RQ bundle: Les Dieux de Glorantha, Les Monts Arc en Ciel, and Tatou #5 Here’s a link to Pantheons: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254008892933 Cheers, David
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    Given the wonderful rebirth of RQ2, I am excited about the forthcoming publications. To that end, I was wondering if anyone has any cult write-ups that they are super eager or hoping to see in the new material? I personally have a few I would like to know about... Yara Aranis, Big Man, Durev and Orane, any Teshnan or Kralorelan deities.
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    I've had TWO players be the next Arkat because I've played Argraths saga twice now. Ask them if they can reasonably take on Tiamat and they'll tell you sure, there are levels to RQ, you just have to play long enough to discover them. Everyone knows when the party just "levelled up" and they can even tell new players what they need to do to do so. As for damage, lopping off PCs limbs can put a lot of tension into a game. Some of our most memorable moments came when the best warrior in the group went down to signal the start of hostilities and the party had an "oh S***!" moment.
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    I am so looking forward to what Jeff comes out with, but in the meantime, I've run tons of heroquests using what I've gathered from official publications and things I've house ruled. In my current campaign, it shouldn't be too much of a problem if Heroquesting turns out to be way different when Jeff comes out with the rules than what we'd have been doing up to then because of this wonderful little thing Glorantha has called "The Day the Magic Changed". No one knows when this is, but for us it will be the day I get my hands on Jeff's Heroquesting rules. So everyone is on board and we're all okay with plunging ahead using my long standing HQ rules. They work like this if you'd like to go the same route: Each heroquest is made up of stations built around a myth. You give the PCs the myth and they make whatever preparations they think necessary. Then the HQ mirrors the myth right up to the point where it inevitably doesn't. Chaos always intrudes on the myth and no myth ever repeats exactly the same so HQing the same myth twice can turn out slightly differently each time. After each station, if any power is marked or any skills are marked, the PCs automatically go up. This is how characters can HQ to improve themselves dramatically. It's also how they get skills well above 100%. Power gained HQing can go above maximum, but it doesn't establish a new maximum. So on the mundane plane they can't improve POW if it's already above max. If they crit on the HQ they get some small power related to the nature of the crit. Example: A PC critted climbing Stormwalk Mountain. I ruled he can't fumble his climb when climbing mountains anymore. Next time he did the same HQ he critted again same thing! So now I ruled as long as he's lead climber on a mountain, no one on his team can fumble their climb. If they fumble on the HQ, bad things happen. We currently have a thief who can't succeed in a fast talk vs other criminals. I never tell the player the nature of their disability if it's not immediately apparent. So the thief has yet to realize his problem. And of course, the heroquest itself generally can give out powers or treasures. The PCs have some idea of what they're trying to get out of the HQ before they begin.
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    I think I actually have that one, at least the one they made for the game. I own several versions of Harnmaster, but I can imagine yours are better, fan made stuff often are!
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    It's an interesting read, it's subtitle "A Collection of Speculative and Exploratory Texts about Glorantha" pretty much sums it up. It's not rules, but esoterica - if you are interested in the development of HeroQuesting in the world of Glorantha. Lots of parts of it are collect from other older works that are no easily found anymore, and it's not all Greg - I've always like Steve Marsh's Heroquest game Shattered Norns (https://adrr.com/hero/norns/index.htm) some of which is in here: $10 for 130 pages is pretty good value in my mind if you like Glorantha esoterica ( I've also got the previous version when it was just called Heroquests & Heroquesting). But if you only want Heroquesting for RQG, it won't help. Wait for Jeff's cool system.
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    LOL, you're including a Krampus Encounter for the Sacred Time Festive spirit I see. Better than having a beardy old Lunar Convert Uncoling land his sled on your roof I suppose? Last time he crashed through and we mugged him. Loot all round!
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    Revolution has "Advantage" which is similar to a Special success (no criticals, though). You succeed with Advantage when your ten die is higher than you ones die - this means that the chances for a succes with advantage increase exponentially the higher your skill goes. I actually really like it, it is elegant, avoids additional math, and you get a sizeable extra benefit from being really good at a skill.
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    All I can say is every character seems to take athletics in Trail or Delta Green and virtually no character takes any of the "athletic" skills in CoC. That right there indicates to me that the system is dissuading people from taking skills that players generally considered useful at a more reasonable cost. I'd completely forgotten the bonus/penalty dice. This was something that really gave me pause when I read the rules, but after a session or two, it had become completely natural both to roll them and to call for them at the appropriate time. That, overall, is my feeling about 7th. Most things that seemed like significant changes at first read became invisible at the table.
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    I ran that at a convention, but slightly modified: In my game, it was set in a Star-Trek-esque Sci-Fi universe, and it still worked fine. It is full of Stormbringerisms.
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    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/203486/Madness--Other-Colours In case you don't know, this Mythras adventure is a Stormbringer scenario with the serials filed off. If I remember correctly it was originally an Elric! convention scenario by Loz. It is quite obvious to re-locate it back to the young Kingdoms. You just need the name of a famous stealer of magic, the isle where he lived and the name of the tribe of bestial humanoids who moved there after his demise... Rules-wise, it will work like a charm with Mongoose Elric for MRQ2 (given that the system is basically the same). Elric for MRQ1 would also play converting on the fly. For other editions it requires a bit of conversion, but nothing really daunting.
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    This would also be my preference. It's more useful and allows one to include cultural information in the book as well. Cults don't exist in a vacuum.
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    I'd rather see a less God Learnery approach, and have details about gods (and variations to major gods, such as local sub-cults and heroes) for the major areas of play. Throw the Dara Happans and the Lunars in together, so you can run a campaign in Peloria. Put Veskarthan and the Aeolians and the Only Old One together with the sub-cults of Ernalda for a holy country game.
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    As somebody who does have access to what is left of the print numbers for "Golden Age" chaosium publications, they list three Stormbringer printings in our corporate records. I don't mind what's on the list of versions, but I'm not going to go that deep when I list them on Chaosium's master historical SKU list. After all, the dice they put in the box varied too, and the catalog placed in the box changed about every 3 months, as did the reader response card. Heck, one archive copy we had in the Hayward office had both rulebooks in it... 🙂
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    Fonritian pantheon and Artmal. Regional variants of Orlanth. Many Arkats.
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    We'll start on this some time next year, after the core books are out in print. That's exactly what the Miskatonic Repository is for Call of Cthulhu, and we'll be doing something similar for RuneQuest/Glorantha (name TBD).
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