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    Whilst perusing various old documents I stumbled across this awesome RQ2 skill: GREG: There have been occasions when I have been reffing an expedition and, in explaining events, appearances, etc. have dropped all the clues I thought necessary for the players to have gotten the message. Sometimes they don't, and I am occasionally aware that it is a situation which the characters would recognize, but the players don't. What to do short of telling them? I have them roll their SPOT OBVIOUS skill. SPOT OBVIOUS: (perception skill) If a successful role is made the characters which did so receive the information first and act on it. ("Hey you guys, that's not a statue!) To find your ability, use this formula: (20 minus INT)X5 as a percentile die roll. Yes, that's right. The dumber you are the more likely you will spot the obvious. Oh yea, this cannot be trained, but can only go up with experience. I will also agree that you should probably get your natural perception bonus, too.
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    Exactly. How hard can it be? What could possibly go wrong?
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    Arachne Solara managed it, after all.
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    Given that you have no alternative material to use in Glorantha (no aluminum arrows, pretty please - not even Mostali are certain to have the technology to produce them, and of course even less inclination to do so as their crossbow bolts don't have this exact problem), and given the time and care you put into creating an arrow that is perfectly attuned to your draw weight and draw length for those last 25% of accuracy, scavenging for your own arrows is exactly what an archer will do if he has the opportunity. There is the issue of impact breaks, which is why already neolithic archers would dovetail the front end bearing the arrow tip into the major part of the perfect shaft, the ends bearing much less stress and providing an easily replaced part. The reason why wooden arrows aren't popular in modern target shooting is their mass to stability rate. Aluminium-carbon composites with tapering thickness of aluminium take the same stress at much lower throw weights, reducing vertical deviations significantly, and they are way more easy to mass produce than arrows that you have to tune (in the end: carve and sand) individually. Most of the arrow shafts you can buy commercially are cut from blocks of wood, providing bad fault lines in terms of the grain of wood. Longbow archers would havest straight young branches from coppiced trees that would provide radially symmetric grain way more suited to the stresses the arrow undergoes. Getting access to these basically requires years of preparatory gardening.
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    Damn. Well, if it's any consolation, the DIY neccesity in this circumstance is pretty much as classic as you can get. 😂😂 Thanks a bunch anyway. I'll look into Mythras, see what it adds to the CF books. Have a good one!
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    On the name, in Tarsh in Flames, it is suggested that 'Bagnot' (meaning 'short stop here') was named by Arim the Pauper. As he did explore the region, 'Too Far' would seemingly be his own observation. Perhaps he encountered an enemy, or possibly trolls who warned him about Snake Pipe Hollow.
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    Hello all, I’ve been working on a character creation app for Runequest Glorantha and it’s ready for active testing. The app allows players or GMs to select user-created Homelands, Occupations or Cults and combine them to quickly and easily build a character, calculated all skills, abilities and attributes along the way. You can also track characters in play and update as needed. I’m still working on a bunch of improvements and bug fixes, but to really tighten the app up, I need to have a few more eyes on it. If you’re interested in helping out, please check out the app here: https://rq-web.herokuapp.com Still to do: Skill improvement tracking Sub-cults Creating allies, pets and mounts Creating monsters Generating printable character sheets or text output Lots more You can provide any feedback here or on the Trello board at https://trello.com/b/cDEVQreh/runequest-app. You can find a walkthrough video here: Cheers!
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    I use the zeal and righteousness only when one of my players tries to have his character react too far outside his beliefs as I see them (note the 'I', my decision on this as players can always find spurious ways to justify the characters actions), this the gives them plenty of opportunity to role-play some interesting intra-party conflicts!
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    While I agree with you for modern bows, I'd disagree with you for this-era: - every arrow has to be crafted. This is not a trivial amount of labor. Nobody wants to essentially 'throw away' an hour's work (at least) not to mention the materials. "Disposable" for most of human history only meant "it can't possibly be repaired or used for something else any more" - I think the effect of this flexing is FAR more prevalent with today's compound cam-action throw. An archer needs regular practice and musculature to hold a 40#+ recurve for any length of time, while a 60#+ compound is actually fairly common (ie holding maybe 12# at draw). Not to mention thowing faster, I'm not sure if it's proved but personally I feel like a compound bow is 'snappier' than a recurve...where the recurve has a longer, gentler acceleration on the arrow, a compound is more like a crossbow's forceful short throw. https://sites.google.com/site/technicalarchery/technical-discussions-1/arrow
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    Keep in mind that Daysenerus was introduced in the Bright Empire, a portion of Antirius that was manifested by the Iron Vrok in the Battle of Night and Day, and that the cult remained a (or the) main war cult for the Bright Empire to the end of the Gbaji Wars. Illuminate Yelmalians manifesting Chaos Powers. There is no problem with the Hellwood Elves contacting this aspect of the cult, is there? The Tharkantus cult was at first opposed to Orlanthland and the dragonspeakers, then allied with the Orlanthland traditionalist leaders against the dragonspeakers, then surrendered to the dragonspeakers, adopted their dragon dream (their mysticism, and drew martial strength from it furthering the EWF cause in Peloria and Ralios), then lost their draconic leaders and advantage in the Utuma of 1042, and participated significantly in the True Golden Horde, losing their anti-dragon leaders and rank and file. The EWF period saw the mysticism come in again, this time not concerned with Chaos but the outer realities of dragondom. After 1247, at latest after Hwarin's expansion into Saird, the sun domers were under Lunar influence (or actively opposed, in Tarsh, until Hon-eel established the Lunar influence there). The two Tarshite temples may not actively support Chaos worship, but they go along with whatever the Lunar high command asks of them, unlike those weirdly conscientuous Vannstar forces at the Battle of Aurochs Hills. For almost the entirety of the known presence of the Yelmalio cult in Saird and neighboring regions, mystical insights have overruled otherwise truth-bound rules of the cult. Acceptance of Nysalorean illumination was sort of inherent in the cult's conception. Elmal (and presumably Yelmalio, too) has a myth about Chaos in disguise, letting himself get eaten, and destroying the nothingness of Chaos from within. The emerging entity has destroyed its foe by accepting its innermost secret. This appears to be somewhat different from the Star Heart, though it isn't clear how different. The Heortlings (and probably all the other hillfolk Orlanthi) are possibly the greatest providers of (propitiary) worship to Chaos in all of Glorantha, possibly more so than the Lunar Empire.
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    Interesting. Illumination is probably an important step in the process though, since, to put it as plainly as possible, illumination is the realization that everything is the same. Lunar illuminates think that everything is from chaos, and eastern mystics believe that its all an illusion. Larnstings could believe that everything is always changing, Stormwalkers/Orlanth mystics probably believe that everything is part of Orlanth's breath, and western mystics may think that everything is just energies operating under the same basic principles.
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    You could also preserve more of the shamanistic traditions of Shang and Zhou as well, with oracle bones used for divinations that affect government policy and a proliferation of bronze ritual wares like tripod cauldrons and animal-shaped wine vessels. You could also make the written language look more like Shang oracle bone script, or the latter derivatives that proliferated in the Zhou like the "bird and worm scripts" of the southern kingdoms of the Warring States. Another interesting practice was people wearing masks or speaking behind statues during rituals to "become" departed ancestors or gods, and there's speculation that things like the dragon and lion dances practiced at festivals grew out of dances where people wore the masks of animals and mimicked their movements for ritual purposes, stuff that seems like it would definitely fit into a spirit magic tradition in Kralorela that's been marginalized but can still be found on the fringes of society.
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    When I first looked at Too Far in context of the Dragon Pass boardgame, my instinct was that perhaps Too Far was where the Puppeteers chose to winter. Few circuses will keep operating over winter as the weather precludes decent crowds, so they find a place to stash the big top, and stable the animals, and gather back in the first weeks of Spring to begin the next Year's schedule. Now while Too Far is on a decent road, and the cliffs make it hard to get lost and probably provide some protection against the worst of the weather, the sheer danger of the location makes it seem like a bad place to winter. It is in harms way, and a bad place to store valuable things therefore. I think it is more plausible to wonder how much about Too Far is real and how much is illusion.
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    Wait... You're saying this as if it is the exception not the rule. Do you mean there are people who actually worship Yelmalio, and don't just use the Yelmalio cult label as a front for their chaos worship? How odd? I have met Thanatari posing as Yelmalios, Krarshti posing as Yelmalios, Cacodemon Worshipers posing as Yelmalios, Thedists posing as Yelmalios, and of course Vampires posing as Yelmalios (they sparkle the most). Now you're telling me that there are Dorastor Chaos elves who actually worship Yelmalio? Mind blown. When is Yelmalio going to institute a geas against chaos monsters dressing up like his followers, or does Yelmalio only exist to be a front for chaos cults. (jk) Seriously though, chaos disguised as Yelmalios is on the verge of being a Gloranthan trope.
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    Ha - a bit like elves who turn to Yelmalio the Krjalk to protect their forests? Or maybe a group of illuminated Arkat followers who join chaos cults to save the world from chaos? Our world's history is full of groups which embraced insanity with the best of motives, like one group which believed that the softness of modern life had derailed natural selection. They believed that internment, sterilisation and ultimately mass murder was required to restore the balance which our foolhardy failure to embrace the cultural wisdom of our forefathers had upset. So its no stretch to suggest that a fictional group which plans to reengineer the universe and its gods to heal the imperfections of the haphazard Godtime mythscape would be prepared to embrace chaos, to risk the end of the world in order to achieve their rose tinted vision of how the world should have been, and could yet become. Remember the Lunars believe they can control chaos - they likely believe the risk of accidentally destroying Glorantha can be managed, through careful planning and meticulous mystical research and engineering.
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    As previously announced Éditions Sans-Détour's license for Call of Cthulhu was not renewed after it expired in September of 2018. This was due to non-payment of royalties and other cardinal violations of the contract. Chaosium has stated from the outset that we do not want ESD's failure to perform its contractual duties to result in Ulule.com backers for Masks/Day of the Beast not getting the product they have already paid for (although we ourselves have not been paid). In the absence of constructive assistance from ESD, this is our unilateral solution: https://www.chaosium.com/blogchaosium-unilaterally-issues-limited-license-extension-so-ditions-sansdtour-can-fulfil-their-obligations-to-ululecom-backers/
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    You’re a good man Nick! Can’t wait till we try out Dolmenwood!
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    Alrighty. Just finished stripping out all of the JavaScript in the sheet. I also stripped out some tool-tips to avoid confusion, and deleted stuff like the radio buttons for Heroic or Standard hit points, and converted all of the read-only fields to standard forms. Everything in the sheet should now be fillable, but there are no calculations of any kind in the document. You can still click on the portrait box and import an image however. Hopefully other people find this useful. MagicWorld CS (form-fillable-no-calc)v2.3.1 .pdf
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    Well, if it would be useful I'll tinker a little bit tonight and strip out all of the calculations in the sheet. It'd still be form-fillable, but would allow people who want total control over the fields to do whatever they want.
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    I have just discovered Magic World in November this year (2018). Like any new love affair I’m obsessed at the moment and I was very pleased to discover all your supplements for the game that give me a lot more options to play with. They are much appreciated and if you make any more there will be at least one person who will enjoy them.
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    The end goal may be quite different. Nenduren's Stillness meditations sought unity or at least contact with Atrilith, the One, whereas Mashunasan's meditations went beyond, to the Void. Larn Hasamador achieved Nothing. EWF schools acquired draconic features before ascending through utuma (at least that's what Obduran did, the one proven True Dragon that came out of the EWF experiment). Arkati and Nysaloreans grow a Third Eye.
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    I believe he WAS describing how they got the one we have at the moment.
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    The main difference between the Bronze Age China and Kralorela is that the Bronze Age had a lot more noble families. The statewide. examination system didn't come into being until the Sung. So I really operate on the following scheme. Daruda et al: Shang Dynasty Yanoor - Zhou Dynasty Shang-Hsa (may his name be cursed) - Qin Dynasty Godunya - Tang with some elements of later dynasties. Sheng Seleris - Elements of Mongol, Khitian and Manchu. One way to turn make Kralorela more archaic would be to split up the mandarins into orders based on the Emperors. The followers of Daruda would be outright shamans, the followers of Mikaday are yer classic mandarins/Judge Dee types with other chinese tropes - eunuchs, warlords etc - corresponding to different emperors.
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    Yes. Have each adventurer start with one cult each (each adventurer can have different cults or several can have the same cult, it doesn't really matter). Let them explore their cult. If the character develops in a way that it makes sense to join an additional cult, do it. But I wouldn't start at that point.
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    Interesting statement.Which cult? Orlanth? Group consensuses?
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    This is why I ran my Umathelan game in the Second Age.
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    Guys, this has all been fantastic advice! The slipcase shall be mine! I plan on running the Quickstart with my players and will 100% report back! What a great experience this has been...my fondest "discovery" of a new system since DCC! Finally a forum that doesn't make me lose hope in humanity. Very refreshing!
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    Aside from all the terrific advice above, I'd only add for the D&D-experienced: strongly recommend humans only for pc's to start. Everything available for RQG is currently *very* humanicentric (despite this, understand that RQ generally is a great system for letting characters be pretty much anything!)...and imo this lets you as a gm really make sure the non humans come off as alien as they really are...a nice shortcut to a "we're not in Kansas anymore" moment for your players. Later, once they get the sense that character race selection can really be a much more meaningful choice in RQ than other systems, then freely let them splash around in that richer/deeper end of the pool... Personally I hope you check in occasionally and let us know how it's going. I think longtime RQ fans can occasionally (myself included) be a little insular and even misanthropic, scarred by our decades in the wilderness having to zealously carry a torch for this occasionally-moribund rules system that we nevertheless love. I personally am DELIGHTED to see posts like yours and am invigorated to see the enthusiasm and energy new fans are bringing to the game. Enjoy!
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    First off welcome. 1. Don't worry about the lore, it can seem overwhelming but stick with Dragon Pass for starters and wing the rest until you are ready. If you haven't already have a look here: http://www.glorantha.com/glorantha/ the site is no longer active but it is a gold mine of info. If your are still looking for more then the Glornantha Sourcebook link is great, it it pure lore with no game mechanics so it can be used with any system. 2. The Glorantha link above also has links to the Tales podcasts. Not all are what you are looking for but entertaining nonetheless. 3. For the most part those living in Dragon Pass are polytheists. But it is much simpler for you as a GM and your players for them to focus one cult each, and keep them overall limited just a few. It is easier if your players share a background and therefore more likely share beliefs. Try to avoid very diverse groups until you get the hang of your campaign. Enjoy,
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    Eleven Lights p168-169 has a paper strength of the various forces that will fight at the Battle of Dangerford. It describes a strength of 1000 for foot regiments and 500 for cavalry regiments. (There's also 250 for the ducks who which probably means that three quarters deserted before battle)
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    The old POW gain trap that never worked even moderately well in my old RQ3 game. I do wonder whether sorcerers should have a way to manipulate their spells so that overcoming a target's POW is made easier. In the past, having tapped a nice pool of extra Magic Points was a surefire way to crush target resistance. Drain Soul looks like the ideal preparatory spell for a follow-up with Dominate spells and looks to be a spell offering a POW vs. POW contest. I would expect spells like Tap Body also to require a victory in the POW vs. POW roll.
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    I just ginned up one of these using Phil Hibbs excellent character generation spreadsheet https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/7647-rqg-character-creation-spreadsheet/ He's got ho-hum stats, but looks pretty useful as a starting character, and that's with going as 'sword sage' as I could (mostly because he doesn't need to be good at Lores, due to Logician being, as Scott says 'crazy good'). You need to be using a chargen system that lets you get INT 18 (or better) and probably have Fire as your best Rune, natch. At least ENC doesn't penalise your casting chance 1-for-1 like it did in RQ3 (where ENC values were also higher, at least for armour). He can put out a decent Ward Against Weapons, and his Boon of Kargan Tor is limited by MP. He can pop anti-Befuddles all day. Can't cast Enhance INT yet (no Fire Rune) but can build his own MP stores to work past that bottleneck. And he's an Alchemist (for whatever that turns out to be worth... I'm thinking POW restore potions). Given the amount of Downtime assumed in the base setting, he could be extremely potent in a couple of years. Take Logician. Apply it to Battle... Win all skirmishes (or bigger). Ever. SuperGeneral! All opposition fall for your subtle stratagems. All Generals should be Sorcerors with this spell. 'S probably what made Tatius so good (until Dragon, obv). Yes, he's got lots of choices about where to spend his POW gains (I'm sure there will be a page or two about how POW increases are the key to pacing character development in the GM's Guide): he needs to swap a MP Enchant for a Matrix of Matrix Creation Enchant so he can have some 'primitive' Spirit Magic for pinch situations, and he can Inscribe or sac for Rune Points, or build bigger MP stores, or learn more Runes or techniques, but looking from a player's point of view, I think those are choices: they're all good; I just have to decide which one I need 'next'. And they might not all always be available, so having choices is good. What stands out to me as a bit odd, though, is that I really don't give two hoots about the size of his Magic Skill Category Bonus. All the other factors are just so much more significant. Also, his 'tactical' Sorcery options are constrained by MP supply, not Free INT. So a few points of Spirit Magic wouldn't actually crimp his style in a mosh. Then all he needs is that Matrix Creation Matrix. And he's got currency to buy them with: everybody needs MP stores, and it's soulforce for soulforce.
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    Javelin skill has always been defined as thrown spear. When you use a Javelin in melee you use the 1H spear skill. You used to be able to tell this because Javelin skill was listed on the missile weapons table, while 1H spear skillw as listed on the melee weapons table.
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    There's a famous bardic epic about the Lunar invasion of Sartar, where a primadonna Lunar General Mon-tee, angry because he was relegated to the left shoulder of the Lunar advance, devised a daring (some would say ridiculous) plan using a picked force of Lunar Legionaries to drop from Moon Boats and seize an important river crossing at the Hem of Arn. The original assault failed when the relief force of the Lunar Army couldn't quite reach them in time, but those Legionaries' heroism in defeat was even recognized by the Sartar forces that eventually overwhelmed them.
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    Was Too Far originally called Arnhem during the Second Age?
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    To be more precise: On page 372 it clearly defines the Inner Region as where shamans begin, then the Frontier Region, then the Outer Region. (yes, I'm aware that's different than RQ3 but that's not where my confusion lies) Okay, so Inner, Frontier, then Outer. Pg 374 reinforces this: Here's where it gets confusing: T Wait, What? I start at the Inner Region, why would I travel to it? On my way back home? Then if all I need to do is "let go" to be drawn to the Inner Region, why is that the tricky part to "getting back out again"? This leaves me confused. Perhaps they mean "deeper" region as in Frontier or Outer regions. This is not clear. But then again, why would getting back out be tricky if I"m being pulled to the center, aka the Inner Region where I begin? Then again the rules reassert that the shaman must travel outward to the Frontier or even the Outer Region. He starts at the Inner Region. The final paragraph doesn't help: Which "deeper" do you guys mean here? It seemed that "deeper" means towards the center, but how do I calculate the penalty then? The rules say there is Infinity somewhere out there beyond the Outer Region. But the penalty gets greater the closer you are to the center, ie, the Inner Region. So do I start with a penalty to leave the Inner Region of Infinity x 10%? Or do I start at -20% to leave the Inner, -10% to leave the Frontier (towards the Outer) and then no penalty after that it just gets easier to get further away? That seems unlikely to be correct. What I think you're saying is it's your base Spirit Travel to leave the Inner. Then -10% to leave the Frontier, -20% to leave the Outer, etc. getting more and more difficult to travel further from the Inner Region but easy to get pulled back. But with the inconsistent verbage, I cannot be sure.
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