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    I said someone will take a chance on a Magic World license, turns out that someone is me. https://reigndragonpress.weebly.com/news/sean-hillman-of-reign-dragon-press-signs-limited-license-to-publish-a-setting-for-use-with-chaosiums-magic-world-rpg I am happy and nervous as heck. I realize I did not specify in the announcement, but it is a single setting book for use with MW.
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    A Kill You Regiment militiaman (Alkoth). I don't usually publish roughs, but here's one for the next sketch, doodles and all. Hmm, I need to angle the arm and shield out a little more. Additional: Jeff says this is a senior file-leader.
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    I prefer human-centric settings myself, but I can definitely get down with giants. In fact, my favorite race from modern D&D are the Goliaths. My least favorite (in any fantasy setting) is probably Halflings or any other Hobbit analogue.
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    I've bought many books (more than I care to think about, really) from DTRPG over the past years and they do a good job. They've all been of good quality. In fact, I can't think of a single one I've had an issue with. I wish I could say the same for books I've bought from Lulu.
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    Yes it did only apply to Rune Lords, but that was because only Rune Lords could get a weapon skill above 100%.Now spells like bladesharp could get attack above 100% but they were temporary. Yes, the fact that the character had to split the skill is what kept the character in check. Same happens in Pendragon. A character with a 40 skill is unstoppable in one-on-one, but not if he gets double or triple teamed. But in RQG a character with a 200% skill is virtually immune against practically any number of characters with a skill below 100%. That's a huge change from earlier versions of the game.
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    Not many more to do... Chapter Number of sketches Additional sketches required Introduction 0 0 Fundamentals of Warfare 4 1-2 Arms and Armor 10 1-2 Regional Warfare 20 1 The Battlefield 16 0 Transport and Mobility 0 0 Fortifications and Siege Warfare 1 0 Arcane Warfare 3 0 Gods of War 0 0 Armies of Central Genertela 0 0 Hero Wars Army Lists 49 miniatures Appendices 0 0 The question will then be - do I continue? Many units in the Army List not yet illustrated, but information about many is slim to none...
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    Similarly, I have also been playing since 1982 and have GMed once a week for the past 15 years and I find that the 100%+rule works. Yes, you can have every single combat encounter meaning that the Humakti hunkers down and defeats everyone. Great, so the NPCs back off and pepper the Humakti with arrows, or cast fear and Madness at him, or send undead after him to lure him into a place where someone can have a go at him, or make him face Thanatari with Sword Trance or whatever. There are lots of ways to handle combat with a very skilful PC. I think this is more of a problem with the GMing style than with the rules. In my last Gloranthan game, we had a shaman. Did we spend hours tracking down spirits, while the rest of the Players were bored? Yes, twice, then agreed not to do it and found a different way of getting spirits, one that didn't bore the pants off everyone. Also, the PCs could work themselves up to having a couple of hundred % as skills and most combats lasted a couple of rounds. They could lightning bolt or firelball or whatever to scores of opponents, so that just meant that combat was downplayed a lot and we concentrated on HeroQuesting and politics. In a previous campaign, one of the PCs could double skill and double skill again against Broos, his raw skill was around 200%, so with a high Bladesharp he had something like 900% attack against broos and just cut them down like a whirling dervish. Was that boring? Not at all, as he only used the ability against really powerful opponents, such as Ralzakark or the Son of Thed. Heroes stand out because they are so gross and over-powered. All in my opinion and my experience, of course. I enjoy playing and running high-level RQ games and have done so for a very long time. Other people hate them with a vengeance, which is fine. But, a spell that gives you a high skill does not break the game, it just makes the game different.
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    I've been reading this thread with growing confusion, not because anyone here is saying anything that is wrong for them -- but I couldn't be sure if the game was "broken" in some concrete way objectively. Now, I've only played any version of RQ once -- when I ran the RQG Quickstart for some friends. Had a good time, but we clearly never got into the intricacies of the game, and how all the rules interact with each other over time. And clearly I have no perspective of RQ from one edition to the next. But reading this thread, I was also thinking along the lines of the passage I quoted from Zozotroll above. Sure, there's a dude who has Initiated himself to the CULT OF DEATH -- and so he is a nightmare in a fight. The question isn't "Can he kill a lot of people?" (He can. He is an Initiate of the CULT OF DEATH). The question is "What is going to do with this?" Because if he pisses off certain people with power and resources they are going to use their power and resources to come after him.That isn't a punishment against the Player. It is a response to a choice the player made for his PC. (An informed choice, if I'm running the game, so the Player knows he risks consequences.) I wouldn't be out to "get" the PC. I would have no idea how things would fall out. But it would be the story we are building. RQG is built, as far as I can tell, for the PCs to be the Baddasses of the Land. Legends will be written about them. They should be performing acts and deeds that are extraordinary and that get talked about and building up reputation. Perhaps even from the start of their careers. But this also means they are trouble magnets. And trouble magnets are awesome for story driven RPG play. This might not be everyone's cup of tea. (In fact, let's be up front -- a lot of people don't want this!) But it does seem to be part and parcel of the rules as they stand. I know in years past I would have been loathe to hand the PCs powers like the one described in this thread. But I'll tell you, I've been running another game of late (a D&D retro-clone called LotFP) and the PCs have accumulated a few magic items and spells from certain modules that I thought, "This is going to break the game." And I thought, "Well, let's go with it and see what happens." And you know what? It's been great. My PCs have gotten themselves into as much trouble as they've gotten out of; they've done astounding things that have created memorable moments they loved; and it has allowed the campaign to grow in strange and astounding ways that I never could have anticipated. Reading this thread has been great. It has taught me a lot about the effects of the system and how the "pieces" of the game interact with each other. I'm better prepared for some extraordinary and outlandish results. But I'm not sure I can define such results as "broken." They are, by definition, exceptional, and my reading of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha seems to suggest the exceptional is what the game is built to engender in play.
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    So let's talk species and cultures for a moment. For the moment we will have the the three species as playable: humans, giants (frost n fire), and gek. So four playable species or sub-species int total. That number may go up as we work, as the various cultures unfold. For example, there will be at least two more kinds of giants, but they are destined for the bestiary portion of the book. There will likely be either a sub-species of gek or a related species. Humans are humans and they can just sod off. However, when it comes to culture there will be a greater variety of those, several of which will be home to at least two maybe all of the playable species / sub-species. There will be very little mono-culture, though the gek culture will be the most alien. There will be some mono-species cultures, at least one for each giant and the gek of course. Humans don't have a specific cultural template, though as is mentioned in Babylon 5, humans do build communities. Those communities, the "hive" (working term) cities and hill fort cultures being the most prevalent. The world may have once held a full spectrum of "playable" (its a scientific term) species, but when civilization collapsed, many did not survive the aftermath. Again though, as we work through the setting we may add more playable species. Right now the four are, at least in our heads, balanced for what our setting needs.
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    As described in The Great Winter and Time of Two Counts, Windwhistler is one of the allies that comes, at the moment of crisis in the Windstop, the Sun Domers enact the 'Last Light' heroquest. The myth speaks of the 'false friend', but Lord Belvani was able to convince Count Solanthos that the wyrm was indeed a true ally. Lord Belvani later proclaims himself Count at Moonbroth 2 and embraces the Sun Dragon: Proclaiming himself the new Count there-and-then, Belvani immediately announced the Sun Domers would make a pact with Argrath White Bull, also known as the Dragonlord, leader of the Praxians. Proof of their fidelity would be shown in front of the walls of Pavis, he said, sealing the alliance. Furthermore, veneration of the Sun Dragon would resume, an aspect of the Yelmalio cult that had been suppressed for centuries. Windwhistler gave a rapturous flyby over the battlefield, trailing the Sun Dome banner, now stitched with a golden dragon. The wyrm then flew away towards Vulture’s Country... ... Several days after their victory at Second Moonbroth the nomads arrived at New Pavis, immediately laying a siege. The Sun Dome contingent appeared too, silently watching from the other side of the river (though vrok hawks were seen to pass back and forth from the Suntown enclave inside the city). Pavis’ defenses had been stiffened by the fabled Watchdog, brought up by the Lunars from Corflu. But on the very first morning it was destroyed by a gigantic golden wyrm that suddenly swooped in from the west. At this, the Sun Domers marched off downriver, and the wyrm was seen flying into the Rubble. The siege was finally broken a week later and the nomads poured into the city, intent on destruction, bloodshed and plunder. This was when the great wyrm appeared again, this time with a golden warrior perched on its back. The wyrm curled itself around the Sun Dome temple in Suntown. Its presence helped spare that quarter of the city from excessive violence or damage, although it tore the roof off the fortified Lunar headquarters (formerly the palace of Count Varthanis) to root out those taking refuge inside. The golden warrior was none other than Rurik Runespear, the famous Light Son of Pavis. After his mysterious disappearance at the time of the Cradle three years before he had been feared dead. Unknown to the Sun Dome authorities, he’d instead been one of the heroic defenders of the Cradle and then became one of Argrath’s boon companions, sharing incredible adventures across the world. Leading a mixed band of nomads and Suntowners, Rurik led the charge into the Lunar Headquarters. He personally killed the hated governor Halcyon var Enkorth, who he found hiding in a privy. On being rebuffed by most of the temple hierarchy on his triumphant return to the Sun Dome Temple, Belvani sets up shop in the Old Sun Dome. With the Dragonrise, it once again becomes a place of magical potentcy: The great dragon continued to fly in great spirals around Dragon Pass, circling Kero Fin and obscuring the Red Moon. As it did so, strange draconic energies revived that had been quiet since the days of the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. In Prax, the Old Sun Dome temple again became a true place of power, and its once-cracked dome now glistened as if covered in scales.
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    Official updates will be down in the Q21 forum (and I may see if I can get a sub-forum for it) and I built a page for it on my website. Nothing is there yet. However, for the foreseeable future I imagine I will be spending time here, answering and asking questions. I want the MW community to feel a part of this. Here are five things about ABaB thus far. Intentionally Multi-cultural. There will certainly be Welsh and Finnish influences, however we are drawing inspiration and ideas from across the full spectrum of human experience and myth. It will not be typical sword n sorcery or typical high fantasy even though certainly those tropes will be covered. Four main Species. For now we are using species and this may stick throughout. I suspect we will find an in-universe term for it. The four are: Humans, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, and Gek. The giants are not huge, they are about 7' tall. The gek are not humanoid at all, but a lizard folk who are powerful magicians. Vast and Dangerous Inland Seas. Without a doubt this may be one of the most important aspects players talk about. So we are embracing that. A wide ocean and at least two inland seas. Plus wide rivers and other things. Social Tension. The class of people (player characters) who still seek adventure are a dying breed. There is still work of course and dangerous sorcerers and greedy alchemists to battle, but people are tired of them as traditionally societies become tired of mercenaries and soldiers when there is no looming threat. This will isolate characters in some ways from the every day folk. The Gods are Unknowable. The divine beings who made the world are long gone and were never really knowable in the first place. There is no divine magic. The gods do not have proper names, but descriptions "He who lay beneath the seas" or "She who is the air you breathe" and stuff like that. Cults will exist of course, because cults are more social constructs than anything. They are built around either people of great power, others (demons and elementals), "beasts" The Beaver of Dark Rive!, or items that may or may not be powerful in some way. No one gets actual powers from cults, but they can be sources of information and obviously, conflict.
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    https://thegrognardfiles.com/2019/01/21/4567/ If you are interested in the history of the best roleplaying system out there...
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    Has anyone ever written up the cult of the Devil? What terrifying magics could a worshipper of the ultimate evil in Glorantha sacrifice for? Is it possible for a mortal born inside time to hero quest to the greater darkness to connect to this terrifying being, and to bring access to those powers back into time, either for personal use or as the focus of a new hero cult?
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    The Sartarite Clan Generator has a question about the clan's ancient Chaos Foe. Most of the options are a group of things (Broos, Ogres, Scorpion Men, False Friends, Dragons. Even the Thing With Many Bodies is a group.) But there is also The Hydra, which seems to be a single specific thing. The only Hydra I've heard about is the Hydra of Hydra Hill in Dragon Pass, which is chaotic but doesn't seem to move around very much and which seems to be of army-level power and a single powerful thing, like Cacodemon or Cwim or so on). As a clan enemy it seems both extremely powerful (if it can fight an army, it can probably destroy a clan) and easy to avoid--just move away from where it lives. And yet it's continued to trouble the clan that has it as an enemy. So as a recurrent Chaos Foe, it doesn't seem to work well. It's too big to easily fight, and yet this thing has to pose at least a periodic problem. The GM can't just decide that the Hydra is going to show up in the campaign this session because it's sort of like the Crimson Bat or Cwim just showing up one day--it's an existential threat. How have people used this in their games?
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    blue 19 - Spider Temple is above 37 - Troll Corner (very top, left)
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    ... but some Reign Dragon Press news. https://reigndragonpress.weebly.com/news/sean-hillman-of-reign-dragon-press-signs-limited-license-to-publish-a-setting-for-use-with-chaosiums-magic-world-rpg
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    Also if you wanted to target a specific area In combat you could use an *aimed shot* . RAW this would be to target a hit location, but if it fitted with the story/play style you could be more specific and aim for an eye.
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    Sorry if I came off needlessly aggressive, I'm not going to pretend either of us have anything other than opinions, and I completely understand in the context of 1 point of serpent man scale, their scales wouldn't fall off after one punch. However if that serpent man were to survive a dynamite blast, I think it would be reasonable to assume that it may lose some of its natural protection. All I'm saying is what makes sense is contextual.
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    It's a huge change in how the game runs. Before, a guy with 200% skill would have a tough fight against two guys at 100%. Now they both get bumped down tot minimum and he just walks all over them. Now if that is a problem or not is a matter of opinion, but that is is a major change from before isn't. It did, but in old Strombringer combat skills were capped at 100% (plus any bonuses for a demon weapon) so there was a upper limit to how many parries one could reasonably get off, plus the opponent's attack skills weren't bumped down to the gutter.
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    I like the cult secrets from Hero Wars as inspiration for HeroQuest abilities.
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    And Jump (because climb is only upwards), but yes.
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    Some feats I might treat as rune spells, but I agree that many would be HeroQuest abilities as you try to get closer and closer to incarnating your deity.
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    My memories of RQ2 are far away (and my copy is 200km away) but IIRC, the Anti Parry effect for attack above 100% was concerning only Rune Lords. If this is the case, having (because of a spell) a Sword of Humakt that becomes a true embodiment of Death does not bother me. Whatever the case, this rule added to RQIII should not (in my opinion) break the game because you can parry more than 1 attack only by splitting a score above 100%. Even if you were boosted to 300% Parry by a spell, with 6 opponents, you have only a 50% score!
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    It was like this in RQ2. RQ3 dropped the rule, which, for me, was a big mistake, so I have usually brought it back in RQ games that I play. Elric with Stormbringer makes a Humakti look like a kid with a wooden sword, but is that over-powered? Demon Weapons do so much damage that they dwarf almost anything in RQ, except a big Slash or Crush.
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    Oh? A duel? Bring it on, but I must warn you, Soltak Stormspear was quite tasty back in the day. Those Illuminated Orlanthi/Uroxi/Humakti can be quite nasty in combat.
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    It depends on the version. In HW/HQ feats are pretty much rune spells, with more flexible usage if they have slightly ambiguous names. In HQG, the rune spell equivalent is just use of a divine rune affinity (and in a sense by RQG not forcing you to pre-decide your rune spells the two have become closer). in HQG feats are heroforming, and intended to mirror the kind of magic seen in the extract from Harmast Saga in Gloranthan Visions called : Morden defends the Camp. You become the hero and gain access to a whole range of abilities whilst heroformed (until the terminal conditions are met or you are identity challenged). I guess in RQG terms it would be like being able to access a pool of rune spells by becoming a hero, and being able to spend points on any rune spells in that pool whilst the effect lasted. But HQG is trying to mirror Greg's writing more than RQG.
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    Not everyone is a fan of them, but I like Thunder Rebels a lot. It was clearly bronze age, with its funerary rituals, storms etc. and influenced by a range of European cultures. And i think there was something to the more complex religion of Orlanth and Ernalda. I think that it went a little too far in some places, and that 'housewife magic' was an idea that should have been stepped back from, but it has more that I like than dislike.
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    You miss the idea of the sweeping and circular parry. The idea is for the blade to "make significant contact" with the other weapons and brush them aside. Now, yes, it can easily go wrong, especially if one weapon is missed in the sweep as it would probably leave the defender exposed. But, the point is that parring multiple weapons at once is not only possible but it was practiced. So it's not just something from the movies. Now that said, combatants in a real fight would rpobably try to maneuver to avoid just this situation. Well that's very different from every version and variant of RQ until now. In old RQ several bumbling opponents were always a threat to a single character, even if his skill were 160%. In RQG they really aren't. I agree with you, somewhat. I don't believe every opponent could or should have a detailed plan and approach to challenge a 160% skill character. I don't think every opponent would being able to come up with or implement such a plan. Most probably wouldn't know that they needed such a plan unless they had previous knowledge of the skilled swordsman. Plus, from a role playing standpoint, what is the sense of improving the character is every improvement is mean with a counter action by the GM? But, there should also be times when the opponents are aware of the skilled character and try to do something to negate or minimize his advantage in skill. Since these NPCs would be putting their lives at risk facing such a formidable individual, they would most likely take steps to try and protect themselves, if they could. Coordinating attacks to hit at the same time is, frankly, probably harder to pull off than it is to defend against, and I think the characters would need something like MIndspeech to pull it off without telegraphing it. Still, there are lots of other things they could try to do to make things difficult for their opponent. Speading out to get on the flanks, getting in close, or using missle weapons or magic all come to mind. If I were one of the opponents and I knew the guy I was going to fight was a skilled swordman or a Humakti with Sword Trance or some such, I would do everything I could to avoid melee. I probably want to hang back with bows and use spells like firearrow, mutimissle, and speeddart to take the guy down at range. Why fight his fight?
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    RuneQuest being RuneQuest, a set of bumbling incompetent spear-kin can get lucky and bypass the 150% parry of Rurik. People mentioned the "wall of whirling blade" defense like the eights of the axe, and what happens if the weapon makes a significant contact - breaking that wall of whirling blade for long enough to make parrying the next incoming attack a challenge, to say the least. Several bumbling incompetents in the 30% range should be a severe challenge to a mere 80% attacker/parryer in my book. The same character doubling his sword skill through magic (and that's a cap I would suggest for any single magical enhancement) would be slightly inconvenienced, little more, even if his third parry has a 20% chance of missing. I usually err on the side of opponents being intelligent and somewhat competent. Bumbling morons or demoralized food trollkin are a different issue, and one that I wouldn't really take to the attack/parry dice. Not even in simulationist mode in RuneQuest. Maybe it's because I have never shied away from on the fly calculations, but in RQ3 I knew the fractions of general hit points for a hit location, not the actual value until I needed it. RQG has taken that nice math from me, but if in the heat of action and away from my sources, I probably still will wing it using the RQ3 method and nobody the wiser. Opponents may have bruises and lesser injuries, too. If a character makes Swordplay the focus of his character, I think that giving him challenges to the Swordplay like dealing with coordinated attacks and using some maneuvering to avoid such disadvantages is more productive than letting him yawn through any kind of opposition in sword trance. But that's me. Your GMing style will be different.
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    I'm gonna suggest that you get the Quickstart, and use THAT as your basic rule-set. It's the little one with the same "Vitruvian Man" DaVinci-style cover. The PDF is Officially Free, so you can distribute it to your players without any qualms. Add subsytems as-desired from the BGB.
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    Okay, I like all of it but there are two things that make me extra happy. #1 vast inland seas. Any adventure hooks that revolve around sailing are much appreciated. #2 Four main species that do not include dwarves and elves! Nothing against dwarves and elves but nearly every fantasy setting has them. Human, Frost Giants, Fire Giants and Gek are perfect! Also looking forward to what you do with magic. The few tantalizing tidbits you mention sound interesting.
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    Great question. There will not be machines as we understand them. More akin to something Davinci might have come up with. The apocalypse hit during a Renaissance / Golden Age of the world in terms of technology. So no guns or machines. No printing press. We will draw not just from European renaissance, but equivalent periods and golden ages from around the world. It took place 1000 to 2000 years in the past? It has become almost a legend, like the Flood mythology of our world: many cultures mention a great flood.
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    I hope folks will like it, we are taking a deep dive into creating an actual magical language that is easy to use mechanically, works with the existing sorcery spells and any new spells we create, and of course works with Alchemy or "The New Magic".
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    Today, I have a mystery. Over the last two days, have drawn two sketches; one mostly worked (below, though it requires a little more digital modification) and the other did not, and will have to be redrawn. Both used this crosshatching technique using a 0.05mm pen, both on the same paper, but when scanned one looks mostly okay, and the other is an awful mess. [With the one below, I messed up the shield and had to redraw it, and then mate it digitally; I find drawing an aspis shield very tricky even using French Curves...]
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    It's an interesting idea that the Golden Sun Dragon, or Dragon Emperor, was an EWF mystic who became a Dragon. I am not sure if that was the case, though. When it passed the Ten Tests, it is commented that it did so without having hands to do something and so on, if it had been an EWF Mystic, then it would have had hands and would have been able to fit the clothes. The Dragon Emperor was Emperor of Dara Happa, as it passed all Ten Tests. This means that it was an incarnation of Yelm and so became the Draconic Part of Yelm. Whether it was always the Draconic Part of Yelm that allowed it to become Emperor or the Draconic Part of Yelm manifested after it became Emperor is moot, to a certain extent. It was definitely worshipped by the Dara Happans, as they always worship their Emperors. It still receives worship and gives out Runemagic, as the Sun Dragon is worshipped in Pavis as the God of Flying Creatures who want to be Yelmites (Presumably except Griffins, who worship King Griffin). I would expect that Sun Dragon and King Griffin would be rival cults, to a certain extent. In my last Gloranthan campaign, Mello Yello incarnated the Sun Dragon and went against the Red Emperor, who was planning a Sun Dragon utuma ritual to rid himself of all the baggage that had happened, but Mello intercepted the utuma, sacrificing himself and leaving the red Emperor standing, he then became the Dragon Emperor and the Red Emperor exploded. I am not sure whether that is canon, though.🙂
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    Another inspiration was a Mesopotamian lamassu (variety with a lion's body).
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    Sable Tribe rider drawn, but the full-sized one requires shading, tomorrow...
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    God created RuneQuest Sight discovered (Excerpt from Seven Mothers todo list.)
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    The only God Learners around are Harrek and Argrath from their sojourn in Jrustela.
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    It's a suite that is focused on games, primarily video games, but I guess that it can be used for pen & paper RPGs too. So I would expect things like game play video, perhaps explanations or examples of some rules. It's like Youtube in some respects, only geared towards gaming. So you mostly go there and watch videos.
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    Yep, I've always heard the Infinity Rune. Metcalph: Much as I know Jeff hates the term, Superheroes came out of the box quite literally over 40 years ago and nobody but a few at the top want to put them back in. Darius: "perverse" Vadeli magic?!? Perversity is in the eye-phone of the beholder. Jeorg: Why don't you think of Hon-Eel as a Superhero? She seems more powerful that Jar-Eel.
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    It's his cloak. (Joerg beats me to it.) Who do we know with the Infinity rune that didn't come up via Mastery? Is Mastery the signifier of "Hero?"
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    Does a bear god fur count as a cape? Otherwise, no full body armor. Whether boobs or man-boobs, superheroes follow the bikini chainmail rules in Glorantha.
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