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    There are lots of ways to do this. I'd just pick one that fits with how you want it to work and go with that. For me, HeroQuest is not about the mechanics. The mechanics are a quick and easy way of achieving a result. In my opinion, anyone who agonises over detailed mechanics in HeroQuest is missing the point of the game.
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    Since Troll Gods has been open today I was struck by the little decorative ornaments in the layout. They always worked really well for me to convey a sense of an elder underworld culture's expression of the sacred: archaic, inscrutable, maybe a little brutal. Alien: This time around I know exactly where I've seen them before. They're Clark Ashton Smith rock carvings: How great is that? My guess is that somebody had a copy of The Fantastic Art of Clark Ashton Smith around and ran off a few stencils. Since I only have the Avalon Hill box I can't say if they showed up then (how wild would it be if they were a Dobyski idea) or (more likely) were inherited from the Chaosium side. What's especially exciting is that there's a lot more of this stuff extant so if you like this vision of gnawed troll fetishes, treat yourself. And then there's this character, who I haven't been able to track back to a klarkashtonian source yet and may actually be original:
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    Has anyone used CF to run one of the classic old "Megacampaigns" ? I suddenly got a hankering -- or maybe it was a bizarre suicidal urge -- to use Mythras/CF and begin with Village of Hommlet & Temple of Elemental Evil T1-4 and onward thru A1-4 SlaveLords & thence to G1-3/D1-3/Q1 ... Amy thoughts? Or better yet, experiences?
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    We know that when someone skins a dragonewt corpse, the reincarnated dragonewt will pursue them because the re-use of their skin binds them to the physical world in a way that screws up their spiritual progress. So an interesting twist on this might be that the dragonewt either A) reincarnates and stalks them, but without part of their soul/magic (which is bound in the head) or B ) turns into a sort of headless zombie that homes in on them and attacks them. I love the macabre image of the PCs fighting a Thanatari villain and then a dragonewt corpse bursts into the fight and helps them out.
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    While I’m happy to see the myths subject to multiple interpretation, 1. The Riders are from Nivorah (GRoY.30); 2. Verapur is a northern city.
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    Dazzling fore and aft but this bit triggers a Recognition that's been emerging throughout the thread thanks to the 6A material, etc. In a planetary environment "little suns" behave a lot like "storms" wandering freely and struggling for a place in the sky's lower reaches. As we know one of the siblings is enthroned, some are subjugated, others exiled, a few killed. "Umath" is another child of the sun from a different mother. Call him a "little sun" too or call him a storm. He aims high and is brought low. One of the "little sun" peoples develops a little differently in his memory shadow. Maybe they were raised in isolation, unconnected with their cousins until later. This has all happened and the copper records, being flat circles, imply that it will all happen again. The Dayzatar cult remembers and is gently elevated to irrelevance, leaving dirty buserians behind. Lodril is more complicated. Weird vestiges persist on the fringes, places like Pent where archaic sun and storm are still at war, the vestigial elemental cults of Ignorance, whatever they had in "Umath"ela before their mythology was combed out. Put an umath back together, find a lost city (did he ever have a city or just need one of his own when there weren't enough), be a lost tribe, raise a planet.
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    "Glory Hole Dwarven Mine"?
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    Sounds like 'The Halls of the Dwarven Kings' by Integrated Games (tied in with Endless Plans) 1984.
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    I feel like that's still too formal for friends who see each other every day or husband and wife or close family. I like something along the lines of "Good wind" or "Orlanth bless you" to men and "Ernalda bless you" to women. Could be shortened some way in Sartarite: Or'var: Orlanth bless you. Said to a man or a Vingan. Er'var: Ernalda bless you. Said to a woman or a Nandan. Vor'var: Voriof or Voria bless you. Said to a child not yet initiated. Works as both a greeting and a farewell. During the occupation, when in a trusted setting, could substitute "Free Sartar" or "Come the Hurricane."
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    I ran a solid portion of t1-4. Frankly, some of the best fights I’ve had were in it. For whatever reason, it flowed extremely well. We had one where the party made a bunch of noise and got surrounded by ogres (1st level of the temple I think). They did some amazing damage and the ogre leader ran. They gave chase... through the nearby gnolls. Alarms went up, troops started prepping. It was fantastic.
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    It is getting very pricey (I purchased a copy when it came out) but In the Realms of Mystery and Wonder: The Prose Poems and Artwork of Clark Ashton Smith is a more recent appraisal of his art and well worth a look.
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    She has written many Call of Cthulhu scenarios and fiction. Read the interview here: Interview with Penelope Love
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    This is a decision for the GM - there are hopefully no Thanatari player characters, so this is a GM thing. You want your Thanatari villain to use dragonewt magic? Does that fit in your campaign, your view of how things fit together? Then do it. In my Glorantha, the cult of Thanatar doesn't have the power to bind the Dragon in that manner. But then again, I find Thanatar to be over-powered and over-organised for what is most definitely a very minor cult outside the Tunneled Hills.
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    They work, they are chaos magics. As David said with heads: With the magic stealing magics, the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary says: These are still magics so can still be stolen. All can be used under MGF: RuneQuest Glorantha page 6 : Maximum Game Fun As for need dragon consciousness etc, these chaos worshippers may not need any of this, they are by definition mad.
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    I’d love to see Grimm and all the Wesen statted out. I always thought a Grimm rpg would’ve been great. My other dream rpg was Big Trouble in Little China.
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    Classic Fantasy is very old school: Wizards are immensely powerful, but with a limited number of shots. So you. Have to wait for the opportune moment to cast your spells. Over the last 40 years, wizards have gotten to cast more and more spells, up to near video-game levels. If you want wizards to cast dozens of spells a day, allow them to trade in a luck point for recharging their magic points instantly. If that’s too extreme, allow them to recharge some magic points by trading in a luck point (say, 2d4 magic points for 1 luck point).
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    How to do characters for the meat grinder dungeon: 1) Give them the following numbers: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 (Alternatively: 18, 17, 16, 13, 10, 9, 8). Tell them to divide those numbers up among their stats as they see fit. 2) Have them pick a character class(s) and make note of the five critical skills for advancement. 3) Have them pick 7 professional skills. 4) Have them add +35% to each of 10 skills of their choice. (Alternatively: +40% to 5, +20% to 5, and +10% to 5). 5) Write down class abilities and pick spells 6) Give them weapons and armor appropriate to their class, and an idiot pack (i.e. a backpack of basic dungeoneering equipment). 7) Tell them to fill in some background and name their character. 8) Kill the characters that do not have names, and tell the player to start again. 9) Play Game!
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    Movement happens before Strike Ranks begin; If you use less than half of your MOV, you may do something else (Shoot, cast spells, etc...), but your SR is delayed by 1 for each 3m you actually moved, as long as you can get it done by SR 12. (p. 192 - movement of non-engaged characters). Characters which begin the round engaged, may not move that round.
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    I agree. All reconstruction is difficult, because we are looking at fragments that 'leak' the older concepts. And I have not really sought to try and tackle Entekosiad - although I believe that there is probably a whole that we can pull from including that, I have just not really tried to include that yet. I was more interested in this question of the Many Suns and who is Yelm in this thread.
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    Good thought, and too obvious for us all to see.
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    I used to port TSR and WotC D&D modules into Glorantha all the time. Lots of Greyhawish villages became Sartarite settlements. Necromancers became Priests of Chaos and such. Most of the dungeons became underground ruins within The Big Rubble. I always replaced any goblins with Trollkin and Dark Trolls, and then ran the games with RQ2 or RQ3. That always worked a charm, and I'll no doubt pillage from the numerous D&D adventures on the net and convert them into RQG pretty easily. I see no reason why Mythras wouldn't work as well, and using Mythras Classic Fantasy pretty much ensures you get that old AD&D experience without the illogical rules of AD&D. You can keep the setting as presented (or use Greymoor, which sounds very much like a Greyhawk-inspired setting). You might need to be wary of potential for TPK however, even with the changes in Classic Fantasy, Mythras is still more brutal than D&D, at least current D&D. However some of the charm of the old meatgrinder dungeons was just that, they were a meat grinders that could easily kill characters off - given that Mythras takes a bit to roll characters up then this may not be good for game flow, let alone player investment. For some old school dungeons you might need to tone down the threat level, or have some pregen characters as back-ups, and have various ways of introducing them to the situation, just so the game doesn't stop due to PC injury or loss. It may not be an issue, depending upon what scenario you run, but I would still be at least mindful of it. Good luck with this Bring on the MegaDungeon !!!
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    I think a Thanatari could make a head from a captured dragonnewt, and it could still cast dragon magic. And doing so would stop the dragonnewt from reincarnating until the head dies, and would be regarded as a horrific insult. But I don't think they could simply steal the dragon magic via Atyari magic. They have not awakened their dragon consciousness. The dragon knowledge would make no sense to them.
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    It's also worth noting that the genre tropes say that a lone wizard (with d4's for HPs) facing a mob of fighters is kinda in trouble. A fighter or two in front, maybe a thief to flank/backstab/etc... This is how the "wizard" expects to survive the "band of brigands." So he drops a Fireball on the brigands, and expects to drop the weakest ones outright, weaken the stronger ones. The melee types engage the (few remaining and now weakened) brigands, and the wizard stands back to snipe as needed (along with an archer or other sniper).
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    After watching too many cube square law videos and calculating conflicting sums, I guesstimate that a consistently 24-foot Kong would have a mass of about 16 tons. That’s based on an average 6-foot gorrila weighing 500 pounds. Kong would be four times stronger than his smaller cousins (at four times the size) but 64 times the mass. It seems a bit excessive — the other result I kept getting was 3 tons, 12 times the mass. Despite being a Hero System fan, the math was confusing to me. If we downsize Kong to his originally intended 18 feet tall, he is 3x bigger than a regular ape, 2 and a half times as strong, 27x mass — just under 7 tons (6.75). This is the size he appears to be while chained up on that doomed Broadway stage. Found my own old write-up here: Given our recent calculations, Kong’s SIZ should have been 64. I’d raise his INT to 8 or 10.
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    Not all boats sink as part of the Closing. Some are driven back to shore, some sail around endlessly, lost in some strange currents, some are attacked by sea monsters, some are bewitched by sirens, some follow the Doom Currents into Magasta's Pool. Just having them sink is just plain boring. The Cradle may well have found a Doom Current and sailed into Magasta's Pool, or it might have just sailed to the Pool under its own steam and dropped that way. The Cradle did not have a Dormali on board, as far as I know, but it doesn't need one, as it is already Doomed.
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    Generally the problem with getting higher point spells is that fewer spirits are capable of knowing them, due to the higher INT/CHA required. Yes, this is partially from RQ3, but is also partially just an extension of logical reasoning. Namely that high characteristics are rarer than average characteristics. The key factor is is just what is considered an average INT/CHA for a spirit. If it's 10 or higher then Bladesharp 10 might be readily available, and potentially half of the spirits that know Bladesharp could potentially know it at 10. But, if the average is lower, as would seem to be the case. Now RQ3's Summon Encounter Table (Magic Book, p.54) would indicate that sprirts capable of store Bladesharp 10 are rare. However, RQ2 Spirit Contact Table (RQ2 Classic Edition p. 46) paints a different picture, with around one third of spirits having a high enough INT to do so. I haven't seen the equivalent Spirit Encounter Table in RQG. If there is one, maybe someone can look it over and see how rare a CHA 10+ spirit is in RQG?
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    I got you Essentially, the mechanism is there to provide similarity to a limited number of spells per day. magic points recover at 1 per hour of resting or 2 per hour of sleep (p115) A spellcaster's rank lowers the amount of magic points a spell requires. See Magic Cost and Caster Rank, p122 Fireball goes through half armor, not full armor. Resisting is on p125. you oppose the casting roll. So, lets go through your scenario. You have at least a Rank 2 caster (equivalent to around a level 5-8 wizard in 1e or 2e) because he can cast fireball. that's largely 1-2 fireballs a day. He's got a 15 POW. He's fighting brigands, who are probably not wearing a lot of armor - I'm looking at the brigands in the moathouse with a leader wearing chain (5), an aide wearing ring (3), and most everyone else wearing leather (2). Armor is half here, so 3/2/1. He can toss a 1d4 fireball for 3 points. Yes, it's not necessarily going to drop everyone, but, on the other hand 5d6 fireballs are good, but they don't necessarily drop everyone either. Lets say you are talking that 5th level fireball. 5d6, that's his only one. He should dump some more magic into that kick it up to intensity 5. now he's talking out arms. Yes, he's spent a lot of magic points, but that's also how it would be for the 1e wizard - he's spent his big spell and has 4 level 1s and 2 level 2s. Your CF wizard is getting 2 free levels of intensity/2 less cost on his level 1s (rank affects), so maybe he uses Flaming hands or magic missile. he can do 2 magic missiles for 2 points and it does 1d6+1 per missile, no armor. short of it, don't blow all your mana like that. there are smarter ways with CF. Use those lower rank spells and get the free points for your rank. Your lower rank spells are viable for quite a long time. Rank 3 casting flaming hands for all of 1 mana and it doing 1d6 to 1d4+1 locations might be smarter. Rank 2 casting an intensity 7 flaming hands for 5 and doing 2d6, half armor is pretty darn stout
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    I agree. The original 1933 King Kong is still the best. And the movie monsters of the Twenties through the Fifties are perfectly suited for horror and adventure scenarios. In fact, some of the best ideas come from Grade Z films. In role-playing you have an unlimited special effects budget. To stat up 1933 Kong we still need to decide how big he is. Animator Willis O’Brien intended the ape to be 18 feet tall, almost double the size of the largest known prehistoric gorilla, but increased Kong to 24-25 feet tall in the urban scenes to make him more impressive against modern skyscrapers. Fine. Except the producer varied King Kong’s actual size throughout the film to make him as scary as possible in every scene. So he ranged up to 40 feet tall, the arm that reached through the bedroom window to seize Ann Darrow was that of a 70-foot gorilla, and RKO publicity papers set Kong’s height at 50 feet. Yow! At least Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake kept Kong at a consistent 25 feet tall.
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    Needlessly, the geas is "Never let a horse suffer needlessly", which all our Yelmalians used to trot out when they really needed to let a horse suffer.
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    In my Glorantha, the Open Seas Ritual is for one Voyage, i.e. from leaving port until landfall, so the ship will carry on until it reaches land. Hopefully, it can get to a part and hire some more Dormal Cultists, otherwise it is stuck at the Port. As to how many Initiates of Dormal, it really depends on the ship. Most ships have the Captain and maybe First Mate as Dormali, but some Holy Country ships might have more. After all, Dormal Cultists need to learn to sail and don't just get given a ship and told "There you go, get on with it".
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    Shargash and Sedenya round out the ten city-suns.
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    Yes, but also no. Some of my thinking has developed with the thread. Lets try this. There is a one Fire rune: Vezkarvez The first 'god' to devolve from that rune was: Ezelveztay. It devolves by association with other runes into the Keskeskenni One amongst the Keskeskenni is considered the most fitting and given the title Emperor, or Yelm, or Lightfore. IMO Yelm and Lightfore are both titles that change hands, and can be translatd as Emperor. There are three brothers Lodril, Arraz, and Dayzatar who are the earliest 'worshiped' generation of sky gods Arraz is the first Yelm/Emperor/Lightfore. He is the celestial Emperor. Yelm/Arraz and Dendara have a child: Murharzam. He is the earthly Emperor. He is one of their eight children, which has always implied to me eight ruling deity suns of the cities of DH that are acknowledged (though 10 ought to be the number) I suspect this may be a relationship similar to the Red Goddess/Red Emperor. The Blue Dragon Oslir forces Yelm/Arraz from the sky; Murharzam defeats the serpent to become Lightfore/Yelm. Arraz is I think, now, the servant or something lesser not the Yelm/Lightfore any more. Orlanth kills Yelm/Murharzam. Other suns hold for the role for a while Yelm/Antirius (who dies), then Yelm/Polaris and Yelm/Ourania On earth there is a a succession of Emperors At the dawn Yelm/Antirius returns, but is not the sun disk, just a planet (Lightfore). At the dawn the sun disk is not Arraz either, who is now a star. The sun disk is something new, associated with Time. Under the Bright Empire the sun disk begins to receive worship, many myths of holders of the title of Yelm or Emperor are transferred to the sun. The sun accumulates all these individual Lightfore/Yelm/Emperor myths i.e. parts of Arraz, Antirius, Murharzam even perhaps Polaris and Ourania, The entities that were formally a Yelm decline in importance in worship. Or something like that. It's possible that Yelmalio is just a Bright Empire composite of the sons of Yelm i.e. the bits that were left over once we had done this 🙂
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    When I was writing the BRP version of Classic Fantasy, I playtested it with my group by playing through Against the Giants. We had a blast. We intend on continuing the adventures of Valamir, Sorack, Lorissa, Alexandra, Lilly, and Rengarth later this year by finishing up the giant saga, and moving on to D1-3. Obviously, using Mythras Classic Fantasy. Rod
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    Despite having been left behind by Apple as current iOS has gone 64-bit CPU only, my 7-year old 3rd gen iPad runs King of Dragon pass and Six Ages like a champ. Being stuck at iOS 9, you can get them for a song (relatively speaking), looks like 40£-90£ on ebay-UK depending on condition and memory. (I otherwise use it as a reader and ultra-portable SSH terminal - with a keyboard case.) Just a thought.
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    I think of the human appearance of the Alkothi as a body modification...
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    Holy crap, that Shargash is terrifying. Not only in a monstrous sense, but there is genuinely something creepy, uncomfortable about him. Kudos to the artists. The artwork in the Glorantha Sourcebook make him out to look more like a traditional "savage" berserker (which (I like too - hence the need of an Emperor and all that), but this version looks positively malevolent.
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    Suddenly I'm convinced that the Waters are mostly enthusiastic partners in this project. They might have all kinds of political, economic or eschatological arguments for why they're participating but I think it boils down to Death (Magasta) taking a forced holiday. Water won't "die" while the drain is plugged. It keeps falling as rain and sweeping in from the outer ocean, but that final psychopompous journey back to the Dame Dark is interrupted. Instead the Water rises and maybe in some places even leaps to reclaim its old favored spots. Awful waterspouts form, bride of the monster god carrying Water straight up to Sky. Gloranthan alchemists see an invitation to a divine wedding appear in their little flask. The rest of us know a grand banquet has been arranged. Blue Streak rolls up the dome, taking her people with her like always. But maybe she doesn't even drop this time but stays up there, a moon again. This time it's Tolat who dies, like Shargash who failed to fight the dragon. Wachaza and a new Wachaza. Boats and Boat Planets. Unalterable hundred-lettered Styx words. Blue People. Dormal's Last Stop. Good times. If all goes well, Engizi may finally be healed. Of course there will be recalcitrants to deal with along the way but one way or another they'll eventually be convinced to go with the flow.
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