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    I feel like that's still too formal for friends who see each other every day or husband and wife or close family. I like something along the lines of "Good wind" or "Orlanth bless you" to men and "Ernalda bless you" to women. Could be shortened some way in Sartarite: Or'var: Orlanth bless you. Said to a man or a Vingan. Er'var: Ernalda bless you. Said to a woman or a Nandan. Vor'var: Voriof or Voria bless you. Said to a child not yet initiated. Works as both a greeting and a farewell. During the occupation, when in a trusted setting, could substitute "Free Sartar" or "Come the Hurricane."
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    You know, during my current work on my master's thesis, I spent a little while reading about everyday, casual greetings in the region I did work, which prompted me to look into it a bit more generally, just out of curiosity. Often, these "mundane greetings" meld a bit together with people's ideas of the public and private, "important" (in an everyday sense) activities and so on. Greetings might incorporate references to well-wishes or blessings, they might also incorporate queries that are almost formulaic. Small talk in a sense, but ingrained into a greeting, as it were, kind of like the ubiqutous "how are you?" So for example: "Greetings, Kjarr - seen the clouds today? / You noticed the easterly winds last night? / Did you catch the morning rain?" (I come from a place where the weather often changes, and the weather is our immediate focal point if no other topic is apparent. I imagine Orlanthi too would see weather as a natural, everyday topic to shoot the breeze about.) "Greetings, Kjarr - did you eat yet? / What's for dinner?" (This one might seem a bit off to some others, it certainly did to me - but in South India where I did my fieldwork, the weather stayed pretty much the same for weeks on end, and so talking about the weather everyday was a non-starter. Instead, their daily, polite icebreaker smalltalk was about whether you had eaten yet, and what you had eaten. It was as natural to them as mentioning the possibility of rain is to me. Maybe not entirely thematic to the Sartar people, but Esrolians, maybe?) "Greetings, Kjarr - coming or going? / Off somewhere? / Off the stead? / Out and about on the tula, eh? / Business with the thane?" (It's pretty common to idly inquire about everyday business. It's trivial enough to not be offensive, but interesting enough to keep local chatter going. Gossip is incredibly important in small-scale societies.)
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    Since Troll Gods has been open today I was struck by the little decorative ornaments in the layout. They always worked really well for me to convey a sense of an elder underworld culture's expression of the sacred: archaic, inscrutable, maybe a little brutal. Alien: This time around I know exactly where I've seen them before. They're Clark Ashton Smith rock carvings: How great is that? My guess is that somebody had a copy of The Fantastic Art of Clark Ashton Smith around and ran off a few stencils. Since I only have the Avalon Hill box I can't say if they showed up then (how wild would it be if they were a Dobyski idea) or (more likely) were inherited from the Chaosium side. What's especially exciting is that there's a lot more of this stuff extant so if you like this vision of gnawed troll fetishes, treat yourself. And then there's this character, who I haven't been able to track back to a klarkashtonian source yet and may actually be original:
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    Damn nice pics! I also liked the word 'kygerlith' for stone carvings of the Kyger Litor that was used in the guide.
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    And in the more lunarized clans they ask if you have broken wind yet.
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    He is described as Baron of Sanuel on p44 of the Glorantha Sourcebook.
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    The best the Thanatari can muster in the catacomb archives under the greatest LM library in the world is a solitary priest, his guardian and a few mad head spirits: http://rpgreview.net/mob/thegettingofwisdom.htm
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    So that's where the Closed-handists are hiding out!
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    I also dont think they'd characterize Barntar-ish interactions with the land to be feminine, what with all the plowing, planting seeds, and so on.
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    A ship stuck on a small asteroid would be fun. Instead of the lifeboat on the iceburg, there could be a ruptured life-pod.
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    Just want to mention, Greg would have been 71 tomorrow. Walk proudly in the Spirit World Greg.
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    I've started working on the Suebian and the Holy Faliscan Empire of the Suebian Nation. As indicated above, they will be loosely built based on the Holy Roman Empire which means there is both a decentralized and a centralized power (Local Nobles and the Empire), both a small Imperial Army and Regional mustered Army and a small navy (20 or 40 ships). Based on the Era, I's still working on the basics both skills and culture, the Unique class is a bit trickier, not that it is hard to do, but more on what cultural element I want ot focus on (currently debating between Artillery or Clergy). Below are links to my work documents and Any feedback will be appriciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HHaaqIwrtJRFeZbTdSGQIYc3qDn-k2DR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WfT5_MOOb-LkgCVVlQRShk-da7B5E8H-/view?usp=sharing
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    So the RQ:G book has moved us into the 1620s. Great! Of course some of us either want to fill in the gaps for an older character (the game assumes a birthdate around 1604) or play a story or even a prologue back in the classic era. I propose we hash one out together. A campaign set in c.1613, during Starbrow's Revolt, would require a birthdate c.1592... which means a parent born c.1565 and grandparent around c.1540. Let's get started...
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    Amusingly, this was later MUCH more nicely published as WHFRP Doomstones series (really quite well done). In fact, I was so taken with it that I adapted it completely for our RQ3 campaign (WHFRP is pretty easy to do) and my players had a blast, ultimately retrieving all 4 stones and bringing them back through the lines to Whitewall, where they were successfully combined into a potent item that destroyed the Crimson Bat (for a while, anyway) saving the city and breaking the Lunar Army. Years later, I stumbled upon the Halls of the Dwarven kings and thought "ooh, this is cool!" and was all worked up...until about 10 pages in I started to recognize the names of the NPCs and realized it had ORIGINALLY *been* a RQ adventure. I've told my players that history begins at the G2G today; if something historical doesn't contradict the Guide, I'll probably accept it, but basically the Guide's the baseline now.
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    A single arc minute is also very low definition. Legibility of text drops off below 18 arc minutes, and more basic symbols detail falls off below 16. That's perhaps less relevant to the Closing, but meaningful for spotting distances generally. For example, a 5m high emblem on a sail or large flag will have details visible at around a kilometer, and basic shape and contrast at about double that. Context might still let you reasonably infer more information from less detail, such as in cases where only a certain group used big red circle designs, or similar.
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    I bet there's a proper Thanatar temple in Tinaros.
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    In the case of fireball, I think there is two points that is being underweighed and one point that is being missed (and even by myself until a bit ago). Armor counting for half is a bigger deal than given credit for, and hit locations have far fewer hit points than in previous editions. Yes, you may be able to clear out rooms of orcs with 5d6 fireballs, but said orcs are probably also only rabble or underlings The missed point is that it takes very little fireball pumping to catch people on fire. Check p86 on fires, as referenced by fireball. A 1d6 fireball (mere intensity 3) has a 50% chance (1 on 1d2) to ignite any of the 1d4+1 locations as determined by intensity. On average, you are going to hit another couple locations for another 3.5 points, which has a very strong chance of dropping them (no armor here) or will force them to go prone putting it out. does that help? @threedeesixsince a fireball hits all locations, why doesn’t the chance to ignite affect all locations? My current guess is because that would be an average of 3.5 locations taking an average of 3.5 damage
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    Since head-hunting communities have been quite common and well established over the millennia in the RW, I can easily see them in any environment that isn't readily accessible to anti-Chaos fanatics in significantly large numbers.
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    Yeah, in my Glorantha, I've used the meteorogical visibility ratings, and for the human visibility acuity 1 arc minute. Visibility ratings: Very poor: less than 1,000 metres Poor: between 1,000 metres and 2 nautical miles Moderate: between 2 and 5 nautical miles Good: more than 5 nautical miles And in really good conditions, you can see tens of kilometers on sea, or even over hundred on mountains. 1 arc minute means that you can see 1 m tall object at 3.5 km in perfect conditions, which means that you could on really clear days see a trireme at 50 km distance.
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    My interpretation was that they have done so - from memory, I don't think the wording on Shield has changed significantly since RQ2. "The effects of this spell are cumulative with either Protection or Countermagic." There is no directive upon them being accumulated in a particular order, and I don't recall any RQ GM or players I knew ever worrying about that. Besides, how can they be cumulative if you are putting one opposed Countermagic effect on top of another? Surely, if they work against each other, one spell will always either be rebuffed or knock out the other, depending on their respective strengths? I'm also wondering how your interpretation - that those spells need to be cast in a particular way and in a particular order - makes the game more fun or more interesting. Personally, I just can't see it - it looks needlessly finicky, and not something I would bother with at my table. But that's me, and as I said previously, YGMV.
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    The Dancers in Darkness are vampires.
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    That's not really how it works. See the example on page 195. Vasana spends SRs 1-5 casting Demoralize, SRs 6-8 moving 9 meters, and SRs 6-10 (the GM allowed simultaneous action) readying her bow. Thus, you can take movement in the 'middle' of the round after other actions... rather than it just always delaying the SR of your first action as you seemed to be saying. Essentially, each 3 meters of movement is an action that takes one SR to complete. Thus, a character with sufficient MOV and melee attack skill (i.e. to split attacks) could potentially start a round disengaged, move up to an enemy, attack and disable that enemy, move to another enemy, and attack again. It is really a very open and flexible movement system... other than the two oddities I pointed out. Also, you absolutely CAN move on a round you began engaged... a mounted character becomes disengaged from an unmounted opponent after SR 6 and can then move away (see pg 195 Retreating, another example of mid round movement). Cast Teleportation on SR 1 and you can be disengaged and free to move on SR 2. Or cast Invisibility and then successfully sneak away unheard. If your only engaging enemy is killed then you aren't engaged any more and are free to move that same round. Heck, just turn and run on SR 1 (leaving yourself open to attack) and you are disengaged on SR 2 and free to continue moving.
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    Yes, you're correct, that's definately the one I remember. It is 'The Halls Of The Dwarven Kings' - Set 1 in The Complete Dungeon Master Series - by Integrated Games , back in the early 1980s. Was a british product. Very good maps, quite good depiction of high fantasy Dwarves (not Gloranthan Mostali). Several versions were produced, each with different game stats - D&D, AD&D, RQ2, and possibly WHFRP. This was the cover: ...and for anyone trying to chase it up, here's the listing details: https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/46468/halls-dwarven-kings
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    It isn’t an RPG but Osprey publishing’s “A Fistful of Kung Fu” is a skirmish game with roleplaying elements that screams “Big Trouble,” especially when you see the miniatures for it.
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    Well I Haven't forgotten about this, but life. I still need to write it down, but I've came up with a few ideas for this one. The Suebian unique class I've cooked up is the Imperial Musketeer. Members of the Imperial Army, The Musketeer for an elite troop of line infantry skilled in the used of the musket. While they fight mainly on foot, they are also trained in mounted combat as well as skirmish tactics. This gives them a degree of flexibility on the battlefield not often seen in other troops. Obvisously it's still a rough draft, but gives a general ideal of what I'm aiming for for them.
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    "Glory Hole Dwarven Mine"?
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    Sounds like 'The Halls of the Dwarven Kings' by Integrated Games (tied in with Endless Plans) 1984.
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    Yes there is, it was in the RQ3 Glorantha Box. I don't have it on me, but it was something along the lines of " I am a man from the X clan of X tribe, hail thee' or something like that. I think the main thing would be that you introduce your lineage (son of X), family or personal reputation titles (if any), clan name, and tribal affiliation. I think when parting, its something like 'Orlanth Go With Thee' (or more appropriate Deity)
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    I ran a solid portion of t1-4. Frankly, some of the best fights I’ve had were in it. For whatever reason, it flowed extremely well. We had one where the party made a bunch of noise and got surrounded by ogres (1st level of the temple I think). They did some amazing damage and the ogre leader ran. They gave chase... through the nearby gnolls. Alarms went up, troops started prepping. It was fantastic.
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    We know that when someone skins a dragonewt corpse, the reincarnated dragonewt will pursue them because the re-use of their skin binds them to the physical world in a way that screws up their spiritual progress. So an interesting twist on this might be that the dragonewt either A) reincarnates and stalks them, but without part of their soul/magic (which is bound in the head) or B ) turns into a sort of headless zombie that homes in on them and attacks them. I love the macabre image of the PCs fighting a Thanatari villain and then a dragonewt corpse bursts into the fight and helps them out.
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    I seem to remember that there is a kind of horizon effect in Glorantha, even though of course it's nothing to do with curvature of the lozenge. There isn't unlimited visibllity just because the earth/sea is flat.
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    I agree. All reconstruction is difficult, because we are looking at fragments that 'leak' the older concepts. And I have not really sought to try and tackle Entekosiad - although I believe that there is probably a whole that we can pull from including that, I have just not really tried to include that yet. I was more interested in this question of the Many Suns and who is Yelm in this thread.
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    The visual depictions of the Mostali in the G2G pretty much dispel any comparisons with generic high fantasy Dwarves. They hearken back to an earlier fable-fantasy flavour, unusual and mysterious. Although they are different from how I originally thought of them, these days I envison the Mostali as devilish Brian Froudish beings, something for humans to be wary of, unless they are dealing with aberrant Openhandists, and even then it pays to be cautious. I think I now prefer these images of the Mostali from the G2G rather than the ones in the RQG book, they just seem more fantasy flavoured, eccentric, gnomish, goblinoid, and alien.
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    There are lots of ways to do this. I'd just pick one that fits with how you want it to work and go with that. For me, HeroQuest is not about the mechanics. The mechanics are a quick and easy way of achieving a result. In my opinion, anyone who agonises over detailed mechanics in HeroQuest is missing the point of the game.
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    I wouldn't raise the value of the corruption flaw every time the magic is used. Instead I would use the following approach: after the character has developed the corruption flaw he could try to overcome the flaw every time he uses the magic in question. if he fails, the corruption flaw would be raised. The amount of the raise would be determined by the GM, but should be based on the Degree of Failure (e.g. +1 for Marginal or Minor Defeat, +2 for Major Defeat, +3 for Complete Defeat). in case of a success nothing happens. The GM could even allow, that the corruption flaw is lowered, e.g. -1 in case of a Complete Victory. The GM can control the outcome of this situation to a certain degree, because he determines the Difficulty Level. Another approach could be using the opposed Corruption/Magic roll @soltakss described already above instead of overcoming the corruption.
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    Sailing to Fonrit to find stash of Gloranthan silver and gold coins...There are now a few new generators available at tools.notesfrompavis.com. It also allows you to select up to 5 generated items at the time. Port Today Updated version that takes into account the improved Ship generator. Provides daily leavers, arrivers and stayers for a typical Fonritan Port for various seasons of the year. It uses an invented Fonritan distribution of the kind of ships. Seasonal activity has also been updated. Ship from Fonrit area.Ship generator creates a ship from Fonritan area. It provides name, kind, captain abilities and the abilities of the crew as ships and shield wall units. It also includes the reputation of the ship, its current seaworthiness, where it is sailing to and its cargo. Here is an example:Formidable Dragonewt, Enormous Maslo Penteconter catamaranCaptain Command: Green 40 Seamanship Veteran 71 Navigation Veteran 85 Oratory Green 46Seasoned Crew of 111 as rowersUnit type:Strong Volunteers in Their Prime - from the borderlands Competency:Green 34 Morale: Steady 70Unit Passions:Loyalty to Commander 42 Hate Enemy City 39 Unit Trait:Skirmish Formation Fighting: (Line Circle ) Shield wall: (Line Circle Tortoise)11 officersGreen Crew of 27 as marinesCommand Skill:Seasoned 61 Commander Perception:1 Commander Oratory:87 Unit type:Cowardly Elderly Troopers Competency:Green 31 Morale: Erratic 42Unit Passions:Loyalty to Commander 44 Hate Enemy nation 35 Unit Trait:Shield wall: (Line Phalanx Square Tortoise) Skirmish Formation Fighting: (Line Phalanx Wedge)Hitpoints:79 Seaworthiness:80 Range:max 8 days. Capacity:2 tons. MR:25km/hour.Beam:25 meters. Draft:1m Length:30m: Freeboard::1m.Sailing to Siwab El(on Kanem Dar) - a large city. This city’s ruler is a sorceress, unusual in the male-dominated politics of Afadjann. She is very strict morally, and forbids the ownership of members of the opposite sex. So far, she has managed to keep her city free, but the Jann’s demands grow ever more peremptory.Reputation:Possible pirateShipshape70% Textiles 30% Wine from Maslo Glorantha coin generator. Gloranthan coin stash generator creates a random stash of Gloranthan coins which are described in the terms derived from Guide to Glorantha. As the names are not defined for all the coins - I have added those which are in use in my campaign. 10 Afadjann Link:A round, silver coinweighing approximately 6 g Front: Realistic portrait of Astamanyx - Djann of Afadjann showing protruding chinBack: Liberation of Afadjanni from Kareeshtu Enemies. Text in Afadjanni: 1 1593 Noose.101 Afadjann Link:A round, silver coinweighing approximately 6 g Front: Heroic Portrait of Jawdar Mansyur, King of Baruling showing ruddy cheeksBack: Soldiers on a boat loaded with valuables Text in Baruling: 1 1604 Noose.298 Troll Bolg:This crude lump of leadis marked by a troll’s incisors and tusks biting through the lead. It weighs about 31 g Front: The bolg has two holes from where the troll bit down on it.Back: Reverse of the front6 Umathelan Guilder:A round, silver coinweighing approximately 6 g Front: Idealized portrait of Drelon, King of Kormarkan showing protruding chin Back: Umathelan Soldiers on a ship with elves. Text in Vralan: 1 16117 Umathelan Guilder:A round, silver coinweighing approximately 6 g Front: Realistic portrait of The Patriarch of Nikosdros - Agimori showing wrestler's ears ears Back: Umathelan ship with wealthy merchants. Text in Vralan: 1 1627108 Maslo Macuta:A square, pierced silver coinweighing approximately 6 g Front Serious portrait of Hoom Jhis - Dynast of Flanch The Aging Agimori Dynast wears a feathered skirt, a vest of scales, gold earrings, necklace, and armbands and carries a magical staff of authority capped by a translucent crystal. Back: Vadeli Fleet Destroyed at Oenriko Rocks. Text in Maslo: 1 1607Person generators for Maslo Agimori and Vadeli There are person generators available for Maslo Agimori and Vadeli in addition to previosly existing Oralnthi and Fonritan generators. Names for Orlanti and SavagesCreates names for Orlanthi and Savages. Savages are based on Monster Island. Orlanthi to various name lists. Rumors at FonritRumors at Fonrit generates rumours according to Guide to Glorantha for Fonritan area. Place and region name generators Place and region name generators from Perilous Wilds for those places that do not yet have a name and need one adapted to FonritThese are available from my new sub site is named Notes From Pavis Toolsand is accessed via tools.notesfrompavis.com . If the link does not work - type tools.notesfrompavis.com to your browser's search bar.Earlier updates on the tooling are here andfor the Bad night at the port in Fonrithttps://notesfrompavis.blog/2019/02/09/sailing-to-fonrit-to-find-stash-of-gloranthan-silver-and-gold-coins/
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    Generally the problem with getting higher point spells is that fewer spirits are capable of knowing them, due to the higher INT/CHA required. Yes, this is partially from RQ3, but is also partially just an extension of logical reasoning. Namely that high characteristics are rarer than average characteristics. The key factor is is just what is considered an average INT/CHA for a spirit. If it's 10 or higher then Bladesharp 10 might be readily available, and potentially half of the spirits that know Bladesharp could potentially know it at 10. But, if the average is lower, as would seem to be the case. Now RQ3's Summon Encounter Table (Magic Book, p.54) would indicate that sprirts capable of store Bladesharp 10 are rare. However, RQ2 Spirit Contact Table (RQ2 Classic Edition p. 46) paints a different picture, with around one third of spirits having a high enough INT to do so. I haven't seen the equivalent Spirit Encounter Table in RQG. If there is one, maybe someone can look it over and see how rare a CHA 10+ spirit is in RQG?
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    I used the OQ SRD as a base but seriously hacked it and built my own lean-rules booklet.
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    "...every childless widow in Sartar died her hair red." I think that they don't drop Earth for Storm, they drop Life for Death. Note how much Death there is going on in the Storm Tribe Vinga write-up. I like Vinga with Air, Movement, and Death. Her followers can of course perform Making the Storm Tribe as Orlanth if they feel called to Mastery. (This is one of the reasons I prefer Vinga as distinct from Orlanth rather than "just" Orlanth incarnate.)
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    I use Paper Chase or versions there-of often as a one-shot, filler, or intro adventure.
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    I ran my first ever game of CoC last night. It's over 30 years since I last ran any tabletop RPG, so I was a little - ahem - rusty. I had two players, both of whom were new to tabletop RPGs as well. I thought I'd do a little report on it - it was a lot of fun. MAJOR SPOILERS FOR PAPER CHASE AHEAD! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! We used a couple of the pre-gens. Both my players were female so were happy to have a good selection of female characters to choose from. We decided to use the pre-gens just to save a bit of time, and because they didn't understand the game system anyway, so it seemed simpler just to dive in and start playing rather than explain what the stats and skills were for up-front. I was pretty (extremely rusty) on running a game, but I'd read the scenario several times and of course Paper Chase is pretty simple so there wasn't anything complex I had to try and remember. Just really my skills for improvising answers to my players' questions that need more practice. They did pretty well. They grilled Thomas Kimball with a lot of questions that weren't very relevant, but they homed in straight away on the books and one of my players wondered if Douglas Kimball had a journal, without my having to suggest that or hope that they found it. After a slight struggle to understand the whole concept of the game, one of my players quickly got into the idea of investigating, in the right sort of way, and it probably helped that they didn't have dungeon-crawling RPG experience to skew their ideas of what to do. They didn't check absolutely everything out they could have (they didn't go to the newspaper offices), but they did get virtually all the key information and quickly got the idea that the graveyard was important and did a lot of investigating in there. With two players it made it easier for them to succeed in their rolls, e.g. with them both doing a Spot Hidden, or whoever had the highest Persuade/Charm/etc doing the talking. For a first game that helped make it go easily, for both players and keeper alike, without the need to worry about things grinding to a halt because of missing something important. They decided to force their way into the mausoleum and both ended up passing out and finding Douglas Kimball in the graveyard. They sensibly didn't just try to randomly attack him, and soon saw that he wasn't hostile. They chatted with him and figured out what was going on, so all was good. However, it all started going downhill from there. Douglas Kimball went back into the mausoleum and sealed it up. Instead of calling it a day, my players (well, one of them mainly) decided they wanted to investigate the tunnels. They seemed to have become a bit overconfident about Douglas seeming benign, even though they'd heard all about his friends. They investigated a few ways to break into the mausoleum, and asked if they could dig. I was going to say no, but then I decided that since what they were doing was unwise (and one of the players already thought it was a bad idea), I'd let them do it just for educational purposes for future scenarios (and of course because I wanted to "push the horror"). So I let them dig their way into the mausoleum at night, enter the tunnels and then meet up with some ghouls. Just when they both started to agree this was a bad idea and retreat, when they turned around then of course there was another ghoul blocking the way, and that was it, they were never seen again! So the "I told you this was a bad idea!" from the other player reinforced the fact that they lost their caution, and hopefully was a useful lesson for future scenarios. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I think we all learned a lot. I had initially wondered if the scenario was a bit "too simple" and a bit boring, but not at all - it seemed liked a good learning exercise and introduction to the idea of investigating as thoroughly as possible so as to be prepared as possible for what comes next. And not taking unnecessary risks because death or insanity is just around the corner. Oh, and before we started the game we did a quick search on Spotify for "creepy music" and that worked an absolute treat! Really helped with the atmosphere. I can't wait to start preparing the next scenario now, and get into a slightly more involved plot. And I've already got the Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook and Keeper Screen Pack, the Quick-Start Rules (for The Haunting) and have Doors to Darkness on order. And have downloaded the free one-shots on the Chaosium site. So I don't think I'm going to run out of what to play anytime soon! Great work on the Starter Set, guys, it's certainly got me started and wanting more!
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    Good job! I hope this gives MW the place on everybody's shelves that it deserves!
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    My inner Eurmali REALLY wants to stand a beer to each player who manages to get into one of Jeorg's games, and pulls this stunt on him. Or even as all the OTHER players in a 'Con game where he's one of the players. My inner Humakti isn't willing to be foresworn, 'cos I don't realistically see my California gaming overlapping much with his, alas...
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