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    We're going to be sharing more fiction, previews and articles of general interest on Chaosium.com. Starting off with RuneQuest Fiction by Greg Stafford, introduced by James Lowder. https://www.chaosium.com/blognear-the-end-of-the-world-runequest-fiction-by-greg-stafford
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    Some general ideas that we have used in the past: Heroic Casting of a Spirit Magic Spell - Casting a particular named Spirit Magic spell costs 0 MPs to cast. The spell has to be linked to something gained on the HeroQuest, for example Bladesharp gained on Humakt Gaining Death, or Sleep gained by a Chalana Arroy HeroQuest or Face of Lanbril gained on the Lanbril Loses his Face HeroQuest. Heroic Casting of a Rune Magic Spell - You can cast a particular Runemagic Spell using Magic Points rather than Rune Points. In effect, your POW becomes a secondary Rune Pool for casting particular Runespells. As above, the spell needs to be one gained on a HeroQuest related to that power. So, Humakt gaining Truesword on the Humakt Gains Death spell, Orlanth gaining Lightning in the Lightning Spear Quest and so on. Increased Species Maximum POW - We play that participating in an Other Side HeroQuest allows you to attempt a POW Gain roll but if you succeed it increases Species Maximum POW Automatic POW Gain - You sometimes increase your POW by 1D3 just by taking part in a HeroQuest New Spell - You gain a new spell as a result of the HeroQuest. The spell might be the aim of the HeroQuest or something wrestled from an opponent. So, a Storm Bull PC doing the Lightning Spear HeroQuest could come back with the Lightning Runespell, even though that is an Orlanthi spell. Immunity to a spell or power - If you face an opponent with a certain power and defeat them on the HeroQuest, then you might come back with immunity to the power used. So, you could be Immune to Fear, Madnes, Sunbright or Acid. Our PCs fought Cacodemon and some gained Immunity to Acid, but one chose Vomit Acid instead. Permanent Spell - You come back with a spell permanently cast, for example permanent Shield 4 or permanent Catseye. As above, the spell must be linked to the Heroquest. Skill Boost - When you perform an Other Side HeroQuest, any skills gained increase by 5D6 rather than 1D6, as your skills are divided by 5 on the HeroQuest. (Note that this was a rule that we used when doing Other Side HeroQuests, modelling the fact that God Time opponents are really powerful, so you are relatively unskilled. The current rules might not have this as a rule) Mastery of [Rune] - The ability to manipulate things using the rune. This is a bit vague, but we used this in our Arganauts Campaign, where the PCs became River Voices and gained Mastery of Water, Mastery of Air and so on. It allows them to manipulate the runic substance by rolling beneath their Rune skill. So, someone with Mastery of Water and Water 70% who rolls below 70 could make water well up or go away, someone with Mastery of Air could deflect missiles away with gusts of wind and so on. We kept the results deliberately vague, as we wanted a Narrative game rather than a "But, you can only affect 15 litres of water, so your wave is really small" kind of game. Invoke [Quest] - You can Invoke a HeroQuest, basically drawing powers from the HeroQuest without actually performing the HeroQuest, but this draws baggage from the HeroQuest. So, an Orlanthi could use Invoke (Hill of Gold) when fighting a Yelmalian to guarantee victory, but also ensures that the Yelmalian isn't killed but is disarmed. An Eurmali could use Invoke (LBQ) to open up a crack in a castle wall to slip into the castle, but is guaranteed to meet the leader of the castle. Gift - A PC can gain a cult Gift as a result of the HeroQuest, this might come with a Geas or might be free. These would be over and above the Gifts the PC can normally get from belonging to a cult. PCs who participate in another PC's HeroQuest might get a Gift even though they don't belong to the cult. So, an Orlanthi might get Sense Assassin by taking part in a Humakti HeroQuest. That makes a lot of sense. We use Hero Points in our RQ games and I have allowed players to spend Hero Points to gain abilities from the HeroQuest, normally 1 Hero Point to gain a new spell and 10 Hero Points to gain a new ability. Basically, I allow people to gain spells and abilities from HeroQuests. RQ4/5/Legend has Heroic Abilities that can be used as HeroQuest rewards very easily. Quite often, my Players will make up an ability as a reward and I'll allow it or allow a variation of it.
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    The mighty Morokanth of Prax send greetings to their terrestrial counterparts for World Tapir Day today - wa-ha! http://www.tapirday.org #worldtapirday
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    It's looks like a variant of Charles Morehouse's Master of luck and Death board game. I vividly remember playing it at the first Convulsion convention in Leicester UK, in 1992 with Greg. Burned into my memory as that's the first time I met him. It was Friday evening on the first night the con, David Cheng brought it over and introduced us to it. It was a long game, full of twists and turns. Six players, Earth, Darkness, Storm, Water, Fire and Malkioni, i've still got the 14 page Ritual and Events sheets. As you can see this from 1988.
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    For those of us who have been playing RQ for decades the base resolution mechanisms and when to use them (combat vs skills vs the Resistance Table etc) are so ingrained they have become intuitive. I'm sure it is easy to not appreciate how complex and overwhelming it can be to new people. I don't know what play testing was done so hopefully this suggestion was something they did, but it seems to me that an important play testing exercise is to get a group of people who have never played RQ before. Get them to read the manual and play a few games totally without any interaction with anyone who knows RQ. Then watch them play and see where their interpretation deviates from what the authors expected.
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    Thanks @David Scott I'll contact @Helliwell or @Stormwalker this weekend if I've not heard back from the email that was sent via the contact form. I planning to purchase the Strike Rank Tracker with a few extra player sets since I plan on having up to 10 players. The Rune Biscuits look great and I'm planning to purchase a set of the Ivory ones since they look better than the biscuit ones. Maybe the biscuit ones could be stained with a red dot in the middle to make them look like Gloranthan Jammie Dodgers! 😀 Thanks for the Lunars and Sartarite miniature suggestions from @SDLeary & @BWP And, @Estarriol I'm looking forward to receiving the current figures and will be ordering the new ones you develop.
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    Objectively, I agree with you. %ile systems - even with specials and crits and fumbles - are inherently simpler than table-lookups. That was an astonishing innovation for the time (/thanks Steve Perrin) and one of the (several, IMO) things that make RQ an inherently better game system mechanically. UNfortunately....RQG holds onto way, way too much late-70s paradigm cruft of its own in its overriding effort to stay retro-compatible with minimum conversion*. Look at SR - different tables/breakpoints EACH for SIZ and DEX, Spirit Combat damage, healing rate, damage bonus. HP for location - which in RQ3 had been neatly algorithmic 25% of body hp for arms, 40% for chest, 33% for legs, abd, head - is back to a kludgy, inconsistent, linear table that ends up with a 30' giant being surprisingly fragile (only 2x the hp of a normal human)... *which I fundamentally don't get anyway; if you're going to have to spend 5+ mins for each character/creature adding passions, runes, etc is another minute adjusting HP and SR - especially if the conversion is algorithmic and quick - going to be that onerous?
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    "The mythical roleplaying game from the co-creator of RuneQuest is a legend in its own right, and continues to define epic adventure decades after its release. Pendragon is a fantasy RPG like no other... it represents a master of roleplaying and worldbuilding at the height of his powers." Recognition of Greg Stafford's genius in this great review of KING ARTHUR PENDRAGON 5.2 in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine (May 2019): http://bit.ly/2IVCmD2
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    Worth repeating ------------ Gone over this with Jason in detail, and this is the intention. I do think the correction for the 2nd printing on 2 weapon fighting was a missed opportunity to make this crystal clear.
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    That was an awesome tale. I'd never read it. Thank you for sharing it.
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    During RQ3, I always allowed immediate gains in all skills used on a HQ. No roll to go up, just go up. That included power and allowed for increases beyond species max. However, if the PC sacrificed that power the species max returned to normal. In RQG, where they've made a serious attempt to slow down character growth, I've ruled that HQ's simply allow an immediate roll to try to go up in skills. that would allow PCs to conceivably go up twice in one season, something they otherwise could not do.
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    Found these odd pages in an old folder containing RQ Con 1 and 2 stuff. Think these were from RQ Con 1. Clearly from a game that I must have participated in and looks like something of a MoLaD variant, though can't say I have any recollection of it. I must have been the Fire player since that's the sheet I have and some items were checked off. The list of units and descriptions is interesting though and the suggestion of Fire-related myths.
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    It can be a divisive issue. Some vastly prefer the 2nd Age as presented by Mongoose; some despise it. Some are in the middle somewhere. Some use the MRQ elements as source-to-be-mined for 3rd-Age / non-MRQ games. Overall, I think it's a more-negative inclination on BRPCentral. I think everyone admits there were some good elements out if the Mongoose era, and some bad ones; folks differ on how much of each. MRQII is held by most as the superior game over MRQ1. Nash&Whitaker really brought some serious design skills to their version (which went on to become TDM's RQ6/Mythras game (and also stayed at Mongoose as the Legend ruleset); to this day, the Nash&Whitaker fork of BRP is the favored variant of some grognards). I /think/ the biggest issue is that Mongoose made a lot of choices that seemed to be oriented more toward producing a high quantity, than aiming for quality. Authors complained about inadequate time, etc. Chaosium & the Gloranthan fanbase made sure that LOTS of setting-expertise was available (at no charge to Mongoose), but Mongoose often skipped that, which in turn often altered the setting in ways that made folks less and less happy. The MRQ era saw the innovation that a "rune" could be a physical object you could find, steal, lose, etc. With the right object in your pocket you "had" the Death Rune; if someone crit'ed their Pick Pocket, you could "lose" it. There is (you may have noticed) a LOT of passion for the world of Glorantha. When Mongoose seemed to be disrespecting the setting, people got unhappy.
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    Battle skill seems to be a mechanic for off-table battles. Were I to use it at the table, Battle would be used for those players who don't have practical experience in tactics to get ideas on positioning [high ground = good, high ground with concealment = better, high ground with cover = best].
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    Aha! I do have that too! Just in a completely different folder (one of the downsides of doing this so long). Mine is a revision from Jan 1994 though, right before RQ Con 1.
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    The Morokanth of Prax would like everyone to know that April 27 is of course World Tapir Day!
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    One of my projects for the summer, now that I'm playing in Glorantha again, is to put together some miniatures. I was thinking mixing and matching parts from a few difference Victrix miniatures and/or Gripping Beast miniatures sprues to make "new style" Heortlings. So mix bits from ancient Greeks, romans and celts/vikings to make suitably barbaric warriors. I did feel like the Byzantine spearmen from Fireforge miniatures might be a good source of bodies wearing scale armour. Mix and match those with various ancients parts and you should be able to make good Orlanthi weaponthanes. Are any of those "perfect" for Glorantha? No, but with a bit of work to find the best bits and the right paint job I think they'd look pretty good. There's generally nothing much in historical ranges for female characters, unfortunately. Bad Squiddo Miniatures have a good range of shieldmaidens - yes, Vikings are out of period, for Orlanthi now, but some of them would still work. And they have a couple of Amazon types, too. Hasslefree miniatures have a few in their fantasy ranges that would fit right into Glorantha. A warning on that is that some of their range is NSFW because of being in the nuddy. They're totally ahistorical and out of period, but with a mix and match of the right parts, some of the female fantasy warriors for Frostgrave from Northstar miniatures might work as Heortlings in winter gear. Their cultists and a few monsters and other bits could work quite well for Glorantha stuff, too. And Bronze Age miniatures have some nice, erm, Bronze Age types. One thing that is always VERY good to see from the people who have licences to make miniatures is when they make things that you can't source elsewhere. I would give my right arm for some good models of high llamas, for example. I've been away from work this week, and my delivery address for the dragonewts kickstarter was my work address. I'm hoping mine might be there waiting for me on Monday to soften the blow of having to be back at work. 😀
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    Speicalist magicians are there, because some folk are going to be wanting to start as The Wizard, The Shaman etc. its any easy one, they don't get any skill points when generating combat skills (which therefore start at their bases) and in return get to spend those skill points on magic skills, and pick extra spells from a spell list that other starting characters Other specialists, such as the Theif and D&D Monks, for example, will be shown via ready-made concepts, which are a lot more robust in this edition (more like ready-made characters than lists of typical skills and spells). There will also be explanatory text for newcomers, especially those coming from Class based games.
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    I'd just allow multiple augments, it makes things easier.
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    Well, I think that is part of the charm of D&D. Everyone is eager to get to that next level so that they can go through that whole "shopping experience" of leveling up.
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    I am currently GMing D&D 5e campaign, and just about to start RGQ one. We ended old Runequest campaign last year. From my point of view, D&D 5e starts with unified and easy simple mechanics. But, when characters advance past 5th level, they all start to have whole lot of special feats, skills etc. and game complexity skyrockets. At higher levels, Runequest is much more simple to run .
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    dialogue, personality, accents, atmosphere, the incredible theatre of the mind that it seems only voices can truly evoke, decades of great material, and so so much more! My fave is the Shadow.
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    I don't remember when that emerged. RQ Con 1 was 1994. This material therefore was early 1990's.
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    Yeah, the hole I'm headed down is more of a general BRP-thing. I got started on it, though, when I was adapting my Thieves' World boxed set to Glorantha (New Corflu!) and found myself shaking my head at the sewer tunnels running beneath Sanctuary. Too many Health & Safety violations. !i!
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    Finally turned up the old RQ Con 1 program book. This is the entry (and it is a MoLaD variant): Masters of Luck and Death (MoLaD) Created by Charles Morehouse - One round, 5 players per table. Remember the old Chaosium board game that never quite made it to print? Well, Charles went and wrote his own version. Reenact the HeroQuests of your gods in an effort to become the next Pharaoh. Stafford tried it at Convulsion, and said: "This is a lot like the game we were working on, but more fun."
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    The Blue Book is clearly the best, but so hard to get a hold of! And Sog City University is too difficult to get into!
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    The level of complexity is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. As has been pointed out the two games have a different focus. I suppose a bit like how some people prefer manual cars while others prefer automatics. The resolution system for D&D is simpler and more unified, and in hindsight some of the old mechanisms from RQ1/2/3 should have been dropped in the new version but I'm absolutely sure I would have complained bitterly if they had done so. I prefer the percentile concept, the distinction between being hit and being injured, the resistance Table and many other features of RQ that can make it more complex. I think a big part of the problem is that the current rules in some areas are poorly written. There is much confusion caused by inconsistencies and ambiguities in the text. Sometimes this relates to new features (such as Augments), but sometimes it relates to fundamental parts of RQ (such as the effects of damage on hit locations) and those sections really should have been written better. Please note. As I have written in another thread, I write and run training courses. I'm fully aware of how hard it is to write manuals and how easy it is to write things that make sense to you but not to someone with no background in the product. Considering the resources available to them and the immense scope of the project, the authors have done a fantastic job, much better than I would have done. It is a huge, complex project. Most parts are outstanding, but some areas need more work.
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    You could easily run a Conan style game in Glorantha. No. Look at page 17:
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    Sounds good! One thing I'd really like would be some more thought on specialisation. Nothing wrong with keeping the generalist as standard PC, but characters that are more focussed (on combat, magic, general skills ...) always seemed to be an afterthought in OQ. I feel that providing guidance on specialisation is always a good thing for a potential introductury rpg.
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    A few years ago we focused on HQ because we did not have the license to produce RQ material. We still like HQ. Whether you love it or hate it, HQ has always struggled to have profitable sales numbers. Most of the wonderful HQ books in the works were largely being done by devoted fans writing them for the love of the game. They were/are writing them in their spare time, which is often scarce. RQ books outsell HQ books at least 4-1. While we do not have exact numbers, we know a large portion of the audience for HQ books bought them because they wanted Gloranthan material, even if HQ was not their system of choice. Publishing the same supplement for HQ and also for RQ isn't economically viable. Let's say we sold 1000 copies of the Sartar Companion, which was only available as an HQ book. If we sold it as an RQ book we would have certainly sold much more of it. If we had sold it as an RQ book, and as an HQ book too, the HQ version would have maybe sold 500 copies. The best we can do economically is to publish RQ books (mostly) and provide HQ stats for them in a separate document. That said, if someone only wants to write an awesome HQG book for us, we won't automatically say no to them.
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    Yup, althouth it's not the % dice that do it, it's the combination of being able to resolve tasks without a table, and having one game mechanic to resolve most tasks. It's becuase from RQ onwward, most desginers had a idea of what the game was to encompass and built a game system to handle it. D&D, as the prioneer, dealt with things as they popped up. Yes, this is one of the reason why I think going back to RQ2 was a mistake. Instead of rolling back the clock 40 years and dealing with all the baggage that existed, it would have been better, IMO to go with the latest Chasoium version of the game (RQ3 or BRP BGB, or maybe the RQ4 notes) and update it. And it's not all that retro compatible, since so many of the game mechanics have been altered. As for the giant being fragile, that kinda makes sense. It doesn't take a lot of "damage" to kill someone or something. A 5 ton elephant can be killed with a single bullet. It's just difficult to do so instantly. And the elephant can do a lot of damage while you wait for it to bleed out. Now I think RQ3 did a better job of that, as SIZ factored more prominent in Hit Point calculations (as they should).
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    I actually picked up a copy of Chaosium's ElfQuest RPG (the second edition, I believe -- one softcover volume) at Gamestorm this year. It had been untouched as a prize for a game lab for a few years. I was stunned when I saw it and reminded the guy in charge of the prize pool what he had. He ended up selling it to me for $30. (The game lab was for boardgames, so it should be less surprising that there was little interest in an older RPG. Still, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a copy of this in the wild?) The guy manning Chaosium's booth at the con was equally impressed at my find. He gave me a bag to carry it in. By then, he had completely sold out of the new RuneQuest books. Looks like a pretty good purchase.
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    I disagree. Firstly, one simple GM screen takes all of that and puts in in one place if needed. However, the "ability results" is simple maths (and a quick look up if that math is too bothersome or not written down). The A&P and A&D are pretty simple formulae, and there's not really a need to look it up every time. Hit location table - is the same for all humanoids. Other non-humanoid creatures, sure... Resistance table is simple maths, so you only use the table when you CBF. Strike ranks... annoying, but not exactly hard. Not incredibly different to Initiative (depending on how you play it). Granted, the realism of the combat does mean keeping a closer eye on SRs than on Initiative. Now, as I said above, compare all of that with a spell book, or class abilities... you've just mentioned 7 mechanics (not including Specials). These are always the same tables (except HL). How many tables, pages, abilities, spell descriptions, etc do you need handy for D&D? Yeah, we did that too. I agree that's a bit annoying, but it is simulationist... ever looked at Harnmaster??? 😛
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    Yep, I know all that. However, how many tables, references, screens etc does one need to look up in order to figure out the full effects of said combat? While D&D has 1 THACO roll basically, the sheer number of adjustments (add a few here, remove a few there) and the reasons for them can be staggering (conditional effect to add + to hit 😛). In RQ, sure you have more base rolls, but very rarely will you need to do much adjusting. What there is is pretty simple - -40% to hit because X, type thing. Wizard and cleric - which spells have you prepared today, and have you cast them yet? Vs - well, I sacrificed 2 RP last holy day, and the local priest taught me Bladesharp 4. I have 15 MPs. Also, while I get that character creation in RQ has a few more steps, after that, everything is extremely straightforward. I don't need to consult any books (and do you have the right one for your specialist class on hand?) Obviously for D&D, there's table after table after table. So, for my money, I think D&D is a lot more complicated. As evidenced by the number of books that should be purchased (calling them "supplements", but are needed to get away from base classes). Sure, RQ has a few books out there as well, but those tend to be modules. Once you've got the first couple (and, with RQG, you really only want the main book, bestiary, and soon to be GoG
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    And pretty much done (a few minor tweaks to do). The horse is intended to be a Seredae (thus the stripes on the rump) though I also used Przewalski's horse as a reference (though not for coloration). Comparison of new and old version. Unlike many, this one had to be redrawn from scratch. One more to redraw (though it is actually has a foot and cavalry figure... will probably draw them separately, and merge).
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    Totally true! One thing is guaranteed in any U.S.-based friendly, local game store: You can always find a group of D&D players. Getting them into Glorantha via RQG, HQ or any of the other incarnations of Gloranthan RPGs is not an evangelical exercise to convert them from "inferior" RPGs.
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    This thread is about munchkinnery, so the correct answer is: "Any cult which doesn't explicitely prohibit sorcery". For a quick positive list, every cult that had strong active God Learner involvement, expanding to Wachaza, Worlath (a fine but significant distinction), Humct...
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    https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Dark_Fantasy_Singles Don’t neglect old-time radio shows. Always packed with excellent NPCs, monsters and set pieces.
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    However, ii the Rules thread, Jason clarified: ------------- Posted April 8 Jason Durall said: Worth repeating ------------
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    Another broadsword. Two attacks at full chance.
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    Be considered failures to their family. End up getting married and be expected to produce smarter children. Assist their more successful kin in manage family estates, dealing with routine affairs, and acting as clerks. Become merchants or money-lenders. Or go into exile.
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    Ideally for me it would be the other way around; I'm not likely to rush to buy something full of statblocks. HQ is the game which finally got me interested in Glorantha, thirty-odd years after I first played RuneQuest, and at this point in my life I'm not likely to start buying yet another game and starting over. But of course RuneQuest is the bigger game and the shift was inevitable. Indeed, from a business point of view it would be strange if they hadn't done it. For me personally it's a pity and makes the products far less appealing, but the company isn't run for me.
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    I've been gaming since 1982 and this is my first go at Glorantha. Joyful all around, indeed.
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    There's the Fonrit HQ book in the works as well. If it sells well, we might see more HQ books exploring corners of the Lozenge at some remove from the Hero Wars action in and around Dragon Pass.
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    In that cast, a single-sheet free pdf or an appendix summarize HQG runic associations would be nice.
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    I think they'd have to at least buy him dinner first though.
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    I ran an RQ (mashup) session about a year ago to introduce players to the idea of D100 and everyone has magic, etc. First time in 30 years or so I'd gotten to actually do something with a system I've loved. Very rewarding to have one of the players get very engrossed, and emotional against the Lunar occupying force! But, it sort of sucks when you fumble when the attacker Crits (also, being the bastard GM that I am, I roll perception checks, and fumbles were a-plenty... I was amused, but some of the players didn't like it being a bit more 'real' than other games they'd played. Nor enemies that actually think!).
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    Thank you for sharing your longing to finally play RQ @Cultist of Sooty I have a similar situation. I didn't get to experience RQ in the "classic" period. I remember seeing the books and supplements for RQ2 and RQ3 many years ago, and was well aware that RQ used the same BRP system used by Call of Cthulhu. I played CoC since 1st edition. However, none of my gaming groups throughout the years were interested in trying it out. D&D ruled the gaming tables. I was able to play Hero Wars / Heroquest at a convention in the early 2000s and finally got a taste of Glorantha. HQ games were fun, but I still wanted to experience the original. I collected the Moon Design reprints and all of the Hero Wars / Heroquest material. I even played Mongoose RQ "Living Glorantha" adventures at conventions and it was fun, but wasn't set in the 3rd Age... My current gaming group is somewhat interested, but currently focused on a recently started Lord of the Rings RPG (Decipher) so they have their current fantasy RPG fix. So now, I have the RQG books and I'm seeking out players. My sons are interested in experiencing this rich world so I have two players. I'd like to get a few more for a group of five to seven players. I'm confident that I can get some of the gamers at the FLGS who play weekly D&D games to give RuneQuest Glorantha a try.
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    Thank you!!! I have a new-to-Glorantha group I am hoping/expecting to run with RQG in the near future. Your post fills me with optimism and delight, as I imagine running it for my own friends!
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    Mostly @Ian Cooper, but I and a few others contributed as well. Upcoming open licensed successor to the HQ2 core toolkit.. SRD is pending layout. Ron Edwards is using it as the basis for a new cosmic supers game, and a proper core book is planned to follow.
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