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    Lie! (The Eurmali Rune Spell... Not what you wrote...) Just Lie to a crowd of worshippers that that's what your deity wants you all to do...
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    I was incredibly pleased with how my players dealt with the question of offering a hospitality oath to Temertain, in the Colymar campaign in Sartar: KoH. In the campaign, this is usually a terrible dilemma - they are there to steal from Temertain, so swearing to abide by the rules of hospitality then stealing from him would make them oathbreakers (both making them vulnerable to attacks by the spirits of retribution, and having potentially disastrous consequences in a later heroquest). not wanting to give my players response away to anyone yet to run through it, I put it in spoiler tags
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    Here are the mostly final versions of the maps. At least for now. I made a a number of changes to both the style and based on suggestions.
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    I wouldn't have someone lose the Extension RP for a failed spellcast, or end up with a 15 minute spell for a failed Extension cast. Unless the player is an egregious munchkin, of course, then the gloves come off. Damn munchkins, hate 'em! Does this also scotch the idea of everyone contributing POW to an Extension enchantment? They all have to be priests, for a start, unless the first thing you do is put Spell Matrix Enchantment into an enchantment so everyone can use it...
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    Maybe it is kind of like a haka? In earth cult ceremonies they have to ritually stomp, threaten, glare and look scary?
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    Why not create a spell matrix for extension? One time permanent POW sac for a reusable extension that doesn't lock out RP seems like a good deal to me.
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    CARCOSA CON is coming back again next year! An amazing Call of Cthulhu convention in an amazing location (a castle in Poland!), with the friendliest bunch of cultists. Chaosium is proud to be the Strategic Partner of Carcosa Con. https://carcosacon.com
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    I don't think it is mysticism as such (Natha, for example, is still definitely a goddess who grants Rune spells), but more magic that is more compatible with a mystic culture. Mysticism just doesn't generally do powerful flashy magic - but it can profoundly change how individuals relate to their other sources of powerful flashy magic. I think we are still talking about theism etc, but theism from a culture were people spend a lot of time in meditation regularly might be different.
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    A lie spell? As in cheating with magic? Bah! That’s what Fast Talk is for. You never saw Bugs Bunny or Woody Woodpecker resorting to the occult to bamboozle their victims. ”Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” “Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” ”Actually, Doc, its baseball season.” “Batter up?” BLAM! ”You’re despicable!”
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    Whereas a riddler will know that both are true, and must therefore be destroyed.
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    Try soltakss's method below... It's magic, innit? Hide contents OK, so what you do is use tags, specifically the spoiler tag. Within square brackets [] you put the word spoiler and then in another set of square brackets you put /spoiler. So, misspelling so as not to have a spoiler, you put [spoileroo]This is a spoileroo[/spoileroo], but using spoiler instead of spoileroo. There may well be a tag that means "Treat anything inside as text, in which case, I could have used that instead, but not sure what it is. In HTML Code does the trick and that seems to work, so ...  [spoiler]This is a spoileroo[/spoiler]
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    My view is that Kolat and Orlanth are one. My view is that Kolat is a spirit and Orlanth is a god and they are completely different. Possibly it is better to do this as an in-Glorantha viewpoint. A random Orlanthi stickpicker will likely hold the viewpoint that they are completely different, while a disciple at Old Wind might admit that they are one.
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    You could have some real fun with this - the old family friend who turned out to be a lunar spy or worse, who uses their connections to help the escape. Do you avenge yourself on the chaos worshipper who saved your life, for no reason other than genuine friendship?
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    Well, yes, but its not the same as worshipping. The 99 others would have to take part in the enchanting ritual and each have to sac a point of POW. Most GM's wouldn't let a player exploit 99 npc's in that way.
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    Again, I agree with you in theory but for the purposes of this thread (i.e. munchkinnery) there is nothing in the RAW to prevent it. Every group of munchkin players should create an Extension 5 spell matrix as soon as possible and share it around to get all those year long buffs. If i were posting in another thread I would note that as a GM I would describe a rune spell matrix differently to the RAW. It would be a spell matrix with an associated RP pool used to cast the spell. The matrix and the RP pool would be created when the enchanter created the matrix and the RP pool could only be recharged by worshipping the god that granted the enchantment spell to the enchanter. any attempt to tap the RP pool for any other purpose would result in the matrix being destroyed and a visit from the gods spirit of "explaining stuff to idiots".
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    Sort of... the other contributors are only giving POW to the enchant, the Extension has to come from the priest. So (assuming you can make a pure-Extension matrix) if the casting priest has 5 RP, he can make an Extension 5 matrix using the POW from himself and 4 other contributors. But he can't make an Extension 6 matrix, regardless of how many people he can get to contribute POW, I don't think there is any mindlink-type effect going on.
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    I have an interview with the author on the next Mythras Matter Podcast - published 1st July 2019 Looking forward to having a chat about this
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    I feel like the cult from which the enchantment spell was cast is still the cult which the matrix is affiliated with, even for common spells. It wasn't made with amorphous magical energies--it was made with the magic of Orlanth, or Ernalda, or whomever. I think this is highlighted by the sidebar about Heal Wound on p.330, which discusses how the common Rune spells still behave distinctly for each cult.
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    @PhilHibbs Well an extension matrix wouldn't be tied to any one RP pool because it is created with raw POW, and you make a POW check to cast a rune spell from a matrix as well, so there is nothing there that ties the enchanted extension to any particular RP pool or deity. The description (RQG 335) does say "Once used, the user must take the item back to the proper temple to be recharged with a successful Worship ceremony." but for common rune spells any temple can be the proper temple.
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    As always, Illumination is the cheat code.
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    I think the Seven Mothers missionaries have a whole spiel along those lines, including how the Red Goddess allows you to reconnect with Life and joy without having to reject your warrior past and so on.
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    Full agreement. We already have various 'Trance' magics. I would be happy if some of these explicitly linked to the Meditation skill - it doesn't sound like that would be something that would work for eg Babeester Gor or Humakt, where it is more like a combat frenzy - but for Nathic warriors, Eastern martial artists etc, various mystics, it sounds like it would be a great idea.
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    Or that they are usually accompanied by singing - it may not be a necessity, but simply a practice. I think, for example, that many Ernalda ceremonies involve singing, and it is a very common ceremonial method for them, but I don't think that means their spells require it, or (as it shows in the skill lists) priestesses are required to be good at singing (just like many many Christian churches). It may even be that while the congregation always sings, their singing is to augment the dance, which in turn is not required but simply the chosen method of ceremonial magic enhancement - which would still mean an initiate gets a lot of practice singing! Where singing is required to cast a spell it is usually directly specified (eg Comfort Song, Tree Chopping Song). I think singing well is not required for the magic to work, in most cases. It can give us plenty of cultural detail though, especially about the details between lay member/initiate ceremonies, vs inner mysteries. Yinkin lay members learn about cats, but the inner mysteries are about becoming (and being good at) being a cat. Yelmalio lay members sing hymns and learn the sacred language and about the skies - not everyone is expected to be part of the warrior culture. Most cults that require the Peaceful Cut sing it, and value singing. Even Lhankor Mhy and Issaries use singing in their ceremonies, though it seemingly has nothing to do with the inner mysteries of the cults. The Argan Argar cult outer mysteries are basically Darktongue language classes (which actually makes a lot of sense). And so on.
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    Call of Cthulhu is already out in a Korean translation; its crowdfunding campaign was the biggest game-related crowdfunding campaign in Korea to date. The Korean publisher Dayspring recently crowdfunded Masks of Nyarlathotep to great success too:
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    BTW, that rhymes to "irked" I'd give it a M. Yeah, you got the Joerg experience. Don't you hate it when multiple choice questions don't contain any right answers?
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    quoting myself for reference, but I'll put some more in here, since I saw JW3 armor on the mooks is AP8-10. This is enough to stop all those handguns, who are pulling 1d8+1 on the outside. John tends to use .45 ACP, which is in that range. His moves where he is opening helmets and firing in is a grip + a special effect or two. Problem is, it's slow, even when he's that good, and likely to get tagged. Then we move to the shotguns. solid steel AP slugs are 3d6, and ignore 9 points of armor. There is no stopping them. this is evident by what we see when he shoots. One thing I noted when I watched this is that there were a lot of parry effects on the ranged weapons themselves. This is something that doesn't come by default in Mythras, but would be an easy add - if you are within reach of a melee weapon when you fire, you are susceptible to being parried by that melee weapon, even if the melee weapon doesn't normally allow parrying. easy-peasy, and makes his unarmed skill really shine against those guns. there are plenty of examples of reloading faster. I think this is a combat style trait - some specific training that makes them better. Halle has her dogs, of course, and they are trained to cause a Drop Foe style special effect - endurance roll or you go to the ground while the dog gnaws you, then she shoots you. simple, easy.
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    On the rumor scale, you earned a B for "basically true, but wrong in the specifics." I took some exception against "since the world broke" - while Umath's birth changed the workings of the World Machine and maybe broke Mostal, the world remained pretty much unbroken. Also, if the Copper Tablets are correct, the stars emerged at the same event Umath crashed into the northern pillar, which means that Pole Star never sat immobile in the top spot of the Sky Dome.
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    Here's the 2 proposed "bulging cubes" with magasta's pool inserted at rough scale! (what I inserted is actually around 700 km wide... 500 km for the whirlpool itself, plus a 100 km "margin") As before, Earth is curvature first, double curvature second.
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    This is essentially my thought. Meditation is preparation for performance. If there's a delay between mediation and action, then one is no longer meditating. Think of it like the zen process of contemplate-contemplate-contemplate-EXECUTE. It's clearly not intended as a "Vancian" spell one can keep loaded in the chamber ready to fire. If a delay is occurring between meditation and the expected action, why not keep meditating? Build that incremental bonus as high as you can while you wait. Now, I'm fascinated with the possibilities of the potential skill modifiers suggested on RQG p.183. Stretching the rule allowance way beyond what's intended in the text, I'm envisioning meditation-induced, mystical combat trances. In the simplest implementation, it'd be like the zen process I suggested above, culminating in a single blow, shot with an arrow, etc. Stretching it farther still, one can imagine the whirling Nathic mystic with twin scimitars carrying the Meditation bonus well into combat. !i!
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    No, I use the KOTOR 2 rules and the item creation is not only crunchy, it creates crunchy Jedi.... mmm.
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    'Sing' as a cult skill provides some insight to the nature of the worship ceremonies of the cult and hints that some cult spells and rites have to be accompanied by singing (or chanting).
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    I see using the Mediate skill as getting in the zone to perform a specific act. Once you make the skill test the very next action must be what was the subject of the focus, a small delay is reasonable only if appropriate to the action, such as moving a few meters to get LOS. I'd rule that any unrelated actions would break your concentration with the possibility of the INT roll if warranted.
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    And of course Farsee makes those rays go more straight so you can see further.
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    Oh yeah, that reminds me that one super-hand-wavy way of explaining a horizon in a fantasy flat world is to just say that light doesn't work the same way it does in the real world, and that it bends in a way that makes ships disappear behind the water in the distance and so you still need someone in a crow's nest to spot them better. At that point, it's really about choosing whether things appear to behave more or less like on Earth (and then you can hand wave the explanation if needed), or whether they perceivably differ, in which case I'm afraid to end up in debates about night-sky navigation with my players, which is why I'm leaning towards "it's the same as on Earth as far as you can tell" (especially since the players will already have enough stuff to deal with, like magic and spirits and traditions and whatever).
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    I would not allow much delay without calling for INT rolls. Maybe INTx5 for a few SR delay within the same Melee Round, x4 for the next melee round, then x3, x2, x1 etc. I'd allow open-ended meditiation, "I will meditate until the door bursts open, then cast Befuddle on whoever is on the other side".
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    I noticed the discrepancies as well, but assumed that it was a deliberate mechanism to steer starter adventurers into developing a more rounded range of skills.
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    That makes sense. I can imagine skills like Sing and Intimidate being developed through communal practice and demeanour rather than through formal instruction. Speak Other Language could be picked up colloquially (if it's the lingua franca in the temple) or through language lessons.
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    Hi, gspendragon.com was a personal site of Greg Stafford and maintained by him. The content now belongs to his family as did the hosting which has now lapsed. I'm sure that that you can all understand that this is still a difficult time for his family and that the fate of this website is just one of many things that needs thought and consideration. The resources are backed up so nothing has been lost. In the meantime as suggested, please use the Internet Archive to access their snapshot: http://web.archive.org/web/20180818042057/http://www.gspendragon.com/index.html Please note that there is no timescale for the return of this site.
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    Correct, and not a discrepancy. Babeester Gor cultists are very intimidating, for example. It's a skill that they naturally tend to acquire, but it is not a skill that the cult values and rewards. So they get the skill, but it is not a "cult skill" for the purposes of advancement. I also allow the skills from the cult section to be chosen for the +20/+15 bonus.
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    The C&W website clockworkandchivalry.co.uk is dead (link 1); it may in time get replaced (but with a new name). I don't believe C7 still handles the C&W line (link 2). There's some old blog posts on C7 website, about C&W, but that's all... Last but not least - the entire Renaissance sub-forum has that same dead "clockworkandchivalry.co.uk" link up top!
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    If you are an author of a submission to Miskatonic Repository and would like it reviewed, please get in touch. I want to write some more entries in the Miskatonic Monday series of reviews.
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    Jon Hook has a new scenario out, Spark of Life, this one designed for a Keeper and one Investigator. In the preview I really like the page background! I know not everyone's a fan of them, and I don't know if the PDF utilizes layers to hide it and/or save ink on printing, but I noticed it and was easy on my eyes.
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    The companion. So much good stuff. highly recommend (social combat and chase rules).
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    Just wanted to give a big thanks to the players on Saturday. We had a great time and could easily have played for a few hours more.
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    So, he fought a Silver Age Mostali Hero in hand to hand combat and proved himself a troll in magical contest with a troll? Sounds like HeroQuesting to me. Mistress race Trolls breed true, so someone with two Mistress race Trolls as parents is going to be a Mistress race Troll. However, someone with a Dark troll as a parent is going to be a Dark Troll, by and large. Maybe if his mother was a Troll Goddess, he'd have been a Mistress Race Troll, but his mother was Esrola, I think. That says to me that he would be a Dark Troll.
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    Spell lasts until the Mistress Race troll eats her mating partner.
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    For reference https://www.visu.info/john-wick-kill-count https://www.visu.info/john-wick-2-kill-count If I were using Mythras - john is a master of the pistol. He’s got a bit higher percentage with that than with the rifle. They are close enough that there could be other factors. He’s probably looking at a 90-95% skill in firearms. Bare minimum. This doesn’t factor in situational modifiers like dark or thst pistols are less accurate. With those modifiers, I would put him around 130, which makes him one of the best in the world, and really, that’s how he’s described . Hes also very strong with unarmed and armed combat. Let’s assume it’s in the same range, because it looks like it is. I wouldn’t make it quite as high, but probably still very skilled. These two things by themselves makes him brutal. You don’t get to dodge guns. He gets the jump on you, you are very likely going down. Especially at close range, where he can make use of choose location with the gun (and this works for pistol combat) and takes head and chest shots. Both lethal or nearly lethal locations If you watch the fights, he’s always moving to and from cover. He frequently attacks from stealth or surprise. This means they rarely get shots at him that are effective. He’s probably got a good stealth and a solid evade/athletics for moving about. He might have a bonus to initiative that is above normal, but often he doesn’t need one - he’s ambushing. Often he’s fighting multiple guys, which would make his evade useful, so he could Outmaneuvre them, blocking lines of sight and limiting how many can attack him. The house fight is a perfect example of this He has a passion for his wife, dog, and car. These augment nearly everything he does, because it’s the point of the movie. That’s another 10-20%, probably 20%.
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    I do believe I have been Joerged! Is this statement: A Too awful to contemplate? B basically true but wrong in the specifics? Cheers
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    If you're going to redefine terms into meaningnessless so that you can pretend your original statement was not in error, don't bother responding to others. Just take it as given that they will agree with your definition and everybody will be happier. Argan Argar is depicted as a Dark Troll, which is not the same thing as being a Dark Troll. Being a God means that his children would be Mistress Race IMO.
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