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    Doh! Good thing I didn't print a copy yet. Here's they fixed key. I think there are a few minor glitches but I'm going to wait until I update my tablet to correct.
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    Miskatonic Monday #15: The Saltwater Inheritance—A review of the Jazz Age scenario written by Mark Morrison and published by Chaosium, Inc. for use with Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition, revivified from a competition entry for White Dwarf #61 in January, 1985. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2019/06/miskatonic-monday-15-saltwater.html
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    Here are the mostly final versions of the maps. At least for now. I made a a number of changes to both the style and based on suggestions.
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    Without having bought the the scenario I can say that I am generally interested in one on one scenarios. Not just CoC, but any system.
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    Was gonna respond immediately, but I decided I probably shouldn't comment until I read it. So, I bought it. First Impressions: 1) You have a really good value going here. Having both a full color and print version of your scenario is greatly appreciated. The stat page and image of the threat will also save so much time. I can tell you think like a Keeper. Thank you. 2) The text is very well laid out, great selection of handouts and detailed investigation. It will take me some time to read through it. That's a compliment. Of course, neither of those things have anything to do with the 1-on-1, but they should definitely come first. I'd rather get a quality product of any type rather than a subpar one that happened to be 1-on-1. I just realized that you wrote a lot of the Age of Cthulhu products. I'm currently using both Starfall Over the Plateau of Leng AND Timeless Sands of India as background for my own take on Yithians for my players in the Dreamlands. (I have a Yithian Dreamer NPC using the Dreamlands to expand their research.) To your original question: I really like the option of two people being able to game together and the Keeper not having to spend copious amounts of time converting group scenarios to solo scenarios. It saves a lot of time. From a player standpoint, there is a reason why the saying goes: "It's dangerous to go alone." The fewer players there are, the greater the tension. It makes sense for someone to leverage interest for [insert name of other company's product] and bring it into CoC. So, the combination of the care you put into your scenarios in general Jon, plus the concept of 1-on-1 Cthulhu, is a must-have for me. Keep up the great work! Michael RPG Imaginings on YouTube
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    I hope that you put in some entirely superficial and non-coercitive pseudo-structural elements drawn solely in an aesthetical manner from Carpenter's Escape from New York. But it's a bloody good idea for a scenario !! I've run something somewhat similar once, and provided you have a genuinely extensive understanding of the whole city and its quarters and suburbs and all its surroundings, including stuff like what's underground and what lives in the Storm and Mountains above, your players should end up being scared out of their wits from having F all idea on how to proceed outside of the scenario despite your providing them with every potential opportunity to do so. I'd personally be likely to dump a short HeroQuest into the mix ...
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    Lets not go any further down this rabbit hole, please, jokes about donuts and Jedi have gone on a little too long regardless of the veracity of real world political references. I think we need a moderator to come along and delete most of the last 15 messages in this thread, including this one!
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    Here we come to the inherent conflict between Glorantha and RuneQuest (or any game system). Glorantha is a mythology, a mystical experience revealed to the world primarily by Greg Stafford. Even he never really understood all the fine details of how everything works in Glorantha, and RuneQuest will only ever be a simplistic sketch of Glorantha with certain details glossed over. You're absolutely right to go by what the rules say, if you don't want to delve into the arcane mysteries of Glorantha to discover your own truths. But the discussion of such things as "what happens when an initiate breaks a geas", here we're talking more about Gloranthan reality than we are the letter of the RuneQuest rules, which aren't clear anyway on the mechanism for geas-breaking. In that realm, Jeff is the closest we have to an authority in the corporeal absence of Greg. That's what I was getting at earlier. Personally I don't think geas breaking or oath breaking has anything to do with knowledge anyway, so the "what does the deity know" point is moot. The deity "knows" that the initiate has broken a geas because the initiate-deity connection is suddenly severed. Some people (Mundane and Gloranthan) might describe it as the deity knowing and acting, but it's like the blind men describing different parts of an elephant.
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    That's a very nice map. Thanks for sharing.
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    Characters take geases on their own free will - you aren't FORCED to join the cult of Humakt. But if you do, you swear a powerful oath to the god - a geas - and get a gift from the god. All done voluntarily. Humakt (or whatever god you swore by) KNOWS when you broken the oath. And when you present it that way to the players, they tend to be far less rules-lawyering about it. "Sure you might not think that violates the geas, but ultimately Humakt decides whether or not you broke it, and there's no appeal from the God of Endings." You'd be amazed how concerned players get about not violating the oath when it is put that way!
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    <Hangs head in shame> You are right, I don't know what came over me.
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    Then you're doing it wrong. A Jedi Doughnut is light&fluffy, with a thick & sickly-sweet interior. Ich bin ein Berliner.
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    As a gm i'm pretty relaxed when it comes to languages (my family are bilingual from birth) and im surrounded by people who speak multiple languages everyday. Because of this I feel the rules are unnecesarily tough on characters who want to speak multiple languages, so I allow, depending on backstory, several languages based on Edu. Folks want to have fun.
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    My Orlanthi PC has a bonded Trickster that was more or less forced on him. For many sessions, the Trickster, Gisli, was mostly just a pain in the ass, like any good Eurmali. Eventually the player said "what good is this? I feel like he's just a troublemaker." I pointed out that the player was mostly trying to keep Gisli from causing trouble, so Gisli was mostly causing trouble FOR HIM. He got this surprised look on his face and realized that he could use Gisli to cause trouble for other people, which makes Gisli a lot less of a problem. So he started having Gisli use his Outrageous Lie ability to make trouble for Lunars (like the time Gisli spread a rumor that a particular Lunar convert ate babies). Then at one point he threatened to punish Gisli for something. Gisli said "If you do that, I'll lie to everyone in the clan and tell them that you ordered me to do that thing that got the chieftain really injured so that you could try to become chieftain yourself." Live by the Trickster, die by the Trickster...
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    I think determining when and if a geas has been broken depends on three things - what the god knows, what the character knows, and what the player knows. From the description of Divination on P271 RQG we know that for a god to know something from the current world it must be told it by an initiate or above in their prayers - specifically told it, not just have the worshipper thinking about it. The character knows what the character witnessed, and what other people tell them happened. The character may or may not believe things they are told, and may or may not pass them along to their god in prayers. The player probably knows all. Thus, if a character breaks a geas, and is a good worshipper they will tell their god next time they pray. They may try to conceal it, but this would represent a loss of faith and gods are immediately aware of that. If a character breaks a geas but is unaware that they have done so they won't tell their god, and won't lose faith because of it. If other worshippers of the same god witnessed the geas being broken they will tell their god next time they pray. If they hear about the geas being broken they may or may not investigate further, and may or may not tell their god. Once the god is aware that a geas has been, or might have been broken, they will react according to their nature. Impulsive or violent gods will probably smite first and ask questions later, more temperate gods might investigate further before smiting. If a character broke a geas involuntarily there should be some process of penance whereby they can win back their gods favour, If they broke a geas deliberately the consequences should be far reaching and permanent. That brings me to the player. If the player attempts to rules-lawyer, or in any way weasel there way around geases the character should be absolutely hammered. Geases are restrictions imposed by the god the character worships and the character should want to follow them, to the point of being willing to die or allow loved ones to die rather than break them. The players should be willing to role play their characters properly, and this should be explained to them (if they don't know already) when they take on gifts and geases.
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    I have an interview with the author on the next Mythras Matter Podcast - published 1st July 2019 Looking forward to having a chat about this
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    So, for the two or three of you that might have missed it, Chaosium has purchased John Wick Enterprises and it's products. This is the developer of the 7th Sea setting. But I have a sick, somewhat derpy sense of humor. In the announcement thread I said something to the effect of 'would anybody who thought Chaosium was going to produce a Keanu Reeves assassin game please raise your hand'. Yeah, I know. I'd tell you that I couldn't help it, but the fact is I really didn't even try, so.... This brought up the question of how to fix 'John Wick' /'Matrix' /'Equilibrium' style firearm martial arts into a system with strike ranks. Well, folks, how could we do that?
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    Then I will create my character, as I described below. Two own language from education, Latin from class skill points, and two more languages from "hobby" points. Thank you for everyone who helped
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    Ok, so I redrew the area map and made some modifications using some digital tools. I think it turned out ok. I'll need to create a style to use so it's still a bit rough but here it is. Next up is redrawing the close in view of Two Sisters which I've started on with suggestions.
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    The MISKATONIC REPOSITORY is going from strength-to-strength! Here are recent contributions from Call of Cthulhu creators from around the world - check them out on DriveThruRPG!: https://www.chaosium.com/blogmiskatonic-monday-a-whole-lot-of-new-community-content-titles-to-enjoy
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    The holy trinity- spot hidden, library use and shotgun. M
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    Well here's the initial pass. Other maps look to show some other item I think I should add... a couple of shrines maybe... some more trees, etc. and details. I also am going to draw a zoomed in are right around Two Sisters. EDIT: letters because I could’t see what I was typing apparently.
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    Jon Hook has a new scenario out, Spark of Life, this one designed for a Keeper and one Investigator. In the preview I really like the page background! I know not everyone's a fan of them, and I don't know if the PDF utilizes layers to hide it and/or save ink on printing, but I noticed it and was easy on my eyes.
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    Wait. Why are none of you listing "Run Away!" as a key skill???!? You don't have to be faster than the Ghast that's chasing you, you just have to NOT be the slowest one in the party...
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    Just thought I'd share this site in case anyone is unaware. Excellent selection of figures available! Pulp Figures
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    yes. In a SciFi game I'm playing in, my character Alan Vishnu - Lord of light has the flaw of Boring 3M. In the middle of my battle plan speech, the narrator asks me to roll my Boring. I roll 19 a failure bumped to a success, no one listens to me. The other characters resist with an appropriate skill, one has Space Cowboy at 5M. 3M vs 5M masteries cancel, I roll a 1 vs his 18 (If you have an Alexa it can do dice rolls without you having to move). I succeed with a critical and he fails, I get a Major victory and he falls asleep. In a later event I rescue the daughter of the Emperor of the Evil Empire and try to woo her with the natural charm that I have as a god, however... Boring kicks in. She is interested in Alan, and I'm putting her off with boring. The narrator give me a -6 bonus to my Boring as I rescued her , but adds a +6 plot modifier to her as I am the sworn enemy of her father. I roll 7, a success, but not bumped as my Boring is 1M -6 = 15. Galaxina (the narrator) rolls a 9 against a Moderate Difficulty level of 16. a success. I have the low roll so have a marginal victory (I'm boring her), so I spend a Hero Point to bump down my success to a failure to give a minor success and Galaxina falls in love with Alan Vishnu. Now the courting can begin (It ends well after several sessions and a lot of hero points). Another way that my flaw has been used is as a negative augment to my abilities. We use auto augments so my Boring is often -4 (1M/5 = 4) to my Lord of light 5M.
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