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    Since the last list was posted I've added a dozen or so cults, including Ygg, Voria, Yelorna, Horned Man, Barntar, and others.
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    Here's another snippet on Blackthorn trees: A legend tells of a troll, seeking revenge for Delecti turning his companions into zombies, performing an amazing feat some 150 years ago. The troll completed a tree chopping heroquest before entering the marsh and managed to hack through two consecutive Blackthorn trees before finally falling victim to the marsh’s defenders. The peninsula extending into the marsh is now known as Darkwalk. Legend also tells of his ghost still protecting it from Delecti’s rituals. Every few years during Storm Season, a band of Zorak Zorani have been seen performing some type of ritual near the entrance onto the Darkwalk peninsula.
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    Delecti has been defending and expanding his marshy realm for centuries. He has mastered the art of luring in his victims through all manner of enticements. Here's some of what Greg and I wrote for Tales 19: Upland Marsh Encounters This article is designed as a set of general guidelines on what intruders will encounter when they enter Delecti’s domain. The Marsh is an ever-changing physical environment. Islands drift, ruins slowly sink, undead shamble around. Maps are notoriously unreliable. The Upland Marsh is a mishmash of mucky islands and rocky outcroppings surrounded by a slow moving murky sludge. Technically, the Creek and the River both run through it, but their routes are a deadly series of small lakes connected by rivers of crud. Think of the Cypress swamps and bayous of Louisiana. Picture moss covered trees. You are there. Now leave. Traveling through the Marsh Ground movement within the Marsh is half speed at best. Normal beasts of burden and all but the best trained mounts refuse to set even a single hoof into it. Riding such a mount would be impossible, regardless. Only the Lismelder with their clodhopping skills, and the ducks with their natural affinity to the terrain can move at close to normal speed. Delecti’s corrupted servant Rihalya protects her master with her perpetual cloak of mist. Thus, visibility is limited to roughly 30 meters or so during the day and perhaps as little as 1-5 meters at night. She rises to her thickest as part of the preparations for expanding the Marsh. She precedes the foul dance of the Daughters of Darkness whenever they choose to venture out of the Marsh as well. Troll Darksense is basically useless, as are most forms of extended vision, unless magically enhanced. The air is filled with all manner of spooky sounds and odd odors. At times, the stench of decay can be choking. Few beings that enter the Marsh ever forget its distinct smell. Most flying creatures also avoid the airspace over the Marsh, but trained flying mounts could be ridden. All but intelligent mounts would never dare to fly down into the mist let alone attempt to land in the Marsh unless forced. A Few General Notes on Delecti’s Undead Delecti's undead follow a largely automated defensive scheme, unless Delecti focuses on a specific battle and takes direct control of his forces. He occasionally prefers to have his undead capture powerful people by subduing them. Everyone else is lethally dealt with. Drowning is a favorite attack because it insures a much more intact corpse. There are a number of powerful undead beings that rule over small regions of the Marsh. While they have sworn an oath of servitude to Delecti, they are given a relatively free hand to do what they want in their own little realms. The undead minions of Delecti decay at a very slow rate, possibly over centuries. It has been observed that the zombies decay at an accelerated rate while outside of the Marsh. Most of the zombies that have rotted away have continued their unbroken record of service as skeletons. In the end, no one other than Delecti is confidently sure what he is up to. Some outsiders believe that nothing escapes his eye inside his Marsh. Others believe he takes little interest in intruders unless they are extremely powerful and/or pose a threat directly to him or his realm. Attacking his Blackthorn trees, major Humakti assaults, or entering his ruin always get his undivided attention. The forces he can muster if needed are considerable.
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    What we need is a powerful populist leader with a catchy slogan like "Drain the swamp!"
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    Delicti welcomes any and all such challenges to his realm. Those zombies, ghouls and other undead aren't going to replenish their ranks without your help!
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    Jason Thompson aka Mockman is a comic artist and illustrator, well known to RPG circles. You may have seen his popular series of walkthrough maps of classic Dungeons & Dragons modules ('Expedition to the Barrier Peaks', 'Tomb of Horrors', etc), enabling you to trace every step of the adventure. But did you know Mockman’s also a huge Call of Cthulhu fan? For his latest walkthrough, Jason has visited the infamous Corbitt house, setting of the classic Call of Cthulhuscenario ‘The Haunting’. This map follows the doomed path countless Investigators – perhaps even yourselves – have taken since Call of Cthulhu was first published in 1981. Sandy Petersen's ‘The Haunting’ has been in every edition of the game, and is currently available in the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quickstart Rules. The Haunting Walkthrough Map is now available as wall art at Chaosium's Redbubble store: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium/works/39492215-the-haunting-walkthrough-map-by-jason-thompson The Haunting Walkthrough Map is ©2019 Chaosium Inc. All rights reserved.
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    I’m new to RuneQuest and RQG is my entry point. I haven’t really played RPGs since in the mid 90’s. I talked my friends into playing by highlighting a few different things and considering the length of the topic my two cents may not be that helpful. I recommended they play King of Dragon Pass. That is what got me interested in RuneQuest and Glorantha. I think the video game does a great job of easing new players into the world and giving everyone a shared mono context of what game world we will be playing in. A couple of my other friends play RPGs and have played a lot of D&D. I sold them with the game by talking about the stuff I didn’t really ever understand about AD&D back in the day and D&D today. So for them I talked about the skill system and combat systems. You mentioned one of your friends is a storyteller. I think talking about the passion system, homeland, family history, and the Cults woulda get here interested. If you are looking for recommended reading, I think the setting material in the book and the Rune Cults chapter do a very good job of giving information about the world. I wish they had some novels or something to read but I think D&D is the only game with those things. My group played through the RuneQuest starter adventure ‘The Broken Tower’ and we only used the QuickStart rules because I’m still very new at this and that made it simpler for everybody. I’d recommend the GM pack because that had a lot of great content that you can use right away. The maps and the calendars are all very cool. If you have players interested in that sort of things I think you’ll find value just in those few things. We have played through ‘Defending Apple Lane’ and ‘Cattle Raid’ and we are currently playing through ‘The Dragon of Thunder Hills’ and I think all three adventures we have played and the fourth we are playing have given us a little bit more each time we play on the world. But I think selling the game on the fact that players are adventuring for something and somebody. The players are not just there to kill monsters, to get more powerful so they can have better loot, so they can kill bigger and badder monsters so they can get more powerful, etc. Just by having the community be apart of character creation gives the players a stronger sense of community and that helped me, as a new player, get everyone in the “headspace” of the game...if you get me. I didn’t bring up the Bronze Age aspect because I’m a stupid accountant and I don’t really know what that means. I love the old movies like Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts but I didn’t study the classics in school or read about Bronze Age culture, or if I did, I don’t remember. So if anybody has suggestions on some good books to read up to learn more about Bronze Age cultures, I’d love the suggestions. Hopefully my post is helpful.
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    Yes, I've committed all the boardgamegeek URLs for RuneQuest magazine articles to memory. It's the only way. If only there were some kind of engine that allowed things to be searched for, then I wouldn't have to.
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    I've been considering drawing up an RQG adventure/string of adventures that would involve trying to rollback the Upland Marsh, if only by a few inches. Do you all even think that this is even theoretically possible (if sticking to current Glorantha canon)? In my newbie RQG GM vision, this effort would entail trying to kill a black thorn tree (or several) and then destroying the magic rods that Delecti's servants had buried in the ground to act as markers of a marsh's new borders. All as part of an effort to begin a reclamation of parts of the marsh. Or, perhaps, the PCs are hired/convinced to try this, in order (unbeknownst to them) to draw Delecti's attention to the adventurers and away from some group making an attempt to infiltrate deep into the marsh for something. Thoughts?
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    This one is a mixture of Iron Age southern Italic, and Bronze Age Cretan and Anatolian. This militiaman is obviously quite wealthy (or belongs to a wealthy House) as he has a bronze helmet and pectoral, and a sword. Poorer militiamen have to make-do with leather armor. This is the fourth Esrolian sketch - the trireme captain, Kimantoring and Axe Maiden have much better armor. Haven't sketched any Lunar militia because I don't know much about their equipment, and they generally don't exist prior to 1625... but they would probably have a similar level of equipment, albeit in a different style. Hoplite/thane armor tends to be 'top of the range'. This sketch completes the chapter it resides in - only about six empty lines left. It may be worth comparing this Esrolian with his Sartarite 'equivalent' (who is lucky to own a piece of heirloom armor).
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    Latest. Not entirely happy with the flesh tones so may rework....
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    They are all on the unofficial RQG Wiki as SVG files: https://runequest-glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Runes
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    Advance copies from the printer!—the rest are on their way by ship and will be available next month. In the mean time, pick up the PDF (http://bit.ly/2KZWODJ), and you get the full price of the PDF off the physical book when it is available.
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    Oh mein gotts, are you suggesting: * * * Trump vs Delecti in 2020!
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    <drools> Jeff... you are *SUCH* a tease !
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    I like how non-player characters descriptions in Heroquest books often was listed with their main runes, so it came from there.
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    I wonder if a revised BoM is a possibility. It wouldn't take too much to update BoM to BoE's mechanics. Increase the manor income, put a space limit, and replace variable income with fixed income using the low average die results. That should do over 80% of the hard lifting.
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    The leatherette will be available for anyone to purchase, along with the regular hardback version. They are getting shipped together, and we will have (limited) copies available from all three of our warehouses (US, UK, Aus) next month. If you buy the PDF from Chaosium.com beforehand, you will be able to apply your coupon off the cost of the leatherette instead of the regular hardback. Going forward, we are intending to do special leatherette versions of all releases (over a certain page count). We may even do a small run of leatherettes of existing 7th edition releases too, when it comes round to doing a reprint of them. We'll see what the interest is for the Berlin book. (We are proud of the Berlin book though, it has come out very nicely.)
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    This is my understanding as well - the position of King of Talastar is empty since 1595, and the King of the Bilini is the closest thing there is to an actual King of Talastar.
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    Personally I think the whole "bronze age" tag is a bit misleading. For starters the "bronze" metal isn't really bronze, its something similar but not the same. They could just have easily called it iron and called the stuff the Mostali dig up adamantium and it wouldn't have changed a thing - except they couldn't hang the "bronze age" tag on the game. To me it's all about it being set in an age of mythology, not about the level of technology. I'm not a historian - I've read the illiad and watched a bunch of movies about ancient Greek hero's, and none of it feels quite right for Glorantha. In the stories (and movies) the mythic elements all surround the hero of the story, and advance the plot, but in Glorantha the mythic elements are going on everywhere and often have nothing to do with the hero's. Its about density. I imagine all of the Greek myths happening simultaneously, plus a whole lot more. The bronze age setting is a bigger problem for me. The game background actually has some elements from the stone age (nomad tribes of hunter gatherers with no crafting technology at all) and some from the iron age (crossbows etc). Add in the factor that everyone has ready access to magic, which has got to cause a massive divergence, and I think it can't really be equated to any era in our history.
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    Back to OP... "Didn't you guys get the missive?" (hand over pretty note in New Pelorian) "The Red Emperor has granted us independence, and you guys are required to hand over your weapons and return to Furthest... ASAP". Or, "The Sun Domers have revolted and tried to raise Glamour - you are ordered to raze the Sun Dome Temple down south as retribution".
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    If I remember well Delecti draws a good part of his power from reenacting the myth of Korang the Slayer. So in order to make the land of the marsh "dry" your PC could try a Heroquest linked to the Earth God Hard Earth (who died figthing Korang), whose manifestation could, well, make the land hard again, or a heroquest of Engizi to wash away Delecti's minion, like Korang was washed away by the Skyfall. Alternatively, they could also discover that the "magic rods" used by Delecti are made from slivers from the Ironspike in Tovtaros, alledgedly a fragment of Korang's Poison spear. In this case, they could fight Delecti's agents who smuggle such slivers from the Far Place. It would be a nice prelude to actually attacking the marsh. And maybe in the process, they could learn from a Engizi-themed heroquest how to "wash out" the poison from the spear/rod through the blood of the Sky Titan, a secret which could then be used in the actual attack on the marsh.
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    This is to me the essence of the game and is the reason for the Family Background part of character generation. It is a playable crash course into the setting, your community, your foes, and your allies.
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    I'd suggest reading a nice version of the Iliad or the Odyssey or Gilgamesh to get the Bronze Age vibe. There's Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze, Rosemary Sutcliff's Black Ships Before Troy (with art by Alan Lee), or David Boyle and Viv Croot's Troy. Or Ludmila Zeman's Gilgamesh Trilogy. Or get Mary Renault's classics like the King Must Die. Think ancient world, when gods interacted with mortals.
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    Incredibly so, I think. You're giving the feedback that the "grognards" cannot give -- that of being entirely new to RQ.
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    All of what you said is good stuff, but I want to ask about this. Could you provide an example of some of the tactical decisions the NPCs made, and how it caused the players to change their next actions? Thanks in advance!
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    While I never thought of Delecti as using much Chaos to corrupt the dryad, your story is great and I think it will be a lot of fun, which is all that matters.
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    One of the other easy things to do is to repeat the Interim Years event for your grandparents (set in either late 1580s or 1590s), parents (ca.1606-7 - see WF#15 where Army Activity chart for Sartar notes this as "Home Civil" for ongoing civil strife and includes the Annihilation of the Maboder and the Wolf Hunt) and then for self in 1611-12 (for the Righteous Wind Rebellion). For variety with these, alter these two sets of rolls: 16 Resettled in New Pavis to escape Dragon Pass. [Note: this could become one of the following: 1) exiled, settled in {Jonstown, Boldhome, Swenston, Wilmskirk, Whitewall, Aldachur} - gain Loyalty (city); 2) exiled, found employment as mercenary/huscarl in another tribe - gain Loyalty (tribal king) or Honor; 3) resettled in Nochet, choose whether to use Esrolian or Sartar for subsequent events] 17–18 Killed by Telmori. Gain Hate (Telmori). [Note: this works fine for 1606-7, although could subdivide to have 17 be: Killed Telmori and Wolf Brother. Gain Reputation +1D3 and Enchanted Silver Dagger. For 1611-12, make this Killed by Harvar Ironfist's Lunar allies. Gain Hate(Lunars) or Hate(Harvar Ironfist). For 1590-2, if you use the Cinsina/Culbrea where Two-Pines clan exact the Tributes, this could remain as-is, or could be something like Feuded with Rival Clan/Tribe, Gain Honor or Reputation +1D3.]
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    that's what happens when umath is interfering with Light from the sun, it gets weakened and you see the air instead. Perfectly obvious scientific explanation when you think about it.
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    We finally had the opportunity to play the final episode of our Hollow Earth Expedition campaign. I have tested two things, reintroducing some tactics through the actions of the NPCs and better descriptions, and an alternate difficulty table. Thinking about my previous games, I have came to the conclusion that I have been somehow blinded by the abstract nature of the rules. Though the rules are simple and abstract, a scene must be described well enough so that the players can visualize the playground and take informed decisions. Though I do that naturally in traditional games, I forgot to do that while playing HeroQuest 2, at the very least I did it far less than with other games. So when the players started a fight, I drew a small map on the fly showing them the situation and the place of the various protagonists. Each exchange, I then took the time to better describe the actions of the various opponents, encouraged the players to do the same and put an emphasis on the results of each die roll instead of just adding Resolution Points. I also played the NPCs better. The NPCs took better tactical decisions forcing the players to react and think about their next actions. I also reduced the number of opponents so that the conflict played faster. Those various enhancements did the trick and the players acknowledged that the conflict was more engaging than the previous ones. I suppose that the fact I am getting used to the game system also helped as I am better organized behind my screen. We also tested an alternate difficulty distribution with an added Extreme difficulty level : Nearly Impossible (Base + M2) Extreme (Base + M) Very High (Base + 12) High (Base + 6) It proved a good thing as the former Very High difficulty level (Base + M) was too challenging for half of the characters while the High difficulty level is too easy for the other half of the group. The gap between the High difficulty level (Base + 6) and the former Very High difficulty level (Base + M) is in my opinion too big, at least it is for the characters in this campaign. This session was very positive and I hope to apply my newly gained experience to another HeroQuest game very soon. Thank you all for your invaluable help. It's now time to go to bed, it is late in France. Please forgive me, I don't have the time to read my post again to track the various grammatical mistakes and typos.
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    Maybe the artist was using Farsee, which foreshortens distances. 4 points of the spell will make everything look 1/16 as far apart as they really are. And it probably makes the rays of vision travel more straight, meaning that you can see Kero Fin which would be largely beyond the "horizon" without the magic.
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    "Glorantha is one of the richest and most vivid created worlds in fantasy, a world where everything from the dirt to the stars is literally made of mythology... (Greg) Stafford did more to advance the art form of role-playing games, and in more roles—as publisher, designer, editor, world-crafter, and inspiration—than anyone else after Gygax and Arneson." —EDITORIAL, The New York Review of Science Fiction, June 2019 https://www.nyrsf.com/2019/06/editorial-glorantha-another-magical-world.html
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    The RQG core is for gaming. Only bronze the Guide if you are being chintzy... Most of us are having ours photoengraved onto gold-leaf scrolls.
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    Holy crap, MOB. that is one serious review! I don't know whether to use my RQ G books to game or whether I should bronze them and put them in a place of honour on my trophy shelf.
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    I made a few more updates based on my personal experience and user requests. 1st, Factions now have the summary view of characters that was in the Encounter view. It has been super useful to me in running RQiG to have my NPCs info in one place and Factions now gets to that outcome faster. Example here: http://rq-web.herokuapp.com/view_faction/christopherallison-queens-spears 2nd, one of my players wanted to have all of the base & unimproved skills as part of their character. All basic skills will now be added to each NEW character and the view character page now has another skills tab for Base skills and they are automatically added to the modify character screen. Example here (who also happens to be a vampire): http://rq-web.herokuapp.com/view_character/2864 Enjoy! C
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    New feature: you can now add NPCs, creatures, demons and other strangeness to the RQ app without needing to go through full character creation. Just enter the stats, passions, runes, skills, attacks that you need, chose a body type and you're ready to go. Once signed in, you can add creatures & NPCs under the Add Content navigation menu. This is a single page form, so it takes a bit, but once a monster or NPC is entered once, if it's made open, anyone can copy it and update as required. This means that you can now add mounts, spirit animals, elementals, etc. Once added, they show up and can be updated just like any other character. This is a new feature, so there are probably some bugs. The ones I know about: No way to update the unique attacks added Need to update view to show powers Need to add other hit location maps (a bunch are already there - hopefully the most common) Can't have stats of 0 yet (so spirits & elementals can be given a 3 in stats they don't need) You can find creatures using the search on the main index page. I'll create a database query as well in the next wee bit. Here is a Telmori Wolf-Brother for your viewing pleasure: https://rq-web.herokuapp.com/view_character/2711
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    A friend of mine had a Stormbull called Fretburner who had been told by a trickster, using lie, that having flowers in your hair helped you fight chaos.
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    Arkat is not likely to make his appearance in Gods and Goddesses, but don't worry - we've got Black Arkat making an appearance soon. Illumination is all over the Gods and Goddesses book. Vinga is a sub-cult of Orlanth. Kolat, Earth Witch, etc., appear in the Horned God.
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    Jeweled Note was acquired in her Crown Test from the Duke of Disorder in the Snakepipe Caverns, which was in Wyrms Footnotes and I think in Wyrms Footprints too.
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    I've made some improvements to my Runes sheet, fixed the problems with clipping and added some fjords to the Shargash rune.
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    I've figured out an easy way to get Gloranthan runes into a Google spreadsheet. Well, easier than my existing method anyway. Convert the runes from the official font to vectors in Inkscape Paste the runes into a LibreOffice spreadsheet Upload the spreadsheet to Google and open it Right-click on the sheet and select Copy to..., select the Google Sheet that you want to add the runes to Open the sheet, and copy and paste the rune from the Runes tab to where you want it Previously I was downloading the sheet as a local LibreOffice file, adding the runes, re-uploading it, and then fixing the myriad things that broke in the two conversions. This new method avoids all the fixing up, which was a huge pain. I will do steps 1, 2, and 3 for all the runes, and share the sheet for anyone else to use, then you just need to do steps 4 and 5. And here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vzbvKEPz0Gh4Tv1WLfzvmmHUgtySLzsJXkKDOtlm4MY/edit?usp=sharing Also as an SVG file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-YNeX71L0A-uGpWL_dj_RWQCtaW9ct1R If anyone else fancies drawing any more runes, or doing more detailed versions (these ones are ok when small but a bit simple when made large) then let me know and I will incorporate them. If the runes appear to move around, just reload the web page, it's a Google Sheets rendering bug.
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    HQ1. I have read HQ2 but don't see much in it that I would like. I like fixed mastery levels and really don't see the point of having relative difficulty ratings for narrative purposes. I am sure that it works, but it isn't for me.
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    Actually in my game the morokanth have been gathering at Hoofcrack and has worried the pcs why. The Morokanth arent talking. Now i have a reason. The grand national!
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    I like the idea of Morokanth racing teams. Short sprints along dry river beds. Part fertility rite part betting frenzy. Used to herald the coming seasonal serpents and a reminder of times when Ronance drove across the land. The herdmen wear elaborate serpent masks and the driver throws out handfuls of either real petals or handcrafted ones. Trolls have trollball....Morokanth are racing fanatics. I draw the line at raiding with chariots.
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    I posted this comment when the topic of Herd Men came up on the Glorantha G+ page, and I think it is worthwhile to repost here: I encourage anyone who can to have a look at the scholarly article "An Analysis of some Human Bones from Cam's Well" in Tales of Reaching Moon #15. Although this piece presupposes Morokanth eat meat, it is a chilling explanation of what exactly a herd of "herdmen" actually entails. This is the concluding paragraph: "The picture provided by this data is noteworthy because it challenges the more romanticized image of herdmen as adults, often male, whose tousled hair cannot conceal their innate human dignity. In their place one should now see herds of 'children', frequently close-cropped, driven across the chaparral of Prax and the Wastes and fortunate to see their tenth year, for such is the terrible price of the survival covenant." BTW, I think Greg has got it completely wrong here: the Survival Covenant dictates that Morocanth can, do and in fact must eat meat. Even if they don't particularly like meat (I'm sure it disagrees horribly with their essentially herbivorous digestions), I think are obliged to as part of showing which side of Waha's Covenant they are on. We know the other Tribes think they cheated, so whenever there are inter-tribal gatherings, chiefs of the other Animal Nomad nations love serving up their morocanth guests great big carnivorous platters of meat and animal bits. The morocanth are obliged to gamely wolf it all down with feigned enthusiasm and gusto to prove they are "People" like the rest of the tribes, not "Herd Animals".
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