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    You can't possibly experience linguistic drift in Darktongue when the 1,000-year old Uzuz matron keeps correcting you on pain of being eaten.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that while trolls are aware that men are involved in the child-making process as a general principal, they don't generally acknowledge them as parents. Women are under no obligation to keep track of their sexual partners, much less assign a pregnancy to any particular one of them. Women who are fond enough of a single partner to remain monogamous enough to be fairly certain of a father will typically be extremely loathe to share him around with others. The upshot being that it would be rather difficult for a male uz with such an ability to become aware of it, much less develop a reputation for such prowess. And if he did, the first thing any priestess would do is make sure to keep him to herself and ensure that no-one else found out. After all, you can't have a proper matriarchy, if you let mere men take credit for truly important things like producing healthy children. The very idea! Everyone knows that it is the Mother that matters. Never mind Krogoth there, he's been quite naughty, and isn't allowed to go hunting or play with the militia until I say so. Not to be a complete wet blanket though, the idea would work spectacularly as a men's Secret Society. A secretive confidence-man/priest selling "little blue (moon) pills", or teaching "Arkat's Secret Love-Chant" to gullible rubes / aspiring favorites. You could likely plot a fair series of adventures around a male troll with this ability trying to keep it secret so as NOT to get stuck for the rest of his life in some priestess's harem. of course Gloranthas Will Vary, and need not all have their Uz as oppressively matriarchal as I consider them to be. also, IIRC, Arkat is credited with fathering several Uzuz (who may have been "adopted" companions), and I believe I recall a troll hero (Varzor Kitor?) credited with both siring and giving birth to Uz.
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    Latest, used as a filler (about half a page). Charg is mentioned in a few places, but unfortunately this can't fit near any of them. Am now working from front to back to fill white space a quarter of a page or larger (may be three or four such places) generating sketches to fill towards the end of chapters to minimize changes to layout.
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    With the flame weapons in The Two-Headed Serpent, we suggested that the player character should roll Luck to see if their target caught fire.
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    I am reminded of when I bought the first edition of Deities and Demigods when it came out around 1981. My gaming group read through it and saw it as sort of a challenge as to how many of those deities could we try and kill. We managed to kill a few of them in minimax fashion, and with great enjoyment. Like a few others have said, I too feel that permanently destroying Delecti is POSSIBLE. I also feel it would be incredibly tough to do. Perhaps I am tainted by my playing of the game Dragon Pass (White Bear & Red Moon). Delecti is an option to ally with. His destruction is not anyone's victory goal. Often he is just ignored. Sure, he has neighbors that would prefer he be gone, especially the Orlanthi who live on the edges of the marsh. Thus far they have usually sought his containment, not destruction. They seem to not want to poke the (usually) sleeping bear. If a group of players wants to "take him on", please have fun. I think it would make a great campaign, and ultimately it could go either way in terms of who would ultimately win. One final irony that comes to mind is that if Delecti was getting severely challenged by one group, like the Orlanthi, Delecti would probably have no qualms at all about making an alliance with the Lunars, or the Beastmen, or somebody else who could help him survive and beat his foe. I certainly can't see the Lunars, the Dragonewts, the Beastmen, the Orlanthi, the ducks, and a few other groups all "teaming up to fight Ming" for their mutual benefit...
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    ?? p368 - "Any adventurer defeating a spirit in combat may gain one of its spirit magic spells (player’s pick). If the spirit possesses a variable point spell, the adventurer may gain possession of as many points in the spell as the spirit possesses."
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    This has come up in my game, and something important to remember is that adventurers can gain back RP by participating in an associated cult's holy day. Part of my player handouts are the last page of the GM's pack calendar--the whole year on one page--and a typed list of their cult's holy days, and the seasonal holy days of their associated cults. Also, a few cults (Ernalda & Issaries off the top of my head, maybe Eiritha as well?) have a minor holy day weekly, giving members of those cults more opportunities than others to replenish RP. Orlanth gets two seasonal holy days (one fixed, one floating), and has a ton of associated cults, as befits the king of the gods, whereas Humakt has none as the god of separation and Death, and only gets RP back on his seasonal holy day. If most of your party worship deities with many associated cults, it's easier to maintain ongoing play. My own game's somewhere between seasonal and ongoing. Ideally it's seasonal, but as you mentioned/worried about enough screwy stuff happens that it's pretty much a constant stream of nonsense, bouncing between broad narrative strokes and shorter actual "adventures." Ex, my campaign's set in Pavis, so the broad strokes are marketplace stuff, what each player's basically doing as their day-to-day life (going around the table asking a sentence or two, for flavor/fluff more than challenges), hearing rumors and events, and we moved into more "adventure" time when the party decided to try helping Belvani reclaim rulership of Sun Dome Temple. Another factor to keep in mind is adventures which take a long time in-game. In my experience, this has mostly happened with traveling to a location. For example, in my game the Dragonrise just happened, and the party volunteered to go investigate. Which means they need to cross Prax and get over there, which will take at least a week or two. That's time when most adventurers won't be able to find a temple to worship at for Rune Points. And then the trip back...
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    RQG Bestiary specifies the following: Darkness: "on the first round a target is engulfed" Fire: "at the end of each round" Lune: "when touched" for madness and "SR 12" for magic point drain Selene: "takes place on SR 12 of the round the selene engulfed its victim" Others don't specify when in the round the damage is inflicted, but I would probably do SR12 as the norm.
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    "Each year before Gen Con we always had a face-to-face board meeting with Greg at Chaosium HQ in Ann Arbor. Sadly, this will be the first year that doesn't happen. But we are very fortunate to have Suzanne Stafford and Alisha Hammer joining us on the board. In what turned out to be his final years, as company founder Greg was delighted to see Chaosium returning to its creativity, artistry and craftsmanship of old. Suzanne and Alisha are as keen to honour, sustain and build on Greg's legacy as we are." #WeAreAllUs https://www.chaosium.com/blogchaosium-board-of-directors-meets-for-the-first-time-since-greg-staffords-passing
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    Hi, gspendragon.com was a personal site of Greg Stafford and maintained by him. The content now belongs to his family as did the hosting which has now lapsed. I'm sure that that you can all understand that this is still a difficult time for his family and that the fate of this website is just one of many things that needs thought and consideration. The resources are backed up so nothing has been lost. In the meantime as suggested, please use the Internet Archive to access their snapshot: http://web.archive.org/web/20180818042057/http://www.gspendragon.com/index.html Please note that there is no timescale for the return of this site.
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    I just finished a retrospective review of (most of) the Nephilim line here. Looking back to it I'm struck by how neat a little game it actually was, provided you were willing to really commit to its conceits, and how substantial and useful the improvements in the supplement line were. I genuinely think a second edition that incorporated some of the ideas from the supplements into the core and gave a much clearer steer on "What do you do with this game?" could have a decent shot, though I suspect the low sales of the original might put off Chaosium from repeating the experiment, which is a little unfortunate. Either way, it certainly doesn't deserve the "poor cousin" status it often has. (Poor thing isn't even represented in the banner up there!). Aside from here, is there a good place to go to catch up on the Nephilim fan community? *Is* there a fan community, or did people just walk away from it?
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    See, if you want to make that comparison, you also have to keep in mind that most of us weren't around when Genert died, and before that he had lived for arguably untold millennia. Yet he did die. (Granted, it took a Chaos world invasion)
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    Well, Delecti is going to have a problem when the Great Flood comes...
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    Depends on the god. The Lunars killed Orlanth and Ernalda. Everyone killed Basmol.
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    The Brolians herd sheep but their land may be too rugged for cattle; Charg, when it emerges from the Ban, is ruled by Bull Lords, so I have assumed that some at least, ride bulls. Whilst there's information in the Guide for the westerly Orlanthi, many of the lesser groups have little more than a paragraph, which isn't unexpected given the scale and coverage of the books. Certainly, 'historically', there have been bull riders in roughly that region, and whilst the practice may be more widespread (if rare) I really wanted to draw one. It also gave me an opportunity to draw a different variety of Orlanthi. Today the pad is exhausted (cat walked over some of the remaining sheets with wet feet and left them crinkled) and the last 0.05mm pen in the box was used, so have had to order more. The bull probably used up 'half a pen' as it was drawn using crosshatching, which gives an interesting texture, but is fairly laborious.
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    I suspect there is at least a *little* "familiarity bias" in this thread. Delecti is a kind of fan-favorite villain isn't he? Located in one of the most-detailed parts of Glorantha? With one of the longest histories of publication? So there's a tendency to overrate the importance/ability of those kinds of characters. Batman would be an obvious example in larger pop culture, albeit a heroic one.
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    Originally, celibacy was meant to make sure that there would be no inheritable bishoprics, an instrument to keep investiture as a power of the head of the church. The patriarchic elements probably were inherent in both the Jewish and the Roman roots of the church, despite the fairly hippy elements in the original community. Church took control over reproduction only fairly lately, according to Diarmaid MacCullogh's BBC documentary "Sex and the Church". The early church expanded into higher society mainly through female converts.
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    Sorcery is something you know - a defined set of actions results in known magical effect. Learning what action produces an effect while on a HeroQuest seems pretty straightforward to me. Sorcerers understand the complex interaction of runes and their devolved forms (Srvuali, Burtae, etc), By applying a technique to one of these forms and seeing what the result is allows the sorcerer to learn a new spell (action / result). Many would have to be done on a HeroQuest as these forms may not exist within the Compromise. It would seem to me that the purpose of sorcerous heroquesting is to do just that - act directly on the gods and bring back that knowledge. See the Xeotam Dialogues in the Glorantha Sourcebook page 74 or here: https://www.glorantha.com/glorantha/the-xeotam-dialogues/
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    Let's not forget the weather! Some seasons are great for getting out and getting your adventurer on. Other seasons are for staying at home and sleeping in all day!
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    The way I see this... Firstly, unfortunately, yes, being raped would be a breach of the geas - no less so than being unconscious and forced onto a horse, bound and tied and having horseflesh or fowl forced down your throat, and any of the other unintended geas breakages. As for why celibacy can be seen as a valid geas - because, as you point out, " In the real world this refers to the pleasures of fornication". Giving up such pleasures would be a form of actual 'sacrifice' (much moreso than killing off some chickens or cows, of dropping off some food/wine). It would represent a real 'something important to give up' to many people. Whether Gloranthan deities would want to see that - well, Humakt I can definitely see taking that sacrifice... He's not known for being a party animal, and so ruining all your fun would be right up his alley. Another aspect to that would be pregnancy - Humakt doesn't want you connected to any form of family (and what you did have you're severed from). So, basically, the geas is severing all ties to others - including romantic. Yelmalio, the other god offering up gifts in exchange for geasa, is also a bit of a downer god. Also, quite controlling. And, IIRC, patriarchal. Where there's patriarchy, control of sex isn't far behind! Unicorns... hey, they're magical! They just know!
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    I've always rejected the seasonal thing as a needlessly intrusive from the designside. Why compel campaigns to frame their gameplay like that? I know the 'imagined" world for RQG is meant to be much more "textured" than murderhobos stamping around running dungeons for loot, but I think there's a vast gulf of playable space between "you only get to do one thing a season, ergo maybe 40-80 adventures in the span of an entire character's life" and the daily murderhobo thing. Then again it may not much matter: My players currently have been on the same adventure for IRL 6 months of bi-weekly play, btw.
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    Lhankor Mhy allows/teaches sorcery now.. and a few of the others are quite content with it. So, doesn't need to be "godless atheist" spells.
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    Hi Marchand, I've literally just received a successful print proof so after lunch, I will be contacting backers who are due a copy via Kickstarter message.
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    Hi all, As one of the authors of this book I would love to hear any feedback, comments and discuss the book at more length. Has anyone reviewed this yet? People are buying the book, but I don't hear any chatter.... Simon Bray
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    Thanks for the info! I'm gonna order a copy right now! 😀
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    Yes I found a lot of great setting material in that and Storm Tribe. The maps on this one though, so so useful and good! I may end forced to redraw them for table use but finally, all the detail I need. I am so glad you folks are here.
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    Hi all, It's not what I'd call core functionality, but I made the following updates: when you are creating or editing a character, changing statistics now shows live changes to attributes (damage bonus, SR, MP, HP, etc) and Skill Category modifiers (Agility, Communications, etc.) Same attribute functionality for creating an NPC or creature (they don't user Skill Category mods for initial creation). In character creation, Rune bonuses are added and update live from the roll stats screen Lots of small quality of life changes I'll do a little video to show this in action tomorrow. Cheers! C
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    I think you mean "rules-g33ky." You missed a big opportunity there. I'm honor-bound to point it out.
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    Don't worry about it! My games tend towards a more continuous flow, and I love to tie in holy days, seasonal events, celestial events, and the like into what's going on. I'd just play forward at whatever pace seemed natural. E.g. they've been back a week, and suddenly they are called to the Queen's Hall in Clearwine. When they arrive, they find a group of Greydogs there.... Or perhaps it takes the Greydogs much a season to figure out what happened to Danakos. Or Idrima starts plaguing the lands nearby. The things that you want to account for are: 1) experience rolls - any period of reflection should work fine for that whether 2 days, a week, or a season. 2) time to have a holy day to replenish Rune points - this is probably the most important one. I, and my players, track the calendar to see when and where they go to have a Worship service. And how does that fit with whatever adventure is starting up? Orlanth and Ernalda temples are easy to find in Sartar, and a reasonable size temple (e.g. at Clearwine) will have weekly holy day events (in addition to the seasonal events). Yelmalio? You need to go to Runegate (assuming the Elmal worshippers will tolerate them) or the Sun Dome Temple. The latter may be 2-3 days each way, so much of a week is needed for downtime. Other small cults can be problematic (though I tend to offer options - e.g. our Donandar entertainer can use the Skovari shrine in Ernalda temples or the Drogarsi shrine at Orlanth temples). They may have to choose though, and that creates interesting tension (and also forces them to think about the consequences of Rune Point usage). 3) training and research time - you can work around by just extending the training time needed. 4) time to earn your living - for farmers (and indeed others in a Sartarite community), planting during Seaseason and harvesting during Earthseason are critical times. This is a natural conflict for them - so force them to choose between adventure and community support. Something will be detrimentally impacted. Yes. Favorable omens, blessings, etc. all come into play in my game. Nope! But they can always sacrifice more POW the next holy day to have more Rune Points available. I do let the adventurers gain experience, including POW gain rolls, in whatever downtime there is though. When the session ends, or at the start of the next, they should get those. And if there are multiple adventures during a given season, then they have the opportunity for more experience rolls.
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    The problem with using Delecti's True Name is that Delecti is a composite entity of the migrating soul/spirit/essence of the Necromancer and the rotting body of whoever left their corpse behind to house the Necromancer for a while, both contributing to the name. In other words, your information is likely to be obsolete fairly soon. Looking at Arcane Lore, there may be more than a single expression of the entity of Delecti at any time, too. Compare Ralzakark.
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    Bahoka may be a local form of their goddess, called Bagog in modern times and known as Bakoka to the Dara Happans. Certainly there's some similarity between the last two.
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    As per the above, in the RQ2 line. Easily upgraded to RQG. Nochet is coming. Urban, matriarchal, soft power via politics & trade & arranged marriages &... Yes, and blackmail, assassination, etc. Casino Town & Holy Country. Updates are coming for Pavis&Rubble, for Sun County. Trollpak is coming, both the RQ2 Classic (via RQClassic KS) and an all-new, likely RQG set. They had to start somewhere. Given that this IS the edition that (finally) centers on the Hero Wars, beginning in Dragon Pass seems utterly sensible; and the core book was ALREADY big, I'm not sure I see addung more cultures / backgrounds / Cults / etc as a smart move. One omission that I think hurts a bit is not (or at least, not sufficiently) highlighting the "urban Orlanthi" of Boldhome/etc. The city/country dichotomy is substantive! I would expect a brand-new Adventurer from a family settled for generations in Boldhome to be rather different from one whose clan has been on the Stead since the time of Sartar himself...
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    You are not the only one. I remember the fond days of RQ2 when Orlanthi weren't all backwoods farmer clans, most of the Orlanthi in my parties were townsfolk, far more sensible and civilised. When Hero Wars and the farmer Clans came out very strongly, we reasoned that these were the hill barbarians, the Orlanthi that we were used to came from Sartar's cities or from the Holy Country, so we had a split between civilised Orlanthi and their hillbilly clan-based cousins. I would definitely second buying the RQ2 Campaign packs, Scenario Packs and Background Packs. You can put together truly impressive scenario arcs just using published material, plenty to go through until the new RQG material comes out.
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    Just yesterday I started re-reading the Silmarillion, with the idea of creating an HQ campaign. I have The One Ring, but the "tone" of the game isn't appropriate, and the rules themselves wouldn't support the theme. So the plan is to "HQ-ify" The One Ring, and take Cultures, Callings, Traits and Virtues, and transform them into Abilities. The Shadow-weakness would be the first Flaw of a character. The High-elves and Rangers would be the two main cultures.
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    One element surrounding this is that Engizi's fatal wound considerably weakens The River, and it's only with the aid of his kin in The Creek and The Stream that he is borne onwards to the Sea. But The Stream only joins its kin after they sluggishly exit the Upland Marsh. A proper assault on Delecti may require them to join their forces earlier, which would involve convincing The Stream to try and change its course (with fairly profound consequences). I'm not sure the ducks would be impressed with this, and their curiously symbiotic relationship with the Necromancer might kick in...
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    Mythic Babylon is set in Sumer, Akkad and Subartu, at the end of the year 1765 BC.
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    We took delivery of the Mythic Babylon manuscript this week.
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    Perhaps the trolls are looking at it the wrong way round.... Don't mythically stop Kyger Litor from eating Gbaji, stop Gbaji from gaining and/or having claws.
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    Hmm, I find it amusing that for humans Gbaji is something like the truth-become-lie, or so, and for trolls he is food-become-, errh, unfood. Gbaji's power is that he is never who or what you expect him to be.
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    I must agree with Aonstream, a delightful thread for duck lovers. Great to hear that you are working on a scenario pack. Chaosium, are you listening? DuckPak is decades overdue, here's your scenarios and your artwork, now get that source material together and let me throw money at you
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    Thank you, Aonstream, that's very kind! I'm currently working on a fan-created project that is less a traditional 'ducks book' (i.e. it won't function like a typical splatbook with culturally inflected character options and background and the like) than an adventure pack set in Duck Point. I'm writing and illustrating everything myself, so I'm afraid it's a terribly slow process! So, nothing immediately on the radar, but will hopefully have something ready next year.
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    I'd back an English translation project for the latest edition of the game. You betcha!
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    I wonder if Chaosium, if they don't want the risk/expense themselves, could see their way to letting the current publishers try their hand at an English release of that new French version? It looks absolutely gorgeous.
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    Regarding food, I think near-future cultivation techniques will lessen the risk of food shortages. There are some interesting large scale tests with growing vegetables both underground and in air-filled greenhouses just below the surface of the sea. While this might not be functional in all cases, I would say that with a controlled atmosphere (inflatable greenhouses) loosing a crop will not be as likely. Food production will rely more on "industrial" cultivation and less on farmers ploughing. At least for a start. But, as Ethereal points out, it also depends on how well organized and funded the expedition is. About landing the behemoth or not, I think the main benefit of putting it down is to be able to re-use all materials and tech. Feed a few super 3d printers with all that metal and the colonists will have all the machinery they need for a while. Housing can hopefully be built with local materials, packed soil if all else fails.
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