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    A young Vingan runelord has stopped to ask the way from a settler of Sartarian heritage from Zola Fel valley.
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    This seems to be a consistent issue in the industry. I'm of the opinion that, although some delays are to be expected, it is incumbent upon people to finish what they start. And if they are wishy-washy in execution, I don't fault Chaosium to defend the brand by making licensing decisions with the expectation of quality and expediency in mind. I would rather get fewer, high-quality products during a time frame, than a flurry of products that eke out an existence and betray the trust and finances that Backers contributed. Despite the whole book destruction thing, Sons of the Singularity ran a model Kickstarter for The Sassoon Files. It was clear, from beginning to end, they were prepared to take wise action to deliver. There are currently other CoC Kickstarters that are struggling, though. I appreciated Stygian Fox increasing communication about the progress of their various Kickstarters. They listened. And while I am still not happy about the state of affairs, they took action to listen to their fans. I think that Sentinel Hill Press is taking unfair advantage of their prior reputation in the community with The Dare Kickstarter. Requests for communication and timetables were met with snide dismissals and requests to "ask for refunds" throughout the majority of the KS. The most recent updates have been: "I still don't have art" which makes me wonder what parameters (if any) were given the the artists to finish in a timely manner. I understand that SHP is a long-time licensee. I don't believe that fact grants him carte blanche to continue to disappoint. We're not talking about a book here. We're talking about a one-shot in which the text has been finished for a while. The key for me is that I don't believe that people should be given unlimited chances. That makes a mockery of the concept of a promise. People's game industry reputations are forged or ruined based on their actions (or lack of action).
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    I really didn't see a need for going back to how HP were calculated in RQ2, considering since the mid 1980s we have been calculating it as (SIZ + CON)/2 for RQ3, and almost every other BRP game. I guess it means less conversion for RQ2 material to be used in RQG games, but that's about it. I also suspect that players care little how the HP are calculated, just as long as they have enough of them!
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    i have completely changed the rules about skill increase and training. I hate the idea of "seasonal adventure" and have a totally fluid campaign, played day by day. I have the skill checks tested once a season (at the end, if there is a reasonable time to spend in this) and have framed others advances so they know that there are some skill in use that will grow anyway even if they dont mark the box. The campaign is in balazar, the party is mixed (balazarings and dragon pass refugees) so they have an automatic skill check for both the balazar tongue and trade talk, since they are speaking both of these and the language grows on top of the eventual checked box for use of it in stressful situations. Once reaching the highest value between the character this feature will not be available anymore, they have to find someone to study it properly or just use the skill in a critical situation. also, since the season is a long period, i have them "re-check" 4 skills of their choice even if they have already an experience check there. So they first check the exp mark (if there is any) then they can test it again that skill increase as they have another exp mark (from this are exempt all combat and magic skills and the players need to come up with some convincing story about that supplemental skill checks: since they are always travelling in dangerous grounds, for example survival is a skill they can "re-check", as all the perception skills and some comunication and agility skills if they have some good story for those)
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    I've been playing King of Dragon Pass this morning (it dropped to 3.70 USD ish on Steam, so I grabbed it.) It is really helping me to understand the basic culture of Glorantha and the varied nature of the decision-making. If you are a new player I think it is a great resource for scenario building and questing ideas.
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    That is to say, does "canon" specify that it spirals outward from the center, or into the center from the outside, or does each have a different meaning within Storm Tribe culture... or is this just silly Gloranthan navel-gazing of a particularly egregious and onerous form? (YGMV)
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    In the Roman instance: yes, but doubtless spears were used in the same way in other times and places. Examining the picture: her shield appears to be protected by a leather covering, so not immediately combat ready, she has other weapons readily to hand; the location is relatively safe in that the farmer is 'armed' only with a hoe and is accompanied by a young child. Given these factors, the use of the spear isn't unrealistic or inappropriate. Conclusion: an excellent piece of art.
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    Latest. After more than seventy of these finding new poses is a bit tricky, as they are all basically of someone holding a spear/sword/axe so inspiration can come from unexpected places. In this instance, a statue/relief of Gilgamesh... From left to right: Gilgamesh, concept sketch, scanned drawing, digitally modified drawing. So... Introduction - full Fundamentals of Warfare - full Arms and Armor - full Regional Warfare - full The Battlefield – full Transport and Mobility - full Fortifications and Siege Warfare - ⅛ page – effectively full Arcane Warfare – ½ page Gods of War - full Armies of Central Genertela – n/a Army Lists – n/a Appendices – ¼ page Index – n/a Sources - n/a Next illustration may be a bit different, if it works: evolution of Sun Dome temples over time. On topic as the style initially was a fortification....
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    The pot and helmet are probably weighing the spear down at that angle. They are too far out and the angle is too horizontal for the weight to just transfer seamlessly in a semi-vertical fashion. It's fine though, it's not a huge deal. I do like that they gave her proper proportions. Her arms are buff, but not "body-builder"-toned, because those are working muscles, not the idealized, aesthetisized muscled of a BB model who's been dehydrating themsleves to gain definition. It's also relaxed. Same for her gut. Obviously the plate is hiding the interior, but the impression that we get across is of a fairly bulky waist, that of someone with a lot of core strength, and the kind of muscle mass built up from, again, working muscles rather than idealized "amazonian" narrow waists.
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    Ie scary, monstrous creatures were....too scary and monstrous? 7000kg giant has only 2x the body hp of a 70kg adventurer? That's the same sort of logic that gave D&D the DDG book with gods with hp. I mean, why should they be frankly impossible to kill, they're only gods....? When in IRL, fights between larger creatures like bull elephants or sperm whales and giant squid generally go on LONGER (and are more often immediately inconclusive) than fights between smaller creatures like shews or ferrets which are over pretty quickly. I'll save you all the the replies: "It doesn't have to make logical sense because there are dragons and magic, duh" LOL, RQ's equivalent to "A wizard did it"
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    But most attacks do get full db, and natural armor is not as strongly tied to db the way it was in RQ3 (or even in Gateway Bestiary). Kong vs. the dinosaur is one such example, but I'm more concerned with all those SIZ 30 ish animals and monsters. We have ample enough evidence that most fights between similar sized animals are not one hit affairs. But in RQ it often turns out that way due to the size of the db compared to the armor and hit point totals. Perhaps the db formula needs to be scaled down? Hit Points and Damage are obviously interrogated, and I think part of the problem with RQ/BRP has been that the flat +1d6 per 16 progression leads to die pools and bell curves which in turn make the db the major component to damage and almost require high hit point and armor scores to be able to soak a hit. Perhaps a non-linear relationship between SIZ(and STR) and damage bonus would help here. Either with an increasing die size or some such. If the dbs were lower than we wouldn't need high hit point totals to compensate, and big monsters would still be "fightable".
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    Actually, this was a recommendation from Greg which I agreed wholehearted with. In RQ3, large monsters had an insurmountable number of hit points. Giants and dragons - creatures with a ton of armor and deadly attacks, gained too many hit points. The conclusion was that the total hit points per monsters made more sense in RQ2 and better reflected Greg and Sandy's vision of those monsters, than in RQ3.
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    https://www.glorantha.com/docs/heroquest-voices/ This is my favorite example to use to explain to prospective players how the different cultures see themselves and their place in the world. I think some things are technically no longer canonical but, I am not nearly Grognard enough to tell you what's what on that front.
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    I'm going to second this request. I'm not lazy. Far from it. I spend a lot of time prepping for my games. Glorantha is just so big that I just don't even know what I don't know. I DID purchase the Guide to Glorantha and am slowly slogging through it! But even by doing that, I still have no idea what the difference is between NEED to know and NICE to know.
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    Mythras Matters podcast, Ep03 now available for streaming or download. http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1344766-1-3-politics-and-poison-rings?play=true Alex Greene talks about Fioracitta Loz talks about Stipules.
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    I saw the new RQG character sheet uploaded by Galafrone here. See link just below. It is an very nice four page character sheet with more space for everything. I recommend checking it out. It also had a small table for easy referencing the Skills Category Modifiers. I borrowed it from Galafrone's character sheet (hope that is ok) and made a small printout for my players. Because almost every season end (between adventures) one of my players goes up or down in a characteristic and need to check all the categories again. Let's say one player train DEX and goes from 12 to 13. First check the bottom table. You find that it gives an +5% increase for the "Major" row. Then check the upper table column "Major". It shows that skills category modifiers for Agility, Manipulation and Stealth goes up because they DEX is in the "Major" column. Credit to Galafrone and Silvia. I just found it was a very good and compact table.
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    You can probably already augment Battle skill rolls with passions and runes and such. But yes, I started working on some house rules to make this all crunchier.
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    For us it was a sort of light bulb moment when we realized we could merge the two. In RQ3 at least, skill training was pretty reasonable, but characteristic training had a 'winging it' feel with a totally different approach/calculation. One day I realized ...what if we just take the stat, multiply by 5, and THEN TREAT IT JUST LIKE TRAINING A SKILL? (and then of course you actually a stat point increase when your 'training' crosses the next multiple of 5) Voila! It's not the Grand Unified Theory, but it works great, is internally consistent and IMO feels right.
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    Sorry about that, I fixed it up. My point is that the rules are Mongoose's own original creations. The two system reference documents, and the Legends RPG are the rules scrubbed of anything that Mongoose licensed from Issaries. And while I didn't say this clearly Issaries did not license the rules to Mongoose. Again I apologize for the confusion.
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    as is releasing a violent and volatile wind of any kind (imagination required here, or on second thought maybe it would be better to not) into the world.
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    Jeff has stated explicitely that the handedness of the spiral has no sinister or clockwise meaning when used as tattoo or other ornamentation. IMO going inward is facing your inner wind, or the No Wind, or it is ascending the Holy Mountain. Going outward is to bring the force of Storm into the world. Both are meaningful.
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    Classic form-follows-function. Muscle to propel you... Any extra weight is only a detriment. Pretty much the definition of "definition." 😁 Not just "doubly true" but exponentially true for LD runners. They want mostly the high-endurance long-fiber musculature, and as little body-fat as they can carry and still be healthy-enough to compete.
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    They did remove the ability to choose the number of craftsmen BUT there are a few extra scenes and new art plus it is optimized to work with modern OS's without an issue including a slightly updated interface (mostly scaling, could be better). There are also community patches to try and improve running the original game on modern machines but those tend to be Windows focused so I dont know your luck there. I'd keep the disk because it's awesome but for the price I'd say pick the game up again as you'll certainly get your money's worth,
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    Agreed! Though, to be fair, there's a wide variety of "working physiques." Working with track & field athletes, for instance, there are the throwers. Discus and, especially, javelin throwers tend more toward your classic V-chested, narrow-waisted Greek warrior physiques. But the shot put and hammer? They're barrels, with a solid low-to-middle center of gravity, like our Vingan here, or the Rune Lord on RQG p.266. Definition? That's for runners, especially LD. !i!
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    agreed, Have not played on 10 years now and I truly miss playing it and wished it would run on modern macs, alas.
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    She's clearly hunting him down for public indecency, ie no pants. So many ducks think that's just something everyone will just "be cool" with. Not to mention the spear's not carrying the load. When you carry a load like that, much of the weight is largely on the back/shoulder. I still really like that picture. She's the epitome of a real warrior woman to me - strong, scuffed, sweaty and looking a little worn, and yet obviously feminine.
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    Which might be good for Glorantha but bad for everything else, as db now scales at a much faster rate that hit points. Anything larger than a troll can't take a hit from anything of the same size.
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    There are other reasons to use it ???
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    I'm in a slightly different boat in that I know a LOT about Glorantha and what has and what is happening. But so much so that I lose perspective on what locals might - and more importantly, might NOT know. Drowning players in the details of Malkioni society or the mysteries of Nysalor are just not really appropriate. I'm thinking about world shattering events that may be obvious to all the characters but that we forget about. The Re-opening of the seas. Dragonrise. The rise of Harrak and the Wolf pirates. Native Gloranthan oddities too. Things we (as round world inhabitents) wouldn't ordinarily think about. Like the way water flows - uphill even, as long as it's going toward the sea. The movement of celestial bodies (I'm looking at you red moon) and the bodies that inhabit it. There are others. I think I started a thread about it a while back..
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    No clue, though I like how it seems to have lightning bolts for pupils and its mouth and those things on the side of its "face" seem to have swirling designs that call to mind either whirlpools or winds. It certainly makes sense for them to figure into ritual worship for Storm worshipers. I bet when the kite-fights get really competitive people start bringing out magic to command the winds to mess up the competition or help their own kite slice through the enemy kites. I can just imagine a bunch of Windlords throwing around powerful magic and getting really intense and serious about flying kites to prove who holds the blessing of Orlanth. Heck, that's probably what the kite-fight between Orlanth and Kolat was; a competition between the two to determine which of them had the better mastery over the wind. Just handled by the two in a much more peaceful fashion than it would have been with, say, Vadrus or Storm Bull.
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    I use the average of CON + SIZ. And if there's a 0.5 remainder, I even let the players keep it in their general HP. (they just note it with a little '+' sign by their HP). It didn't make things easier or harder, but i felt it reflected things better without any hassle or rework. (I play a duck and his HP are better than most. Of course i didn't mind, but I thought my house rule put things more inline.)
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    Gang, please return this thread to discussion of how hit points are calculated and whether you want to home rule some new mechanism. But I don't want to have this become an ideological discussion about things beyond calculation of hit points. So knock it off or I shut it down.
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    Gugs and Moon-beasts both have converted 7e stats in Cthulhu Through The Ages (as well as Zoogs). The new Dreamlands 7e, when released, will also have the spiders.
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    Small correction, The Company was written to spec, a very loose spec ("Write me a Modern Day OpenQuest which isn't Secret Service vs the Supernatural") , but a spec none the less that I had final approval on. Same with River of Heaven. That being said I do accept interesting pitches for OpenQuest based adventures or games, and probably as part of the upcoming OpenQuest 3 will be making an announcement about how I intend to work with people. And of course, people are free to use the OQ SRD for their own adventures and games, as long as they don't use IP they don't have written permission to do so (see Section 7 of the OGL itself I can also attest that the Design Mechanism (via Loz who deals the licensing side) are easy to work with on the Mythras Gateway license. I'm currently working on a scenario book that will see the light of day later in the year. But the key to understanding the Gateway license is that you have to work with the DM and not just go away and do your own thing once they've granted it I can also say that working with Chaosium to do licensed products (I have a small commercial license for Hearts in Glorantha, and I'm currently exploring the option of doing 3rd Party Call of Cthulu books) has been a joy (in fact Glorious Joy ) Again the main thing here to avoid problems is to ask respectfully before you do anything with their IP. Without going into details, there are numerous things that never got past "idea stage" because I've contacted them and found out it overlaps with something they are planning. On the matter of the OpenQuest's OGL, I'll make a proper statement when its all worked out but it will be getting a new clear OGL soon (and before I release OQ3 which is currently looking like an end of summer Kickstarter). If you are currently using OQ's SRD, and are properly crediting me in Section 15 as you should be by the terms of the OGL itself, there should be no need to retrospectively apply this license (i.e. existing books that use the OQ SRD). In short don't worry (as I said I'll make a clearer statement once the new OGL is sorted).
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    Are there any news about the current state of the QuestWorlds SRD? Can't wait
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    Upon meeting a skull in a new forum, i try my best to keep my manners impeccable. It was the least I could do. Cheers
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    UGH!!! Stop it. I'd give you guys barfy-faces in response, but it's not an option. That said... That's part of the beauty of this painting. Not only does the Vingan warrior look like someone who could endure the hardships of combat (and that's a critique that can be applied to many depictions of male warriors, too), the generational connection to the game world is subtle, but powerful. !i!
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    The Kitori as a species are the adopted descendants of the Only Old One. The Only Old One had a son who was the prototype of that species of darkness beings with the man rune. Re-reading Esrolia, Land of 10,000 Goddesses I think that this son was Kimantor, the protector that came to the aid of Queen Norinel‘s Nochet in the Darkness. Heortling Mythology p.117, during the Lightbringers‘ Quest descent: Kimantor had left Norinel with twins, a boy and a girl, but apparently these weren‘t (yet) of the Only Old One‘s demigod species. Varzor Kitor was the first adoptee who became a Kitori. He came from a tribe of Darkness-worshiping Theyalans and found the favor of Ezkankekko, presumably for his services in the Greater Darkness or the Silver Age. Once the species had been re-instated, adoptees included humans, but apparently also dark trolls and dehori were able to undergo the adoption and become a mortal version of Ezkankekko and/or Kimantor. IMO they are creatures of the man rune and darkness, mortal though magically powerful. From Darkness they draw their form fluidity that allows them to take on human, dark troll or dehori shape with all the physical properties of the target species. The adoption rites probably serve as the Kitori equivalent of initiation, too. In RQ3 Gods of Glorantha Argan Argar has the Shadow Rune, a sub-rune of Darkness that indicates the absence of Cold. Unlike Moorgarki (mitress race ancestress who had Cold ripped out by Pamalt) Argan Argar, son of Night and thereby of celestial as well as Darkness origin, possibly gave it up in his encounter of the Three Curious Spirits (which is so out of sequence of Godtime events that it looks to be a Godtime heroquest of these three Darkness entities to the Creation Age). Argan Argar obtained enough of the secrets of Fire that he was able to chain Veskarthan and take up the spear from him. I am making this detour to explain why I think that the Shadows that crowd the top of Shadow Plateau are a vital component in the Kitori adoption. The future Kitori enters the shadow in his unawakened state (comparable to the Ergeshy of Sun Dome County) and somehow makes part of it a portion of his self. Looking at the Ergeshi, the subdued former Kitori slave population of Sun Dome County, suggests that there are as many female Kitori as there are males. Unlike with the uz, the females aren’t obligatory dominant, although the Night Jumper story in King of Sartar tells us about the lovers of the Kitori Queen in a very uz-like set-up. At least when we encounter Kitori as Shadowlords, they appear to be predominantly male, or of unrevealed gender masked in the image of the (male) Only Old One. Why would a troll or a dehori choose to become a Kitori? It is common for uz worshipers of Argan Argar to be initiated to both Kyger Litor and Argan Argar, which means there is no principal exclusivity between those cults. But what about the under-privileged of troll society? Especially twin births of uzko (aka “superior trollkin”) are discriminated against. Leaving the uncaring umbrella of Kyger Litor for the brotherhood of Shadowlord equals sounds like an eminently reasonable step to me. What motivation could an effectively immortal dehori have to join the Kitori? The prize would be an existance as a physical being, and possibly the ability to escape the restrictions of the Other Side when it comes to owning the creative force of Free Will. This agency appears to be sufficient to entice spirits of all kinds to let themselves be bound to physical objects or beings. Could run-of-the-mill trollkin be adopted as Kitori? The description of the Troll Rebirth rites that were undergone by Arkat and his companions tells us that a trollkin undergoing this rite will have a chance at being reborn as a Dark Troll in body and spirit, but it is a chance with a fairly high probability of failure. Still, there is a magical way to escape the wretched state of trollkinhood. The same goes for cave trolls. (Though what happens to their inherited Chaos trait that manifests as their regeneration power? I would think that they lose the regeneration, but do they lose the Chaos taint as well? Can the Black Eater devour this ancient wrong in rebirth?) Any Kitori convert inherits shape fluidity. Other characteristics become somewhat fluid with the target species, too, so would a trollkin be able to join the Kitori, provided he or she found a sponsor? The trollkin of Shadow Plateau enjoy comparatively high privileges if they make it as spear-kin, the bulk of the army of the plateau. As trollkin units go, these spearkin are pretty elite. They are a far cry from the demigod abilities of a full Kitor, though. But then, both cave trolls and trollkin are usually chattle property of uz clans or individuals, and being the very symbol of Equal Exchange, there is a high probability that any form of ownership needs to be shed or rather equalized before becoming eligible as a Kitori. Not yet, really. Broyan's demise is hidden in the back-story of the sample characters, who escaped Broyan's fate mainly due to absence from that event, having moved back to Sartar independently of the Hendriki king. There were numerous old ideas, but at some point Greg finally gave some details about the Kitori. Basically, with the publication of "Esrolia - Land of 10,000 Goddesses", and with this follow-up information in the World of Glorantha yahoogroup. The ensuing discussion expands on that source and pretty much defines what we know about the Kitori. I am still very fond of my short mood pieces in the subsequent discussion. That's what the Ergeshi of Sun Dome County appear to be. But then, they don't appear to have mastered the Darkness that makes them full Kitori, the adoption/initiation rite. Ok, Kitori in other meanings than species: Citizens of the Kingdom of Night Trolls of the Troll Wood and the Lead Hills The darkness-worshiping human tribes of southeastern Dragon Pass, like the Torkani Arkati (there is this bit about Daramhy defeating the Arkatings on p.40 and p.72 in HotHP) Shadowlords collecting the tribute Human armies serving the Kingdom of Night (also Kimantorings) I think this is very similar to History of the Heortling People.p.106. Yes, that's an attempt to create a synthesis out of five years of debates on the digest, and given an editing another five years later. It does a good job summing up some of the old concepts that circulated the early years of the digest. I guess I should collect the stuff from the World of Glorantha group for a more up-to-date page...
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    This is intentionally vague. Basically it means that if you don't have any means of focusing the spell, such as touching a focus inscribed somewhere on your person, you are at a penalty when switching gears mentally to move your hand to wherever the focus is at. If you want to say that a focus for Bladesharp is on the hilt of your sword and doesn't incur this penalty, then so be it. The rule assumes the weapon is removed from your hand in some fashion. Sheathing it is one way to handle that, but dropping it also works, though simply dropping a weapon at your feet is a terrible idea (potentially damaging blade or legs/feet). Feel free to just assume that your adventurers are always equipped with their foci in exactly the most advantageous place for combat and ignore this rule entirely. Answer added to Q&A
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    This is often mentioned as a roman game (ergo the name) a viking game, something definitely in the iron age of our world, but wikipedia hints of older origins... making me think of a couple of Lunars sitting under an apple tree on a rise. Below them the mass of stinking barbarian slaves... Not good for spit says the first and moves a piece boldly to the centre of the board. Aye says the second a waste of good skin if ya ask me. He counters moving a piece tentatively on the side of the board... Yelm's Beard, its hot today,, care for some vinegar. Nothing beats the heat like it? No, I want to get home (pushes a piece) to my missus an our orchards, the cider ah the cider, not like the piss these wind worshippers drink... Gotcha now! From our real world FAQ: Wikipedia... Latrunculi History Sources The game of latrunculi is believed to be a variant of earlier Greek games known variously as Petteia, pessoí, psêphoi, poleis and pente grammaí, to which references are found as early as Homer's time.[1] In Plato's Republic, Socrates' opponents are compared to “bad Petteia players, who are finally cornered and made unable to move.” In the Phaedrus, Plato writes that these games come from Egypt, and a draughts-like game called Seega is known to have been played in ancient Egypt. In his Onomasticon, the Greek writer Julius Pollux describes Poleis as follows: Among the Romans, the first mention of latrunculi is found in the Roman author Varro (116–27 BC), in the tenth book of his De Lingua Latina (“On the Latin Language”), where he mentions the game in passing, comparing the grid on which it is played to the grid used for presenting declensions.[2] An account of a game of latrunculi is given in the 1st-century AD Laus Pisonis: These fellows seem to illustrate the game better then anything else so... NTchedworth1 Published on Jan 9, 2012 SUBSCRIBE 372 Roman dice games - how to play Latrunculi. Download more free resources from nationaltrust.org.uk/chedworth-roman-villa/learning/ Cheers
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    Any adventuring female with children would usually leave them with the other women of her (or rather her child's) household, even fertility priestesses. While nursing, she might carry them along on journeys that aren't clearly adventure expeditions, e.g. when visiting the off-household side of the family (could be her own childhood clan or the in-laws if the partner moved into her clan). While there are households that resemble a modern core family, most Orlanthi households will be multi-generational, and often several couples (siblins, first cousins) sharing a hearth. Childcare of weaned children up to the middle primary school age is the task of the hearth, not the individual mother. In fact, quiite often it will be the task of a grandmother or grandaunt who may call in the assitance of other women busy around the hearth, or one of the mothers doing the day care for the lot of the stead. Even the sleeping arrangements may put all the children of this age group together onto one big wide piece of bedding. As the children graduate to pre-apprenticehood - accompanying the various workers on and off the stead to assimilate the skills needed for those duty - the mothers may become even less involved in raising the children, and the males take a greater share in tutoring the stead's next generation. In an urban environment with smaller family units, a female servant of the household may step in if no blood kin is available. Long established families will have a sufficient range of kinswomen to provide at least a kinswoman in an overseer position. Many young vingan-gendered women (women choosing some typically male life-style which will lead them mostly off-hearth, like warrior, hunter) are fairly likely to remain unwed. Without a husband's or wife's stead to choose, their children will be raised by the women of her birth stead. In case of a married Vingan having given birth to a child, her marriage stead's females are likely to look after the child.
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    Did they even have any formal structure back then? Their common experience was "I Fought, We Won", discovering the sum of something greater than themselves on their own and alone (and greater than their people's previous success over Wakboth's invasion that had failed to open the Dara Happan dome roof before meeting their joint forces, and which let itself be deflected eastward, to face Genert and his host). After I Fought We Won, there were other, important things to be done, like unfreezing his (future) wife, separating the dead from the living, and sending them to their rest (or at least sufficiently strong holding pens). Neither the Only Old One nor Heort himself were given as council delegates.
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    I always figured this made a space for the dragonewts as either simultaneous or serial hermaphrodites. A case can also be made for "bachelor" newtlings as neutrals if they had a prominent role within IFWW at the Dawn Age. Gold Wheel Dancers may never have been important numerically but I can think of ritual contexts where their "gender" classification would need to be spelled out within a mostly mammal society. "Mostalite" might also have functioned as a gender and/or sex at various points, especially early on when the world was new. They might've been the archetypal "neutrals" before their embarrassing secret got out. In terms of desire and how it's expressed this is where things like extrapolating from Best Friend rules in WBRM can become super interesting.
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    Donandar seems to have a fluid gender like Heler, which makes sense too.
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    Given that there are probably neuter and hermaphroditic spirits, however, Heort (or his unnamed revisers) felt that it was a natural thing to be, and better to include as acceptable than rule out. Note also that a 'person' in Heort's Laws includes nonhuman persons (and there are several sentient peoples in Glorantha with these genders naturally) so long as they belong to Heortling culture and religion. Also, 1620s Heortling society is very different from the Dawn Age, when the Laws were supposedly written. Androgeus definitely was present in Heortling myth in history as well, but s/he belongs to as yet unwritten set of stories. Edit: remember that Heortling society can be quite xenophobic (because of Chaos and Meldeks etc.) so inclusiveness is important and needs to be spelled out, or the law won't protect the strange person.
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    Just so we're clear on canon, word of Greg (RQ:G, p.81) is: "Heort’s Laws (an ancient document stating the laws and customs of the Heortling people) recognize four sexes (female, male, neuter, and hermaphrodite) and at least six genders (female, male, vingan, nandan, helering, and none). Unmarried sex between adults is not frowned upon, regardless of the sex or gender of the parties." Sex = ability and role in reproduction Gender = culturally based behavior Hence, vingans presumably can have children, as they are usually female by sex but vingan by gender. But because they aren't 'female' by gender they aren't expected to...
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    Baroshi could become instrumental in pushing the maize cult of Hon-eel out of Tarsh and Saird.
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