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    Three CALL OF CTHULHU luminaries have been invited to present at this year's ENnie Awards: the Master of Ceremonies is none other than MARK MORRISON (Horror on the Orient Express, Terror Australis, Reign of Terror, 'Dead Man Stomp', the list goes on); CHRIS SPIVEY of Harlem Unbound is one of the special guest presenters; as is the Great Old One himself, Call of Cthulhu creator SANDY PETERSEN. All three have won multiple awards and received critical acclaim for their work on Call of Cthulhu and other RPGs, and Chaosium is honoured to be associated with them. http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/2019-ennie-award-master-of-ceremonies-and-guest-presenters
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    As the Tarsh civil war heats up, they are going to be allies of Sartar. Latest image. The saga of filling up white space: Introduction - full Fundamentals of Warfare - full Arms and Armor - full Regional Warfare - full The Battlefield – full Transport and Mobility - full Fortifications and Siege Warfare - full Arcane Warfare – ½ page Gods of War - full Armies of Central Genertela – n/a Army Lists – n/a Appendices – ⅛ page Index – n/a Sources - n/a Going to see if I can fill the Appendices gap with another Tarshite regiment.
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    They are all 1920s, although 4 of the 5 state at the beginning of the scenarios that that can be set in other eras with little work. The pregens are all 1920s. The “Sharing Nightmares” chapter - Tips for game mastering and playing Call of Cthulhu By Kevin Ross is eraless. I’m going to run them soon, but vanilla 1920s with the pregens, so I can’t comment on other eras.
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    This was a fun scenario to write, and my play testers said they had a fantastic time playing it. So, the adventure comes with six pre-generated characters. I happened to have only three play testers. During the course of the play test, five of the pre-gens got to be used! Two of the players had their initial characters die about midway through, so they picked up a replacement character, and the third player's character died in the finale. To be fair, there were some outstandingly bad dice rolls in that game, and the players took an investigative approach of, "Let's poke the bear to see what'll happen." Spoiler... the "bear" pokes right back at 'cha.
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    “That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with PDFs even the dead may rise.”
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    That's the issue with attributing such notions (fakeness and realness) to real-life beliefs. Is John Frum any less real that the Son of Man? Or Rama? I think this thread perhaps more accurately deals with, to some degree, what we would call intentional shams, perhaps. In Glorantha even the initially unreal can manifest in the Otherworld if reinforced enough - to my knowledge - whereas in the real world we sort of have the opposite problem, in that if we discount one belief system based on lack of evidence, they all really should be discounted. That's where I think the intentionality of founder/leadership becomes important. I mean, the Cult of Immortality mentioned above *worked* - but its intentions were entirely selfish, and served no higher cosmic purpose or role, so perhaps most closely resembles what we would call a "fake" religion - irrespectively of the existence or nonexistence of its target deity. Maybe I'm overthinking it, or moving the goalposts.
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    I have visited Tanna, the tiny South Pacific island where the John Frum cult is located. Tanna also has the Prince Philip Movement (having seen Prince Philip on an official visit to Tanna, they worship HRH as a living god: great when you have your deity's postal address and can even go visit Him, as some did in 2007. Apparently Prince Philip's adapt reply when asked "When will you return to Tanna to institute the Reign of Plenty?" was "I will return one day, but now the time is not right" which they were apparently very satisfied with). I would not describe these religions as "fake", at least from the worshippers' perspective, as they are completely sincere in their beliefs. Tanna was an amazing place to visit. As well as the unusual religions, it has an active volcano you can walk to the top of, and we went to a village where the women could summon a dugong by wading into the lagoon up to their waists and slapping the water and singing. It felt very magical. [BTW, I thought the feature film Tanna - nominated for best Foreign Film in the 2017 Academy Awards - was very Gloranthan in feel: Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's loyalty, a forbidden love affair and the pact between the old ways and the new. Although the people who worship John Frum and Prince Philip live the "Kustom" traditional lifestyle, there are others who are Christians (Presbyterians, if I recall correctly). I love the scene in the movie where the two protagonists meet the proselytising Christians and look at each other and "These people are people are freaking me out, let's get out of here". I could see an Orlanthi saying that, meeting Lunarised compatriots.]
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    Although from my HQG campaign, the duck shaman, Joseph Greenbeak, led the PC's into the Spirit Plane and brought them to the Assembly of Small Spirits to get a spirit ally to help in their fight against an invading vough. The spirits here were an assortment, though all had in common that they owed no allegiance to any spirit lord but each other. They gathered at the Little Rock, a place for independent-minded spirits, though they all desired to make spirit pacts with someone who would honor and remember them (they were rather lonely spirits in a sense and wanted to feel useful). They were small spirits (in RQG terms probably of 1D6+4 POW) and each knew one spirit magic. Each had a particular requirement that their ally had to fulfill (a taboo). If allied, they would enter a Charm that allowed a direct connection between the PC and the spirit. (I pictured this as perhaps different from a Spirit Binding enchantment at the time - more an object part of the Mundane World, part of the Spirit World through which the connection was maintained.) To ally them, you had to sing a simple song: Tell me your name, what do you do? What do you want me to do for you? These were some of the spirits that gathered at the Assembly of Small Spirits. Little Rock - Detect Spirit (never stack rocks) Fire toad - Ignite Leaf and Branch (never trust a frog) The Carved Pawn - Detect Aldryami (carve only pinewood) Rust Patch - Dullblade (never sharpen a knife) 6 Green Men - Counter Spell (never cast a Spell) Old Moss Face - Endurance (eat moss once per week) Copper Woman - Command Snake (never harm a snake) Shimmerwind (chosen by Dyrrkind) - Shimmerwind (never harm a Wind Child; shelter charm from raging storms of Storm Bull & the Wild Hunter) - was later devoured by a Hell Hound The Opposkunk (white with black stripes) - Perfumed Spray (challenge any skunk encountered to a duel) Flying Bluefin birds - Shoot True through Water or Shoot True through Air (like quarreling children - what one has, the other wants; feed them water and wind once per week) Burning Cattail (chosen by Aren) - Catch and Release the Sunflame (bathe charm daily in sun or fire) Firefeather Bird - Hurl Flames (rub in fresh ash daily) Starspark - Celestial Spark (never use a Lowfire) Giant beaver - Gnaw through Wood (chew wood daily) Long Hopper - Long Hop (never skip) Thorn Bird - Thorn Feathers (hate soft feathers) Earth Shaker - Quaking Step (never harm a quake beast) Shimmershell beast - Shimmershell (only eat meat of birds) Blinker - Dispel Magic (gained by Joseph) Notrd - Gnarly Root - Trip and Twine (carve runes on smooth bark daily) Some of them are depicted in this image.
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    Although I am by no means asserting this religion is in any way fake, check out the previously unknown Indian Goddess Santoshi Mata - the Goddess of Satisfaction - who began to be worshipped after appearing in a low budget 1975 Bollywood film that really struck a chord. Santoshi is now sincerely venerated by millions in northern India, despite having no basis in Hindu scripture whatsoever.
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    Only the Malia worshippers. And the the broo, whoever they worship. ... 🤔 OK, that may be a high proportion of the denizens here, but not ALL of them!
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    A young Vingan runelord has stopped to ask the way from a settler of Sartarian heritage from Zola Fel valley.
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    Are there religions in Glorantha which are fake? False priests who lead worshippers on with promises of power but the worshippers (and priests!) never receive any magical return for their devotions?
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    I don’t want to derail the Monster Creation thread. But I do want to discuss what monsters you find disturbing and why. As I mentioned earlier, some critters scare me more than others. Gollum, The Stepford Wives, and the Pod People from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” are creepier to me than, say, the Universal Monsters or King Kong. Maybe it is because the threat is more personal than Godzilla, who will stomp anybody, or a horde of zombies, who will eat anybody. In the former case, they’re coming after YOU specifically. In the same vein (pun intended), the modern day vampire from the original “The Night Stalker” TV movie scared me more than any version of Dracula I’ve seen. He drove a car, raided a blood bank for supplies, kidnapped and kept a woman prisoner as a potential snack (after casually strangling her attack dog), and lived in a rental house that could be just across the street from yours. Yikes! Somehow, the vicious orcs from “The Two Towers” or the titular apes from the original “Planet of the” series didn’t affect me the same way. Sure, I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley (or in a daylit street) but the fear factor, the eerie chill down one’s spine, wasn’t the same. Likewise, the assorted androids from the original Star Trek (or the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, or Doctor Who’s Daleks) weren’t nearly as terrifying to me as the Borg. The others merely want to kill or enslave you. The Borg want to make you one of them. Why do you think this is so? What monsters scare you particularly and what makes them so eerie?
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    The Shadow Over Providence is a new Call of Cthulhu scenario set in a venue that may seem strangely familiar to anyone who has visited Providence’s iconic Biltmore Hotel. The adventure was written by Jon Hook of the Miskatonic University Podcast, with with artwork and maps by Matt Ryan. It has been developed and published by Chaosium, to celebrate NecronomiCon 2019. We'll have a limited quantity of special print copies for purchase at NecronomiCon, where Chaosium's Mike Mason, Lynne Hardy, James Lowder, and Nick Nacario will be in attendance, and the Call of Cthulhu RPG is playing a key role in the convention's extensive gaming program. Afterwards, The Shadow Over Providence PDF will be available from Chaosium.com and DriveThruRPG. https://www.chaosium.com/blogthe-shadow-over-providence-a-new-scenario-to-celebrate-necronomicon-2019
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    So I just bought the sourcebook and the part on the warlocks and the SMU really stood out to me. Now I'm thinking of doing (or probably just planning out) a campaign where the players are warlocks, but considering that an average magician regiment has 30-60 members and the average bodyguard unit 500, it's a tad large for an adventuring party. How would y'all go about having warlock characters or using the SMU in your campaigns?
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    That is one of the things I try not to think of. But then everytime they try to quarantine anything they get all the hue and cry. I'm guessing that a pandemic will be what wipes us out in the end. By the time the bureaucracy allows the medical side of things to react, it will be too late.
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    Monsters which can pass as human are the most terrifying. I mean some slimy thing with tentacles, as long as you figure out how to hurt it, its just a bug hunt - people might die, but that's just combat stress. But give me a deadly disease with a symptom free infectious period, or a world threatening monster which can slip past your defences, which can pass as human, like The Thing, or the beautiful woman out of Species, now that's scary. I once accepted a very large sum of money to provide software consultancy in a viral hot zone, during the middle of an outbreak. They chose me because I was the only one crazy enough to do it. I've never drunk so much grapefruit juice in my life, every morning in the hotel lobby a government doctor was there to check my temperature, if my temperature had been even slightly elevated they would have whisked me off to a quarantine facility. There were thermal imaging cameras everywhere, and lots of billboards advising people what to do in multiple languages. The journey back was a little shocking. At the time I lived in England. In Hong Kong there were a few desultory people with thermometers, nobody bothered me, even though I'd come straight from the hot zone. In the Amsterdam stop (I was flying KLM) there was no interest in people's health. In London Gatwick that evening they weren't even checking passports, there was a p*ssed off guy reading a newspaper in one of the passport booths. I could have been carrying a contagious deadly disease straight back from a hotzone into Europe and nobody would have known.
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    What would happen if the Federation in Star Trek was broke? That’s the basis for two new M-SPACE titles written by Mike Larrimore (author of last years excellent Agony & Ecstasy for Mythras). Instead of a prosperous mega-government, as in Star Trek, the focus in Elevation is a tiny NGO - aptly named Elevation - running solely on the devotion of its members. Its goal is to find new life and new civilisations. The problem is, it only succeeded once and now funds are running out. They are in desperate need of new heroic recruits. But competition from greedy corporations, pirates, aggressive aliens and convoluted bureacracy is literally deadly. The race for new discoveries is on. Elevation will be released on July 8. Free Scenario To give you a feeling for the setting, you can download the introductory scenario for free on DriveThruRPG. The Triton Incident, 36 page scenario, is a freestanding murder mystery that introduces the players to Elevation. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280146/The-Triton-Incident
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    DOORS TO DARKNESS is DriveThruRPG's Deal of the Day: 60% off!Five scenarios written especially for beginning Call of Cthulhu Keepers and players, plus plenty of advice about how to run the adventures for best effect - guidance any Keeper, new or experienced, will find very useful.
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    Your BRP central does seem to vary...
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    I couple of things that have arisen from the recent rather heated discussion about the old MRQ SRD both here and elsewhere, that have mentioned the position of the OQ OGL that I feel need answering from me as the creator of OpenQuest (OQ). 1. OQ is in the process of moving to the Legend OGL, The bits of Chaosium IP that were in the original MRQ SRD as in names of Gloranthan beasties (Gorps, Broo etc) never made it into OQ even in its 1st version. Elsewhere someone has argued that Ducks, Elementals and Spirits are Chaosium IP, there certainly weren't depicted as such in OQ where they were more generic fantasy in their presentation. I've had discussions with Jeff Richard from Chaosium/Moon Design over the years on this Just to be 100% Which leads me to the 2nd point which has always underpinned OpenQuest's legality, which folk won't be aware of. 2. Before I released OpenQuest, in Sept 2009, I showed it to Greg Stafford who quickly consulted with Jeff and they okayed it. I didn't feel the need to make a great song and dance about this because I knew at the time the MRQ SRD OGL covered the work adequately and if anyone was to use OQ's own SRD that was the basis they had to use to keep it clear. I then contacted them again via Jeff when the MRO License was withdrawn, because by then I had quite a stable of OQ releases (OQ + adventures, River of Heaven, The Company), plus there was a growing number of credible commercial works built on OQ such as those put together by Cakebread & Walton and translations such as the French version of OQ. Again because I had asked before doing, acted respectfully OQ and all the works based on OQ are OK by Chaosium. And finally, because it seems that it needs pointing out, both here and because its the no1 question from the asked by the people who contact me via email about the OGL: 3. What isn't OK by Chaosium (and myself) is if you use the OQ SRD to make your own Call of Cthulhu or RuneQuest clone, or any other game that is based upon IP that you do not have written permission to use. its worth noting that even when OQ is clearly using the Legend OGL, you would still be breaking section 15 (which is in short, only use IP you have the rights to in your games). When OpenQuest 3 comes out you'll see this reflected in an updated OGL and also in a "How to use OpenQuest to make your own product" section, in both the book itself and the OQ 3 SRD. I'm not prepared to discuss the ins and outs of this here, so I'm disabling comments for this post. If you have a valid question about OQ and its OGL, drop me a line at newt@d101games.com.
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    This is one of the overall issues with RQ - the spells are so bad at supporting certain kinds of mythic resonances. An Odaylan in HeroWars has a lovely set of abilities, capped off with the amazing "Sleep Back To Life". An RQ Odayalan can turn into a bear for 15 minutes to beat people up (assuming a hefty investment in Rune Points).
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    And he is merely trying to hold the business he invested in accountable. As an investor, you have the right and even the responsibility to verify the status of your investment and to ask for updates and explanations of delays.
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    Just as long as we refrain from turning it into the worst bits of the old Glorantha Digest list ...
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    Ten years ago? Do you realize how many Spider-Man reboots there have been since then? 🙂
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    I would love to see a KAP 5.2 Roman Empire book with the added option to start your Pendragon campaign before/during the Roman occupation of Britain 😀. Or just Playing during the Roman Empire would be great to.
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    You have some great cons on the upper eastern seaboard. Great stuff and I can't wait till tSoP is available to the rest of us.
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    Congrats to @JonHook on another publication! And to Matt Ryan for art!
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    Ya know Shiningbrow, you can not look at life as who has the bigger (fill in the blank). Sometimes it is about the wonder and has nothing to do with the size or even usefulness. not the beginning of a flame war, please.
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    Additional sacrifices are quite likely. Perhaps the shaman must take on additional taboos as well.
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    Yes, the shaman begins to not only be very playable in RQ G (skills, spells and abilities) but show some real depth, a raison d'être. That is vey cool @David Scott and Gallowglass. Thanks for bringing that forward. Cheers
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    Arachne Solara offers the continued existence of the cosmos, and thus her 'nothing' that she gifts is a bit like Ra for the Egyptians: the preservation of all life; it's only nothing because we are accustomed to more easily imagined concepts like 'rune spells' and 'the rain in spring' that she seems ungenerous.
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    "I'm a healer Humakti, if you strike me you shall face the swordbreaker..."
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    While I freely admit that the project has suffered unacceptable delays, I do object to being described as snide or you suggestion I'm simply living off the good will of previous projects. Refunds were (and yet still are) available without complaint to any backers unhappy with the status of the project and I have paid those few requested without complaint. I should note that, unlike other projects discussed, we have provided a draft text of the updated scenario (as well as the original 1996 text of the scenario) since soon after the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign. We have also released a limited art and maps but otherwise fully laid-out version of the scenario to our backers. While this is not the finished product I very much want to deliver, I would hope that groups wanting to run Kevin Ross' excellent scenario will be able to do that. For example, the Into the Darkness actual play group recently concluded a two part episode run of The Dare - I wish I had the final art and maps. Short of arriving at their respective creator's doorsteps, I've taken what steps I can to get this aspect of the project completed. While I have continue to work on other RPG projects, such as the Arkham Gazette, I have not launched and crowd-funding campaigns nor will I until The Dare has fulfilled the promises made to backers to my satisfaction. While I make to claims to having made no errors in this or our previous Kickstarter, I object strongly to any suggestion that I've not taken my obligation as a licensee seriously.
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    Yeah, the fact that some of that was shared with the community was cool too, because it really gave us all insight into how much WORK goes into (apparently) every single illustration. Neat.
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    I want to go ahead and do an update here since most folks Interested in AB&B follow this forum. We have been silent the last two months as schedules sent team members to do other things. So the promised pdf will hit in lat July or early August. I have a couple (or 4) projects I need to finish by then anyway and we can go full tilt in the last half of the year. Where are we? These first six months were spent laying the ground work. Frankly the project is bigger and better now. It will be something worth your time and I hope folks expectations. But we know where we are headed. Delivery Date: Still hoping for December 2019, but we may end up bleeding into January. My team and I have day jobs etc.. Do you have questions? Feel free to ask them below.
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    Will not cast spells for the shaman, but could cast spells for others that need them, given the nature of the spirit but not at the command of the shaman. Can cast spells on itself. For example a spirit could heal a bison rider's mount if ill or injured. Not because the shaman asks it too, but because it might have been an animal healer (Eirtha Initiate). Yes. Yes, but these are IMO emergency points. They hang around the shaman in the spirit world unless off somewhere else as part of the adventure. Spirits bound by pacts are just like sidekicks in HQG. They are simply spirit helpers that have agreed (with POW) to be friends with the shaman. A bound spirit is different in that the shaman has defeated it and bound it to service. I would personalise these spirits giving them their own magic and abilities if needed. In the case of a Deity (don't forget you can easily modify you chances of finding a deity), I'd make the spirit an avatar or just part of the deity's power. So when meeting Chalana Arroy, you might just have a giant healing spirit as a friend that has all of her rune spells (plus rune points to match). As part of the pact it would tip your Harmony rune +20%, etc. This type of spirit represent to me the normal type of spirit helper that shaman have. They are much more useful and provide game hooks.
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    As an illustrator for RPGs, I am glad I've not had the honor of illustrating for RQ, after reading this thread. Wakboth forbid the curvature of a stressed spear in one of my pieces is wrong.
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    We talk to all licensees at the conceptual stage to ensure projects don't overlap or compete with stuff being done or planned by other licensees, or by Chaosium itself. This is pretty standard practice everywhere, and is to everyone's benefit and protection. Usually this is just a brief discussion with the relevant line editor. Note: an exception to this is community content (the Miskatonic Repository, and soon, the Jonstown Compendium). There you can literally do what you want, and there is no approval process whatsoever - we don't view, vet, or approve anything in community content before it goes live. Just follow the guidelines.
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    LOL! Now I don't feel so alone about my Roman Legionary stats and notes for 470-495 Phase.
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    Because they are! 😄 Almost straight adaptation from the excellent Book of Knights (Green Knight, 2000). And I love the Genpei era -- almost always overlooked in favor of the Sengoku. Around 2004 I was in talks with Greg and Arthaus about developing it fully, and around 2010 Greg was in talks with a Japanese author about something similar. I wasn't aware there was a current project in development, but @sirlarkins, if you want a bundle of 15-year-old development notes, ah'm your huckleberry. !i!
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    Does anyone have more information on the Temple of the Wooden Sword? My Google-Fu is apparently lacking severely when it comes to finding anything other than, it is a thing. I know there was some writeup in a fanzine but, I wouldn't know where to even start looking for an old magazine.
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    Mythras Companion (TDM111) - 56 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($14.99/$5.99), Colour A compilation of additional rules and mechanics for Mythras, taken from several previous supplements and created specially for the Companion itself. Inside you will find rules for tactical combat using a battlegrid and miniatures; rules for sanity and corruption; abstract rules for vehicles of all kinds; a brand new system for resolving social conflict; and detailed rules for handling pursuits and chases. The Mythras Companion is a handy resource for every Mythras GM, with plenty of new material to enhance your scenarios and campaigns. TDM Webstore: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythras-Companion/p/139637618/category=2826223 DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274910/TDM111-Mythras-Companion Sorandib (TDM306) - 116 pages, softcover POD and PDF, ($32.99/$14.99), Colour Sorandib is an ancient city in catastrophic decline. The surrounding country has been laid waste by years of banditry and civil strife; the city itself is rife with factions, lawlessness and social unrest. Large areas are abandoned or under the control of the local gangs. The Iron Simulacrum himself looks to Sorandib as the place he will discover his fate when the Emperor departs the physical plane, where he might be unmade in such a way as to find the key to a continued existence as an independent soul. Sorandib could be the scene of treason on a world shattering scale. The cult of Thesh in Taskay has its eye on direct control not only of the Artificers but of the fire demon Sorantar, who is the city’s god. Sorandib is, in short, a powder keg. And ripe for adventure! This Thennla supplement details Sorandib, its people, districts, cults, gods, factions, and magic. New rules are provided for Artificers, Alchemy, and new spells and miracles. Three self contained adventures take the adventurers on a raid for a fabled tome, to involving them in a nefarious plot by dark forces. Finally, encounters for the frontier lands introduce dangerous new magicians and factions. TDM Webstore: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Sorandib/p/139932715/category=24197110 DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274157/TDM306-Sorandib
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    My approach to canon varies with my prospensity to play a long campaign in the setting. The longer the campaign, the more will deviations from canon make your life difficult if you rely on future publications. For the Lunar Empire, there is too little backward canon available. The association in Champions of the Red Moon didn't quite work for me as a whole, although I will surely continue to draw inspiration from various sections inside. What I would want to play in the Lunar Empire: - descriptions of the normal people, their religious practices (including those where they are led by ambitious nobles to provide magical support for some great project or dart competition scheme) for a number of typical subcultures. (Not necessarily all at once... I'll deal with Orlanthi variant cultures on a case by case basis, too.) - two rivaling houses embroiled in a Dart Competition, with their networks each, rather than just one, possibly more - the Game of Thrones audience managed to track five contenders for the Iron Throne. I guess it is fine to start with a mediocre house that may rise to a major supporter on satrapial dart competitions, and possibly receive recognition over the dead bodies of some other houses. That could include a superior house each, also at odds with one another, at least on some significant topic that involves the player houses. Since Dart Competitions are civilized guerilla warfare, they may aim at basic or specific production or transport of food, trade goods, and military/magical/special supplies. Some sort of basic economy game might be useful to model such warfare. At the same time, Dart Competitions may dig deeply into the mythic realms and target core myths of the Lunar Way or at least the ancestral myths defining those houses. Finally, there could be a Silver Shadow campaign full of Lunar mystical weirdness and intrigue, continuing on the Red Moon (while it is still available as a stage).
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    I'm really cruising along on Tindale. Havent had hardly any "burn out breaks" in the last couple months. Tons of NPCs Side quests Dozens of shops, homes, apartments, temples, guilds, taverns, inns. All mapped, described in detail, and 3d rendered. Figure in another 5 years it will be complete, then comes the editing 😀😀😀
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    Version 1.0.0


    A very dense character sheet for RuneQuest Glorantha done in the the style of the classic sheet by Peter Wake.
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    Book of Sires is out, and here is probably as good a place as any to look for updates. There are a few things in the pipline, but other than the Book of Magicians, the Book of Castles and the Book of Salisbury, a Pendragon based game set in Feudal Japan, and another set in Ancient Greece, we don't what they have in store for the future.
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    All of the above. There were earlier Heortlings who came, likely in the same period that the Colymar came to Sartar and Andrin became Belintar's Governor over Heortland. As trade developed between King Sartar/Boldhome and Queen Bruvala/Nochet, there would have been trade/merchant communities, likely coming from the various confederations. These make up the oldest "Sartarite" clans. Intermarriage likely between clans with bases/factors in Karse and Nochet would have added to these. Starting with Grizzly Peak there begins to be a steadier stream of refugees. The Lunar invasion of 1602 and battles at Runegate/Boldhome sets off whole bloodlines toward Nochet, continued by the infighting between 1603-5. Failure of Starbrow's Rebellion brings more. By 1623, it's built up to over 20k. The granaries are run by the Asrelia temples. Of course, those are controlled by the Enfranchised Houses, so it's a bit of both, and with the Queen participating in the rituals to keep the grain fresh/ripe. Newcomers could donate to the Asrelia temples (which are also granaries), and thus receive benefit as well. Or they could become clients of a greater house (directly to the Enfranchised House, or to other clients of the Enfranchies House) - creates a bit of a pyramid scheme. They owe duties and tribute to the greater house, and for such duties get to share the benefits. The Adjustment Wars brought Nochet down to around 5000 people, most living in the Sacred City. Over time, and particularly with Belintar's ascension to power, Nochet's population grew internally, and via immigration. Some Heortland clans begin to settle after 1320 or so, and do so in Sarli given the presence of Storm Hill. The temples largely 'own' their sites. Some are quite large - the Esrola temple being the best example. Some reclaimed sites/land as Nochet population grew post-Adjustment Wars. But all the Enfranchised Houses also have claims over most of the land in Nochet (excluding Kena Hill, Storm Hill, and the Sacred City), so attempts by temples to claim sites are going to be largely tied to those who also have connections to those same noble houses (e.g. the Grace Temple in Sarli is heavily influenced by House Delaeos and vice versa). Orlanthi priests do not have claims in Sarli - and the guardians at Storm Gate ostensibly keep "Orlanth" out of the city. House Delaeos has claims over and receives tribute from many/most in Sarli. Most have prominent women, usually in one of the Ernalda temples and participating in one of the Societies of the Cloth. However, they will also have Issaries merchants and Lhankor Mhy scribes to deal with various relationships in the city, so not exclusively female. Most of my House Generation questionnaire focuses on the non-Sartarite houses. The one related to the Storm Tide is this: The Storm Tribe Flood As the Lunar Empire advanced south through Tarsh and then into Sartar, many of the Storm Tribe folk fled their homes leaving hearth and clan behind. Many have come to Nochet with their strange and often barbaric ways and customs. They have crowded into Sarli particularly and taken over many privileges from old families, or even married into some houses! What did your House do when the Storm Tribe flood came? o 1. We opened our homes and hearths to the refugees from the north. {House residing in Sarli} o 2. We welcomed the refugees into the city as long as they stayed in Sarli or outside in Rivertown. {Delaeos, Hulta} o 3. We waited to see if Ernalda blessed the refugees. o 4. We opposed the entry of the refugees into the city. {House residing in Sarli, Evaeo} Answers: 1. Your House tried to absorb and adopt the newcomers, but was overwhelmed and socially bankrupted by the influx of refugees, and in many cases married into the newly arrived Orlanthi clan with their foreign and warlike ways. You were forced to find a new patron: choose between Houses Delaeos, Delainaeo, Hulta, or Oranaeo, or the Temple of Grace. Reduce your Communication Resource to 1. Add 1 check to the Generous, Hospitable, and Proud Virtues. Optional: complete the Sartar Clan Questionnaire to determine the background of the clan you ‘adopted’. 2. Your efforts were rewarded. Add 1 to your Communication Resource and 1 check to the Ambitious and Generous Virtues. You have gained one of the Sarli clans as your own client hall. Name the clan and add the ability Patron of Clan {X}. 3. You carefully waited, but have yet to see benefit from your actions. Add 1 check to the Traditional, Miserly, and Cautious Virtues. 4. Your strategy failed and you lost an old privilege to the newcomers. If you lived in Sarli, you have been forced to move to either Tershis or Kalava. Add 1 check to the Miserly and Vengeful Virtues. You have a particular hatred of one of the Sarli clans who is now your enemy. Name the clan and add the flaw: Hate Clan {X}.
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    Those kinds of cross-marriages are behind my research, really... But about a quarter of Nochet is Sartarite in origin, and the Sartarites have either come in clans or guilds or have founded them here, and given them the appearance of Esrolian houses or guilds. I suppose that means that they send a female leader to deal with the powers in Nochet. Sartarite guilds and houses may be reckoned as unreliable and disorderly, lacking the absolute obedience a Grandmother can command. This lack of grandmothers may limit their participation in city decisions, but it helps maintaining a Heortling identity. I am trying to get something analogous to a clan questionnaire for the Sartarites in Nochet. When did they come into the city? That shows until when they participated in Sartar events, and when they started to participate in Nochet events. This may concentrate around major setbacks for Sartar, e.g. the aftermath of the Battle of Grizzley Peak, the invasion in the middle of Terasarin's reign, the troubles after Terasarin's Death leading up to the conquest of Sartar, the Starbrow Rebellion, or other more local events and rebellions. Did they come to Nochet at once, or did they spend some time in their tribal confederation city, and maybe form a new clan out of folk that didn't quite achieve what they wanted in say Jonstown or Wilmskirk? Were they sent by a city guild to provide representation in Nochet? Who sponsored their establishment? Does it have to be a Nochet House or Guild, or can it be a temple (Grace Temple or Orlanth Hill)? What other obligations did they have to enter? Do they maintain a tribe-like network, e.g. preferred marriage partners? How are their links to the Sartarite homeland?
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