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    Latest: this time a more Lunarized soldier from Furthest. If it had occurred to me earlier, I might have attempted to draw most of the Tarsh units to illustrate the variation in weapons and armor, and the varying levels of Lunar influence. Now need to think about that half page of white space in the Arcane Warfare chapter... The mini set displays all the sketches (with exceptions of horse armor and an Orlanthi chariot). The other drawings of weapons, armor, shields, fortifications, maps are in addition to this.
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    Personally, I wouldn't impose that on a PC Duck unless the player was genuinely interested in role-playing such a character.
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    Ducks have lower STR than human, so the ENC problem can be very problematic. With the same armors a human is wearing, your duck will barely be able to walk. RQIII had armor ENC depending on SIZ, but not RQG.
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    Today, the uroxi was taken down by a tusk rider. First thing in the action sequence. One horrible critical tusk gore. He didn't die, but the faces of the rest of the players as they saw the strongest fighter impaled on the ugly end of a boar and dragged for a few rounds was priceless. Gods damn it I love this game.
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    More seriously... Ducks have long occupied a sort of fragile place in Gloranthan gameplay. Partly a Grim Death-Rune species, born to kill. Partly Donald-and-Howard-and-Daffy: comic relief, occasional character more than a regular, 1970's-RPG-weird, etc. With Orange Sauce. Partly a tragic, warped folk: ducks who cannot fly (n.b. ducks are actually amazingly powerful flyers in the RW, so the Durulz are even more accursed than it first appears). I aim for doing all 3, ideally. The Durulz know that others see them as silly and pathetic... and yet the Death Rune sings its dirge within them, and they see those others as fundamentally frivolous, flawed... dying. It can make a duck grumpy, it can! Specially on a nice day for a fly over to the next river BUT OH WAIT, NO, I CAN'T, CAN I?!!! So, DeathRune, plus kinda pissed at the world, plus they ARE a minmaxer's nightmare, so whatcha gonna do? As others have noted -- it's really more a choice for a Roleplay-centric player, someone who will relish the conflicts and dichotomies. I don't see any reason to even TRY to sell the "Death Drake" concept to a player who puts MinMax character design in his top-3 RPG priorities.
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    That is a very recent phenomenon, and by no means universal in the present day. Plenty of religious people, my aunt for example, believe that other religions are worshiping devils or evil spirits.
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    Many of my players want to play Elder Races. I recognize that many Elder Races are estranged from Human Civilization, so I'm trying to figure out how to construct a situation that would allow a Green Elf and a Duck (or any Elder Race) to participate in a game. I made it very clear to them that we are not running a DND game with a different setting and that there could be challenges associated with playing Elder Races. At the same time, these Elder Races are some of the main carrots dangling in front of faces that interest a lot of new players. Especially if they came from DND. They are used to and are most interested in the fantastical. So part of the goal here is to combine the best of both worlds and not say "no" when just a little work can meld everyone's desires together. Items that need solving: 1) What angle could I take that could explain why Elder Races would associate with humans? For the Green Elf I was thinking that they could be an emissary for Green Elves trying to work with humans even if their people won't? They either wouldn't go into human towns, or is there some kind of glamour that they could cast that would allow them to do so? 2) The stats for armor for Elder Races are frequently very low numbers in the Bestiary. For example, a Duck has average armor values in the 2-3 range. Does this mean that Ducks CAN'T or DON'T wear the heftier armor value pieces of humans? Or is that a "commoner" value? It's going to be a hard sell for one of my players to "really want to play a Duck" and then find that Ducks have no armor and they have basically chosen a mechanically less effective character. "No, you can't do that" isn't going to be an option here, so please consider helping me address the situation over going into "THAT NOT HOW GLORANTHA WORK!" mode. This isn't the thread for you, if that's your reaction. Thanks much.
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    In our campaigns we have had some pretty succesful ducks. There are options on the world of Glorantha for almost every race to find ways to really shine. A Duck Rune-Lord can be kitted in pieces of iron for weaponry but, they can also probably wear Aluminum Armor which would make swimming not a problem at all. Most of the actual AP value in later fights is made up of Magical protection. Even wearing as much Iron armor as a Human Humakti can strap on they can only get to about 10-12/13 depending on how you read the armor stacking rules and how much ENC they can carry. Ducks are best suited to being sneaks, thieves, priests, stuff not quite as much on the front-lines like Bill said. We have had success with dual wielding Humakti Death Ducks before though. Literally a whole group of them. Though such groups tend to have a 'Shelf Life' so to speak.
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    Same as the Real World... Orange Sauce.
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    Having individuals from one of the three major elder races join the party places a number of restrictions on the party. As a rule, it is hard to be both an elf friend and a troll friend, and whether it is possible to be a reciprocated friend of dwarves isn't quite clear, although it is possible to be a valuable asset in some greater task of those dwarfs. Aldryami and Mostali have mandatory home leave, or drag their human companions along to their homes. Aldryami in Colymar lands might join Tarndisi's grove, which would make their way home rather short. The Elder Race encounters in Griffin Mountain are rather untypical of their respective species, written to please normal elf/dwarf expectations. The mostali party consists of individualists with too many generalist skills, and their leader should really be a noncombatant Gold dwarf rather than the competent warrior king. They are however what many RQ2 players regard as their Elder Race normal. Trolls as party members are easy. They have a number of disgusting habits, but that's not different from certain human stereotypes like alcoholic Storm Bull berserks or tricksters. It helps to have one or two humans with similar predilections in the party. Trollkin may be a lot easier - they make excellent ablative meat and tragicomical relief, and can be on par with ducks. Great Trolls are first and foremost meat shields. But both great trolls and trollkin can be real characters - a trollkin could easily fill the role of Sam Gamgee to another party leader and provide servitor wisdom, and a great troll could act as a moral compass and even as social glue. Dark Trolls are power houses, especially female ones (XU healers somewhat less). Unbroken aldryami following High King Elf or one of the deities shared between aldryami and humans may attach themselves to Yelmalians and Earth worshipers. They are pretty restricted in their abilities to interact with larger groups of humans, and they will have to have some sort of mission, whether gathering intelligence or persecuting specific enemies of the forest. Aldryami twenagers might set out or be sent out to experience humans and other non-aldryami. Other types of aldryami may be played, too - dryads and pixies are possible. A dryad away from her tree/grove would be rare, and would have to have a very special doom or mission, but with a high likelihood to be a shamaness there might be a sufficiently good motivation. Even so, many an aldryami will be unavailable for certain missions, and have a hard time to participate in things like the Sacred Time rites away from their own people. Greatway Individualist Openhandists are borderline able to join a party, but would need some reason to do so, too, and some means to be effective. A work team might be easier to integrate than individuals. A tin darf operating a set of gremlins and/or nilmergs might actually have enough indirect abilities to be an adventurer. Iron dwarfs are pretty boring munchkin warrior-smiths. If you want a tank, especially against trolls or elves, having an iron dwarf on your team is fine. A gold dwarf could be inquisitive, but their main role is that of an overseer and decision maker. Useless in practical skills, a gold dwarf would need some subjects to heed his commands unfailingly in order to put up with more disorderly people (like e.g. a disciplined team of Templars). I think that a mixed party of several dwarfs and attached humans might be able to work, with a dwarf-driven storyline. Merfolk are difficult to integrate into any land-based adventuring. A predominantly coastal/high seas game can have them, and the Holy Country boasts two cities that can be visited by merfolk, too - certain roads of Nochet, and most of Seapolis. The City of Wonders used to be such a place, too, and it is possible that the fish road nexus somehow survived the disappearance of most of the rest of the city. Dragonewts as player characters will probably produce rather variant Gloranthan experiences. Other non-human species are easier to integrate, although centaurs are almost as limited in their choice of terrain as are merfolk. Morokanth might be a lot easier, although narrow passages or steep inclines mean the end of the road for them, too. Ethilrist's demon horses can at least send out their riders - a possibility for Morokanth with awakened herd men, too. Wind children are hopeless for indoors activities. Wyrms as player characters are oversized and both overpowered and under-skilled. Two-legged beastfolk, newtling bachelors, magisaurs, tusk riders, baboons, gorillas, keets and other such creatures work as party members with similar effects as trolls. Lunar cultist chaos humanoids might be feasible in Lunar lands, but would require some World of Darkness approach to deal with their destructive urges. (Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda TV series has a broo PC, Rev Bem, in all but name, but that crew is as weirdo as a crew can get.) Pairing such characters with a sidekick to function as ersatz-character in those situations where the main character cannot function might be a way to solve the individual exclusion problems. Otherwise, your party might need some kind of followers that can be shared by players of currently inconvenienced characters - something like the Ars Magica troupe play. If you want a party with exotic party members, these exots will always be outside of their own social group other than the party. You can have something like Torath Manover's Lightbringer party with a fledgeling exile power structure of their own. You should be prepared to bring the party into the homeland of their exots on a regular basis unless those characters play the exile for some reason. It is your choice how whacky and how surreal you want your Glorantha to play out. Personally, I prefer atmospherically dense gaming over weirdness. Would-be players of extreme characters should give me a good idea how they want to play such a character, what kind of storyline they see for those special challenges of such a character, and how they mean to integrate that character into the party and the storyline. That goes for ducks as well as for trolls or ludoch. Special needs characters can expect to be left out in certain scenarios, and as a consequence will have slower skill progression than the rest of the party. There cannot be a guarantee that they will balance this with more spotlight in scenarios where they can participate, either. When playing the savage bodyguard/sidekick of some socially well integrated leader, I aim to be socially embarrassing in a consistent way, and can be as much a pain in the posterior as a well-behaved trickster. When GMing such a party, I expect some consistency, too, and a roundabout way to produce results rather than "good Orlanthi style behavior" by non-Orlanthi (replace with Esrolian or Praxian as needed).
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    Forgive me for relinking to this pic, but I feel its time is due, again…
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    SPOILER: suspect it will turn out the Stranger Things kids have been in a CALL OF CTHULHU campaign all along...
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    The new tin inn from the GM's screen pack - by the way if you haven't bought the GM screen then buy it , its amazing.
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    I was going to mention how all over baroque and medieval music the d&d crew are. Forget Gregorian chants and the Medieval Babes.
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    I would add para-Aldryami (paraldryami) and IMG para-Mostali (who may or may not become the Laderalites) along with possibly others. I'll be your search engine and will start with the western totem nations. It might take time. But I like having this lens in place. The first detail that comes to mind is now we have a better sense of an archaic Pelorian diaspora as well so it's possible that horse nations can be triangulated back to a central disintegration of [King Griffon]. The loose thread that will get me through it is knowing that when the Basmolites met horse people the antipathy was instant and deep. The joke is that horse doesn't thrive in Pamaltela. The wonder is Ironhoof, son of the lady. Broken Council is rare enough!
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    You're right, attacks on the same SR are supposed to be in DEX order, or simultaneous if both have the same DEX. Since it's quite ok to resolve them simultaneously, though, I just skip the DEX thing and go straight to simultaneous on the SR. It's quicker and easier, and leads to more frequent interesting outcomes.
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    Less seriously: what do you call a Durulz spy? Peeking Duck!
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    IMO Sacre du Printemps is the perfect accompanyment for the Wild Temple rites. No Chaos required, only raw Creation powers of Arachne Solara (and perhaps some digestive problems after giving birth to Time).
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    Might i recommend Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade for the Lunar Pantheon, I Know it might fit better in Pamatela, Fonrit perhaps. But is it different and foreign and strange enough to evoke Satraps, Mad Sultans, young girls dreaming of becoming Red Moons and crimson bats. https://youtu.be/zY4w4_W30aQ Cheers
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    There have been different definitions of "Galanini", and one of them as originally horse Hsunchen never has been made obsolete, although a pure Hsunchen form probably predates Time, or was a retro-actively Hsunchenized form of the Enerali. As far as I am concerned, Enerali, Pendali and Enjoreli are what you get when you civilize Galanini, Basmoli and Tavwari respectively. Whether this happened through interbreeding with Kachisti survivors or other theist acculturation I cannot say. I would tentatively place this after the Golden Age, throughout the sunny parts of the Storm Age and onward in the lesser Darkness prior to the destruction of the World Mountains (Spike, Flamal etc.)
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    Good call, prep is a large fraction of a job! The rest of your message answers any questions I might have there Well I hoped I was able to help then No it does not, well maybe.... But I understand. Thanks for the explanation, and with all that said I hope my answers will assist. Now you see why it took me about a month to answer, Touchy subject, no?
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    The Lyonesse RPG, coming next year, has some incredibly fiendish ways of imprisoning powerful magicians - assuming you are a powerful magician yourself, and command the right sandestins. If you're familiar with the Lyonesse stories, then the fate of Twitten of Twitten's Corner, or Sartzanek, who killed several wizards, can be easily replicated within the game (assuming you're a magician of course. And on the right side of Murgen).
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    I would worry about personality long before, all the way during and long after the character creation. That would be to make him or her shine! To just be a good character... that's a different matter. I have been trying to figure out how to say this since your character creation videos. I have a niggling bother and I do not want to dampen enthusiasm but I find a little bit to much worry about min/maxing in your thinking. If you use common sense, It is very hard to nerf a character in RQ G. Not very hard, just hard. Make it a difficult ride, yes, simply choose a character with disadvantages. A duck perhaps. Howard the Duck was a mistake walking, a wise-quacking Neanderthal cigar sucking, fedora wearing throwback to the forties in the groovy let to all hang out seventies. A short but kinda cute duck having sex with a bombshell, in comics. When he insults everyone, is nasty when everything is against him (in his mind that is always), how does he come through it all smelling good, A great personality to overcome all his many disadvantages. Mello Yello, MOB's own character who was a baboon who so desperately wanted to join Yelmalio he painted himself yellow and would hang out with the files and parody them when they would train. Nerfed, could be, great. Yes! To make an console gaming analogy If you choose a humakti, yelmalio, chaos assassin, or elder race you have decided to choose the Difficult Setting in your players options for DOOM 3, good luck. The defaults are of course easier. Pregens going through the adventures book easiest of all. But that is not what you are looking for. Had I warned you away from the easy path earlier when you were worrying about character generation it would be easier to say that the stats have relevancy, yes, eventually you will want 18s and 90%s but having difficulties to overcome should not dissuade you from doing it a certain way. From doing it your way. If logic tells you that it will be more difficult one way the mechanics will usually bear this out. Not alway, sometimes the rules suck and let you down. Kinda like life. It sucks but lacks a referee to kiss it and make it all better <grin>. Sometimes it will take the campaign to finish before you have a better handle on the rules . This is okay. Not every character must be The best you can be in the army.... oops wrong public service announcement. No, but what is common to humans? I think 2 point or three would usually be common to humans as well As a scout skirmisher or guide , especially in bogs, yes... Frontline otherwise, only if stats say so. or the ducks personality (as Clinton would say, define, wise)... In answer to your question from a min/max angle... look for professions where a small size is an advantage or not a disadvantage. Thief comes to mind of course, scribe, sorcerer, detective sort, assassin. ETA interestingly this works by duck's personality stereotype as well as size. Cheers
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    I guess you confused the minimum STRength of 9 with the Strike Rank column (last but one). Weapon strike ranks range between zero and four.
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    It's less than 80% so the GM can't force it and clearly the most part doesn't apply to an Adventurer who has taken warrior as an occupation.
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    Much the same as I would not impose honour on a player lest he choose it himself.
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    There is a long tradition of playing Humakti Ducks, known as Death Drakes and Storm Bull Ducks, known as Storm Bills. In one of my campaigns from the 80s someone played a female Death Drake called Hen-Hur. It's not always about min/max but the narrative strength of a character. Minsc in Baldurs Gate is a prime example.
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    Thank you, everyone. Followup: There is nothing stopping me from telling a player that they can make a Duck that wears armor of the point values common to humans, correct? But at the same time, encumbrance is a significant aspect of RQ, and they would pretty much be making it impossible for them to swim. Followup: When you make a Duck adventurer, what do you do? Duck priest/magic combatant? How do you make a Duck "shine" in RQG?
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    Oh, it's easy. You just have to wait longer. The problem is staying alive while the giant is suffocating. Yes, very efficient. Sadly, my character didn't knew Venom.
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    Common enemy is a fair bet, a Malia cult expansion in the marginal regions between humans and elder races, a chaos bloom. Something on those lines? Elves and other man-rune races have a bit of an empathy problem, but they at least can make an effort to produce scions that look man like and can pick up human/troll/baboon emotional cues when the forest council decideds that there is an interest in communication. Dragonnewts and Orthodox Mostali are pretty difficult to plumb in. Even Pavis Dwarves are unlikely to join up with other elder race companions. At least the Pavis and Elder-wilds have some concentrations of elder race habitation close enough to each other to have occasions for contact. They don't have a lot of trust for each other, but then young adventurers have less respect for tradition than the average non-human
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    Well, if we're speaking of 16m high RQ3 Giants (as I was), it's not really easy to suffocate them as they have average CON around 94. On the other hand, Sever Spirit works perfectly fine.
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    You will want to check out The Eleven Lights, part two of Red Cow.
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    No argument on that point. But that doesn't take in account the various nutballs of various flavor that will avoid medical assistance for one reason or another. Not to mention that the various agencies will delay early response because they will be afraid if they act early and are wrong they will be committing political/legal suicide. I expect that if, no when it happens, any hope of containment will be lost because they will be caught up in worrying about who they might offend and pi$$ away the opportunity. But I guess that is just my natural pessimism 🤪
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    That's not bad advice. A new GM needs the core rules\ book, and the GPC is timeline for the entire campaign, so those two are probably the best placwe to start, and probably take some time to "digest" . It might not just be what you need, but also what the other books can add. No one needs to be able to play during the time of Uther, but it can be nice. No one needs to be able to improve their manor,or build a castle, or play a lord or some sort, but they can all add to the experience. But I agree with you about how/where to start. For those of us who have played the game for decades, and have most or all of the existing supplements, incorporating something new is pretty easy and can add new elements and more depth to the game, and help to keep all the campaigns from feeling the same (they do all share the same timeline of major events). But at the start? Better to learn how to handle the the core game mechanics and storyline. They are key.
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    Btw, you can also find many useful ideas for an SMU campaign in the 13th Age in Glorantha book. It includes material related to the Eaglebrown Warlocks, the Snakepipe Dancers, and the Eleven Lights. p.326: "But the mass battles of the Hero Wars and Argrath’s organizational coups are not our concern. Your 13th Age Glorantha campaigns make the PCs the heroes that count. There won’t be any pivotal battles between the Lunars and the Orlanthi if the cosmos falls apart first. Our treatment of the Sartar Magical Union focuses on how affiliation with bizarre groups and traditions can shape your character’s heroic attempts to prevent the world from unraveling. The groups in question might or might not eventually come together as full-fledged members of a magical Union, but even if not they’ll provide your heroes with powers to use against Chaos and other enemies." Perhaps if you're campaign focuses on the Eaglebrown Warlocks, you are sent off as "storm-chasers", looking for signs of the Thunderbird so that you can gain: a Thunderclaw (a melee weapon, usually sword or spear) hurled from the sky by the Thunderbird; or the Magnificent Wings Cloak; or the Eaglebrown Mask; or perhaps even a Thunderstone to hurl at your foes. Or pesky Raven keeps stealing your weapons or magics and you need to track it down to defeat it once and for all. Might even need a quest into the Gods War to do that - but you'll need to defeat Sun Hawk and his allies first. p.409 has an example of another possible scenario: "For example, perhaps the Sartarites have been taking shipments of enchanted copper weapons and ritual paraphernalia from the Shaker Temple held by the Tarsh Exiles to the northwest. The Sartar Magical Union is using these sacred items for a powerful magical effort that they have underway. When these shipments mysteriously cease, the characters are sent to the sacred mountain of Kero Fin, Wintertop Fort and the Shaker Temple, to find out what has blocked them." Or p.410: "One of the PCs’ regular contacts has a special mission for them. Ironhoof, the heroic centaur leader of the Beast Men, is leading an elite regiment of centaur spirit archers in coordination with the Sartar Magical Union, so he is far from Beast Valley. He needs someone to bear a message to his captain in Duck Point, and since the heroes are going that way. . . ." The adventure Ascending with the Eleven Lights (p.434+) looks at a different group from the Sartar Magical Union and ties in well with the Eleven Lights campaign.
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    As the Tarsh civil war heats up, they are going to be allies of Sartar. Latest image. The saga of filling up white space: Introduction - full Fundamentals of Warfare - full Arms and Armor - full Regional Warfare - full The Battlefield – full Transport and Mobility - full Fortifications and Siege Warfare - full Arcane Warfare – ½ page Gods of War - full Armies of Central Genertela – n/a Army Lists – n/a Appendices – ⅛ page Index – n/a Sources - n/a Going to see if I can fill the Appendices gap with another Tarshite regiment.
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    I hope you enjoyed your Sunday brunch.
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    Your BRP central does seem to vary...
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    I would love to see a KAP 5.2 Roman Empire book with the added option to start your Pendragon campaign before/during the Roman occupation of Britain 😀. Or just Playing during the Roman Empire would be great to.
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    Totally agree with you Ian the Gempei Period of Japan is by far the most interesting stage in Japan and the best suited for Roll Play with these rules IMHO
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    As an illustrator for RPGs, I am glad I've not had the honor of illustrating for RQ, after reading this thread. Wakboth forbid the curvature of a stressed spear in one of my pieces is wrong.
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    Monsters that are HIDDEN most of the time and INFECT scare me the most. The Borg, as you mention. Also, The Thing From Another World/Who Goes There?/John Carpenter's The Thing. I think it comes down to the primal fear of imprisonment (even if metaphoric) and loss of the privilege to not be yourself. Plus, there isn't much you can do to avoid highly infectious threats. So, there is a loss of choice element as well.
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    Zit's spot on. Just calculate the Treasure Factor for the party members and then make sure the monsters AT LEAST total that amount of TF. I say at least because a party with good synergy can survive a 200% of their TF advantage with some difficulty and routinely defeat up to 150% of their TF just through cooperation. I used this system to balance games so much that I even changed the name to Threat Factor.
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    I shouldn't need to add that if you want to use Legend for a project, you need to make sure that your project does not otherwise violate someone else's IP. But given the amount of wilful ignorance out there nowadays, I think it is probably prudent to remind folk of that as well.
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    There are probably good reasons for that. If Chaosium is okay with the Legend OGL, it may still not be wise to state that publicly, because that might imply that it is waiving intellectual property rights it might or might not be able to claim; and that might have further repercussions in case someone else tries to publish their own derivative works. Personally, I can't imagine chaosium trying to pull the plug on Legend and products based on the Legend OGL; for one thing, I guess it's a much more murky case than Open Cthulhu, because the only thing really connecting Legend to chaosium's intellectual property is that its rules are derived from the rules Mongoose has designed based on earlier edition of RQ (and the way I understand it, general rules mechanisms aren't really copyright-protected, only the wording and specific trademarks like "RuneQuest"). Also, it is clear that chaosium and The Design Mechanism (developers of RQ6/Mythras) came to an agreement that allowed TDM to re-brand RuneQuest 6 as Mythras and continue it. It would seem strange if Chaosium would suddenly decide to consider the whole bunch of Legend-OGL-based games (Mythras, OpenQuest, Renaissance) an infringement on their copyright. However, I don't have any inside knowledge, nor any in-depth knowledge on the legal side of these things ... To me, it seems to make most sense that Chaosium won't state outright that they're okay with Legend-derived games, but that they very well might just keep letting them do their thing - but please don't take this as legal advice! I don't expect Jeff or anyone else to answer to this post or further direct questions about the Legend OGL; I guess in business, there's sometimes no way around speaking legaleeze - or not speaking at all about some things.
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    Is this Mythic Babylon 5? OMG This is Awesome!!! Mythic Babylon 5. I can't believe it. OMG. My favorite Scifi comes to my favorite game!!! OMG... OMG. 😉 Rod OMG
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    This is the first map - Im working on others and ill upload them as my party gets through them. Please note the disclaimer text on the map for more info. Gringles pawnshop. for your enjoyment.
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