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    The final PDFs from the RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter are now available. All groundbreaking releases for the RPG art form in their day, and now easily compatible with the new edition of RuneQuest. —TROLLPAK - https://www.chaosium.com/trollpak-pdf—BIG RUBBLE - https://www.chaosium.com/big-rubble-pdf—PAVIS - https://www.chaosium.com/pavis-pdfAll fully-remastered PDF true to their original printing. The three final RQ Classic releases are now also available at DriveThruRPG. All fully-remastered PDF true to their original printing.—TROLLPAK : http://bit.ly/30oQVUU—BIG RUBBLE : http://bit.ly/2LOSZlc—PAVIS : http://bit.ly/2XFnwJs
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    Any chance of Chaosium printing these and selling dead tree versions of them some fine day?
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    I’m very happy to announce that Elevation has been released today! Into the Unknown Elevation was a proud organisation of brave explorers, seeking new worlds and alien species. Now, 40 years later, its founder has been lost in space. Funds dwindle, outdated equipment falls apart and Elevation’s few remaining starships barely work. But a small team of die-hard explorers refuse to give up. The search for new aliens ready to join the galactic community is much too important to leave to greedy corporations and criminals. Elevation is a new setting for M-SPACE created by Michael Larrimore. It features new worlds, alien species, organisations and a three-part campaign. Book and PDF Release The book is 174 pages. The first half contains setting details while the second half presents a three part campaign - four parts, if you include The Triton Incident. Early reviews have been very positive: ‘Up front, let me say I like it and want more!’ Michael Beck ‘The setting is well thought out with lots of background information and story hooks. It feels easy to get into the world and start a campaign.’ Rickard Falk ‘Overall a very solid, and well written exploration adventure.’ Robert Graves 15% Launch Discount We have two versions available on DriveThruRPG: print and PDF. To buy them, just follow the links below. The discount lasts until Friday, so you need to be quick. Elevation Print $19 $16.15 PDF $10.95 $9.30 The Triton Incident Print $5 $4.25 PDF Free If you want to know more before committing, you can still download The Triton Incident as a free PDF (use the link above). And make sure you get the player’s kit as well - the link is in the PDF. Clarence Redd
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    Hi, I've written a review of this book: You can read it here
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    The Gateway Bestiary PDF is also for sale now too. It wasn't part of the Kickstarter, but people were interested in getting an electronic copy of it.
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    Also, don't forget what a good word "apocryphal" is for some non-canonical stuff. It may not actually be canon, but it's widely accepted and considered quite useful.
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    Voting for the 2019 ENnie Awards is now live! THE GLORANTHA SOURCEBOOK and RUNEQUEST: ROLEPLAYING IN GLORANTHA and have booth been nominated, along with THE CALL OF CTHULHU STARTER SET, MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP, TERROR AUSTRALIS and MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY: THE RESTRICTED COLLECTION. You can also vote for Chaosium is Fan Favourite Publisher. We'd love your support - from all the team at Chaosium:http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019 How you can vote for Chaosium, Call of Cthulhu, and RuneQuest at the ENnies: 1. Go to the ENnies page: http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2019 2. Vote 1 for the Call of Cthulhu/Chaosium product in these categories: Best Adventure — Masks of Nyarlathotep, Chaosium Inc. Best Art, Cover — Call of Cthulhu – Terror Australis 2nd Edition, Chaosium Inc. Best Art, Interior — RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Slipcase Set, Chaosium Inc. Best RPG Related Product — Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection, Chaosium Inc Best Rules — Call of Cthulhu Starter Set, Chaosium Inc. Best Setting — Call of Cthulhu – Terror Australis 2nd Edition, Chaosium Inc. Best Supplement — The Glorantha Sourcebook, Chaosium Inc 3. Your second favourite gets a "2" vote, third favourite gets a “3”, and so on. Please also vote for our Mythos licensees, partners, and friends! PRODUCT OF THE YEAR — Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set, HPLHS Best Aid/Accessory – Non-Digital — Masks of Nyarlathotep Gamer Prop Set, HPLHS Best Electronic Book — Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, Stygian Fox Publishing Best Monster/Adversary — Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e, Petersen Games; Hideous Creatures: A Bestiary of the Cthulhu Mythos, Pelgrane Press Best Online Content — Seth Skorkowsky, Seth Skorkowsky Best RPG Related Product — Dark Adventure Radio Theatre - Masks of Nyarlathotep, HPLHS Best Supplement — The 7th Edition Guide to Cthulhu Invictus, Golden Goblin Press 4. Choose Chaosium as your FAN FAVOURITE PUBLISHER - we'd be flattered! Like the Great Old One himself, Chaosium has arisen from the depths, and your support keep us above the waves. 5. Tell your friends who are Call of Cthulhu and Chaosium fans to submit their vote too! Congratulations to the many talented writers, artists, creators and fans world-wide involved in Chaosium's and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition's continuing success, and the triumphant return of RuneQuest—these nominations are a testament to your talent, dedication, and support! Voting is live and runs until July 21, 2019 at 11:00pm EDT.
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    I would use Demolition to set up an explosive, as BigJackBrass explained, but allow Electrical Repair with one higher difficulty to disarm explosive with electrical components as part of group check.
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    Perhaps an adventurer party composed of Elder Races and a human could secretly be a God Plane manifestation of the I Fought We Won Battle. Maybe that's why, unbeknowst to every party member, they all get along so nicely. Even when their comrades who don't belong to the group disreard them as loonies. Maybe their secret wyter is an entity of that event before Time. That or the Green Age. Pavis himself was after some harmony-related magic like that. Perhaps that city god has secretly masterminded the group coming together...
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    It's up to your gamemaster but I would say absolutely not. Learning to do something in your "off" hand isn't simply making similar movements with something slightly different in your hand, it's writing all new motions and habits, which is a lot more difficult. Think of it as the difference between switching from cursive to printing to calligraphy (same group) vs trying to write with your left hand. Answer added to Q&A
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    It has been done I'm going to keep my trap shut for now since there's chunk of work that needs to be done before I can let slip any details, but expect some news on the HeroQuest Glorantha front from D101 soon
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    It should probably be all random. Adjacent might be a carryover from shield parrying. I'll take a look and see if the matrix/table needs to be corrected. Again, this might be a carryover. These charts had a lot of editing and back-and-forth and could have used more. That's a legacy rule. Ignore it as you see fit. I intend to remove it from any future editions. You may not believe this, but our playtest GMs asked us to be quite explicit about whether an attack hits or not for every entry. It's the most basic question... "Did the attack hit?" and for various reasons people thought it wasn't always evident, even when the results discussed damage.
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    The poster maps are included with the PDFs. Thus you will get a PDF of the book, and a PDF of the poster map. Player Handouts are also part of the book PDF, so it's only a matter of printing out the desired pages. Box sides are not available. The front of the box is the cover of the book, and likewise for the box bottom and the back cover of the book.
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    Yep, reading would put me to sleep every time. One chapter, yawn, two chapter, yawn...
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    This is impressively powerful and somewhat broken in a sufficiently long campaign. However, since there's a "mythic content" restriction on DI, I would not allow DI to Orlanth for extra intelligence. 🙂 Other stats yes, INT no. Other gods might have different such restrictions.
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    It's mentioned in the Wiki as coming from the book on the Middle Sea Empire and History of the Heortling Peoples, although the latter is from an Orlanthi perspective and doesn't mention what is going on aside from Sorcery, so it's probably in the former. I think the Moon Rune connection is very convincing speculation, although I haven't read the book myself. Obviously you should say it is so you can have a dungeon crawl in a ruined machine city to uncover moonbreaking secrets.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh49HehENPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRg_8NNPTD8 Heilung are a neofolk band that get really into the norse/germanic tribe aesthetic. I'm like 40% sure it's a nazi thing but it fits a lot of glorantha aesthetically.
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    You have never read Edna the tattooed lady.
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    Why settle for that? Dead sheep version!
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    What an awesome official license agreement... Chaosium and Lego... Lego.ducks, trolls, dragonewts... Awesomeness!!!!!!
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    Do you have any idea how many Lhankor Mhy Aldryami had to Heroquest to get to the technological level to have PDF???
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    +1 The availability of print copies was, IIRC, set as an expectation during the KS, but no specific commitment was made (that I recall). But there was a LOT of discussion, so I may not recall... I think Rick's last comment on the topic was that Chaosium would look at the whole pile of Stretch Goals, once they were complete, and try to pull together a maximally-cost-effective print run. I too prefer the DeadTree for most of my game books, and am hoping this happens!
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    Personally, I'd keep it simple, to Control (Animal Spirit) but a more detail-oriented gamemaster may wish to make things more focused with Control (specific type as per list in the Bestiary p167-168). Answer added to Q&A
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    Correct. You can't keep a Sword Trance active for a year, unless you can for some reason keep fighting without sleep, eating, self-care, conversation, travel, etc. for that year. Though the "as-written" mechanics of the spell and Extension seem to indicate it's possible, the gamemaster should interpret the purpose of the spell and its use within the mythic framework of Glorantha. If it makes no sense to remain active, then it should end when it feels appropriate. Answer added to Q&A
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    This one is open a bit to gamemaster interpretation, but I tend to go with answer 2. The task is "fighting with my spear in this battle" so the Swim augment applies throughout that combat, but would end with it. Most combats resolve within a minute or two (five to ten combat rounds), which feels about right. For answer 1, you could spend days in the temple and use many different skills in between, which makes a one-use augment too powerful AND too restrictive at the same time. For answer 3, you're still using the same spear and using it to fight. For answer 4, this is far too fiddly. Answer added to Q&A
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    Not sure if this was specifically mentioned in the previous 19 pages, but bind yourself a low POW disease spirit (6 or so) so that it'll have a really low Spirit Combat skill, defeat it for the 1D3 POW (as per previous).... Then, Restore Health on its lost POW. This saves you all the trouble of the random summons.
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    1) not to my knowledge 2) not that I'm aware of - there was none back in WF14, and that's really the first good reference for True Dragons and dragonewts (and provides the core of what has come forward) 3) I'd make it in-line with aspects of the Dragon's other powers (as well as being naturally "fiery" or corrosive). Minimally POT 20, but I'd expect more like POT 25-30. Might have properties like a liquid "metal" - the Brown Dragon's blood might have aspects like bronze, the Green Dragon's like copper, etc - until it solidifies and then becomes like an unenchanted metal. Maybe imbibing it (and not dying in the process) turns your blood purple or they gain one Dragon Magic effect. 4) And of course there should be weird effects if they imbibe the blood. Dragonewts approach. They can see phantom dragonewts walking on the dragonewt roads. It becomes harder to connect or talk to spirits or gods (penalties to abilities such as Worship, Spirit Travel; or to Passions such as Devotion). Maybe they take on the Passions of Crested Dragonewts! And then there are the dreams … the dreams of a Dragon … they start penetrating into the PC's dreams and it starts to become difficult to separate reality from the Dragon's dreams.
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    It's questionable whether Zistor worship granted you anything, I'm thinking?
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    Where's that gif about shutting up and taking my money when you need it?
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    Is what the Glorantha.com page linking to it says.
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    No. It is now magically a magical blade of fire, not iron. Roll for the Fireblade damage instead. Answer added to Q&A
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    No, you still roll hit location. The benefit of Sureshot that it automatically hits. That means it can't be parried (with a shield) or dodged. You'll hit someone hiding behind a wall or moving or in the middle of melee. You can hit them in the dark. These are huge advantages. You can, however, make an aimed blow at strike rank 12 (see page 197), cast Sureshot and use half your skill to determine whether it is a special or critical. Not alone. Re-read the final sentence of Illusory Substance on page 332. You would need to cast Illusory Motion in tandem with it to be able to move and manipulate your 2D6 invisible weapon. You could create a stationary illusory spike under someone to fall on, but both spells would be needed for something you'd wield in combat. Answers added to Q&A
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    Multispell (1 pt.) costs 1 Rune point to cast. Disruption costs 1 magic point per use. Spending 1 Rune point and 2 magic points lets you cast a double-strength Disruption spell. If you spend 2 Rune points, you can add another casting of Disruption to the mix, for a total of 2 Rune points and 3 magic points to cast a 3D3 Disruption spell. This continues per additional Rune point spent. Answer added to Q&A
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    In this I must defer to the prior designers of the game (Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, and company). It's been that way since RQ1 and making such a fundamental change to the mechanics of combat was both outside the design goal and something Jeff and I weren't interested in doing. It is, I believe, very specifically to keep things relatively clear and to disincentivize ranged combatants from getting within movement range of melee opponents If that makes things easier for you, Your RuneQuest May Vary. Answers added to Q&A
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    Yep. You can improve POW through the following: A successful Worship roll made on the High Holy Day of the cult or during Sacred Time lets you attempt a POW gain roll. Winning a POW vs. POW struggle during adventuring lets you attempt a POW gain roll (if the resistance roll chance was below 95%). Spending 500 L and training for a full week at your temple lets you attempt a POW gain roll. Accepting a geas from either Humakt (page 296, result 3) or Yelmalio (page 309, result 7).
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    Thanks. Building Old Town out of Lego
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    Back checking out Chaosium, these forums and found this - really hope it's released so my investment in Magic World can be realised - amazing news. Best wishes with this -checked your other game content/works - great stuff!!
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    All characters have MP. There are some spells that drain MPs and once you reach 0 you drop unconscious.
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    And we are off to a great start! After 24 hours we hit No.1 in Hottest Small Press.
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    I just noticed the moniker, AB&B. Bad Sean, to your dungeon young monster! No more puns for you! Cheers
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    Horrors of War Kickstarter - statement from Chaosium and Adam Scott Glancy After discussing the current state of the Horrors of War Kickstarter, Chaosium and Adam Scott Glancy have decided on the best path forward for the project. Over the past few years, Chaosium has extended the license for the Kickstarter several times, but the license has now expired. We've all agreed to let that situation stand. While Scott has made significant progress on the project and it looks to be moving toward completion, the completion date is not yet fixed. Instead of extending the license again, Chaosium has agreed to review Horrors of War when it is complete, with a new license available at that point. This leaves open the possibility that Horrors of War will be the project originally promised backers, but alleviates some pressure on Scott and allows him to fully focus on getting the project across the finish line. Scott and Chaosium reached this decision amicably and all lines of communication remain open. Chaosium will continue to provide information and advice to Scott on the Horrors of War project in whatever ways he finds helpful. We all want to see Scott's hard work and the backers' patience rewarded with the best book possible, as soon as possible.Scott will be updating his backers regularly, and all questions about the Horrors of War project should be directed to him through the link here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/460966263/horrors-of-war-a-convenant-with-death/creator_bio
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    There is also the very Gloranthan possibility to make an existing faked religion real, most easily by "finding out" that the religion has "really been X" all the time, proving that connection, and voila, real magic from the Ultimate and not just some Short World reservoir that was filled with worship. New gods can and do arise from apotheosis of heroic (and/or demigod) individuals, too, and even ordinary mortals can become demigods as a figure of worship.
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    SPOILER: suspect it will turn out the Stranger Things kids have been in a CALL OF CTHULHU campaign all along...
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    Personally I'd say Demolition, with Electrical Repair being an alternative only if the explosive has an electrical trigger. I've always considered demolition skills in RPGs to be about knowing precisely where to place a charge, as well as how to set it off without being caught in the explosion. If the person setting up the explosive has no demolition skill then, depending on the circumstances, I might make the damage caused less than would be the case with someone who understands what they are doing.
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    Here's my intro for my Sartarite campaign, which had some players new to Glorantha. (NOTE: Starting date about 1620) An Introduction to Sartar Q: What is Sartar? A: Sartar is a mountainous kingdom situated on the eastern edge of Dragon Pass, a strategically important crossroads in the world of Glorantha. Sartar is the homeland of the players in my upcoming UsQuest campaign (currently in playtesting). Sartar is peopled by hill tribes which have a Norse/Celtic feel and who worship a storm god named Orlanth. Sartar’s capital is Boldhome. Most of the PCs will come from the Treefell clan of the Balmyr tribe. The kingdom was founded about 100 years ago and since its birth has been involved in a conflict with a powerful northern empire called The Empire of the Red Moon (aka the Lunar Empire aka the Redcloaks aka the fucking Lunars). Here’s a good map of Sartar: http://www.glorantha.com/new/fan/MapDragonPass.jpg There’s also a political map of Sartar here: http://www.stempest.demon.co.uk/glorantha/dptribes.html It’s a bit inaccurate, especially in the area you’re from. Some stupid Lunar must’ve made it. Q: How did we do in this war? A: You lost. The Lunars kicked your ass in 1602, sacked Boldhome, and installed a puppet king (and eventually a Lunar governor-general). Sartar has risen up in three major rebellions since them. 1611, 1613 (Starbrow’s Rebellion, the big one), and 1618. The Sartarites lost every time. It’s now 1620. The PCs are all in their early 20s, so, assuming they fought in the previous uprisings, they were raw recruits in 1611 and 1613, hardened vets in 1618. They’ve never really known freedom or victory. Most of your fathers died in 1602. Many of your relatives and friends have died in one or more of these uprisings. For the Lunar point of view on the current state of affairs, go here: http://www.etyries.com/journeys/liberate.htm Again, not quite accurate, in that it lists the Balmyr (your tribe) as “liberated.” Suckers. Q: How bad do we hate the Lunars? A: A lot. Not only do they march around in their hobnailed sandals and red cloaks wherever they’d like, they tax people (boo), crucify people they don’t like (double boo) and they worship an evil chaos tainted moon goddess (triple boo). Oh, and they want to kill your god, Orlanth. And they don’t speak the language. And they smell like vinegar. And they like having sex with little boys (instead of women or transvestites like real men). You can actually take a Communication skill called Hatred of Lunars if you’d like to really, really hate them. It’s kind of like having a ranger’s favored enemy feat. Q: What can we do about this outrageous occupation? A: Damn good question. Rumor has it Kallyr Starbrow, Queen of the neighboring Kheldon tribe and hot poster girl of rebellion, is still alive and is leading a new effort to overthrow the Lunars. Some of your clanmates claim to have actually met her. Maybe you should talk to them. Q: I want to kick ass and take names. How do I do that? A: You might want to start by becoming an initiate of a war god. Sartar has lots and lots and lots of them. Their names follow. A * by the name means your clan has at least a shrine to this god. A ** means your clan maintains a full temple. - Orlanth. ** King of the Storm Gods. Slayer of the Sun. Resurrector of the Sun, Lightbringer, Father of Time. Worship of Orlanth is illegal. 75% of Sartarite men worship Orlanth. Very powerful Orlanth worshippers can fly, shoot lighting bolts, teleport, summon and control air elementals, and generally kick ass and take names. Runic Associations: Storm, Movement, Mastery - Humakt. * God of Death and Truth. And Death. And Swords. And War. And Death. Humakt is Orlanth’s older brother. He’s a grim kinda guy. Humakt initiates cannot be resurrected if killed. Very powerful Humakti can kill people just by looking at them. They take gifts and geas to make them more like their god. They can also go Berserk in combat, do huge amounts of damage, and die gloriously. Think Celtic samurai. Or Tyr. The guy Tuesday is named after. Freakishly, Humakt has a large following among Sartar’s sentient, bipedal, flightless Ducks. Runic Associations: Death, Truth, Death. (Did we mention Death?) - Urox the Storm Bull. * God of Chaos Fighters, slayer of the Devil. The Lunars are Chaotic, sort of. Storm Bull and his followers are generally slovenly, ill-tempered berserkers without the mollifying discipline of Humaktis. They can sense the presence of Chaos. They wear horned helmets. Strangely the Lunars have not made worship of Storm Bull illegal yet. Probably a bureaucratic oversight. Most Storm Bull worshippers are like your drunken idiot redneck cousin. Annoying, but good to have around in a fight. Storm Bull is also a popular god among the Praxian nomads to the east. Runic Associations: Storm, Beast, Death. - Yelmalio. A cult of light worshipping spear using mercenaries. Yelmalio may be the son of the Sun God, Yelm. Some clans used to worship Yelmalio as Elmal, Orlanth’s loyal campguard. In the past 100 years, this cult has gone through many schisms. Now most Yelmalians are carefully neutral in the war between Orlanth and the Lunars (and the Lunars’ allies, the Sun-worshipping Dara Happans), though some (especially in the north) have taken the Lunar side. Yelmalio is friendly to elves and excels in kicking troll ass. They have two large communities of their own, called Sun Dome Temples. One is to the south, the other is to the east near the city of Pavis. Runic Associations: Light. Truth. - Vinga. * The red haired goddess of war. Spearwoman. Defender of the innocent. Pissed-off, childless Sartarite widows will sometimes give up worshipping their nice mommy goddesses, dye their hair red, and follow Vinga to kick ass and take names just like their dead husbands used to. These days, lots of young Sartarite women are skipping the widow stage and just going right to Vinga, following in the footsteps of their heroine and role model, Kallyr Starbrow. High level Vingans can throw spears for miles, run across the treetops, and dodge arrows. Runic Associations: Movement, Death, Storm - Other Asskickers: Zorak Zoran, the Troll War God (like Storm Bull but with even worse manners, Humakti and Yelmalians both hate him). Kyger Litor, the Troll Goddess (Mommy Goddess of Tough Love). Pretty much any troll god. Aldraya, the Goddess of Elves (your tribe has issues with elves, see below). Rigsdal, * the Night Watchman (kind of like Heimdal). Mastakos, the Charioteer. Valind, God of Winter. Babeestor Gor, the Earth Avenger, ax-wielding female war goddess from Tarsh (worshippers are exclusively female and mostly psychotic), Lodril, the volcano god (popular to the south in Esrolia). Q: I’m a lover, not a fighter. How can I help? A: You can also become an initiate of one of Sartar’s important, non-war gods. Sartar has a few of those, too. They are: - Chalana Arroy. ** The healing goddess. Chalanans takes a vow of pacifism. They may never use a weapon, not even in self-defense (except against undead). Chalana Arroy is the source of all healing magic in the world. CA is a Lightbringer, one of Orlanth’s closest allies. Most civilized people will not hurt a Chalanan under any circumstances. Chalanans wear distinctive clothing to make themselves easily identifiable. Chalana Arroy is the only reliable source of Resurrection in the world. Runic Associations: Life, Harmony - Eurmal. ** The trickster god. The god of masks. Social outcast. Lightbringer. Tricksters are outside the law. They can do anything they want and there is no legal punishment. However, they do not get the protection of law. You can kill a Trickster for fun and no one will care. Tricksters can do all kinds of humorous and annoying things. They can lie with impunity, they can turn cows purple, they can eat rocks. In order to survive, most Tricksters use the Suck Up to the Boss technique. They ally themselves with a powerful local figure (usually the clan chief) and act as his or her jester, spy, and sneak thief in return for a measure of social protection. A Trickster without a protector is a short-lived Trickster. Runic Associations: Illusion, Disorder. FuCk u Azhol! eUrMAL iZ D KING uV d Godz!!!111!1 TriksT3rz r00l! Evry1 3ls3 dr00lz!11111!!!1!x50 - Issaries. * The God of Trade. Another Lightbringer. Issaries is the god of merchants and created the skill Bargain and the language Tradetalk. High level Issaries types can create sacred Marketplaces and buy and sell pretty much anything. Runic Associations: Harmony and Trade - Lhankor Mhy. * The God of Knowledge and Laws. Yet another Lightbringer. Mhorhys the Explainer, an NPC member of the party, follows this god. He knows a lot of stuff and is always willing to explain it to the less brilliant. High level Lhankor Mhys can read minds, force people to tell the truth, see recreations of past events in their minds, and analyze magic items. All Lhankor Mhys wear beards (female and non-human worshippers wear fake ones). Runic Associations: Truth and Law. - Donandar. * God of the Skalds. Donadar worshippers can inspire entire clans to great feats (using some as yet to be determined Rune Spells). They can also make people dance. Dance, monkey! Dance! Runic Associations: Harmony and Illusion. - Foundchild. * The Hunter God. God of the bow and the javelin and the sling. Foundchild worshippers usually hit what they’re aiming at. Good trackers. Runic Associations: Beast, Death, Mastery. - Yinkin. The God of Cats. Another hunting god. More sneak, less sniper. Accomplished Yinkini can move without a sound, grow magical claws, and disappear into shadows. Runic Associations: Beast, Illusion, Movement - Kolat. * The God of Wind Spirits and Ancestors. Kolat’s priests are actually shamans who excel in controlling the winds and windspirits. Kolat shamans also help your characters communicate with their dead ancestors and appease them with worship. Runic Associations: Storm, Spirit. - Other not so ass-kicking gods: Argan Argar, the Troll God of Trade (but he’s a Troll, so he can kick a little ass). Ernalda, ** the wife goddess (“Husband, go kick ass for me.”). Barntar, * the plowman (with the outlawing of Orlanth, most men pretend to be Barntar worshippers). Gustbran, the smith god. Esrola, * the grain goddess. Voria, the goddess of spring. Engezi the Sky Titan, ** the God of the Creekstream River. Q: Are there evil gods, too? A: Lots of them. Here’s a short list: - The Red Moon Goddess. Rufelza the Shepelkirt. Goddess of the Lunar Empire. She was once a peasant girl who was made into a Goddess by the Seven Mothers. You can see her in the sky. She’s the red orb up north. Her magic is cyclical, waxing and waning with the weekly phases of the moon. She is tainted by chaos and is evil, despite the empty reassurances of her deluded followers. Runic Associations: Moon, Chaos, Harmony - The Seven Mothers. The heroes turned gods who created the Red Moon. A twisted parody of our holy Lightbringers. Among them are: Yanafal Tarnils, god of war (like Humakt but with scimitars), Etyries, goddess of trade (traitorous daughter of Issaries). Danfive Xaron, the reformed criminal. Jakaleel the Witch, goddess of magic, madness and secrets who may or may not be a troll, and Irripi Ontor, a disgraced priest of Lhankor Mhy who tells lies instead of truths. They are worshipped both together and separately. Runic Associations: Life, Death, Moon - Yelm. The Imperial Sun God. Mostly worshipped by Dara Happans, who are part of the Lunar Empire. Orlanth killed this stuck-up tinpot dictator during God Time, ushering in the Storm Age. Then, when Orlanth realized without the sun, things were pretty fucked, he undertook the great Lightbringer Quest, went to hell and brought Yelm back to life as part of the Great Compromise which started Time. Despite this, Yelm has never gotten over the whole killing incident. Yelmalio may be his son. Your Yelmalio may vary. Runic Associations: Sun, Law, Stasis - Zorak Zoran. The Troll war god. Humaktis and Yelmalians particularly hate him. He’s a raider and an ambusher and a thug, so the only people who get along with him are Storm Bulls. Runic Associations: Death and Darkness. - The Chaos Gods: Gods so incredibly fucked up, they want to end the world. These are bad, bad, bad people. Only monsters and raving psychopathic lunatics worship them. They include: Thed, the broo goddess of rape and disease. Malia, the broo goddess of disease minus the rape. Bagog, the scorpion goddess. Krarsht, the goddess of greed and hunger, Vivamort, the god of the undead, Wakaboth, the devil (but he’s dead so no one worships him. Go Storm Bull!). Cacodeamon, the god of ogres. Gbaji (aka Nysalor), the god of corruption. Thanatar, the headhunter. And The Crimson Bat, the demonic steed of the Red Goddess and the Lunar Empire’s pet WMD. Of course, the Red Moon is a chaos goddess, too. She even admits it. But she pretends not to be destructive and evil. Don’t trust her! Q: Are there nonhumans? A: Yeah, lots of them, too. They include: - Trolls. Aka the “Uz.” Darkness loving, cave-dwelling, large, tough humanoids who can see in the dark and like maces. Selfish, greedy, hungry, brutal thugs who love children (both to hug and to eat) and music. There are several kinds of trolls, including the stunted and pathetic Trollkin, the average joe troll Dark Trolls, the walking siege machine Great Trolls, and the unbelievable powerful and extremely rare Mistress Race Trolls. There are also Cave Trolls, who have been corrupted by Chaos and can regenerate. - Elves. Aka Aldryami. Sentient bipedal plants who protect the forest. If you cut them, they don’t bleed. But they do leak sap. Your clan doesn’t get along well with elves - Ducks. Formally the Durulz. Bipedal, sentient waterfowl with hands instead of wings. Ducks helped Orlanth kill Yelm, so the Dara Happans don’t like them much. A duck’s head is worth one year of Lunar taxes. If you pay your taxes. Which you don’t if you can help it. Your tribe gets along well with the Ducks. - Broos. The worst. Chaos infested goatmen. They are foul, evil, bad. They reproduce by raping livestock (or people if they can manage it). There’s really nothing good to say about broos. Some of them serve in the Lunar army. - Scorpionmen. Like broos. Kill on sight. Chaotic scorpion centaurs. Trolls say that, unlike broos, you can actually eat scorpion men. So they have that going for them. - Beastmen. A collective term for centaurs, satyrs, baboons, newtlings, and other exotic creatures from the nearby Beast Valley. Technically, Ducks are also beastmen. - Dragonnewts. Weird freaking draconic humanoids who worship dragons and act in ways so alien as to be inexplicable. Your tribe secretly gets along very well with the Dragonnewts. - Dwarves. The Mostali. Short, tough, subterranean creatures created by Mostal. They are immortal and almost as hard to figure out as the Dragonnewts. They have a lot of iron. Trolls say they’re good eating once you get past the hard shell. Q: Who are our neighbors? A: Well, aside from the evil Lunars (boo, hiss), you’ve got: - Colymar. Technically part of Sartar, the Colymar (the tribe to the immediate west of your Balmyr tribe) have recently declared their independence. Their king, Blackmor the Rabid, has converted to the Lunar way. Your tribe and the Colymar never got along. This goes double now. Man, you hate those guys. On the upside, the local temple/brothel to Uleria, the goddess of love and prostitutes is in Apple Lane, a Colymar town. - Tarsh. A kingdom to the immediate north. Former allies of Sartar conquered by the Lunars. Tarsh has fully converted to the Lunar way (except for a small colony of Free Tarshites called the Earthshakers to the west). The northern parts of Sartar around Alone and Alda-Chur have been annexed into Tarsh. - Heortland. A collection of Orlanthi clans and kingdoms to the south. Theoretically part of the Holy Country, which is in political turmoil. Recently, the Lunars have begun to “liberate” Heortland. - The Holy Country. A collection of diverse nations along the seacoast to the southwest. The main part is Esrolia. Originally ruled by a troll demigod from the Troll Plateau called the Only Old One. The OOO was defeated by a hero called the Pharaoh, who ruled the Holy Country for decades from the City of Wonders. Recently the Pharaoh was assassinated and the Holy Country is in chaos. Here’s a good map of the Holy Country: http://www.glorantha.com/new/fan/hocmap.jpg - Prax. Windswept harsh wastelands to the east inhabited by Praxians, exotic nomadic humans who ride a variety of strange animals, including Bison, High Llamas, Rhinos, Zebras and Sable Antelopes. Most are violently anti-Lunar, though the Sableriders are pro-Lunar and the Zebrariders are neutral. Other tribes include the pygmy-sized Bolo Lizard Riders and the human-herding tapir-like Morocanths. - The Upland Marsh. A swamp to the west (downstream) infested by undead. Home of the necromancer Delecti. - The Dragon’s Eye. A dangerous land between Tarsh and Delecti’s Swamp ruled by capricious and deadly Dragonnewts. There’s also a Dragonnewt “City” not far from your home town. Your tribe has access to secret Dragonnewt secret stuff. - Other places. Mhorhys the Explainer knows about lots of other places too. The Grazelands, Dagori Inkarth, Pavis, the Stinking Forest, the Troll Woods. He even knows a little about the horrible chaos nests Snakepipe Hollow and the Footprint. He can go on and on and on. Buy him a beer and ask him if you want to know more. Q: Anything else I should know? A: Hmm, most of the characters are from the Balmyr tribe of Sartar, part of a confederation of tribes centered around the town of Wilm’s Church. (aka Wilmskirk) Your clan is the Treefell clan; your clan center is Prattsted. The Treefell clan is known for its woodworking skills, its fine wooden stockades, its isolation and independence, its poor relations with elves, and its unfortunate preponderance of Eurmal worshippers. Prattsted is the site of an annual Trickster festival that attracts Eurmali from all over the world. The locals tolerate it because it brings in a ton of money. (Prattsted is located about where the B is in Balmyr on the Sartar Map.) The Treefell clan and Prattsted have a few secrets: They are: - The Balmyr Tribe is not as pacified as the Lunars like to think. Suckers. Orlanth worship is still very active, though everyone swears they worship Barntar, the plow god (in a region with very little farming). - The Treefell Clan routinely underreports its population and underpays its taxes. Most of your clan lives in the upcountry far away from the Sted. There are four times as many Treefell clansmen as the Lunars think. - There’s a hidden shrine to Eurmal behind the local waterfall (Pratt’s Falls) which is one of the most important Trickster shrines in the world. - The Treefell clan can trace its lineage back to the Empire of the Wyrm Friends and keeps secret knowledge about Dragons and Dragonnewts. Especially favored locals have access to this knowledge (but you don’t). - Some of your ancestors survived the Dragonkill War (the Dragons did the killing btw). The Treefells have been in Dragon Pass longer than any other human clan. - If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, it still makes noise. So there. Prattsted’s isolation has kept it relatively untouched by the Lunars, though, recently, thieves, probably backed by the Lunars, stole a clan treasure, Rosebud, a Chalana Arroy spirit who lives in a permanently blooming wreath of roses. The local chief, Varan Harmastsson, has sent out a party of local toughs (the PCs) to retrieve Rosebud. A previous attempt, led by Varan’s own son, Keener Varansson, disappeared without a trace. Varan has also asked the PCs to retrieve Keener or his body if they find it, though Rosebud is a higher priority.
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    Congratulations to us all on reaching 20 pages, we're definitely winning the forum. And that's all that's important in this game. Winning. Yay us!
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    That's about the only one that makes sense to me, as there seems to still be a difference in sizes between men and women. However, I wouldn't really use it in a game, unless someone asked for it for their PC.
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    You're entirely correct! A variety of physiological differences arising from (predominantly postpubescent) sexual dimorphism fundamentally benefit adult human males in situations involving physical force and activity, notably including violent confrontation. It's one of the principal reasons why patriarchy exists. Why do we not model this? Because we play games to have fun. And as a considerable number of those games involve us solving problems by way of hitting them in the face with an axe, accurately modelling physiological differences would mean that we make games a lot less fun and rewarding for half the human species. So we have two options: (i) keep physical violence in place, but artificially remove its consequences and context, such as removing sex-based characteristic modifiers; or (ii) to stop making and enjoying games where we solve all our problems by hitting them in the face with an axe, which has after all proven a pretty shitty activity to a lot of people over the ages. As we tend to valorise, idealise and infantilise violence to a considerable degree, and our understanding of the nature and consequences of conflict is fairly shallow, we plumb for (i). Unsurprisingly, really, as choosing (ii) would eradicate the hobby as we know it. In the real world, of course, we can't do this. On a non-evolutionary timescale, the biological issues as presented are here to stay. But we can change our behaviour—as individuals and socieities—to stop embracing systems of behaviour that prey upon such issues to produce inequality. Quite why our preferred forms of entertainment (including roleplaying games) persist in doing the exact opposite—embracing an irrevocably flawed and biased system but pretending it has no consequence—is, quite frankly, beyond me. I'm not sure it's exactly the answer you're looking for, but speaking as a military historian, I think it rather gets to the crux of the matter.
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    TYVM!!! Also, may I reiterate at this point in time HOW MUCH IT SUCKS for there to be multiple "official" channels where the answers can be scattered and buried beyond any hope of rediscovery barring the efforts of noble HeroQuestors such as PhilHibbs!
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