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    Oh yeah . . . Fellini Satyricon (also on YouTube) is prime Lunar Empire. I just don't spend a lot of hobby time there these days. "If the work of Petronius is the realistic, bloody and amusing description of the customs, characters and general feel of those times, the film we want to freely adapt from it could be a fresco in a fantasy key, a powerful and evocative allegory: a satire of the world we live in today. . . science fiction of the past."
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    And these are the Lunars for this weekend's big battle. Not quite canon I guess but hey. The leader, who the PCs already met and hate passionately, is the left-handed one with the bun.
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    One of the things I saw in the Glorantha Sourcebook but is missing from a lot of illustrations is really fantastic premodern women's outfits. Traditional non-steppes Eurasian outfits - from Greek to Russia to China - featured very tall hats, amazingly elaborate cloth "girdles" (wide belts, Greek zone, hence English "zone") worn by adult women (i.e marriageable and older), and elaborate sleeves (long, short, hanging to the floor ("winged"), thin, wide, whatever). The modern Armenian Hemshin community still wears some traditional tat, although tall hats and the zone went out with the Young Turks and the '60s. (Pictures below. Love the baby with the corncob.) The Hemshin are an unusual Armenian community: they are Muslim, they were not part of the Genocide, because they were isolated and not recognised as Armenians by outsiders, and they maintain a rural mountainous lifestyle. They mostly grow tea. If you turn to the Sourcebook, Dendera the Good Wife is illustrated with an elaborate, horned hat in the Solar Pantheon illustration. It's a notable element. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Pelandan, I can't remember how the Gods Wall classifies her clothing style. Anyway my point is I'd like to see some non-Celtic influence in there, because there's a world of clothing and armor from the Bronze Age.
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    I'm pretty sure Greg dropped a heavy hint some years that they were related to the Runes (given that's there's five, means they are elemental). But I never made it quite work.
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    I am mesmerized enough by your jargon scott-martin to go looking for the items you listed!
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    Thanks for the welcome - it's good to be back. Hopefully I'll stay longer than two posts this time. 😁 The game I was starting up back in '16 ran for about six months, and went down well enough that two of the players keep asking for a return to RQ at some point. Right now I'm prepping a Paladin game to start on Monday, but will probably run a RQG game at some point in the not too distant future. I did have a quick spin through the GaGoG thread and ended up falling own a Glorantha rabbit hole (again). All I can say is given the quality and sheer awesome that is the current RQG/Pendragon/Paladin line I'm definitely going to be throwing a lot of my spare cash in Chaosium's direction for the next few years.
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    I know, this has nothing to do with nothing, so why? ' Cause someone had to... but for more info, why? Because: The "hamster" reference is a Gallic taunt regarding the famed overbites of English beauties, Ygraine in the particular, who could blow out a candle while facing forward by leaning over it and exhaling straight down.. The "elderberries" is a sneer about English distillers, who for centuries made inferior gin by using elderberries instead of juniper berries. Uther Pendragon was a notable imbiber. according to the 'net...
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    These look great! I've occasionally considered getting into printing mini's. A few things I'm curious about (and these are general questions for any Makers, though obviously Ochoa has shown some great expertise here! ) What's the preferred material for minis' fine detail? Are there more than one? What's the cost of the media itself, the raw filament (or resin, or other material) on a (rough) per-mini basis? How many "rough draft" or "prototype" mini's do you create before settling on a "final" unit? (Obviously more-detailed ones take longer, and similar designs are quicker) How much time do you take (hours) modelling and refining a unit before you're willing to call it "done (enough)"? What stupid oversights/assumptions am I making? What do I not know that I don't know? TYVM!
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    Hi, yes its moving forward - it should soon be heading into layout.
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    Oh no, that's a statement refuting the opposite of what I said. Valare's heresy was that Entekos encompassed the Red Goddess, for which she got a sharp rap on the nose by Teelo. I'm saying the opposite: that she's a form of the Red Goddess, which is after all the basic theology of the Lunar Way. There are seven goddesses who preceded the Red Goddess and are her alternate... masks? Gerra, Lesilla, Natha, Rashorana, Ulurda, Verithurusa, and Zaytenera. As the Entokosiad comments at the end in What Valare Learned, "The Dendara Part of Rufelza, the Red Goddess, is Gerra, the Goddess of Suffering." Oh I just meant that it is messy as in "it is never going to be sorted out methodically", not "it is senseless and useless in piles". Benbeng "Bell" Fire Alk "Green" Darkness Beseda "Plenty" Earth Addi "Stick" Air Karanda "Striped" ... Water? Five Sisters Invoked is my main inspiration for Benbeng, the bell, the fire starter. Perhaps she was White Sun. Alk closes the ceremony, bringing in the darkness. I have no idea who else Karanda could be than Dendara, I'm stumped. Certainly she's the Water Bride. Maybe there were only four goddesses and they distinguished Entekos from the Water Bride Dendara because the White Sun hadn't yet been overthrown?
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    I go straight to India, never mind I speak the Irish; nobody raids cows like Indra. If you can, get your tiny human hands on Strong Arms and Drinking Strength, which is about how the Rg Veda constructs masculinity in its poetry, it's truly a gem. It is clear that Jarrod L. Whitaker is an uzuz scholar who was taught by the First Elder before moving on to Wake Forest. For me, though, the Solar peeps are Sumerians with Mycenean and Central and Southeast Asian influence. The Lodrili are rice farmers...
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    Same! For some really out-there, Indian-inspired goodness, I also recommend Grant Morrison's 18 Days", which is sort of a science-fantasy, magitech take on the Mahabharata (look for the artbook rather than the actual comic series, the former has much more detailed and exquisite art), and the (free!) webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons which is a bit like Hindu mythology meets Gnosticism and coming-of-age, hyperviolent martial arts manga. Both of these are unsuited for Glorantha as it is, but if you look at the artwork, and use it to imagine some parts of the Gods War (and thus Herquests and the like) I think they can be very engrossing. Then you have the artist Vsevolod Ivanov's otherworldly, part mythological, part speculative artworks of an imagined, fictionalized Slavic past. I believe it's been referenced by other fans of Glorantha in the past. It has that great otherworldly feel to it, like things look real enough, but there are parts that just make it all somewhat dreamlike. Sadly, it seems like his works have somehow become quite popular with some less savory parts of the Internet (the ones that tend to get overly obsessed in make-believe pasts and tie it to nationalism), but as art pieces in themselves they are great.
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    If you hate 'em you get your money back.
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    Like @Joerg and @g33k I also have a fondness for the pseudo-Dark Age Germano-Celtic look & feel of the Heortlings. I don't wholly oppose Hittite or Near Eastern inspirations (and I believe there are some really clever switches going on - like replacing Celtic Oppida with Near Eastern hilltop palace complexes for the Heortling fortifications), but going full Mycenaean is a bit too much for me. Thankfully, we have more-or-less period-appropriate inspiration (as period-appropriate as the pesudo-Hellenic aesthetics of various Solar & Pelorian people) in the form of Hallstatt & La Tene Celts. Hell, if you want to integrate with Hittites and Anatolia, you've even got the Galatians, who were smack dab in the middle of it (albeit a thousand years later than Hattusa, not that it really matter, considering the vast time difference between the heyday of Sumer, Mohenjo Daro and the Hellenistic cultures mentioned above). It should be mentioned that, from what I can tell, 13th Age in Glorantha, is mixing the Hallstatt/La Tene visuals with the Mediterraean influences - to great effect, based on what I've seen. Look at these guys!: Clearly a clan chief or tribal king discussing matters with his most trusted shield-thanes. The left one might be an Elmali, if we want to get cute with it. Speaking of cute, look at this little guy, looks straight out of a Sartarite woodcarving!: Heck, he's even got storm runes on his shield and sword! Admittedly, you might want to "Mahabharatize" some of those Hallstatt people, but that's what's fun and clever about Glorantha: it's its own thing, at the end of the day.
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    Were there any relationships implied by it? E.g. Secret Heir of Sartar could simply evolve into Heir of Sartar - still a target for Lunar agents, or now a potential rival to the revealed Heir of Sartar. Were there any relationships formed from it? E.g. Secret Feeder of the Crimson Bat becomes a possible Flaw as there may be those who know the secret identity. Was it like Sureela in the Red Cow stories who might have the Secret Identity of Andarna the Peddlar who was known about in Jonstown? Could be as above - varied relationships formed because of it. Evolve the Secret Identity into something like Relationship to Anders Swenson of the Black Cat Inn, or into the associated occupation Peddlar of Jonstown. Was the secret identity good or bad? If bad, evolve it into a new Flaw based on the characteristics. If good, then transform it into a new ability such as Awareness of Stickpickers. If the ability was simply a throwaway that never got used, then determine why it was created (e.g. spying on the Lunars) and evolve it into whatever its true purpose was supposed to be. Quite a few different angles to take to make it relevant in some capacity - one of the nice flexibilities in my mind with HQG.
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    Good points... and Gilgamesh is the direction I find myself employing for inspiration to move away from the Heortland viking thing of yesteryear. For an interesting melding of sci fi and fantasy as well as a nasty look at man become god, the after effects, their infighting and dealings with mortals, might I recommend Zelazny's Lord's of Light. The pseudo-indian feel might just give a bit of imagery for a new gloranthan themed game. Always loved the book's opening line about the book's rebel Been awhile since I read it, but the new graphics in RQ G books make me think of it and the Bhagavad Gita. Have not read the Bhagavad Gita. and I do not wish to be culturally insensitive but have been told it is an incredible read for the fantasy fan. Continuing to not being culturally insensitive of a moment longer, it is a way to enter another culture's beliefs so it might have other bonuses for the gaming reader as well. Bahubali, an indian myth made into a movie a couple of years ago, was recommended here at BRP central (can not remember by who) as a great view of a Heortland super hero. A little (okay, a lot at times) cheesy and over the top in a Gloranthan way, one can expect a Bollywood sized song with the whole cast and all the extras to break out, but I agree. It is worth a watch for someone trying to immerse themselves in Gloranthan goodness. Cheers
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    Or... Elmal exists not as some grand hero but a loyal servant. Elmal did not go in the light bringers quest, he was stuck keeping the hall and making sure Orlanth had a throne to come home to. His is the god servants and stewards. Loyal but often forgotten till needed. The position is important but never wins honor. Yelmalio cults arrival and importance in Sartar is only because of diplomacy. What about Heortland or other Orlanthi civilizations? Would Elmal not have a place at the table then? Plus one can assume not every Orlanthi in dragon pass was ruled by Sartar or his short lived dynasty (almost a century) beyond name. Plus what about the Ducks. Dont they hate Yelm and his progeny, I could definitely see them being Elmal hold outs.
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    We have Mythic Polynesia covered. It's being written right now.
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    The Kickstarter for the Swedish edition of Call of Cthulhu is now live. Our friends at Eloso Förlag have created a special international collectors backer level for non-Swedes, but if you don't do anything else do watch their campaign video - its AMAZING!
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    Edit : I'm moving this post to the Heroquest forum, as it seems more appropriate - thanks Bill for the pointer ! Hi everybody, I'm preparing to run the cool-looking Red Cow campaign from CS/11L, and I have two questions if anyone can help. 1) What's "the Bag" marked on the Jonstown Trail ? (Red Cow Lands map, p.28). The great Glorantha Wiki refers to the "Stagland Bag", but with no other detail I could find. 2) P.21 has the Red Cow Ferry as part of the King's Road <-> Stonegate trail, with the Creek being 80' wide at this point. From my reading though, the Creek seems to be about 500' wide at Red Cow Fort, and the trail could happily run over the wooden bridge (p.30) between Green Meadows and Brannagh's Farm instead avoiding the 'danger of the waters'. Is the ferry located elsewhere, or am I missing something ? Many thanks ! (and apologies if these are obvious, or have been answered elsewhere)
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    Howdy folks! A certain barbarian suggested I should stick my head 'round the door and introduce myself, so here I am. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. Some of what I'm about to tell you is classified under the Official Secrets Act and should not be shared with anyone outside this plane of existence. I've been a role-player for over thirty years now, starting with RQ Classic back in the early-mid eighties (just after Games Workshop got the licence to print a UK edition) and since then I've logged a fair few miles in various gaming systems including D&D (BECMI, AD&D, 3.5 and 5e), Tunnels and Trolls, Dragon Warriors, Marvel Super Heroes, Golden Heroes, Judge Dredd, Paranoia, Traveller (in various guises), almost every shade of World of Darkness, Pendragon, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Star Trek (FASA), RIFTS, GURPS, 13th Age, L5R, Serenity and a number of homegrown systems of varying quality - and that's just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. I'm happy as DM or player, though I prefer to DM if I'm being entirely honest. I once ran a game of RQIII for my cat - he played a Minotaur. My playing style (both as DM and player) tends to be character and story first, dice and mechanics second, and I tend to come down hard on rules lawyers and munchkins when they put themselves in my line of sight. Oh, and I'm definitely proud to be a grognard.
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    Or Balazar for some stone-age goodness... Anyway we have camped for just about long enough, on the 2019 release thread. Nice to meet you, beware of g33k he will bore you senseless and never buy his round but it's not his fault. He's a shameless grognard. See you on the threads, and might I suggest a trip to Allastor's Skull Inn to start a thread about whatever or introduce yourself in the intro thread there. Cheers
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    Don't worry about confusing him... we all know the Barbarian dump-stat. 😉 Give him a beer and he'll feel better directly. 😁
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    They look mighty tasty don't they? Where are you playing the classic? I am currently playing in the far northeast of Sartar in the Division Hills, Torkani Tribal lands in 1613 classic RQ using RQ G rules.
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    I hear ya, there has been an awful lot of squeeing in my household of late. A little more would be great! Now that g33k has confused me, I don't know whether to welcome you or welcome you back.
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    Welcome! Uhhh... I see that's "welcome back." (Did your prior game get off the ground? How'd it go / how's it going?) I don't know if you've followed this specific news, but "GoG" is now "GaGoG" -- Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha, 100 Cults in long-form write-up -- and is planned as a TWO VOLUME set...
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    I remember getting pretty badly miffed by a bunch of trollkin who once told our party to "eat ****, ***holes!" I mean, how high-brow do you want to take this? As @g33k suggests above, it's often a matter of who's saying it to whom, and not so much a matter of what they say. !i!
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    Sorry for not following the trail you're making with the Bad Gods, I don't have the Entekosiad on me right now. However, I thought I'd just like to touch on this one: I don't think it's necessary to think of Erlanda and Erlandus as being the entirety of Storm and Great Earth - rather they are condemnations of the Vingkotling versions of those ideas. They're emphasizing the overt sexuality of these two, and "expelling" it, as foreign, inferior entities. I still believe that Dendara is effectively the Pelorian version of Ernalda, but with the sexual promiscuity (/freedom, agency) firmly removed and/or reined in, as befits the wife of Yelm. Her agricultural associations are also largely removed, as befits a noble lady (then again the Heortlings kinda distance Ernalda from agriculture as well through the Most, Much, Least story) but she is still the Wife, still the Mother, Still the Household Matron and still the Weaver. As in the "Least" section where Ernalda is given the immaterial gifts of the Earth from retiring Asrelia, Dendara also seems to rule over aspects of community togetherness, filial/sororal piety, domestic calm/positivity, and the organization of resources in there. Of course, Heortlings will claim that Orlanth ran away with the Great Goddess - which Solar Pelorians, I'm sure, will discount as barbaric ramblings. How could she have run away, she never left the good fertile valleys of her husband's empire! Checkmate atheists Heortlings. It's like how Heortlings "expelled" the cruel, tyrannical Sun by emphasizing his ruler nature over everything else, and instead focusing on their own, totally rad Elmal Sun. What, the Dara Happans claim that Elmal is just another name for the Cold Sun, who was a fractured and lesser sun of the Storm Age and Darkness? Pfffsshht, yeah, sure buddy. The only other alternative I can think of is that Pelorian Solar mythology divides the roles of the godesses a bit different, with Oria being given the powers of *both* the More and the Least (physical and immaterial) gifts of the Earth. In effect, Oria's cult would cover both the services that the Heortling cults of Ernalda and Esrola do, and that the Solar hegemony in Peloria managed to connect themselves to the goddesses of the land (as it seems every male-dominated culture has to do to survive) through Lodril rather than Yelm. But that leaves Dendara left as this - in my opinion - kind of anemic there-for-the-sake-of-being-there goddess, which I just find a bit... boring. But yeah, this does make the connection between Dendara-Wife-of-Yelm and Entekos of the Still Air even weirder. A bit of a sidetrack, anyhow. EDIT: Yar Gan is associated with the Pelandan/Oronini Blues, isn't he? And the Logicians? Sounds like some kind of theism-integrated western sorcerer entity. May or may not be connected to the Sea (they are interconnected around Oronin and the Sweet Sea).
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    And by massaging a table, have found a home for the latest sketch, which has been slightly modified (his head was too small).
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    For a taunt to be effective, it's got to be something the recipient will take personally, y'know? Me, I'm not sufficiently into ANY sport to throw a punch over it... or do much more than shrug, really. Other people seem to be. So we'd likely need to know about the PC's & their Passions, cultures, etc. And backgrounds from character-creation: Just because it doesn't show on "Passions" doesn't mean it won't get your blood boiling. You got some Honor and an heirloom blade from your war-hero father, Hendrik... and some Lunar buffoon says, That's likely to get a rise... but only for someone with the right Background out of character-generation. Etc...
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    Ha! That works for me. 🙂 (and could have some interesting connection for Willandring the giant) Alternately, they could have a connection with Bergilmer and prove to be of use in the Red Cow quest.
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    Eyes on the prize! But where else do the Aisors . . . I mean "Issaries" . . . come from?
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    I mean about fist fight. For the rest, it is only a matter of taste.
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    At some point you just start to accept that in Glorantha and RuneQuest there are conflicting ideas that are true at the same time while they can't both be true at the same time. When you reach that point you are Enlightened.
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    So it's a "she is me, but I am not her" thing? Ok, got it.
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    I thought so too - but apparently there is one mention of cattle herding in Jolar (and Umathela, but I feel like that it's own thing). As Joerg mentioned, it might be an errant relic of a previous edition, not brought into line with current canon, or it might be a misunderstood reference to domesticated or wild wildebeest herds, or something else entirely. That being said, there are a few chapters in The Nuer that are still very evocative and useful beyond references to cattle herding, cattle decoration, cattle economics, cattle poetry, cattle raids, and so forth - the chapters on distance and time are incredibly good at getting across that "lived reality" that a lot of ethnography strives for - how it really feels to live on a massive plain and living according to the rhythm of the work and not some arbitrary fixed time unit, how magic and religion is incorporated into traveling and daily work, etc. There are also chapters on stuff like genealogy, totemism, religion, conflict arbitration, leadership dynamics and the horticulture that the Nuer practice during the wet season. A lot of it is quite dry, but for anyone looking to immerse themselves in that sort of environment, it's a solid tome. Other inspirations for the Doraddi might be looking up some stuff on the sedentary, horticultural Fur people (of the eponymous Darfur), and other Nilotic peoples. Khoi-San hunter-gatherers probably also provide some good insights (especially for those closer to the Nargan desert). That's about where my personal experience with Sub-Saharan ethnography ends, unfortunately, aside from some more contemporary stuff on adjusting to modernity and capitalism, which is less relevant to Glorantha specifically. EDIT: Obviously, talking about these as inspirations for fictional societies requires more sensitivity than when discussing Hallstatt Celts or Hittites, since the Nuer and San people are both very much still around, and very much critically engaged with the wider world, including some internet randos who are talking about potentially cribbing their cultural heritage and beliefs for a dice-rolling make-believe game.
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    thanks for the suggestion! In searching, I found this interview with him from earlier this year, in which he talks about Greg and the Glorantha connection... http://www.castaliahouse.com/john-boyle-the-queens-heir/
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    Reminds me of "The Nuer", where anthropologist Evan-Pritchard admits in the foreword that he kinda went crazy because his informants never really wanted to talk about anything other than cattle, and how pretty much their entire society centred around cattle. Incidentally, The Nuer is possibly a good source for Doraddi inspirations, or at least for the Pamaltelan plains in general.
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    Seems like an important read considering how deadly possessing the xx chromosome can be in modern India from pre-cradle to grave.
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    I don't think it's NEARLY as symmetrical as that! You have way too many Yinkini. Assuming 75 women & 75 men, I'd presume most of the women follow Ernalda as their primary goddess... but a few would follow Vinga, Maran Gor, etc, and most of those women would likely be at least Lay Members of Ernalda. Call it 65-70 "Ernaldan" primary. Something similar would apply in parallel for the men and Orlanth... with some Uroxi, Barntar, Humakti, etc (who are "Lay Members" in Orlanth). Given that you've called out Yinkin as especially important, I might expect an unusual number of them... maybe 15-20 (normally I'd think just 2-3 at most) Orlanthi as Yinkini-primary? And while Yinkin feels kinda "guy" in vibe (very "Tomcat" in wanderlust (including wandering amours)), I don't think it's a Boys-Only Club, so let's steal a few Ernaldan's to be Yinkini, too. Women - 60-65ish Ernalda, 5ish Yinkin, 5-10ish Misc Other. Men - 45-50ish Orlanth, 15-20ish Yinkin, 5-10ish Misc Other. I'm sure someone will be along to show me -- with citations -- how very wrong I am. But they'll be Eurmali, so ignore them.
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    I believe I recall both you and MOB on this bandwagon. Cheers
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    @lordabdul TL;DR "I wanted to" 😛 There was no single specific reason. I weighted quite a number of options and considered different approaches for a while, and decided to go with Colymar tribe and use the Eleven Lights campaign more as a resource on how to model the world events into the campaign. Also I wanted to use the RQG GM screen adventure pack and the maps and stuff like that, as well as run some old Apple Lane stuff on the side, just for the sake of nostalgia, maybe drop in some Snakepipe also... I could have gone with just Colymar campaign, starting on year 1625 as per RQG default, but I felt there was not yet enough material about the near future of Hero Wars and how to model those in game. Also I want to play and live through some of the epic events before 1625... In the end, I just felt this gives me more room bring in my own ideas, while having plenty of resources and material from Eleven Lights to lean to. This is something I do quite often when GM'ing games: I just take in everything that is cool, drop everything that's not, and blend them into some super complex thingamabob that lives its own life
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    This is again one of those things where KAP 5.2 didn't update everything that it should have. 200 Glory is correct. When you get knighted, you get 1000 Glory. THEN you become a vassal and get granted land, earning you the 200 Glory. Two separate occasions, both give their full value: 1000 Glory + 200 Glory. Same if you marry a widowed heiress who has loads of Glory. You get 1000 Glory for the marriage and THEN you get the titles. Two occasions again.
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    You are tracking the FAMILY's politics (see pp. 15-16). So if the Grandfather is a Dissident, so will the rest of the family be, too. All the exceptions to this are mentioned in the text, including one where a Loyalist Grandfather is assassinated, and hence the Father grows up to be a Dissident.
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    https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10814-019-09129-6 Seemed moderately interesting🤓
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    Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to Glorantha, and I have a lot of questions about particulars of the setting. I'm currently running the HQ Colymar Campaign in 1618. Please let me know if there is a better place or better format for threads like these, and if there are certain tags I should use. The first three questions apply more to Sartar than anything else. If I'm a Sartarite from the Woodpecker clan, and I'm traveling to Jonstown on the trade road, does it make sense to seek out hospitality from every clan whose territory I'm passing through, or are trade roads exempt from this custom? Can hospitality be granted by farmers and herders, or only warriors, or does the chief get involved every time, even for travel? Does the hospitality rite compel you to tell the truth? Is there a safe way to reject hospitality, or to reject greater levels of hospitality than desired? If I only want water and safe passage, for example. If Argrath offers me duty and I want none of that, as another example. How does the hospitality rite vary among Sartarite clans, Orlanthi cultures, or in your Glorantha?
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    They can be good fun to play. Lunars have gone through several incarnations over the years. For me, some of the ways of doing Lunar Magic is completely unusable, so I ignore them. What I do is to treat Lunar cults the same as other Cults. So, they general cult is the Seven Mothers, which is a catchall umbrella cult "Isn't the Lunar Way great? We can do anything". Many of the individual Seven Mothers are analogues of other Cults, so Yanafal Tarnils is like Humakt, Irrippi Ontor is like Lhankor Mhy and Queen Deezola is like Ernalda, so you can have them as fully-fledged cults performing similar deeds. Etyries is like Issaries, although not one of the Seven Mothers. Hero cults such as the Conquering Daughter, Hon Eel or Yara Aranis can be worshipped for special powers. The Young Elementals provide a lot of elemental magic to all the Lunar Cults, which is a big advantage. The Red Goddess cult is for Lunar Mystics and the Red Emperor cult is for Lunar Nobles. Above all, the Lunars accept Chaos as an integral part of Glorantha. This doesn't mean that all Lunars are Chaotic Monstrosities, but does mean that they can accept Chaotic Magic or use some magic and allies that would be seen as odd by other Cults. A lot of Lunars are Illuminated, because the Red Goddess met Nysalor and became Illuminated, then found her own way. So, you could play Lunar soldiers, scholars, traders, Sable Riders, healers, mystics or whatever.
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    I have the same balance problem in my Hollow Earth Expedition campaign when it comes to combat. At character creation, two players put a lot of points into fighting and action abilities while the other two players distributed their points more evenly or spent their points into abilities that are not very useful when it comes to fight. The worst thing in my opinion is that those two same players are not very creative when it comes to devise strategies that would allow them to use their best abilities at the right time. As far as combat is concerned I balance the whole thing through the number of opponents by players. I throw a higher number of adversaries against the heavy weight fighters which means they receive multiple opponents penalties. The two good fighters take the bulk of the opposition while the two other players struggle for survival against one or two opponents. That works, the combat is still fun for everyone and it is in keeping with the characters. The campaign is coming to its end next session. Before the next campaign, in session zero, I will include a talk about the abilities and the way they can be used. I will also be even more specific about the kind of threats one can have to face in the setting. I will then encourage them to keep that in mind when they create their character. Before the next session, a talk with the players explaining again what abilities are and how they can be used could solve your problem. A short practicing exercise could also help. Frame several conflicts, ask them to describe several Tactics in response and encourage them to use various abilities in the process. It takes some time to get used to HeroQuest 2, for the game master as well as the players. The players of my current campaign are used to more traditional games with skills for everything so HQ2 is a change of paradigm. For me, HQ2 is a simple but yet difficult to master game system. After seven sessions, I am still learning how to play this game.
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    Some thoughts on running Eleven Lights in Runequest Glorantha. I hope you find this useful and/ or sparks off some thoughts on how you would run the game. Character creation- adapting the core book The Runequest core book character creation assumptions will need to be modified for a “Coming Storm” campaign: 1. All PCs will be from the same clan- the Red Cow clan, rather than the diverse backgrounds outlined in the core books. RQG page references- p24, p60 & p103-109. 2. Define early on which clans the PCs’ mother come from = p 11-12 of the “Coming Storm” gives you some advice- it will provide plot hooks for characters- the different Clans marry out. 3. Default starting date for the Coming Storm campaign is 1618, not RQG’s 1625 plus. Use the parents’ and grandparents’ family history in character creation- Runequest core book p27- 36. As you PCs will have not gone through the Hero Wars, they will start with a lower base values than the default assumptions in RQG, but higher than default RQ2. They will rapidly progress during the campaign, 4. The Red Cow clan is not an urban clan, so ignore the following occuptations (RQG corebook p28): Chariot Driver Entertainer Noble Philospher Scribe Thief (remember cattle rustling isn’t really considered theft if you’re the one doing it) 5. The cults of the clan are given on page 15 of the Coming Storm- the following page references are to the RQG core book: (cults in order of popularity) Ernalda (p75 & p 292-294) Orlanth (p76-77 & p 300-302) Barnatar (NPCs only- good for clan, not so good for adventurers) Seven Mothers (NPCs only- unless you want to subvert the adventures- in which case, go ahead) Heler (see Engizi the Sky Titan p75 & p292) Yinkin (p79 & p310) Odayla ( p76 & p300) Engizi the Skyriver Titan (p75 & p292) Vinga (as Orlanth Adventerous, only cooler p76-77 & p 300-302) Issaries (p76 & p298) Humakt- NPCs only 6. No PCs should be severed from society eg no Humakt or Babeestor Gor- PC actions and decisions should have consequences for their clan/ faction/ nation. 7. The Red Cow clan are “Axe Orlanthi” (p10 Coming Storm)- the values listed for cultutal weapons in RQG p60 should swap the axe/ spear and broadsword to reflect this. Passions Passions will need to be adapted and personalised to reflect the campaign setting. Loyality: Red Cow Clan Devotion: deity as per normal Love: family- this shouls include the maternal side of the family which means links and bonds with other clans. Hate: this should reflect traditional clan enemies such as Ogres, Telemori, the Lunar Empire. If you have “rattle born” PCs (Coming Storm p13) then this should be recorded as a “Flaw” starting at 60%. As GM or PCs use to establish the maturity or otherwise of decision making by a “rattle born” PC. As campaign progresses- there are references to “directed improvements” (a Heroquest game system term) to factions. Under Runequest Glorantha rules, this should be reflected as a loyalty passion starting at 60%. It is quite likely that PCs will gain conflicting passions- this is to be encouraged by the GM. The passions are one of the major changes to Runequest Glorantha compared to previous editions such as RQ2. GMs re-inforce player decisions at key moments with mechanical improvements. This will emphaise to players that they have made a key social decision, with consequences for future play. Heroquesting There are two heroquests in the Eleven Lights: 1. The Stealing of the Giant’s Cows (Eleven Lights p30-36). This is an annual “this world” heroquest and the PC’s partipation can be moved from year to year as the campaign flow dictates. 2. The Three New Stars- a Glorantha changing heroquest which takes places in 1621-22 (Eleven Lights p 115-143). Until the Gamemaster’s book is published with guidance on running heroquests in RQG, I can offer no advice. It us quite possible that if you start a campaign in autumn 2018, by the time you will need the heroquest rules, they will be available. Major NPC statistics The Coming Storm details 60 NPCs with portraits of each by Rachel Khan. The majority of NPCs do not require complete RQG statistics- many are your kith and kin and physical violence should be considered unthinkable. There are perhaps three ways to use statistics as and when necessary: 1. The “quick and dirty” method- each major NPC has runes against their name- for social combat assign a percentage against a suitable rune on the fly and use an opposed role against the PC’s ability (RQG p142-144). Example: a PC is using his orate ability to persuade Chief Broddi Strong Kin that he be allowed to take part on “the stealing of the giant’s cows” heroquest despite having brought the clan into trouble recent. Broddi will resist with his Mastery rune at 95%. 2. The reduced statistics method: Chief Broddi Strong Kin Runes: Mastery 95% Air: 80% Darkness or Earth 50% (not given in Coming Storm but refects clan’s friendly terms with trolls or go for earth) Orate: 80%; Charm 65%; Intimidate 50%; Intrigue 80% Speak Tradetalk 50%; Speak Stormspeach 35% Speak Darktongue 25% Insight human 60%; Insight Trolls 30% Clan lore 75% 3. Cut, paste and tailor the sample Chief/ clan warriors/ rune priests statistics from forthcoming GM pack. Beast statistics Sample statistics for Telemori, giants, the Crimson Bat are given in the forthcoming Glorantha Bestiary. One little quirk between Heroquest and Runequest, Heroquest uses the imperial measurement system, while Runequest uses the superior metricsystem, so Willandring the giant is 35 ft tall in Heroquest; roughly 10.5 metres tall in Runequest. The statisitics I rolled are not that much differenet from the Bestiary but are presented as an example for you: Willandring the Giant 35 foot tall- the clan blacksmith Hobbled, sad demour, large nose and bearded Rune:Disorder 90% STR: 66 CON: 16 SIZ: 64 INT: 8 POW: 16 DEX: 11 CHA: 6 Total hit points: 38 Hit location AP/ HP 1-4 Right leg 13/10 5-8 Left Leg 13/10 9-11 Abdomen 13/10 12 Chest 13/13 13-15 Right Arm 13/9 16-18 Left Arm 13/9 19-20 Head 13/10 Maul 85% 2D8 + 7D6 SR4 No magic Note: Willandring is hobbled by an injury inflicted on leg by Karganar Blood- Eye, the clan founder. Healing Willandring is a major plot point and so I would recommend that only the Rune magic “Heal Body” is effective (RQG p330).
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