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    To mark the anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in his memory. To that end we'll be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems, including RUNEQUEST. Details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. More information here:
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    To mark the anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in his memory. To that end we'll be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems, including RUNEQUEST and HEROQUEST GLORANTHA. Details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. More information here:
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    OCTOBER 10 is the first anniversary of the passing Chaosium founder Greg Stafford, the 'grand shaman of gaming'. As one of the greatest game designers of all time; winner of too many awards to count; and a friend, mentor, guide, and inspiration to generations of gamers, Greg Stafford influenced the universe of tabletop gaming beyond measure. To honor his legacy and with Greg's family's blessing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in remembrance of Greg. On October 10 Chaosium will be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems (RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, King Arthur Pendragon, 7th Sea, HeroQuest) you can play. We'll release details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. Or play any of Greg's games, or a game he influenced (that scope is **wide**) Or play any game at all - as Greg said in his last public speech at the 2018 ENnies, the gaming industry only exists because of your enthusiasm and support. We at Chaosium recognise that countless RPG fans are fans (including us!) because of Greg Stafford and what he achieved. Feel free to share an image of your game on social media or at BRP Central, with the hashtag #WeAreAllUs. Show the "Greg Rune" (aka the Sartar Rune) in your post - copy and print the image here, or from Redbubble (all "Greg Rune" merchandise is currently available at cost, with no artist margin). What better way to honor his legacy than getting your friends together and playing a game in remembrance of him! We would like to again share the final words from the obituary by Greg Stafford's family: To honor Greg’s memory the family requests, in lieu of flowers, that you strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, go somewhere you haven’t been, face a personal challenge head on, read about something new, and enjoy life. We are all us." #WeAreAllUs.
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    Hero quests don't really have all that much to do with HeroQuest. I really do want RQG heroquest rules, but the choice between HQG and RQG is about gaming styles.
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    To mark the anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in his memory. To that end we'll be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems, including his beloved KING ARTHUR PENDRAGON. Details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. More information here:
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    To mark the anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in his memory. To that end we'll be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems, including HEROQUEST GLORANTHA. Details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. More information here:
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    What's your favorite weird factoid or detail from Glorantha? Indulge me, because there's so much good stuff I have two: a priestess of Xiola is required to be present for every game of trollball "but the cult never sponsors teams". This just makes me laugh. (Trollpak) if you do the math, Hon Eel introduced maize to Glorantha (and the attendant human sacrifice rituals) in approximately 1492 ST
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    My players gave me a funny look when I told them the Air rune is associated with bronze, swords, mammals except for horses, and the color orange...
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    Cast a spell on yourself with 5 points of Extension, like Flight, Charisma, Truesword, Shield, Hallucinate, etc. If you didn't get a critical success, then drop the spell, or dispel or dismiss it if your mean old GM doesn't allow you to just drop a spell that you have cast. Regain the RP, if you don't have enough to cast it again. Remember to turn up to every worship ceremony for all your associate cults. Sing extra loud. Bring a step-ladder and sing right in @Joerg's ear. Try again until you get a critical success, so that the spell costs no Rune Points. You now have your spell up for a whole year, with all your RP still available to you. Do this before every worship ceremony if you have 6 or more RP available at the time. Eventually your luck will be with you, and you'll get that sweet spell for no RP. Oh, and remember to augment, and ritually prepare. 5 hours of ritual prep, that's another 2% crit chance. And take your time over that augment, you can double your chance of augmenting with an 80% skill or passion for just 16 melee rounds.
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    Joerg is correct - Threestep Isles is pleasant by Yggs Islander standards (and honestly, what isn't?), but is barren and bleak by the standards of folk from southern Genertela. In 1621, the only folk likely to visit the Threestep Isles are Wolf Pirates (who were still majority Yggsites). In 1625, Three Step Isles is a player in the politics of the Holy Country and most Wolf Pirates are not from the Yggs Isles.
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    Probably no room in the text for the full-sized sketch.
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    I see the real purpose of any rule system as being to create a shared experience at the table. RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and Call of Cthulhu are each written to emphasize different aspects of the possible group experience, and the key to choosing a system is to consider the experience you and your group are looking for. RuneQuest excels at the gritty details you want for a game that feels like the historical Bronze Age, while HeroQuest lets you explore the mythic Bronze Age where every encounter takes on some kind of emotional or spiritual significance. Moving away from Glorantha for a moment and into the pulps, you might find that Pulp Cthulhu does a better job of capturing a noir detective feel while HeroQuest makes it easier to replicate some of the more over the top pulp adventures like the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. A good group can create almost any experience with almost any ruleset, but it's always easier if you choose one that's focused on those elements of the roleplaying experience that your group wishes to highlight.
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    Because he is the White Bull. He has the full backing of the Storm Bull cult, of the White Bull societies, and recognises their rights to the March. The Pol-Joni were among the first to support him - crafty bastards, aren't they?
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    To mark the anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing, we encourage Chaosium fans and gamers in general to play a tabletop game from October 10 to October 31 in his memory. To that end we'll be releasing a set of new free adventures for all our major game systems, including CALL OF CTHULHU. Details about these scenarios in the coming weeks. More information here:
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    Hi Everyone! I've been GMing River of Heaven (Refreshed Edition) for a couple of sessions. I've been playing BRP games since 1994, so I'm quite familiar with the ruleset and its strengths and weaknesses. I find River of Heaven to be one of the best sci fi settings out there. I think it is the plausibility of the tech and socio-political aspects of it. Thankfuly I was able to convince my players to give it a try. We enjoyed it but I found a couple of missing things that need to be in a future edition of the rules. 1- A better layout: The book has nice big letters that are easy to read but titles levels are difficult to differentiate, making a search for something a little bit hard to find. There is something else that makes hard to find a specific place in the book but don't know exactly what. 2- Some tables are spread over the entire book and it is very helpful to fave them unified in one place. For example the different weapon tables, all the equipment, spaceship weapons, etc.. 3- A interstellar map of the gameworld. This is very helpful since it is hard to grasp the whole setting otherwise. 4- A complete chart of distance and travel times between all the main stars and between the planets of each system. It is really annoying having to stop, find the different locations in the book, calculate distances, calculate speed, etc... In the end I just eyeballed everything. 5- More detail on spaceship equipment. The Stepships are the only ones detailed, but every other ship is empty of information. What kind of communication systems, sensors, or other specs they have. It seems the focus in the book is only on the weapons department, but not everything is about that. Again I had to eyeball many things in play, having stopped the flow of the game trying to find something that is not there. For example, the players arrived an asteroid where a scientific station was located. The pilot asked if he could scan the place for life forms, or heat signals, or whatever... the book has no clue about this... 6- As I said in another post, the really unbalanced species in character creation. I know there are some disadvantages to compensate those overpowered species, but it is not clear in the manual. 7- A better Character Sheet... the actual one is quite ugly and, even without that in consideration, it has a lot of missing info: * Bioenergy points could go near the Augments. * The weapons section is incomplete and small. * Armor should go near the weapons section. * Augmentations section is also awkward... it would be helpful having a column for Active or Passive augments, current level, and some space for a breef description. * There is no place to write down character Goals * Somewhere to write down the XP would be nice. 8- Augments: they are a nice concept but the actual list of augments is rather limited and uninspiring. I think it needs a little more creativity. Overall: I love the setting but the book feels like it had virtually no playtesting. My group and I was excited with the game, but every step we took left us more and more annoyed, confused, and ultimately destroyed our enthusiasm. I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but I think it is all positive criticism.
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    I understand the adulthood initiation rites to bestow (at least the magical outlines) for the new adult's tattoos, and that includes his or her tattoos signifying their birth clan. However, upon marriage, the individual marrying outside of (usually) her clan will join a new clan. Her clan tattoo will probably be added to, so that it encompasses the new clan's symbols, too. I suppose there is something like a tattoo script to indicate "this is my clan that I married into". So, what happens upon severance from a clan? Does the individual's birth clan tattoo get altered as a result of the marriage? (Basically, the individual bears the contract between the clans inked into her skin...) What happens at a divorce, or when a temporary marriage runs out? (And is the number of children as the result of that marriage somehow integrated?) Does an exiled clan member get their tattoo altered? A resheathed Humakti? What would a serial monogamist outside of her own clan look like?
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    A pretty common British one. I'm being multicultural. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/a-dog-s-breakfast https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dog's breakfast
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    Okay, I've just updated the file with the amendments below. I've added a little bit of explanatory detail around SR calculations just to make things obvious. I've also changed two of Bodran's actions and one of Angtyr's: Round 1, SR 4 - I've amended Bodran's strike rank actions so he now drops his sword and changes to spell casting, and I've added a note about there being no apparent penalties for changing Statement of Intent in RQG. Round 2, SR 3 - Bodran's second spell attempt corrected to include his DEX SR, which has a consequence (see below) Round 2, SR 4 - After moving, Angtyr now moves his sword to his shield hand to cast Protection instead of sheathing it, but still spends 5 SRs switching to spell casting. Round 2, SR 11 - Bodran now gets impaled by the arrow before his spell would take effect, so it fails. Round 4, SR 1 - Bodran therefore commits two extra magic points to his Heal Wound spell, so it goes off slightly later in the round. SR calculation also corrected for Rune spell with magic points.
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    Yeah it's already confusing enough with just the RQG rules that we don't need to reference previous editions (this is where I really realize combat rules are the weak point of RQG). Thanks for the write-up, @Sumath! Here are my comments: Statement of Intent (SoI) happens before players proceed with the round. As such, the Greydogs couldn't possibly have planned to cast healing magic or whatever this turn... or maybe they did? But I think they probably declared something like "I patrol along the path and if there's anything funky, I either attack or get behind cover, depending on the funkiness". It's really surprising that there's no rule for changing your SoI... between +3 and +5 SR seems appropriate to me, because if there was no penalty, then ambushing somebody effectively only gives a penalty of +1 or +3 SR for "Surprise", and that feels not very, err, penalizing, especially when other RPGs typically make you skip your entire first round. The Greydogs' SoI effectively amounts to a "Wait" maneuver for their round, and there's no rule for that either! Even though the actual example for SoI in the book is such a maneuver! It gets especially hairy when a slow character attacks a fast one. What if the attack SR was, say, 10? Angtyr's Broadsword, with element of surprise, is SR 7+1=8. This means he could see a bunch of n00bs trying to ambush him, but he's so much better than them that he actually injures them first! I can certainly see this happening, but I would have imagined it happening for bigger differences in combat levels -- not just a mere +1 SR difference in the base SR! This means ambush is actually only helping a little bit in getting the upper hand, but not much? You wouldn't want to ambush spear-equipped Lunar soldiers with your Broadsword, then? Seems harsh! I would rule that Bodran can drop his sword to cast magic, and then pick it back up for +5 SR after the spell was cast. I would allow holding the weapon with the shield hand temporarily, but Bodran wants to use his shield to protect himself so that's not possible IMO. It might all be +5 SR anyway for any kind of grip change or whatever (not just dropping/picking up). If he didn't have any shield, he would have a free hand and would be able to cast right away, I think. Ultimately, it doesn't make much difference -- dropping the sword (and saving 5 SR) doesn't free up enough time to cast Protection 2 in the same round anyway, so either way, Bodran still has to take 2 rounds spell-casting and then 5 SR to draw/pick up his sword somehow. I'm not sure why Bodran casts Heal on SR 9? The SR for the spell should be (assuming sheathing the sword as written) 5+3+1+2=11? (+5 for the sheathing, +3 for DEX, +1 for Surprise, +2 for additional magic points). Oh I actually see that he rolls on SR 9 and the spell takes effect on SR 11... why the distinction? I can't find anything about that in the rules. I would just roll and take effect on SR 11. I like the idea of asking players ahead of time where their foci for their various spells is. Maybe they'll say their Heal spell focus is on their sword (so they can heal without sheathing/dropping the sword) but of course that means they can't use the spell quickly when their weapon is confiscated, or broken, or dropped, or whatever... I think they'll soon agree to put some of those spells on tattoos and jewellery. On Round 2, I don't think Chadestra can use her sling on SR 3... she threw a stone last round on SR 11, so she has to reload the sling before firing, so that would be resolved on SR 8? Same think for Drogarsi, who needs to reload an arrow? (this would mean they can't fire again on SR 11). Why does Drogarsi cast Bladesharp only on SR 12? Shouldn't it be SR 5+3+1=9? (+5 for switching weapons, +3 for DEX, +1 for additional magic points) It looks like it was written with the thought that changing weapons is DEX SR + 5, but I think it's a flat +5 SR... otherwise, changing weapons and attacking would result in twice the DEX SR modifier applied, when that's not the case (changing weapon and attacking is just normal DEX and weapon SR plus 5... so it makes sense to me that changing weapons without attacking would be a flat +5 SR). If I'm right, that would change a bunch of other rounds where there was also, IMO, double-dipping of DEX SR modifiers for picking up weapons/shields/etc. Any reason Bodran can re-attempt to remove the arrow only on SR 11? Doing multiple actions is usually a +5 SR affair, so why not on SR 8? Thanks again!
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    Let's use a nice round number. Ten. Ten skills checked every time the adventurers have a session. If we stick to the RQG concept of an adventure every season, then 50 skills checked a year. You successfully go up in what? 40% of the skills you check? 60%? Let's say half, so 25 skill increases a year of PC adventuring. Average experience gain is 3.5 and if you multiply that by 25 you get 87.5% additional skills. Let's be generous and for simplicity's sake as well, then, and call it an even 100%. How many years have your PCs been gaming? Give the new PC 100% additional skills for every year. Then let the players deck him out in magic items to get him up to speed and give them something to do with all that extra stuff they've found.
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    From RQG GM Screen : Spirit Magic:.... If the spell is not successful, no magic points are expended.... Rune Magic:....On a fumble, the spell fails and the Rune points are lost. If the roll is a critical, the spell costs no Rune points.
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    We will go that extra step to make sure you buy the next issue! Here's a quick run-down of some of what is in issue 2: 3 adventures dual-statted for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and GUMSHOE (Trail of Cthulhu) Royal agents investigate the murderous Beast of Gévaudan (18th century, 12 pages) A party celebrates the return of an adventurer from his latest expedition (Gaslight Era, 17 pages) Parents worry over the disappearance of their daughter at college (Classic Era 1920s, 12 pages) A overview of every Cthulhu Mythos RPG release of 2018 A review of the history of Masks of Nyarlathotep An interview with the staff of Cthulhus Ruf magazine An interview with Lynne Hardy Advice, history, comics, and more! Always looking for feedback, please let us know what you think of this or issue 1, and what you'd like to see in future issues. thanks! jared Editor, Bayt al Azif
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    You would also have to decide whether character balance is even required. RuneQuest isn't D&D in this regard - game balance is optional, not mandatory. New RQG characters are potent enough that they should be able to do meaningful stuff in campaigns that have proceeded to the rune levels, as long as niche protection is in place. Those established characters fought and bled for their experience!
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    I would posit that a lot of illuminated chaotics would be "occluded" rather than "enlightened". For them the world being a transitory stage has much less impact on their self-awareness as for a non-chaotic who tends to regard the physical world as a universal constant. Any chaotic being is already exposed to the Void, and it is that exposition that makes them different from the rest of Creation. Chaotic taints like cave troll regeneration or Telmori Wildday rampages may be less chaotic than the hole in the soul of Vivamort vampires. For many illuminated chaotics, illumination may be just an insight why their existence is as f...ed up as it is, putting it into a frame of reference that was missing prior to the experience. Advanced mystics can avoid the taint of Chaos even when exposed to fairly ultimate sources (like the Devil, or the Maggot fought by Baroshi), and so can draconic mystics with previous exposure to soul rendering outer worlds. Quite a lot of Chaotic Illuminates have probably gone insane from the experience, but that too is not that much of a difference to their previous state of mind.
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    Looking at DTRPG, it generally talks about creating new stuff. So if you have something that you've previously written and update it to RQG, give it a new cover add some more value to it with some of your art, change it's name you're probably okay. Personally I would then add the "portions of this product were published in XXX in (date)" for clarity. As @MOB said Have a look through those to see what kind of stuff they have (links above) As for conversions to a new version, DTRPG says: It's the lifting of large sections of text which are likely to cause the problem. Aside from the Guidelines of the JC, DTRPG have their own helpful pages: https://support.drivethrurpg.com/hc/en-us/categories/201257283-Community-Content-Programs
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    Usually, the death in childbirth come at the end of the session, with a random roll. So it's a bit more difficult to roleplay. I remember 3 occasions from my game: 1) A knight lost his wife and his two infant sons during the same (harsh) winter. It was a marriage of reason, but there was fondness between them. The knight was heartbroken, and decided to abandon his land and left for the north with his little daughter, because he was (intimate) friend with Queen Margause. He died a few years later fighting for king Lot. One generation later, Helen, the daugther came back to reclame her inheritance usurped by his uncle (the brother of the first character). She married later with a childhood friend, (another PK). 2) This Helen was frail like her mother, and had a difficult pregnancy. She should have die, but the husband PK decided to sacrifice a glory point (a big deal!) to save her. We had a good roleplaying scene whith him at her side, begging her to live. There still together after 15 years of marriage, with 4 healthy children. The first player is quite pleased with his little children. 3) A PK met a warrior woman (very rare in my campaign). They fall madly in love under magical circonstances. Shortly after their wedding, she gets pregnant. She died in childbirth with their son. He mourned her during years, feeling guilty, and didn't touch any other woman. Finally, he met her again in the Other Side, and decided to stay with her (OUT OF THE STORY).
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    There are so many. Storm Voices are required to eat eggs once a week as a sign of contempt for Yelm. Not just eat them, but eat them contemptuously. Waha initiates only are allowed to purchase the intoxicating mushroom drinks from the dark elves of Shadows Dance. On the coasts of Pamaltela, the Trickster is associated with Catsup sauce. Some Tricksters have spells to temporarily turn themselves into a dirty shirt or a literal pile of shit. There are east isles minor gods, like Comb and Braid whose cult ensures everyone on his tiny island has a magnificent hairstyle. Yelmalio’s very specific ruled against transvestism (and the many fan theories).
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    @Jeff wrote elsewhere: In conversation with Jeff (first time IRL!) at Les Hydriades convention here in the land of the Switzers this spring, he also said that the GAC/ RQ Campaign Book would also go backwards to -or even begin in- 1602, Uther Pendragon-style.
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    It is automatic. In practice, the player tells the gamemaster that these are the spells they want to have, and the GM tells them how long it takes.
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    P.194, 'Magical Attacks and Strike Ranks' - "If more than one magic point is used to boost a Rune magic spell or otherwise increase its effects, 1 strike rank is added for each additional magic point after the first". I need to amend the example though as I've currently got the spell going off on SR 7 but it should be SR 6.
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    You should read up on Jeanne de Flandres, duchess of Brittany: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joanna_of_Flanders
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    I'd love to run a game where the woman sees her husband cut down so she takes up is cause and rides out in his name. In fact my newly created female knight might take up a similar backstory and motivation now. I think she saw her father and older brothers killed in combat and took up being a squire. Revenge always makes for easy motivation.
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    Quite tired from a crazy week @Sumath so I still have not as promised looked at your unedited download. I am looking forward to reading it this eve though. I seem to recall RQ3 doing it as lost spell but not magic points. again, I will look for that this eve. I feel I should (and want to) put in a little bit more than my 2 bolgs worth to your worthy effort, but alas, a little later. Thanx
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    Haha wow, I've had this profile picture for, err, pretty much 20 years now, and it never occurred to me it could be interpreted as a facepalm! I guess the internet was a much simpler place in 1999.
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    The wording isn't 100% clear, but it seems to imply that dropping a weapon and drawing a new one is only one action, and only if you resheath your weapon it takes two actions to change weapons. P. 194: Changing weapons involves dropping a weapon in hand and drawing another. Resheathing a sword and then drawing an axe, for example, is two actions and would take 10 strike ranks. And you don't have to resheath or drop your weapon to get a hand free, you could also grab the weapon with your shield hand, and the rules don't specify it taking any time, only that readying and resheathing takes time.
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    Ogres don't necessarily use garottes like the thuggee (or Thanatari), but no reason why not either. They also can stab from surprise, hunt humans like game for the fun of it, lay vicious traps and scares, seduce people and strangle or bind them in their sleep - ogres are a diverse bunch. I'm sure lots of them torture if they have a chance just for the sadistic joy of it. Cacodemon teaches them to be sneaky (hide, sneak, conceal) and they do enjoy a good ambush. They can use incapacitating poisons if they are lucky enough to have a little Alchemy knowledge (though ogres probably never kill with poison, because they want the meat to be good - they might use incapacitating poison, and then keep them captive long enough to get the poison out of their system, if you want a reason why ogre captives (even PCs!) might still be kept alive for a while). Not quite sure if Cacodemons signature Vomit Acid rune spell is something they hate doing (because it eats away the meat) or if it is like marinating or pre-digesting, and so something they love doing. The really odd thing is that if ogres know that Illumination keeps them safe from Storm Bull Sense Chaos detection and potential similar things, they are going to go out of their way to become Illuminated. Some will join the Lunar religion obviously. But it implies that ogre mystics, who have set out to study mystic philosophy with the end goal of continuing to eat people, exist and may be relatively common. What mystic teachings do they end up with having studied that? They must be weird awful people - and the Thuggee are not a bad comparison there too.
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    Yeah, I've thought about this as well. It seems pretty rough (and yet another in the long row of arguments for two-handed weapons) that you need to spend 10 (!) SRs to sheathe and then draw a weapon to get a spell in, while you could supposedly just take one hand off of your two-handed sword for more or less free to cast (although it has a very serious downside in that you can't parry at all during the spellcasting SRs in the situation). I would probably allow a character to simply spend an addition 5 SR in order to cast when both hands are occupied - it might be argued that you could simply hold your sword by the shield-hand momentarily while you cast.
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    Here are more new Call of Cthulhu community titles in the Miskatonic Repository on DriveThruRPG! Great work by Genevieve Colter of Dark Trapezohedron Productions, who has uploaded four titles, and congratulations to G.A. Patrick, whose creation Fever: Death Toll has been previewed on Geek Native and reviewed on Roleplayer's Chronicle. It is great to see Miskatonic Repository creations getting coverage in the wider RPG-Gaming media like this! https://www.chaosium.com/blogmiskatonic-monday-some-august-releases-for-the-repository It's Miskatonic Monday again, so here are some excellent new Call of Cthulhu community content titles to peruse in the Miskatonic Repository! https://www.chaosium.com/blogmiskatonic-monday-more-new-titles-in-august Among a host of interesting Call of Cthulhu community content titles, there are two firsts for the Miskatonic Repository: the first English translation from the popular Polish 'Zgrozy' series; and the first Cthulhu Invictus title. Hopefully the first of many for both! https://www.chaosium.com/blogmiskatonic-monday-eclectic-offerings-in-september
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    One thing I have done a couple times is to allow the use of the Sweep rules for particularly heroic fights against hordes of rabble, and only against them. Another poster on the TDM board suggested a variant of the swarm rules, essentially making all of the rabble a single pool of hit points, and by doing a certain amount of damage you remove a portion of the rabble.
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    In short, Sartar in 1626 is a mess. Kallyr dies barely chasing off a Tarshite attempt to reconquer the kingdom. Actually arguably, it is Leika who wins that battle. And afterwards, there is no leader, no unity, and lots of resentment and disputes.
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    Have you watched the brilliant Kickstarter campaign video for Swedish Call of Cthulhu? Our incredibly talented friends at Eloso Förlag have released the next intriguing instalment. This is amazing stuff, English subtitles bottom right. The Kickstarter campaign itself is here: http://bit.ly/2kA2mKn
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    Indeed! But I don't see it coming any time soon. Sadly. So many questions asked, so few answers. And most of the answers only add to the confusion. Basically we're told that we should handle things how we see fit, house-rule what doesn't make sense, etc. Not what I expected of a brand new edition after 30 years of insight.
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    There's now a new release where one can turn on an English text, as per usual way on Youtube.
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    Corune, columnist for EN World, states "In my opinion, [Greg Stafford’s King Arthur Pendragon] is the greatest RPG system ever designed." So, what’s so good about it? - read on... https://www.enworld.org/threads/pendragon-a-game-design-masterclass.666703
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    All is as said above. My "Love for My Mother 1M13" has become "Love for My Dead Mother 1M13". No less love, no less important, but it motivates me in different ways, including perhaps occasional melancholy, a Flaw. !i!
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    MRQ1 was flawed in many places: both rules execution and Gloranthan background. The production schedules were horrendous. In the other thread, I think Joerg refers to 'four weeks to produce a 60 page supplement'. Well, that's wrong I'm afraid, it was 4 weeks to produce a 128 page supplement, including research, fact checking, personal proofing, personal editing, and then submission to the editorial team. There would usually be a little back and forth on corrections here and there, but mostly the author wouldn't see the manuscript again until it was a layout proof, which you had to read through and provide mark-up corrections for. Wholesale changes weren't possible because they could impact layout considerably (even small changes can), so editorial input after the fact was very limited. And by this time, you're neck-deep in another 128 page, 4 week project, so your writing time on a book at any point was more like 3.5 weeks than four. Yet despite being flawed, MRQ1 did get quite a lot of things right. The character creation process of culture+profession, with skill allocation in percentile blocks appears to be remarkably similar to RQG, from what I've seen (I don't have a copy of it, but have scanned friends copies). Theism and Sorcery both introduced some excellent mechanical concepts too. It wasn't all bleak. For Gloranthan content, I can only speak for my own work, but I took time and pains to consult with Greg and Jeff directly before starting work on any supplement. Dara Happa saw me spend a weekend with Jeff in Berlin where we brainstormed avidly, mapped-out the campaign, went over the canon, and get the thing ready for me to start writing. That was a common approach. For the dragonewt and mostali books, I had several long conversations with Greg on how to portray the races, and he got to approve or veto ideas before I worked on them. I spent a lot of my own money buying hard-to-get Gloranthan items (such as Enclosure and other rare fanzines) that were recommended to me by Greg and Jeff so that I had access to some of the deeper lore that had helped form the canon of the time. I rewrote magic and cult rules so that they'd be workable with the supplements I was responsible for (notably Dara Happa and Fronela). In other words, I worked very hard to deal with the issues inherent in MRQ1, and bring the Second Age Glorantha supplements up to par. MRQ1 had each weapon group (1H Axe, 2H Axe, etc) with a single combat skill for both attack and parry. Pete Nash and I introduced Combat Styles in MRQ2, further developing and refining them in RQ6/Mythras. They reflect how fighters, especially professional warriors, are trained in the use of multiple weapons and techniques at the same time, and reflect that in off-time, when individuals are training, they won't focus on just one weapon in isolation. It's economical skill-wise too, because you don't have to keep track of multiple skills for each weapon. In Mythras, a Combat Style can be supplemented by a Trait, such as Formation Fighting, which lends certain advantages when specific conditions are met. I've been using Combat Styles for so long, going back to the older forms of RQ and d100 combat seems extremely clunky to me now; but everything depends on personal preferences and play styles. There's no 'right' way to do things.
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    I don't disagree with this statement in general, but I think its application here is misplaced. Runes in Glorantha are immortal, immutable concepts indelibly linked to what they are and what they represent. Why would they change? More importantly, why introduce confusion and uncertainty for the sole and dubious benefit of implying that the runes change with culture and time? Glorantha is first and foremost a game world, not an exercise in anthropology.
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    That seems more than a little silly. Why not just use the correct rune?
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