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    I'd like to see a playable M-space version of a solar sail drive. It was a big part of Larry Niven's "The Mote In God's Eye" but I've never played an RPG that had ship design rules that would allow PCs to build and operate a spacecraft with one. (How's that for getting back on track?) And it is non-FTL.
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    THIS POST WAS MADE BY DUCK BANDIT GANG.😤😤😤☝️🦆 REAL BILL HOURS, WHO UP?🤑 (I regret nothing) Although I do preger "Bandit Ducks!" for the catchiness.
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    *Laughs* Am already running the Quest of the Red Blade, and plan on running the CoC adventure as well. THEY ROCK!!
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    Also, Taoist "elements" is kind of a translational misnomer. They're seen more as influences than physical substances. So it's not a matter of being made of wood, but being like unto or affected by the nature of wood. !i!
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    I was haunted by this idea of sorcery in Runequest/Glorantha and just wanted to give it another moment in the sunlight. I think there's some real juice in that and i would be an interesting expansion of the game/theme whenever we do move to look at more Western focused supplements.
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    Hi Rune Friends, I am thinking about running a RuneQuest or HQ campaign focused on ducks, just because I like ducks. I’m fairly new to Glorantha and I’d like to explore a lot of different locations with the players, rather than focusing on one little piece of the map. That might work better with my fairly superficial knowledge of the setting. Kind of an episodic game, treating travels briefly except maybe for dramatic combats, and then jumping to the next destination. I read some of the Travels of Biturian Varosh, so my initial idea was to recreate some of that, maybe with Ducks from Sartar who need to leave home in hurry in the aftermath of the Starbrow Rebellion and Duck Hunt, and one of them has cousins who live on the River of Cradles... I was initially thinking of having them be Lunarized Duck Irregulars but that’s maybe a step too far. Are there any suggestions for how to structure this, can’t miss places to visit, story hooks, etc?
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    The glorious Gloranthan game Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is now out for Windows and Mac! Life between myths. Lead your clan into legend or obscurity. Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind is a storybook strategy game, immersing you in a land of old gods and magic. Available now from Steam and from GOG. Six Ages is also available on iOS, where it is currently rated 4.82 in the Apple App Store. And it's 'spiritual successor' to the magnificent King of Dragon Pass! Release date trailer:
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    I'd love to see this setting developed for Mythras; Russ Nicholson, the artist who does the designs for the Abraxas setting, has done some pics for the Mythras Monster Island. It would be great to see a Mythras supplement for Abraxas featuring his art. Is there any chance of this happening? https://fabledlands.blogspot.com/p/lost-continent-of-abraxas.html
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    I decided to write an Halloween adventure for my group and came up with stats for the Irish Dullahan, the original headless horseman, and decided to post them in case someone else wants to do a Halloween adventure for Pendragon. It goes by a few different names, including one in Welsh that I can't find again. It gallops about the countryside at night and is a sort of Banshee/Grim Reaper type of creature. In game terms I see this either as window dressuing for another adventure, or as some sort of obstacleor guardian that the knights must get past. As it doesn't speak, social interaction is somewhat limited. Legends say that one haunts Silbury Hill, near Avebury, instead or or along with the ghost of King SIl. Later legends have it drive a coach of six black steeds, that uses skulls for lanterns which drives the departed tot he afterlife, but I figured that couches were a bit anachronistic for Pendragon, although some GMs might with to use it - faerie creatures do tend to be a few years ahead in the technology department. Anyway here are the stats. Please let me know if it needs any corrections, or changes. DULLAHAN The Dullahan. Also known as the Gan Ceann (“without a head”) and the Fear Dorcha (“dark man:”) is a headless rider, clad in black, astride a black horse, who carries his own head in one hand or upon the front of the saddle. This head is the color and texture of moldy cheese and is split from ear to ear by a wide grin. The Dullahan’s eyes are small and dart about quickly, allowing the creature to see even in the darkest of nights. The Dullahan’s head glows with an eerie phosphorescence, and the Dullhan can lift it to see as if it were a grisly lantern. It wields a whip, made from a human’s spine, with skill, able to pluck out an onlooker’s eye with it. The Dullhan’s mount is an all black courser, a tireless animal that shoots sparks and flames from its nostrils, that is said to be able to catch up with anything. Like the Banshee the Dullahan is thought by some to be a harbinger of death. A Dullahan will ride the countryside at night and when it stop it will speak a person's name (the only time it speaks), and that person will drop dead. The Dullahan does not like being seen while out on it’s ride, and might blind onlookers, either by striking out an eye with it’s whip, or by throwing a bucket of blood into the onlooker’s face. The Dallahan is an agent of death. Silently, it will ride through the night, and when it stops it will speak out someone’s name and they will die, and the Dullahan will lead their spirit to their afterlife. The Dullahan has a fear of gold, and can sometimes be driven off by the sight of golden objects, even ones as small as a pin. Glory Won: 150; SIZ 15, DEX 15, STR 15, CON 20; Move 3; Armor 6; Unconscious na; Major Wound 20; Knockdown 15; Hit Points 35; Healing Rate 4; Damage 5d6. Combat Skills: Spine Whip 21 (treat as flail, ignores shields and +1d6 vs. mail armor), Sword 16. Significant Skills: Awareness 20, Horsemanship 20, Hunting 20. Significant Traits: Valorous 17 Directed Traits: Fear Gold +10 (-10 Valorous) Valorous Modifier: -5 Spine Whip: The Dullahan wields a whip made from a human spine. This functions as a flail. The Dullahan is so skilled with this whip that it can use it to strike out a person’s eye. This requires an attack at a -10 modifier, and the Dullahan must score a major wound. This is normally done to those who stand and stare as the Dullahan rides by, and not in combat. Separated Head: The Dullahan carries it head in one hand, or upon the saddle-brow of it’s steed. The head glows like some sort of ghostly lantern, giving it a +5 modifier to Awareness. The Dullahan does not suffer any penalties for Darkness. Supernatural Sight: The Dullahan possesses supernatural sight, and when it holds it head aloft it can see for vast distances, even at night. It suffers no penalty to Combat Skills when fighting in darkness. Throw Blood: A Dullahan does not like to be seen when out riding and may throw a bucket of blood into the face of an onlooker, with a DEX roll, as if it were a throw weapon. If successful, the target is blinded for 1d6 rounds. Fear of Gold: A Dullahan is repelled by gold, and if it sees any gold, even as much as a single coin or pin, it must make a Valorous roll or retreat. Note that the Dullahan must be able to see the gold for this to occur. Gold that is carried in a knights purse wouldn’t repel the Dullahan, but a gold coin taken from that purse or a gold item worn would. To determine if the Dullahan spots some golden item worn or dropped by a character, roll Awareness modified by the situation. Dead Being: as the Dullahan is already dead, he cannot be "killed", but instead can be banished or laid to rest. As such it does not fall unconscious, and major wounds only result in maiming him further. If reduced to zero hit points or lower he is defeated, but will ride again on another night. To lay one ot rest permantly would take spirtual aid from a preist, or seprating the head from the body, perhaps both. BLACK STEED This is a large black horse of incredible speed that the Dullahan rides at a gallop through the night. It breathes out flames from it’s nostrils as it thunders through the night. Legends say that no one can outrun this steed. It is considered to be trained for both battle and hunt. SIZ 31, DEX 33, STR 29, CON 20; Move 13; Armor 10; Unconscious 13; Major Wound 20; Knockdown 31; Hit Points 51; Healing Rate 5; Damage 6d6 Combat Skills: Hoof 8 (–3d6), Trample 10 (–4d6; prone foes only). Significant Skills: Awareness 15. Tireless: The Black Steed can sprint all night without any signs of fatigue.
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    My Down Darker Trails campaign (The Catastrophe Engine) is heading towards its conclusion. Due to complications with schedules, it's broken into two separate campaigns in the last month, but I hope to finish The Catastrophe Engine sometime early next year after roughly two years and about 30 game sessions (probably). Here's what I used for it so far: Prologue - Ill Met in the West The Evil Gun (Blood Brothers) The Murders in Midnight Terror on the Sequoyah Star Dark Tongs of Chinatown Worms! (Deadlands) The Last Valley The House on the Hill (Chill) The Doom that Came to Devil's Gulch (Devil's Gulch) The Abduction of Professor Marion Terwilliger The Beast Under the Bed (Challenge Magazine) The Causal Enigma or Strange Times in Gravity Falls Through the Night (Dungeon Magazine) The Spiral Crypt (online) The Vengeance of Jack Parker The Wolves of Wheeling or A Very Weisswald Christmas Falls Run (Dungeon Magazine for Masque of the Red Death) A Night at Black Knoll Fire of the Orient Independence Day (Deadlands) Unwholesome Expectations Good Thoughts Those not noted are ones I ended up writing up myself. I have one more scenario in the Catastrophe Engine Campaign to get done (the big conclusion). We'll see how it turns out.
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    The Duck Bandit Gang sounds awkward to my ear. Yozarians Gang doesn’t convey the essence of duck, but the cover pic does. How about Dastardly Ducks? Yozarian’s Gang is my favourite though.
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    I would go with "The Duck Bandits!" and yes I know it wasn't in the options. As for why the ducks would be on the road, my first lame idea would be that they are on a quest to find some legendary McGuffin related to fighting their undead neighbours.
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    You're going to love this one-shot when it comes out in the Jonstown Compendium: By the way, what title do you prefer? The authors are undecided...
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    Heh, funnily enough that Genertela map is the same as the one in the AAA, but with a way better resolution than the unreadable one in the PDF...
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    You know I think yours is the first post that actually mentions running the adventure. Congrats!
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    Newly released - Syrinscape's new Egypt SoundPack gives you a complete sound solution to the fourth part of Call of Cthulhu's Masks of Nyarlathotep: https://www.chaosium.com/blognew-syrinscape-soundpack-for-masks-of-nyarlathotep-egypt
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    You're very welcome! If I may, you are sorely missing some serious entertainment (and other chances to honor Greg's memory...) if you don't also download and play the other free "We Are All Us" adventures (for Pendragon - by Greg himself! -, Call of Cthulhu, Runequest and HeroQuest). They are available strarting from here: https://www.chaosium.com/we-are-all-us-free-adventures/
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    The thing is, we have. It's just a lot more boring than we had hoped. But it's not an assumption. See, even if Special Relativity's axiom of light speed being an ultimate upper limit turns out to be wrong, the amount of energy required to get even close to that speed is forbiddingly high. I mean, really, really forbiddingly high. Why would aliens leave? And why would then not another civilization come, settle and stay? At least one of the many civilizations that must exist in our universe would feel the need to grow and spread out. That one would grow exponentially, eventually settling every known place in the universe (not just our galaxy). And that would have happened millions of years ago already - which means we'd already be a part of it. We have not been visited, otherwise we'd simply know from direct, on-planet evidence that interstellar travel is possible. The answer to Fermi's paradox is not a great filter, but the simple fact that interstellar distances are just too large to overcome. The notion of an interstellar embargo of any kind only works when there is FTL. Without it, how are you going to enforce it? But even in protected parks, there are violations of that protection status from time to time. By now, we would have noticed. I would simply not care for the local animals (and animals some interstellar civilizations would deem us, and treat us accordingly). I'd just do what we humans always do: Take what's theirs and be rich with it. And we humans do that because it is the optimal strategy to spread our genes, which is what we (and any other lifeform conceivable) are evolved to do. This would not differ with aliens.
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    Even if we are not sure about our own physics, we can deduce from the fact that there is no alien colony on this planet. Sure, I do FTL SF myself from time to time, have even written a novel or two with it. But let's not kid ourselves: Those are no less fantasy than stories with elves, dwarves and orcs.
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    Maybe controversial is the wrong word? But basically I have seen several online reviews that expressed disappointment with the product. The physical version (which I don't own) supposedly has not-great printing quality, and the PDF version (which I do own) is downright unreadable in some cases, so much so that the map legend is a separate downloadable JPEG file on the Chaosium website because you can't read it on the PDF. It's also generally speaking quite bare-bones: it's really just the assembled "green" maps that you can see in the (amazing) Guide to Glorantha, but without much else (no roads, no population info, etc.).
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    Dunno. While I believe that we are limited by real natural (and supernatural) laws, mankind has consistently accomplished feats thought previously to be impossible. That's the point of the Tower of Babel story in Genesis. God Himself said (speaking of the bad people who were giving Him the middle finger, mind), "If I don't do something to stop these guys, they will establish an Evil Galactic Empire with their baked-mud technology. There's nothing they won't be able to accomplish." And that's why He confused the languages.
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    I never saw the basic concept as a problem at all. Lots of people love playing vampires... which are even more monstrous (unless they sparkle). Geist, one of the NWoD games, presents a more open/aware relationship between the host and its partner, and it works fine in that game. But, for me, I saw the Nephilim's nature of 'possessing' different bodies through history as a weight to be carried... reacted to. Trying to make it a happy circumstance for all involved kind of waters down the setting, IMO.
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    Are you talking about the product description on the Chaosium website? Additional materials include a 20-page reference booklet full of charts and references for ease of play, a 16-page full-color Gloranthan calendar, seven ready-to-play pregenerated adventurer characters, regular and deluxe adventurer sheets, squad and a non-player character sheets, as well as full-color fold-out maps of Apple Lane, Clearwine, Dragon Pass, and the world of Glorantha itself. If so, then yeah, sadly, those last few words are not correct, there's no map of Glorantha as a whole in the slipcase set as far as I can tell. Even the Glorantha Sourcebook only has a few maps that cover Genertela, with most maps focusing on Dragon Pass and its surroundings (although it has a few God Time maps based on God Learner documents, which show you the entirety of Glorantha at various points in non-time before it took on the shape we know now). For maps of the entirety of Glorantha you'd have to look at the Guide To Glorantha and the (controversial) Argan Argrar Atlas.
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    I tend to feel that we literally do not know what is possible and what is not. Every few decades, people seem to think that they have finally got things almost right, that there are no new Great Breakthroughs to be made (only details to work out). History suggests that we are probably no more correct than they were. And science fiction doesn't really care; everybody has their own hard-vs-soft thresholds for their sci-fi. 😁
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    FLAMAL HAS A FEELING RIGHT NOW also wood represents "life" so it's not as odd as it might seem
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    I have very few gripes about the BGB as it sits on the shelf, all pretty. It was brilliant in its day, and it's still a great toolkit. The few gripes I do have are non-functional shields, wonky firearms and the fact that it's a rather uninviting read. Fix up the few shortcomings of the combat chapter, make it pop a bit more, add in some of the later games' stuff and maybe an expanded "how-to" section, and Dustin might have to come tell us again that the book sold surprisingly well. But for the love of Cthulhu, don't change the baseline.
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    Good discussion. See what you started, Tigerwomble? AlthoughI I own CoC 6th edition and supplements and monographs from the same era, for me the BGB is the core rulebook, for a couple of reasons. I missed Chaosium's 1980s heyday, choosing to play other games, although I was certainly aware of Chaosium titles. So I came at the system as a complete newbie. I liked Lovecraft's stories but wasn't sure I was ready for hardcore horror role-playing, and the lurid covers made it look hardcore. In similar fashion, i thought the very notion of Ducks was a hoot but wasn't sure I was ready for the deep dive into RuneQuest and its thick Gloranthan mythology in order to enjoy them. The BGB enabled me to learn the Chaosium house system while applying it to genres I was more interested in. And I came at it in baby steps. GORE was my introduction, then the Quick-Start Edition, then the full Big Gold Book. Non-OGL issues aside, I felt that GORE and the Quick-Start were companions rather competitors. They each explained BRP and provided a useful if limited game framework -- but they tackled the job differently, which helped me "get it" sooner.
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    I am awaiting a visit to the pond of William {Duckbill) Burrows, the great sharp shooter of apples, drugs and words—an heir to a vast fortune created by a sage who invented a new quill for recording scrolls decades ago, A wandering poet by the name o’ Avian Ducksberg (well?) could, well, wander in for a bit of a “druluz duck in”...* and stay to recite his epic wail to the uncaring gods called “Quack” ! At about the time the band the Grateful Ducks are well into their second song (about two hours in) called “I Know You Rider” the Tuskers arrive... mounted by the vile Tusk Riders... "Split man! It’s tha pigs" yells Burrows... We will fade down this chaotic ** scene as pandemonium begins to encompass out heroes. * If you are old enough or well read on the subject I hope you can see the (rather bad) homage to the “human be ins” of SF fame. ** not being orderium, you were expecting what?
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    I must agree with g33k here @Rick Meints, (have not said so before but long time fans of your work!) there might be a schmuck or two that will get in an ill deserved sucker punch, but hey ya got free brainstorming (lack of emphasis on the brain increased emphasis on the storm, unfortunately) and worth every penny. As long as the herd stays on track, (not a good track record, alas) you should have a few good comments pertaining to your question. Now that is unfortunately all I can contribute as I have not not read the BGB and have not seen BRP since it was a small stapled handout in the box (not that that will stop everyone) so I do not feel qualified to say much. I will say I intend to buy the BGB one day cause... grognard here. But I would love to see and buy a great new BRP set!
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    If one were to update the BGB, my main request would be to keep the format as black print on matte, white paper. I find all the glossy stuff or anything with a background hard to read, esp with glare etc. But, my eyes are old. Otherwise, I'm not sure what I would really change. The BGB is pretty...big. So adding stuff might be difficult. However, I could see adding Stunts and similar options form varius BRP pubs, and perhaps adding something like advantages and disadvantages. A non BGB option might be instead to produce a Compendium of these additional rules.
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    The BGB is one of my favorite RPG products ever. I am thankful for Chaosium keeping it in print as that makes it more relevant and accessible to my players. For the campaigns I have run in various fantasy and historical settings, the thing that would help me the most in terms of preparation time is an extensive bestiary. With the plans for multiple Fantasy Earth settings, a bestiary that covers natural animals and mythic creatures would be useful. I know that wouldn't fit in the core book, but I think it would make for a useful separate product for all the Mythic Earth settings and for home-brew fantasy worlds.
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    I am starting the Eleven Lights campaign next week, so I'm working on stats for important NPCs in the first adventure. Here is my version of Ostling Spotted-Fur. Name: Ostling Spotted-Fur Age (Birth Year): 28 (1590) Gender: Male Reputation: 20% Keywords: Telmori Brave Homeland: Sartar Tribe: Telmori Clan: Fur Runners Faction: Telmori Occupation: Noble, Hunter Appearance: Buckskin and rawhide clothing, high cheek-bones, long loose hair, moccasins Characteristics [Wolf-Form] STR 16 [32] CON 11 SIZ 11 DEX 14 INT 17 [8] POW 14 CHA 15 Hit Points: 11 Move: 8 [12] Damage Bonus: +1D4 [+2D6] DEX SR: 2 SIZ SR: 2 Runes: Air: 80%, Death: 75%, Beast: 75%, Chaos 25% Rune Points: 5 (Telmor Spirit Society, Initiate) Rune Spells: Sanctify, Transform Self, Wolfhide, Wolfrunning, Wolf’s Head Spirit Magic: Dullblade 3, Ironhand 3, Heal 2 Spirit Combat Damage: 1D6+1 Magic Points: 14 Passions: Hate (Leikorl the Shadow) 80%, Love (family) 70%, Honor 60%, Loyalty (Sartar) 60%, Loyalty (Telmori) 60%, Loyalty (Fur Runners) 60% Armor: Buckskin (1) [Werewolf Fur (1), immunity to most weapons] Skills: Dodge 58% [78%], Ride 15%, Dance 25%, Intrigue 40%, Orate 50%, Sing 40%, Animal Lore 45%, Battle 50%, Cult Lore (Telmor) 30%, Customs (Telmori) 45%, Meditate 5%, Spirit Combat 80%, Worship (Telmor) 25%, Conceal 30%, Listen 45% [30%], Scan 55% [40%], Track 90% [75%], Hide 45% [30%], Move Quietly 35% [20%] Languages: Speak Telmori 60%, Speak Hoertling 30% Ransom: 1,000 L Equipment: snares Weapon % Damage SR Pts 1H Spear 65 1D6+1+1D4 6 10 Javelin w. Atlatl 90 2D6+1+1D2 2 8 (6) M. Shield 50 2D4 7 12 Bite 60 1D8+2D6 8 Location [Human] d20 Armor/HP Right Leg 01-04 1/4 Left Leg 05-08 1/4 Abdomen 09-11 1/4 Chest 12 1/5 Right Arm 13-15 1/3 Left Arm 16-18 1/3 Head 19-20 1/4 Location [Wolf] d20 Armor/HP Right Hind Leg 01-02 1/3 Left Hind Leg 03-04 1/3 Hindquarter 05-07 1/5 Forequarter 08-10 1/5 Right Foreleg 11-13 1/3 Left Foreleg 14-16 1/3 Head 17-20 1/4
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    Matt Ryan's map of "The Castle of the Kite", from KAP adventure THE QUEST OF THE RED BLADE, one of the five FREE scenarios we'll be releasing on Oct 10 to mark the first anniversary of Greg Stafford's passing. The scenario is by Greg Stafford himself. #weareallus
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    Pavis, Gateway to Adventure, p. 68, on Corflu:
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    Dunno... I think I can see the viable "adventuring sorceror" here... A couple of long-term "Buff" spells, cast before setting out. 1-2 "hurt the other guy" spells, needing a round or two to cast (so the party has to protect the sorceror) 2-3 utility/control spells, often cast out of battle to solve non-combat issues (but if utilized in combat, the party again needs to screen/protect the sorceror). I don't see anything that makes this style of adventurer "unplayable." If you want to play a scream-and-leap kzinti, you have Gloranthan options; the studious academic isn't one of them, and that's OK.
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    Sorcery is a major pillar of magic. Geez, look at the things you can do with sorcery - you can effectively reproduce the effects of all but the mightiest Rune spells WITHOUT a cult. WITHOUT cult restrictions. WITHOUT even needing the Runes. Heck, you can obviously create balls of fire or whatever else you want. But you do this through meticulous and lengthy study. Learn your INT worth of Runes and Techniques and you have a lot of potential combinations. An 18 INT sorcery has 7 Runes and Techniques they can learn. So pick Fire, Earth, Movement, Fertility, Combine, Summon, and Command. That gets you Death, Stasis, Separate, Dispel, and Tap (albeit at double cost). So almost any spell dealing with Fire and Earth could be learned. Learn a bunch of them at 3% plus your Magic bonus of +5% or 8%. OK casting is going to require a few tricks - use the right Day modifier (+10%), get a Minor Rune association for the location (+10%), and carry around a mundane object for each spell (10%). That gives you 38% in each spell. Meditate for 10 minutes before casting the spell - that gets you up to 63% which is pretty decent actually. Now you might have a dozen or spells that cover a wide range of possibilities. Now you need to cast them before you need them but that's ok. If you want to be able to cast a spell in combat, pick your "combat spell" and train it. And unlike Rune Points, you can keep doing this as long as you have magic points, which recover far faster. Magic points you say? Yeah, that's your actual Achilles Heel. Best solution - have a community that you can flock to your magical circle and get them to offer magic points to the Invisible God, and take a percentage of them for your purpose. Got a village of 150 adults? Awesome! What a magical pool for you to work with! Of course it is hard to take all those Dronars out on adventures, but you have more important stuff to be doing anyways - then again, that group of barbarian adventurers say they know where there is a treasure trove of lost Jrusteli knowledge. Imagine what you could do with that - what lost spells you might be able to learn! And what if you could reclaim some of the lost tricks of the God Learners that let them cast their spells directly on the gods! Worth the risk. Especially if the barbarians do most of the work.
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    In that sense, 'adventuring' sorcerers are as aberrant - and as weird, to those who understand the context - as broken mostali and rootless aldryami.
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    You guys may want to get all this petty hate speech out of the way now before the new RQ and even 13G drop in wide release... Nothing at all wrong with having preferences, stating them, sticking to them fanatically and so on, but it's a real turnoff when you keep coming back to that well. I've been a fan of both Runequest and D&D since I was in middle school. Now I'm firmly in middle age. I have always been a "RQ guy," but will play anything. The biggest turnoff for me, in any endeavor/group/hobby/occupation/whatever, is the elitist, smarmy jerk who knows better than everyone else. The two gaming communities who are the worst about this, IMO, (ironically) are Glorantha/Runequest fans and pre 3rd edition D&D fans. Both communities are full of pompous, self righteous pseudoscholars who take their interests far too seriously. We are on the precipice of what is likely Runequest/Glorantha's last chance at bringing in a large chunk of "new blood" into our favorite stomping ground to share ideas and good times with. I ask all here that we maybe tone down the elitism a few decibels and keep the shoegaze conversations civil when/if outsiders start poking their heads in. We want them all to become insiders. They won't want anything to do with this community if we're all a bunch of BADWRONGFUN jerks. This post wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. I have gotten a bad attitude here and elsewhere more than a few times both on the internet and in real life related to gaming topics, so I share the burden of trying to put my best self forward when my knee jerk usually isn't. TLDR version: You may see a bunch of people in the near future here who are fans of things the typical current user isn't. Try not to crap in their yard so they want to come visit yours.
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