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    Just a thought but what if instead of being improved it could be added to? Specifically: A section for GMs new to BRP to help them navigate between the myriad of choices and optional rules. Perhaps with some example applications that use various systems? Something along the lines of one page or two page game settings. Those that become popular could potentially be expanded into full supplements at a later date. You could even recreate simplified forms of pre-existing Chaosium game worlds to use BRP as an intro to other games such as RQ and, CoC. One of the reasons why experienced BRPers can do so much more with the BGB is that we've seen how the various rules have been pieced together in the past. Sections could be added to include the new %-based game mechanics from CoC7, or maybe even a d20 based game mechanic such as used in Pendragon, plus maybe some guidelines for adapting rules and character stats between them all. Oh, and maybe none of this would require a new edition of BRP but instead could be marketed as the Basic Role Playing Companion.
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    I've been running the events in 1625 following the Dragonrise in my game. The heroes have been sent on a secret mission by Kallyr to rescue Ostling Spotted-Fur and return him to his grandfather to secure the Telmori's aid in the Lightbearers' heroquest. I've statted up a bunch of the NPCs from the 11 Lights for the game in the Cradle of Heroes: Jomes Hostralos Lunar Soldier Border Wulf Peltast Lunar Priest / Priestess Tatoukal Blackbeard Khelban of Prax Willandring the Giant Telmori Wolf-Brother Kostajor Wolf-Champion Dire Wolf Jagar Sog Ostling Spotted-Fur Yrsa Nightbeam (Torkani Queen) Ivvar Quickstep Ivartha the Skinner Vastyr Bloody-Shirt Leikorl the Shadow I've also created a few factions (groupings of characters ready for a combat encounter or play): Ivartha's Entourage Lunar Patrol (Border Wulf Peltasts + captain) Wulfsland Lunars Telmori Warband You can use any characters from the Cradle directly, duplicate them from your own use or chose the text export and copy / paste. Ex: ** Ivartha the Skinner ** Runes: Air Movement Illusion Homeland: Sartar, Occupation: Noble, Initiate of Cult: Orlanth Adventurous STR: 19, CON: 17, SIZ: 13, DEX: 17, INT: 15, POW: 16, CHA: 18, Derived Stats: Damage Bonus: +1D4, Hit Points: 18, Magic Points: 16, Movement- Ground: 8, HP: -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Passions: Reputation 30%, Hate (Chaos) 80%, Love (Family) 75%, Loyalty (Clan) 90%, Loyalty (Tribe) 90%, Loyalty (Kallyr) 60%, Cults: Orlanth Adventurous - Initiate - Rune Points: 8 Runes: Air 100%, Earth 70%, Darkness 60%, Illusion 95%, Movement 95%, Mastery 50%, Skills: Medium Shield 120%, Broadsword 115%, Jump 106%, Orate 105%, Sing 100%, Climb 95%, Dodge 89%, Javelin 85%, Manage Household 80%, Spirit Combat 76%, Fist 70%, Large Shield 70%, Dagger 70%, Crossbows 70% Spirit Magic: Mobility (1pts), Strength (2pts), Bladesharp (3pts), Disruption (1pts), Fanaticism (1pts), Detect Enemies (1pts) Rune Spells: Dismiss Elemental (1pts), Leap (1pts), Shield (1pts), Dark Walk (1pts), Lightning (1pts), Mist Cloud (1pts), Earth Shield (3pts), Summon Elemental (1pts) Spirits & Matrices: Mygoch Stormfriend - Pow: 35, Cha: 16, Int: 12, MP: 35 Spells: Strength (2pts), Protection (5pts), Countermagic (6pts), Vigor (2pts) Wolfbiter - Pow: 17, Cha: 15, Int: 13, MP: 17 Spells: Detect Magic (1pts), Second Sight (3pts), Binding Enchantment (1pts) Attacks: Dagger 70% 1D4+2+1D4 SR 7 6/6 HP Broadsword 115% 1D8+1+1D4 SR 5 12/12 HP Medium Shield 120% 1D4+1D4 SR 6 12/12 HP Wolfbiter (Iron Sword) 115% 1d8+2+1D4 SR 6 18/18 HP Light Crossbow 70% 2D4+2 SR 1 6/6 HP Rng 100 Thrown Javelin 85% 1D10+1D2 SR 1 8/8 HP Rng 20 Hit Locations: (19-20) - Head Armor: 6 6/6 HP (16-18) - L Arm Armor: 6 5/5 HP (13-15) - R Arm Armor: 6 5/5 HP (12) - Chest Armor: 6 7/7 HP (9-11) - Abdomen Armor: 6 6/6 HP (5-8) - L Leg Armor: 6 6/6 HP (1-4) - R Leg Armor: 6 6/6 HP Equipment: Bronze cuirass (6pts), Bronze greaves (6pts), Closed helmet (5pts), cultural weapons, two riding animals, noble clothing (60L), 200 L in coing, 450 L in jewelry, vessels and luxury goods,
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    What kind of site do we want at BRP Central? Personally, I don't want it morphing into another The RPG Site, which is what seems to be happening. I would prefer a friendly site where everyone can feel free to post and nobody is so intimidated by the nature or style of posting that they feel they cannot post. If I wanted a site like that, I would go to The RPG Site, which I often do.
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    "Beginning October 28, you won't be able to upload any more content to the site, and as of December 14 all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed. You'll have until that date to save anything you've uploaded." Download anything that matters, now. Content you yourself generated/uploaded can be requested in bulk from the privacy dashboard, though it can take up to 30 days for them to send it to you.
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    M-Space Solar Sail Drive Before we worry about game mechanics, let's talk about what a solar sail is, how it works, and how that might affect the lives of our player-characters. A solar sail is a slower-than-light spacecraft drive powered by sunlight. Light consists of tiny packages of energy that push very gently against whatever it touches. You don't feel the push when you are enjoying a sunny day because the surface area of your body is relatively tiny. A solar sail, on the other hand, is a massive thing designed to capture as much light as possible. It is a bag-, parachute- or umbrella-shaped construct of tough material, stretched out to be as thin as possible. As such, it would have to be built and launched in the vacuum of space, couldn't enter a planet's gravity well, and would have a small payload compared to the acres of sail required to lug the crew and cargo along. But the fuel is free and doesn't take up space inside the vehicle. As with Earthbound watercraft, the Cutty Sark of space would accelerate slowly -- no fast getaways -- but since there is no friction in space it could rival the Millennium Falcon's sub-light velocities once it got going. What about the crew? The cabin would need a separate, independent power source to provide life support and operate equipment (diffuse sunlight just isn't going to do it), so there might be fuel tankage requirements there. The crew would also need some sort of landing craft to reach a planet's surface. They would steer the ship via sturdy guide lines that would change the sail's shape just like a sailboat. Going outbound from the sun would be straightforward. Returning to the inner planets of a solar system might be slower and more difficult. I will have to research that. Finally, Larry Niven suggested that such a vehicle's initial launch might be facilitated by firing massive Death Star type lasers into the sail to give it a good shove. So, anybody want to go sailing with me ... in spaaaaaaaace? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_sail In Classic Traveller terms, our solar sailor is a big craft (100 metric tons plus) with no star drive and a maneuver drive that doesn't require fuel. It does need a power plant and fuel sufficient to support the crew during journeys of 3 years or longer. So it is even more of an Age of Sail in Space craft than those of that game, where a ship's boat can zip across a solar system at 6 gs.
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    Agree, and I think most of my fellow BGB fans who have posted here would, too. We're not asking for a massive hardcover tome crammed with full-color art. It's not that kind of book. But cleaning up errata, including the latest rules innovations in the mix, would be a reasonable update if doing so would be profitable for Chaosium.
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    Most Professional skills have a Standard skill counterpart that can act as a substitute at a penalty. In the case of Courtesy, then Customs or Influence, but at Hard or Formidable, reflecting the fact that they may lack of nuances required by the Courtesy skill. I do agree that even where the player may be more eloquent than the character, a roll should determine the outcome.
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    Now presented the eight part of this saga in which our heroes leran of many needful things.....possibly Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 8.pdf
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    Well, the point of the Big Gold Book was to gather together nearly 40 years of play-tested BRP rules, make them consistent, and present them in a coherent whole. Part of that was an attempt to explain which of the many options complement each other and which ones clash, especially in regards to depicting specific genres and genre conventions. It is a GM's book rather than something aimed at his newest player, who only wants to slay the dragon and lay the princess and doesn't care how that happens mechanically. It was a worthwhile goal, successfully achieved for the most part due to Jason Durall's heroic efforts. With Call of Cthulhu I can play ... Call of Cthulhu. With the BGB I can play both CoC and RuneQuest as long as I can hunt down setting material somewhere. I can also whip up a Psi World game with better rules, throw together a RWBY mini-campaign to delight my daughter (write-ups for the main protagonist and a dastardly villain in the Superworld threads), or have the Green Hornet team up with Quack Kerouac to hit the road and take a bill outta crime. Sorry, can't do that with our shiny new editions of Cthulhu and RuneQuest. They aren't built for it. That's why the BGB should be kept in print and cleaned up as profitable business makes that a financially reasonable possibility.
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    yes Yes it's a straightforward choice. If you cast a 3pt spell, that's it until you regain the points. If you have 3 points you can choose which level you use. If you chose 2 pts of Shield and have 1 pt left you can't cast your 3 pt spell. Page 73 is clear to me, the bold is my emphasis: About a quarter of my players have spent POW is get more for their starting character. Most players realised that getting the big spells first was cheaper in the long run as it's 100L per point later (page 275) There is only one one magic that is hard to use - Call Founder 6 Points and you have to be the legitimate Khan of an entire tribe...
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    Only to a golden crisp, please... "The bandit ducks" sounds like a phrase from a single player adventure... but it would have my vote out of the three titles.
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    So by heroquesting enough you might be able to witness events that do intrude in Time but haven't happened yet? Is that how scholars manage to make predictions about the future, like the fact that the Hero Wars came with advance warning? Also, I guess technically any use of Rune Magic involves God intruding into Time, no? So even though that might be like finding a single drop in the middle of the ocean, you could in theory find that one time Ernalda intervened to settle an argument about the price of wheat at Ol' Josie's Earthday market back in 1602?
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    As far as I understand RAW PCs start with 3 RP and 3 cult special spells known of whatever required number of rp or variability as well as access to all common magic, for the big cults anyway.
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    I remember now. A long time ago Shannon sent me a copy of a planned Nephilim revision dated 2010. It explains concepts like fugue, parasite and so forth. Compared to the standard Nephilim lore, it is much more mysterious and unexplained. The backstory prior to the development of human civilization (e.g. saurians, kaim, atlantis) are not given, so PCs do not know where nephilim come from and generally behave as awakened reincarnating human beings. It has a number of innovations, such as scoring past lives by how well they are remembered and allowing nephilim to remember additional past lives by spending experience points. The sanity system is expanded, with each ka-element linked to particular stresses. I don't have permission to share it since it was put together by the freelancers IIRC, so you may need to ask Shannon about whether it can be shared.
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    I have very few gripes about the BGB as it sits on the shelf, all pretty. It was brilliant in its day, and it's still a great toolkit. The few gripes I do have are non-functional shields, wonky firearms and the fact that it's a rather uninviting read. Fix up the few shortcomings of the combat chapter, make it pop a bit more, add in some of the later games' stuff and maybe an expanded "how-to" section, and Dustin might have to come tell us again that the book sold surprisingly well. But for the love of Cthulhu, don't change the baseline.
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    Robin Laws was at my place this week, and he's about 70% done with the new Big Rubble book, and moving forward on Pavis as well. And I think it may well be Robin's best work ever.
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    There has been clarification around terminology mainly, so that it is consistent etc. Similarly a few progressions have been standardized on the +3, +6 +9 etc scale. One major change is around character advancement which we have tried to make more meaningful. But it's compatible with HQ and HQG, it's just cleaned up. I'd suggest that we would expect to see the SRD come out, everyone to error trap, and then for us to re-release a fixed version. We hope to have an efficient process for that.
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    Here's a shot I took to contribute to #WeAreAllUs from our weekly session yesterday morning. Wish I'd remembered to grab a picture later on—had something like a 7 v. 10 fight against broo which was a perfect hack'n'slash battle, featuring some of my new broo minis from Mad Knight Castings. First time I've gotten to play on the God's Wall side of the screen too. Leap-ambushing Odaylans are a blast to play.
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    Here is our honouring to Greg yesterday, playing Runequest.(online game) maikel: GM Edu:Humakt initiated Golfo: issaries initiated Pucha: Lankhor Mhy initiated Toni: Yinkin initiated
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    Here we go, yesterday night we honoured the memory of Greg while playing our weeky RQG session. Missing in the pic is our photographer, Giuliano (old tarsh Maran gor initiate trying to become also initiate of babester gor) The other Players are from left to right: Andrea P. (Balazaring hunter) Andrea U. (Sartarite exile) Giovanni (Lhankhor mhy initiate from esrolia and also balazaring wisewoman) Tommaso (me, the gm) Silvia (Grazelander exile, Ernalda initiate near to be ordered Priest) Pierpaolo (black elf initiate of mee vorala and eurmal, Born as esrolian thief.. too long to tell here)
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    Yes a bit of Robinson Crusoe and a Bit of Benn Gunn mixed in. They are still missing the top three pieces of the map, nine ancestors on the Dragons Scourge so nine map fragments six recovered so far. One major(ish) NPC in the Dragon Shaman known as The Homeless One, user of Blood Magic. Next instalment fairly soon.
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    I don't come to this forum nearly as often as I used, so I'm not cluing in on where all this friction is happening that people feel needs moderation? Is it in the Glorantha forums? I never look there. I've seen no personal attacks or name-calling... or really much disagreement about anything at all. I've got certain things I'm prickly about (CoC 7) and generally try my best to just stay away from those topics, or at least not START the disagreement. As for what other forums have wrong about them: to my eye it's mostly politics. Both RPGNet and RPGSite have taken political stances and let their posters air such grievances. RPGPub has not. RPGPub makes those other two look like a campfire full of hippies singing Kumbaya.
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    The ancient Greeks and Romans used torsion siege engines - the oldest known dates to the 4th century BC. Alexander used a number in the siege of Tyre. It is likely that tension and torsion siege engines are used by humans in 3rd Age Glorantha, certainly by the Zendamalthan School.
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